Digital Fundraising: How to Benefit Real World Causes Online

Do you run a charity and feel like you need some new ideas on how to raise funds?

It may surprise you to know that charities raised a total of $177 million through digital fundraising last year. Incredible, right? And there’s no reason why your charity can’t do it too.

It’s important that you know how to use the valuable online space for your charity so you aren’t left behind. With people being bombarded by messages both online and off, you must make your charity stand out.

Keep reading to find out the best digital fundraising strategies to raise funds for your charity.

Online Event Fundraising

A popular form of digital fundraising is raising funds for an event online. Current trends are moving toward mobile payments for a number of things. You can take advantage of this.

Firstly, sell tickets to your event online. Setting up an online payment method takes a lot of the hassle out of event planning. To sell even more, share posts on social media about how many tickets are left.

Once the event has sold out, you can direct wannabee attendees to a waiting list or ask them to sign up for updates.

You can also set up an event donation page and even people who don’t attend can still give. Include a call-to-action button and a detailed description of exactly how your charity will spend the money.

Digital Fundraising with Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a collective way to raise money through individual donors, friends, and family. This is an increasingly popular method of fundraising online. People feel a direct connection to projects they get when they give this way.

Supercharge your crowdfunding project by creating personalized messages for donors. Make sure your goal is realistic, don’t aim for too high of a dollar amount in a short period of time.

Finally, be sure to encourage people to share and comment as much as possible.

GoFundMe is the largest platform for crowdfunding. You can use their site to create a custom project. For an alternative to GoFundMe, weigh the pros and cons of other platforms such as YouCaring vs GoFundMe.

Gamify Your Giving

People love donating to charity, but life sometimes gets in the way. Want a good way to catch their interest and make giving fun? Turn it into a game!

Gamification means using game-like design or strategy. You’ve probably already used a thermometer that shows how close you are to a fundraising goal.

Take it further by creating badges or levels so that donors can display achievement. Using leaderboards is also fun and creates competition, and it rewards people in a public way.

Raising Funds for Your Charity Online

Hopefully, now you’ve got some great ideas for digital fundraising activities.

Remember at the heart of your strategy is engaging with donors. Keep online fundraising innovative and fun and you’ll always have donations rolling in.

Now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time to get out there and raise some funds for your charity.

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