Theta Meditation

Theta Meditation

Artist: Ehsan

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When our dominant Brainwaves are in theta range of Brainwave frequencies then it is extremely easy for us to program our mind & change the information of subconscious mind.

It has been found by the researchers that creative ideas and concepts flow in our mind in theta level.

This audio will let you experience meditation at pure theta level. Since, theta level of brainwave activity will relax you deeply so you may fall asleep during this meditation.

If you stay awakened during the meditation then try to make creative visualizations & give auto-suggestions according to your need which will help you to program your mind & bring positive changes in your life.

Length of Audio: 20 Minutes

Types of Entrainment Sounds: Isochronic Beat

Background Sounds/Environment: Ambient Music & sound of water in a calm lake

Requirement: You must hear this audio with stereo headphones

Frequency Level: Theta

Best Time To Hear: Whenever you are free from work & distractions and have time to relax

Eyes Closed or Open?: You must close your eyes while listening to this audio

Position during listening this audio: Lie down while listening to this audio.


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