Understanding Learning Styles – Action Guide

Understanding Learning Styles – Action Guide

“In recent years, much has been done to research the different
learning styles. It’s no longer considered prudent to deliver
information in one way and expect everyone to come to the same

The reality is that there are many different ways to learn. No
one type of learner is intrinsically smarter than the other. There’s
just a difference in the way people understand and grasp
-extract from ‘Understanding Learning Styles’ Guide

The “Understanding Learning Styles” Action Guide contains the following:

*Understanding Learning Styles – Guide
*Understanding Learning Styles – Checklist
*Understanding Learning Styles – Worksheet

BONUS #1: 3 Articles (PDF)
*How to Achieve Greatness
*Job Skills Assessment
*Organizational Skills for the Unorganized

BONUS #2: 3 Reflections (PDF)
*My possibilities are endless
*Obstacles do not faze me
*The cool winds of change embrace me and gently push me into a new direction

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