Tranquilizer Bells

Tranquilizer Bells

Artist: Ehsan

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This audio contains sound of Tibetan bells in addition to other background sounds & Brainwave entraining sound.

The sound of Tibetan bells at different intervals will have profound effects in your mind and you will gradually feel calmer.

Listen to this audio, calm your mind and get relaxed.

Length of Audio: 15 Minutes

Types of Entrainment Sounds: Isochronic Beat

Background Sounds/Environment: Tibetan bells, sound of stream, sound of birds & Ambient music

Requirement: You can listen to this audio with or without stereo headphones but for best relaxing effects it is recommended to hear this audio with a stereo headphone

Frequency Level: Theta

Best Time To Hear: When you want to get relaxed

Eyes Closed or Open?: Close or Open (Closing is recommended)

Position during listening this audio: For best results lie down or sit on a chair by keeping your back straight while listening to this audio.


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