Internet Marketing FAQ

Internet Marketing FAQ

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

* Why most people fail to make money online and how you can avoid being one of them

* How to avoid falling for get rich quick schemes that just suck money out of your pocket

* Why you should not create your own products when you start out online, despite what you’ve heard

* How to avoid the hype and propaganda and get straight to reality

* What the single most important element of your online business is. It’s not your credit card processor, it’s not your hosting company, it’s not even your website.

* Why some people are wildly successful and others can’t make enough money in a month to buy a wooden nickel

* How to develop a network of 6 figure entrepreneurs who want to work with you

* What business model is wildly successful today

* What strategies top entrepreneurs use to build their businesses fast

* How to make your first project a successthis has nothing to do with money

* Why cheap copywriting will cost you a fortune

* How to track and test your marketing for free


Sample extract:

It seems that 5 of the people in internet marketing make 95 of the money.
Why do so many people fail and what are the big dogs doing that the rest arent?
First define internet marketing it’s actually not just about marketing online, it
actually consists of 3 groups of people
i. Consumers accomplishment is in the purchase
ii. Business opportunity seekers (quasi business people) shotgun
approach try to do everything. They chase lots of different
programs and don’t focus on anything
iii. Entrepreneurs who are using the internet as one of their
marketing vehicles or maybe their main. They’re focused on
their business. They understand business.
People who are not making it are generally in the first two categories
– 20 / 80 rule 20 of the people make 80 of the money
– the same people that make the money in the internet marketing
industry would make money in any industry whether it’s real estate,
investing, or pottery
The reason is they follow 4 simple disciplines


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