EFT Tapping Into Abundance

EFT Tapping Into Abundance

First of all, lets give EFT and official definition – EFT is a psychological acupressure technique that helps you deal with your emotions in our modern hyper-tense world.

Lets take a closer look. Acupressure means acupuncture and other techniques used in traditional Chinese medicine to get your energy flowing right. Well discuss that in more detail below.

What do I mean by hyper-tense? It means that human beings have never lived in such a stressful environment as they do today. The tigers and woolly mammoths that chased our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors around were nothing compared to traffic jams, evil bosses, deadlines and the impossible pits of debt we face today.

Because of this modern-day madness, human beings are plagued by steadily increasing levels of mental illnesses. Anxiety, depression and stress-related illnesses are at an epidemic rate. High rates of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer are also related to these astronomic stress levels.

We live in an anxious age and it makes us all a little sick. EFT is a way to naturally alleviate the anxieties ailing us.


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