Internet Basics 101 In 10 Easy Steps mrr

Internet Basics 101 In 10 Easy Steps mrr

Internet Basics 101 In 10 Easy Steps

Why Creating Your First Website Doesnt Have To Scare You To Death, Cost You A Fortune – Or Take More Than Half An Afternoon!

Whos Got The Magic Key – And How Will You Know It Really Works? How Can I Turn The Internet Into My Best Friend & Ally – So I Can Get My Website Created, Uploaded, Running – And Manage It Like A Pro?

Let me introduce you to Internet Basics 101 In 10 Easy Steps.

By The Time Youve Finished Reading And Applying The 10 Easy Steps, You WILL Be:

* Savvy and comfortable with the internet, able to perform all the standard everyday functions most commonly used and needed.

* Admiring your new intelligently planned and optimized website.

* Ready to do business and attract other internet users to your site.

* Ready for the Search Engine spider bots to find and index your site.

* Able to explain to others what FTP is, how it works, and show them how to easily use it.

* Basking in the satisfaction of having done it all yourself, like a pro.

Internet Basics 101 In 10 Easy Steps Teaches You Exactly What You Need To Know – And Doesnt Overwhelm You With Jargon & Assumptions!

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