Creativity Stimulator

Creativity Stimulator

Artist: Ehsan

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If you think that you are not creative then you are wrong my friend. We are all creative to some extent. Some of us are creative by born & rest of us need to stimulate the brain to awake the creativity inside.

This audio will alter your dominant brainwave frequency and will make it alternate between theta, alpha & beta frequencies in a cyclic manner. This cyclic manner alteration of brainwaves in these frequency range will stimulate the brain to generate new types of ideas & concepts.

Try to relax & stay calm while you listen to this audio because this will help this audio to stimulate your creativity at maximum level.

Length of Audio: 22:30 Minutes

Types of Entrainment Sounds: Isochronic Beat

Background Sounds/Environment: Music & Sound of Wind

Requirement: You can listen to this audio with or without stereo headphones but it is strongly recommended to use headphones.

Frequency Level: Theta, Alpha & Beta

Best Time To Hear: Anytime on a day when you are fully awake. You can listen to this audio while doing a work. Doing this will not reduce its effectiveness.

Eyes Closed or Open?: You can listen to this audio keeping your eyes closed or open. For best results it is recommended to close your eyes during hearing this audio

Position during listening this audio:Lie down or sit on a chair by keeping your back straight while listening to this audio.


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