The Joomla Template Kit 3.1 & Training Videos

The Joomla Template Kit 3.1 & Training Videos

The Joomla Template Kit 3.1 & Training Videos|Size : 587.91 MB


Made by Designers for Designers frustrated with Joomla Template design?
And not being able to use your visual layout program.
Well that’s why we made the Joomla Template Kit Extension.
You will be well on your way to designing Joomla templates like a pro.

These are the same tools that Media 65 uses to make custom templates and template conversions.
Start your own template design business. A small investment a large return!
Fast simple and easy!

After watching our Joomla Template Kit Training Videos, this system will have you turning out Joomla templates like a factory.
With our extension your productivity will go up 110.
We have made templates with this extension in 10 minutes flat.

Total running time: 02h28m

Set 1: Extension installation and Setup Runtime 29 minutes
Set 2: Concepts of a Joomla Template Runtime 33 minutes
Set 3: The Joomla Menu System Runtime 25 minutes
Set 4: Understanding The Joomla Article System Runtime 9 minutes
Set 5: Designing With The Joomla Template kit 3.X Runtime 51 minutes


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