Free College

Free College

I have been a student at a private college and I currently work for another private college.

When I worked in the financial aid department of one career based college I would sit down face to face with potential students and their families.

I have seen first hand, time and time again, while a private college education can cost tens of thousands of dollars, anyone with a little ingenuity and a lot of self motivation and confidence can get their college education at a drastically reduced price and in many cases even for free.

Almost all of the students and parents I have sat down with to explain the options available are not aware of what is available for them to use to further their college education.

Some things we tell students about are standard information that everyone receives when they speak to financial aid counselors. A chosen few, usually based on their needs are informed about a few other closely guarded secrets.

You can now learn those secrets as you read this report, Free College.

This book is dedicated to all current and future college students young and old who would like to get their college education for little or no cost.


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