Take A Journey Inside Of Nature

Take A Journey Inside Of Nature

Artist: Ehsan

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This audio contains various types of natural background sounds. The background sounds will create a vivid natural environment & you will get a virtual journey inside of nature.

It will help you to relax & lower your stress level.

Whenever you are listening to this try to imagine the environment like this:

At first you are in a place where many birds are around you singing and a small river is flowing in front of you. After some time strong wind strong wind starts to flow, thunder starts to strike and the birds are gone. A few minutes later it starts to rain and you have taken a shelter nearby enjoying the relaxing sound of rain.

After a few minutes of raining it stops. After the rain has stopped you have come out from the shelter & the birds again starts coming to the place. You hear them singing around you again.

Listen to this audio if you wanna take a journey inside of nature & make yourself relaxed.

Length of Audio: 25 Minutes

Types of Entrainment Sounds: Isochronic Beat

Background Sounds/Environment: Sound of birds, sound of small river & fountains, sound of thunder, sound of wind, sound of rain and sound of rain on leaves

Requirement: You can hear this audio with or without stereo headphones but for experiencing the natural sound effects it is highly recommended to hear this audio with a stereo headphone/earphone

Frequency Level: Alpha

Best Time To Hear: Whenever you have the time to relax

Eyes Closed or Open?: Close or Open but for getting best results it is highly recommended to close your eyes while listening to this audio

Position during listening this audio: Lie down or sit on a chair by keeping your back straight while listening to this audio.


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