New! Yoga For All With PLR

New! Yoga For All With PLR

What is Yoga?
Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual science that originated on the Indian subcontinent over 4000 years ago. The Sanskrit word “yoga” means concentration or contemplation and is often translated as “union”.


1. Yoga For Healing – Learn How To Tap Into The Profound Healing Power Of Yoga
2. Ujjayi Or The Special Yogic Breath – The Secret Source Of Prana Or Life Energy
3. The Energizing Breath – The Breath That Will Revitalize You Even At Your Lowest
4. Visual Meditation – The Ancient Method Of Stilling Your Mind
5. Mandalas And Yantras – Their Symbolic Meanings And Power
6. The Chakras – The Energy Centers In Your Body And How To Boos Them
7. Kundalini – Otherwise Known As Serpent Power – Handle With Caution!
8. Yoga For Particular Groups Of People – Including Beginners, Kids & Seniors
9. Yoga For Particular Conditions – How Yoga Can Help Weight Loss, Pregnancy, Stress & Addiction
10. Total Body Stretches – Learn How To Prepare Your Body For A Yoga Session
11. Relaxation Exercises – Discover The Surefire Way To Allow Your Mind & Body To Relax
12. Simple Yoga Session – That Absolutely ANYONE Can Follow!

And much, much more…

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