Blogging For Cash Workshop

Blogging For Cash Workshop

“How Would You Like To Be Sitting Anywhere In The World With Your Laptop, Literally Watching Money Coming Into Your Account, And Thanking Your Lucky Stars That You Finally Learned How To Build A Profitable Online Business?”

Or…You could still be struggling… wishing… searching… and wondering what to do to actually start making money online! Stop holding yourself back, and spend just 5 minutes to see how I can help you!

Dear Soon To Be Online Income Earner…

With this unique coaching workshop, you get the guidance, direction, and hand-holding necessary to breakthrough and achieve your financial goals!

Anyone, anywhere,including YOU, no matter what, CAN achieve creating your own online income with proper guidance, direction, proven methods and support…

And that’s where I come in…

“The Blogging For Cash Workshop” is a complete coaching program, where I walk you through EVERYTHING step-by-step with tons of interaction, presentations, products, services, and much more!

This workshop will lead you to successfully making money using one (or all) of 5 complete business models I will be teaching.

You’ve arrived at a tremendous program, and I hope that when you see what I’m giving you here that you’ll be totally blown away and will take me up on my offer to become your personal blogging coach!
What Kind Of Money Can I Make?

There’s many ways to make money as a blogger, and there are tons of people out there teaching theories. This workshop however is based on 5 proven business models that myself and thousands of other bloggers have successfully used to make a full time income.

This isn’t a bunch of smoke, mirrors, and theories! These models are proven to work…

Now I wont hype this all up and tell you that next week you’ll be making $20,000 a week. However, I can tell you that if you do what I show you to do, and work at it, that in the next month you could see a very nice income of of a few to several thousand dollars…
Yes, I said a few to several thousand dollars!

And as you work it, you’ll see your income climb and climb…

So, basically you create your own paychecks, and I’m here to show you exactly how to do it!

Okay, so are you ready to see exactly what I’m covering in this workshop?
Here’s What You’re About To Get In This One-Of-A-Kind Coaching Program…

Just so you know exactly what’s going to be in this workshop, let me give you the details of each and every module, so you know exactly what I’ll be teaching you…

Introducing The Blogging For Cash Workshop…

Module 1: The Entire Blogger Plan

We’ll start out by covering all the different ways you can make money as a blogger, and I’ll help you decide what route you want to take to get started.

Depending on your income goals, what you like, etc, will depend on how you get started. I’ll ensure that you get started the right way so that you can be successful.

This is the first step to your successful journey and it’s important that you take the right step.

With what I’ll be teaching you, and the help you’ll be getting from me you can know for sure you’re getting started right!
Module 2: Complete Blog Setup The RIGHT Way

Now once you decide how you’re going to make money with a blog, then of course the next step is to install a blog.

However, with this second step, it’s vital that you setup your blog in the correct way…

In this module I’ll show you how to easily install your blog and create a professional design for it.

We’ll also go over every single plugin (a plugin is a widget that makes your blog do things it normally wouldn’t do “out of the box”) you need for your blog to function right.

I’ll show you the best plugins for getting traffic, user interaction, and more!

No one shares this kind of information, but I wont be holding anything back. You’ll SEE everything I personally use!
Module 3: Making Money With Affiliate Blogs

Now the fun begins… It’s time to start making money.

In this module I’ll show you step-by-step how to make money with a blog as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an income because you promote someone’s product, earn your commission and you’re done.

You don’t have to deal with product creation, customer support, or any of the other headaches!

We’ll be covering how to pick the best niches, find the best products to promote, doing keyword research the right way, creating content that makes you money, and so much more!
Module 4: Making Money With Advertising Based Blogs

Running a blog that sells advertising is a great way to bring in some serious autopilot income.

Bloggers like Nick Henton, ( Darren Rowse (, John Chow ( all make more than $30,000 a month by offering advertising on their blogs, and in this module, I’ll show you exactly how they do it!

We’ll cover the best niches to go into, where to sell your advertising, what to put on your blog, etc, etc. You’ll love how easy this module is!
Module 5: Making Money With Celebrity Blogs

Want to be an online blog celebrity like Aaron Wall (, Tim Ferris (, Arianna Huffington (, and the list goes on and on.

These people are all making serious money in their niche, and I’ll be showing you exactly how they’re doing it!

This is where the BIG BIG BIG money is. And not to mention a killer lifestyle and lots of fun comes with being a celebrity blogger.

In this module you’ll learn how to follow your passion, create a blog around it, and have a HUGE following that loves you and spends lots of money with you.

How much more could you ask for?
Module 6: Making Money With Selling Blogs

Creating and selling blogs can be very profitable.

This is great for people who don’t want to sell products, don’t care about being well known and making loads of money, and aren’t into selling advertising.

You simply use my formula for creating blogs, and sell them.

With this module you’ll learn how to make $2,000 – $5,000 a month doing nothing but creating and selling blogs.

If you’re just looking to replace your income and nothing more then you’ll love this module!
Module 7: Blog Traffic Revealed

Traffic is the one thing that most people struggle with, and what most people who teach don’t cover.

In this module I’ll be covering over 30 ways for you to get traffic to your blog.

No matter how you want to make money you’ll need to be able get traffic to your blog to actually make money.

We’ll be covering everything from video marketing and social marketing to SEO and paid advertising, and everything in between.

You’ll learn more about traffic in this one module than what you would learn from ALL the products on ClickBank related to traffic. 🙂
Module 8: Watch Me Live Build Blogs And Make Money

This part of your coaching will last for an entire year. Yeah we’re going to be buddies for an entire year!

You’ll get to watch me live as I build 6 different blogs for 6 different income streams.

I’ll be creating a few blogs to sell advertising from, a few blogs to sell affiliate products to, and one to launch myself into the celebrity blogger world.

This is my favorite part of the coaching because you’ll be watching as I do EVERYTHING.

You’ll see all my failures, successes, and everything in between!

This module alone is worth 10 times what I’m charging for this entire workshop, and the part I’m the most excited to share with you.

This is going to be a blast!
Okay, This Sounds Mind Blowingly Amazing! Besides What You Cover, How Will I Attend This Online Workshop?

You may be wondering how my online workshops work, so here it is all laid out. This is truly going to blow you away when you see the amount of teaching that I do here. I’m literally your virtual Professor. 🙂


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