My 7 Day Income Workshop

My 7 Day Income Workshop

Have You Finally Had Enough?…No Longer Want To Deal With Empty Promises?… Now You Can Create Your Own Profitable Online Business In Just 7 Days!

If not making any money online is causing you to bang your head against the wall, then this hands on workshop can show you a way to create your own profitable online business in just 7 days from right now!

Dear REAL Income Seeker,

I need to get this off my chest before I explode…

There is only one way I know that you can get over information over load and have a clear path to setting up your business the right way to make money online in any way you want.

Yet I see so many so-called “Internet marketing experts” claiming to reveal their untold secrets which are nothing more than a bunch of theories…

You deserve nothing but the truth, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get here!

Let me explain… Here’s what a REAL marketing plan looks like…

Literally, you could steal that note above, and walk away with an entire bullet proof marketing plan!

You simply start with Day 1, and then learn how to do what you need to do on Day 1.

You then go to Day 2 and do the things you’re supposed to do on Day 2. Again, if you don’t know how to do it, you learn how to do it.

Having a clear plan like the above will allow you to focus only on the things you need to know, and do only the things you need to do to make money.

If the above statement didn’t stop you in your tracks, read it again, because the true key to success is knowing how to get from point A to point B in the quickest and easiest way possible!

Now for some of you that could be a real daunting task, but now with the “My 7 Day Income Plan Workshop”, you can not only have that entire plan all spelled out for you, but also be shown how to do everything within the plan step-by-step!
How Would You Like To Look Over My Shoulder And In Just 7 Days Have Your Own Money Making Marketing System Completely Setup?

In the My 7 Day Income Plan Workshop, you’ll be taken through the complete marketing plan that I showed you above!

We’re going to do it all together, and step-by-step. You’ll know how to do it all including the techy stuff!

Here’s exactly what’s inside the My 7 Day Income Plan Workshop…

My 7 Day Income Plan Workshop

During this workshop you’ll learn absolutely everything you need to know to be able to build your own profitable marketing system.

Yes, this is a real system that will allow you to setup it up in only 7 days, and then know what to do every 7 days afterwards!

Here’s what’s covered each and every day during your 7 day workshop…
Day 1: We’ll start by picking a profitable niche today.

Most people have a real issue picking a niche, but I’ll show you a simple system that will allow you to pick profitable niche after profitable niche in less than 10 minutes.

Day 2: Today is going to be a blast!

Once you do a little light niche research you’ll know exactly what people want, and on Day 2 you’re going to give it to them.

I’ll be showing you how to create killer information products that people in your niche will want and will be willing to give up their name and email address to get!

Day 3: Today we’re going to launch our new biz!

Now that you know what niche you want to be in, you’ve created a product that you know your niche wants, we’ve got to create a page to give them what they want.

Today we’ll be creating a squeeze page that will have people giving you their name and email address in seconds!

This is the REAL art of list building…

Day 4: Now let’s turn on the cash…

Today we’re going to create the first three emails are new leads will get.

These are the three most important emails you’ll ever create, and if you don’t do it right, you’ll fail from the get go.

With my easy system though, you’ll know exactly what to write in these three emails that will have your leads buying from you every time you send them more emails!

Day 5: Affiliate income time…

Today we’ll be a very important day, but a “light work” day.

We’re going to do nothing but find a product related to our niche, so we can promote it to our leads, and make money when they buy.

I’ll show you how to pick the most profitable products that are guaranteed to get you sales!

Day 6: Affiliate income time continues!

Today we’re going to write 3 more emails to send to our leads that are going to make them buy from us… Yes today you will start seeing the profits coming in!

I’ll show you how to create sales emails that don’t even come across as “salesy”, but sends your leads into a buying frenzy.

And on the last day…

Day 7: Today we’re going to go out and start getting visitors to our new site so we can turn them into leads that turn into money in our pockets!

You can do all of the above, but if you don’t complete day 7 and get some traffic, you’ll never see any money at all.

So today we’re going to roll our sleeves up and learn what traffic tactics are working and use them!
Now once you complete this first 7 days, you’ll have a working marketing system that will spit money out for you 24/7!

I’m not going to stop their though…

I’m also going to give you a marketing plan so you know what to do every 7 days to keep your new business profiting!

You’ll get another 7 videos, so you know what to do each and every day. You’ll never have to wonder what to do to make money with your new marketing system!

This simply can’t get any easier…
Imagine What It’s Going To Be Like To Finally Have A Profitable Business…

Once you go through this workshop you’ll have a proven marketing system in place that not only will make you the income that you want and need, but it’s totally scalable too!

You can drive more traffic and make more money and/or you can go into another niche and setup the system for more profits!

The choice is yours because you finally know exactly what to do…

No more will you have to chase the dreams that “they” have been selling you because you’ll be making your own dreams come true!
Are You Ready To Kick It Into Overdrive?

What I’m offering you here is the chance to finally taste success. However, I’m not done yet!

I’m known as an one who overdelivers, and there is no exception here.

To ensure your success, I’m offering these bonuses for you today that will help you even further as you go through the “My 7 Day Income Workshop”.

Just take a look at what else you’re gonna get at no extra cost!

Affiliate Blueprint Workshop

To make sure that you’re getting the total “Internet marketing education”, I’m also throwing in my “Affiliate Blueprint Workshop”.

This workshop will give you a step-by-step affiliate marketing profit system!

Simply go through the workshop, apply what’s taught, and plugin your new affiliate marketing profit system…

Here’s what’s inside this workshop…
Part 1: Blueprint Overview

Part 2: Picking Your Poison – Decide who you want to take money from!

Part 3: Squeeze Page – Give them value to get their contact info!

Part 4: Building The Value – How to use an automatically updating blog to keep them coming back.

Part 5: Cash Vacuum – Load your autoresponder to collect checks on autopilot.

Part 6: Rinse And Repeate – The more blueprints you create the more autopilot money you make!
($97 Value)

Launch Your Product Workshop

“The Launch Your Product Workshop” will consist of four different modules…

Module #1: Building Your Launch Pad

The most important part of your launch is making sure that it’s well planned. You have to make use of everything and everyone in your launch to get the most from it…

In this module we will cover planning your launch from A-Z. Everything from pre-pre-launch (yes this is real) to pre-launch to the actual launch and post launch.

There is a ton of stuff that goes into pulling off a great launch, and your foundation is where it all starts! Get this part right and you’re sure to be a success!

Module #2: The Four Weeks To Launch System

Pulling off a great pre-launch where you get tons of people to help you launch your product is vital to the amount of sales you’ll get. If you don’t do pre-launch right, you could find yourself lacking in sales because no one will be promoting…

In this module, we’ll go over getting affiliates and joint venture partners, and everything you have to do step-by-step to make your pre-launch be heard above the noise… This is a very important part to launching your product. As a matter of fact, pre-launch is actually more important than launch day…

Module #3: You’re Launching

Launch day is a big day and you better be prepared. In this module we will go over everything you need to be doing on launch day. All the way to issues that could come up to how you can be making even more money on this day.

There are many launch “horror stories” out there, and just knowing this little part of the launch process could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars…

Module #4: Making Fat Cash After The Launch

Last but not least, we will go over what you can do after your launch to keep making money off of your product. I’ll show you how to keep getting people to promote your product even after your launch is over, how to use your new list, and we’ll even talk about backend strategies…

The money really is in the backend of your launch, and without a well planned out backend, you’re leaving thousands upon thousands of dollars on the table…

You’ll not only learn a lot about what happens after you launch a product, but you’ll also learn a ton about marketing in general!

($97 Value)

Article Marketing Newbie Videos

In this video series, you will learn what you need to get started to take dull and boring private label articles and make them so exciting that you stand out! It doesn’t matter if you didn’t take writing classes. What matters is you have the drive to succeed.

Ready for more? You see…you’ll also learn quick tips to finding profitable affiliate programs that you can promote along with your articles.

Whether you want to build your list, promote your own product or service, or promote someone else’s product, then this video series is a “must see” for you.

Are you REALLY serious about taking control of increasing your targeted traffic with Article Marketing?

In this video series, you’ll learn the shortcuts you need to get your articles to start driving traffic to your website. The videos are straight to the point because who wants long videos that go on and on; and end up wasting your time?
($47 Value)

Are You Ready To Let Me Take You By The Hand And Turn You Into A Successful Online Business Owner?

Now I know I’m offering you a ton here so, just to recap everything you’re getting here, and the value it’s going to give you, take a look below…
My 7 Day Income Workshop

Here’s what you get…

The entire My 7 Day Income Workshop

$297 Value
Bonus #1: Affiliate Blueprint Workshop

$97 Value
Bonus #2: Launch Your Product Workshop

$97 Value
Bonus #3: Article Marketing Newbie Videos

$47 Value


Wow! That’s over $530 worth of real world help that you’re getting!

Of course I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that much! I mean come on, you’re probably not making very much with your business yet, so who could afford paying $530+ for this package even though it’s worth every penny?

So if I said that you could grab your INSTANT access to this entire package including all the bonuses from me for only $97.00, I am certain you would agree with me that this is a true bargain.

However, I really want to blow you away, and help as many people as I can succeed, so I’m going to give you a killer deal here!

Right now you can get this entire package for only $47!

Yep, I’m VERY serious…

You get it all for a one time price of just $47!

And to put my money where my mouth is, I’m going to back it up with a complete 100% guarantee…
This Is A 100% Risk Free Offer!

Are You Ready To Get Started With Your Own Money Making Marketing System?

As long as you are serious about starting your own profitable online business that will take you anywhere you want it to you simply cannot lose with this offer!

Whatever you do though don’t delay. The price for this program will be going up to $97 soon, (just look at the counter at the top of the page) so lock in the insanely low price of only $47, and get everything you need instantly!

Take action right now, make the decision to build a real business that will pay you 24/7 by clicking on the order button below…


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