Sexual Encounter Energy Volume 001

Sexual Encounter Energy Volume 001

Hey Guys!

I still working over Sound Images series – that’s especially over Silent 4D Images – and came up with something special.

This one is about manifesting sexual encounter with women – with gentle univeral love powers – the source of power in this mp3 is from Highest Energies – that’s why this mp3 is so effective and has this kind of moving energies around with sublte waves.

This mp3 works perfectly with Love Pendants for men.

That’s what my trusted friend wrote about this mp3:

“i did get smiles, loooks, it feel very
smooth, and nice, but i got some nice smiles nad looks, but not much
after that, i guess it worked pretty good”

When I listen to it – I got something similar – after less than 2 hours of listening I met on my way exactly 4 girls – each in different situation – kind of perfect sitation for meeting girl on streets – I and a girl have been put into situation where I was able to talk with her for a little while – all girls was completly in my type – all of them was smiling to me, even widely.
I also noticed the amazing subtle and gentle energies – and felt very calm.

Mp3 is in the package of two bonus mp3s. One is an energetic transmutation of photo of sexy girl into mp3 recording with the modalities of getting sexual fulfillment and satisfaction.
Second bonus mp3 is about attracting asian women – however it can attract other types of women not exaclty the asain ones – this second bonus mp3 is made a bit differently.

The first bonus mp3, the “photo to mp3” in eyes of my trusted friend:

“it gave me more energy and affected me more than
other people, i guess i felt sexier or more confident, also more

For all mp3s source of power are Highest Energies – that’s why you may feel this gentle and at the same time powerful energies.

These mp3s don’t include any human energies – such as suggestion, subliminals, reiki, etc etc.

You can listen to these mp3s as much as you want – do not have any side effects and are safe.

Don’t include also any brainwaves or frequencies.

I belieive you will enjoy these new sexual experiences and amazing possibilities of universal love powers!

P.S. You will need WinZIP or WinRAR, or 7Zip for “unpack” the file. Inside is main mp3 and two bonus mp3s.


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