Motivation Booster

Motivation Booster

Artist: Ehsan

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This audio will take your brain to meditative state and the affirmations (All the affirmations are in English Language) within it will program your mind to motivate yourself.For best results you should listen to this audio everyday for at least 20 30 days. This will ensure to bring permanent changes in your motivation level.

Length of Audio: 30 Minutes

Types of Entrainment Sounds: Isochronic Beat

Background Sounds/Environment:Human Voice (Autosuggestions in English), Ambient Music and Sound of water

Requirement: You must hear this audio with stereo headphones

Frequency Level: Lower Beta, Alpha and Theta

Best Time To Hear: When you are awake and can hear the audio completely. Since this is kind of mental programming so you can hear this after you are awake in morning or before you go to bed at night. For best results you will need to hear it from starting to beginning. That is why choose your time keeping that in mind.

Eyes Closed or Open?: For best results your eyes should be closed

Position during listening this audio: You should listen to this audio lying on a bed or by sitting on a chair by keeping your back straight.


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