Dog Walking Riches

Dog Walking Riches

Most dog walkers make less than $10 an hour. But if you know a few secrets you can easily make upwards of $500 working the hours you want.

My name is Linda Bert and for the last seven years I’ve been a professional dog walker making money spending time with beautiful animals in the outdoors!

In just a moment I’ll reveal how you too can experience this amazing lifestyle and exactly what you need to do , so keep reading!

Because you see walking dogs in your spare time…

…Is One of The Most Lucrative Home Businesses (That Hardly Anybody Knows About)…

Because there’s millions of middle to upper class people (who haven’t been affected by the global financial crisis at all) who are desperate to find a good dog walker.

Most have gotten their kids a pet for a birthday or Christmas and found that they’re too busy working to actually walk the dog, and they’ll happily pay $100 a week to you or even more every week for you to walk their dog for 15 minutes a day.

First you’ll get the Dog Walking Riches A-Z Startup Course manuals which cover…

How to start your dog walking home business for less than $50 — These powerful secrets will save you a fortune.
An insider prospective on how to make hundreds walking dogs and separate yourself from the cheap $9 an hour dog walkers — trust me when you do this, you’re prospects will pay almost any fee!
How to figure out exactly what your clients want with this powerful “interview” strategy.
The 5 Most common mistakes people make around dogs — you’ll discover how to quickly become a “natural” around animals and earn their trust.
The MUST KNOW Guide to dealing with five of the most common encounters in the business — You’ll save hours of stress and worry.
How to get a Professional Site made for less than $100 — You’ll be able to show up whenever someone searches for a dog walker in your area, and I’ll show you how!
Powerful Marketing Secrets — You’ll see exactly how to pump out money making marketing which fills your schedule sheet and costs virtually nothing.
How to use the power of blogging to make thousands as a dog walker.
And so much more…


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