Squeeze Pages Exposed with MRR

Squeeze Pages Exposed with MRR

Squeeze Pages Exposed with MRR.

Discover Why Squeeze Pages Are One Of The Most Effective Weapons In Any Marketers ToolKit…

And Why Youre Missing MASSES Of Sales If You Dont Use Them!

Dear Friend,

If you dont know what a squeeze page is, or youre not using them THIS VERY SECOND then youre passing up – LOSING – sale after sale.

And Im not just talking about single sales either – if you sell an ebook from a website you make $27, $47 or whatever. Very nice.

But if you get a new subscriber on your list by using a clever squeeze page you might make ten or even a hundred times that amount from the same customer over the length of time he remains on your list.

What sort of webpage do you think most top marketers have as their home page?

A squeeze page of course, because they recognise the HUGE value of squeeze pages and building a good strong mailing list.

And have you ever wondered why top marketers seem to spend a lot of time and money sending as much traffic as they can to their squeeze pages?

Because they know that a good squeeze page can ultimately make them very rich!

Seriously – dont underestimate the power these simple looking little pages have.

In fact thats one of the biggest mistake many marketers make – to assume that if youre giving something away for free you can just slap together a simple squeeze page without giving much time to copy or design and visitors will climb over each other to opt in to your list.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Top marketers, clever marketers pay tens of thousands of dollars to have specially designed squeeze pages that maximise conversion rates and get the best possibly opt-in rates from whatever freebie theyre offering.

Combine this with an OTO and its not too difficult to profit from a high percentage of people who opt-in from your squeeze page.

Not sure what Im talking about?

Well dont worry because I have something here that hopefully will clear up and misconceptions or confusion about how squeeze pages work.

Even better itll reveal for you some of the simple but deadly effective methods top marketers use to maximise their squeeze page results.

All without having to pay designers or copywriters.

Introducing..Squeeze Pages Exposed

Squeeze Pages Exposed has been written to dispel some of the myths about squeeze pages that hold back far too many marketers.

For a start, did you know that there are at least four separate terms used in internet marketing circles that basically mean the same as squeeze page.

No wonder newbie marketers get confused!

Its time to level the playing field and bring into the open a few of the tactics that can mean the difference between successful squeeze pages and useless webspace.

If youve ever found yourself reading an ebook or through the posts in a forum and thought Am I stupid? Everyone else on the planet seems to know what a squeeze page is but I dont have clue! then you need to grab this ebook.

Youll discover:

why you need a squeeze page

why youve just cant slap an opt-in form on your blog and get the same results

once youve got the opt-in find out why NOT selling can generate more profits

find out how to keep your new subscribers once youve squeezed them

which sort of squeeze page works best – short or long

how to create urgency in your squeeze pages that result in improved opt-in rates

copy secrets used by top marketers

my top psychological buying triggers

3 elements of squeeze page content you MUST include to maximise results

If youre serious about your online marketing business then you need a squeeze page, and if youre serious about your squeeze page (and remember most marketers get the squeeze page idea completely wrong!) then you should grab a copy of Squeeze Pages Exposed.

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1. PDF – Squeeze Pages Exposed

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Squeeze Pages Exposed with MRR.


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