craigslist advertising revealed

craigslist advertising revealed

Each year millions of people place ads in local or regional papers, hoping to get the best response possible.

Heres a fact:

Print ads dont work. Sure, you may get a few phone calls, but they wont get you what you really need paying customers.

The worst part? They are costly. Often times, you can spend more money paying for an ad sometimes than you can make selling your product or service. Who wants to do that?

Not me! So I am going to teach you how to get to the top of the List and not only make money, but SAVE money.

Whether you are:

Selling a one-time product.
A small business owner looking to increase traffic and sales revenues.
An entrepreneur looking for an inexpensive way to save money advertising effectively.
A corporation looking to post job offerings.
A jobseeker looking for a great place to post their resume.
A realtor looking to post home listings inexpensively and expose them to millions of people quickly and efficiently

Reseller Tools

Includes Sales Page – Yes
Includes Download Page – Yes
Other Included Pages – No
Notable Reseller Extras – PSD Graphics (source)

Distribution Rights

Resale Rights – Yes li>
Master Resale Rights – Yes
Private Label Rights – Yes
Giveaway Rights – Yes
Offered as a Bonus – Yes
Full Product Copyrights – Yes
Full Graphic Copyrights – Yes
May Modify Product – Yes
Packaged with Other Products – Yes
Added to Paid Membership Websites – Yes
Added to Free Membership Websites – Yes
May Publish Offline – Yes
May Sell on Auction Websites – Yes


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