Thin Slicing – With Private Label Rights

Thin Slicing – With Private Label Rights

Hyper Niche Your Business For Huge Profits!

Hey there. Youre listening to Terry Telford and today were very fortunate to have Kelly Robbins here with us on the call. Kelly is a copywriter and a marketing expert in the healthcare field. She specializes helping hospitals and non-profit organizations with their copywriting and marketing efforts. Her niche is very specialized, but her formulas and principles that she uses are very universal. What that means is that the information that Kelly is going to provide for us today, is something that you can use immediately in your own business.

Kelly operates two businesses: she has, which focuses on the healthcare side of thing, and is working on with a partner, which is more focused to what youre looking at as a general entrepreneur and learning the ins and outs of copywriting.

Kelly has been in the business for about 15 years and has won various awards including the 40 Under 40 award, as well as getting many accolades from her clients. Youll see that on her websites. I could go on and on about Kelly, but I think its best to bring Kelly on and she can tell you best about herself and her background and whatnot.

So, without further ado, Id like to say thank you very much for taking the time to be with us here today!

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