Deep Meditation

Deep Meditation

Artist: Ehsan

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Whether you do meditation or not you cant deny the benefits of doing meditation. It calms our mind, it helps us to prepare ourselves for challenges of lives, it helps us to reprogram our minds & above all it helps us to take control of ourselves.

This audio will take yourself to lower theta range slowly & you will experience a very deep level of meditation. With the power of Brainwave Entrainment technology now it is very very easy for anyone to move to this level of brain activity and stay there for 20 minutes which is really tough even for an expert meditator.

During theta level of brain activity you may feel drowsy but at the same time it is a very good time to reprogram your mind & thinking pattern. This level also helps to increase creativity and helps to generate new types of ideas & thoughts.

During this meditation try to visualize for something which you want to achieve in your life, try to give positive suggestions to program your mind with positivity & try to talk with your inner self to get rid of any habit you dont want in your life.

Listen to this audio & enjoy high tech deep meditation

Length of Audio: 40 Minutes

Types of Entrainment Sounds: Isochronic Beat

Background Sounds/Environment: Ambient music & sound of rain

Requirement: You must hear this audio with stereo headphones

Frequency Level: Theta

Best Time To Hear: When you have enough time to meditate & relax. Two very good times for doing meditation is at morning after you are fully awakened from sleep & at night before you go to sleep

Eyes Closed or Open?: You must close your eyes while listening to this audio

Position during listening this audio: Lie down while listening to this audio.


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