15 Minute Scalping System

15 Minute Scalping System

15 Minute MTF Scalping System

Entries (2 conditions!):
1) As a general rule, I enter a trade when RSI is between:
-70 and 80, but preferably above 80 if I go short, and
-20 and 10 but preferably below 10 when going long.
2) I also look at the candles pattern and enter ONLY if I see a trend reversal pattern.
Be careful, enter if BOTH 1) and 2) are present at the same time.

Targeting (or exits):
There are 3 indicators for a bit more accurate targeting that can be used for short
entry/exit: 5 and 20 LWMA, and parabolic SAR.
– After you open a trade, you should look for EITHER 5 OR 20 LWMA line, whichever
is first (usually, 20 MA is your first target, but there are situations when SAR is between
these 2 MAs.
– the next target after 5 and 20 MAs cross (be careful, IF they cross!) is parabolic SAR
(but sometimes 20 LWMA).


Setup and Trading Rules MTF .pdf
15min Template.tpl


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