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How to Design a Mobile App for Your Business without Writing Code

April 11, 2018 - By 
design apps

Is your business in need of an app to go to the next level?

Apps are more popular than ever before and your customers might be wondering why you don’t have one.

If writing code is an issue for you, there’s a way to design apps without having to write code.

Read on to learn how.

What is the Goal of Your App?

Depending on your business, you will have to define the goal of your app. If you sell products, you need an app that will facilitate easy shopping.

Remember your app should contain the same information as on your website, but be easier to use.

Conduct Market Research

If you want your app to be successful, you need to gather information through market research.

How are other businesses in your industry designing their apps? Who is your target audience and what do they like?

What are people looking for in an app? Do you want to sell products or keep them informed? Conduct field data gathering to find inspiration for your app design.

Brainstorm Ideas for Your App

Once you have the core idea for your app, its time you begin brainstorming.

Decide if you’re going to monetize your app. Will you monetize using download feeds, in-app purchase fees, or advertising?

Brainstorm how user-friendly you want your app to be and the general layout. Which operating systems you want your app to run on – IOS or Android?

Find ways to incorporate your company logo into your app to stay true to your colors.

Select an App Building Platform

If you want to design apps without code, you can take advantage of one of the many app building platforms. These platforms will help you build the app you envisioned without writing code.


Bubble aims to make app design without code. This tool has everything you need to build an app such as maps, images, text, buttons, and more.

This tool is complete and customizable: the colors, fonts, icons, and other options.

Appy Pie

If you’re new to app design, Appy Pie is the platform for you because you can create an app in 3 easy steps. All you have to do is select a category for your app.

The app will then send you to the design tool where you can customize the app. The last step is to publish it.


People like to use Treeline because it re-uses tested databases and modules to create apps.

When you create your app using Treeline, you won’t have to worry about glitches in the code. Everything is already tested and you can focus on the design.

Design Apps Without Code Today

You don’t have to know how to write code to create an app for your business. All you have to do is come up with the concept for your app and then find an app design tool.

If you want to learn more about web design and development, visit our blog to read fresh off the press articles. Make sure you look at our coding section if you want to learn how to design an app from the bottom up.


The 5 Best Investment Apps For Amateur Investors

March 24, 2018 - By 
best investment apps

According to a survey conducted by, only 1 in 3 Millennials has money in the stock market. The reasoning behind this is because they think they don’t have the capital to invest.

Investing is crucial for your long-term wealth, retirement, and upward mobility. Even though you might know very little or nothing about investing, there are still ways to influence your finances. The cool thing is that by investing online, you get to increase your passive income without having to check your portfolio every hour.

If you’re looking for easy growth for your wealth, look no further. Here are the 5 best investment apps for amateur investors.

1. Robinhood

Super basic, super clean is how one could describe Robinhood’s interface. With a straightforward platform, investing on the Robinhood app allows you to buy shares of specific companies in the financial market.

The biggest pro of Robinhood is it cuts out the middleman – brokerage firms. Without them, what you get is low-cost investing and zero-commission trading. In simple terms, you can trade as often as possible without incurring a ton of fees.

For an app with no mess and no stress (both important for investing), while also learning how to invest in the stock market, Robinhood is definitely a contender.

2. Acorns

Another uber-simple platform and user-friendly, Acorns is a fun way to grow your wealth steadily through micro-investments. What this app does is take your credit card information; then, when you spend like you normally do, Acorns rounds up what you spent to the nearest dollar.

The extra change is invested through Acorns. This is passiveness at its finest. You don’t do anything – just spend how you normally spend, and Acorns takes care of the rest.

Try Acorns if you don’t want to worry about investing at all.

3. Betterment

The equivalent of a portfolio manager on your phone, Betterment takes your goals and dreams in mind. They ask you what you’re investing for – dream car, vacation, retirement – and then builds you a personalized portfolio.

The nice aspect of Betterment is that they actively manage your account, using tax-efficient technology to properly allocate your funds.

Helping you make the most out of your money, Betterment is better than most and is worth consideration.

4. Stash

$5. That’s all you need to start investing with Stash.

The app aids you in choosing “an investment strategy that reflects your interests, beliefs, and goals.” They stay up-to-date with articles and tips to help you learn as you grow. With fun themes and 40 ETFs, this app was designed to make investments fun and personal.

Grab this app today and see what all the buzz is about.

5. Wealthfront

By far the most intuitive app on our list, Wealthfront takes the pressure off of you completely. Widely acclaimed, this digital personal financial advisor connects to your accounts, analyzes your data, develops a plan based on your goals and habits, and offers tailored strategies.

On top of that, they invest of course. Wealthfront has software built to run complex strategies quickly and frequently, taking out the slow human factor.

If you’re serious about investing and planning for the long haul, Wealthfront just became your new best friend.

Other Best Investment Apps?

There are numerous apps that help you allocate your assets and invest your money, but these are the five best investment apps period.

If you want more guidance on how to invest money online as a complete beginner, check out our comprehensive guide to starting your path to financial independence. Or, if you want to learn how to day trade, look into this day trading options tutorial.


Top 7 Apps for People Over 40

March 24, 2018 - By 
over 40

Are you entering or already living in what we deem as the “middle age” phase? It’s possible that you may not be as tech-savvy as some of the younger generations.

Apps are a modern technology that has exploded in the last couple of decades. People are now reliant on their phones more than ever. So why not take advantage of all of this new technology?

There is an app for everything, with hundreds and thousands of new ones coming out daily. Once you hit 40, your needs and preferences may have changed. Read on for a list of the top 8 apps everybody over 40 needs to use.


Cozi is your one stop to keeping track of multiple schedules in one place. This is useful if your family has several members. This app can also be particularly helpful if you are someone who requires the assistance of a caregiver.

The app allows you to have shared color-coded calendars and also gives you an option to set reminders for yourself or other members of the group.


Medisafe is an app that is great for those over 40 who take medication. The app gives you a pill reminder notification that makes sure you never miss a dose or mistakenly double up.

According to a study from the NCBI, approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed. This app can help solve that problem by providing daily reminders.


Glasses is a handy app that basically turns your phone into a digital magnifier and mirror. This can be very useful for those whose eyesight may be changing with age since it can magnify fine print up to 12x.

The app is very easy to use. By simply double tapping or swiping, you can control the app. If you want to see what strength reading glasses you may need, you can take this test.


For those over 40, you may have noticed that your mind may not be moving as quickly as it used to. The Peak app includes 40 games developed to challenge your cognitive skills.

These brain games are a great way to challenge yourself and keep your mind quick. Your brain needs exercise too! These games exercise your attention, memory, problem-solving, mental agility, creativity, and other skills. is a great reminding app. From grocery lists to appointments for the week, this app will organize your schedule. There are options to send a text or sound an alarm as a reminder.

Of course, you have to remember to set them in the first place, but once you get the hang of it, you will see how much it helps your personal organization.

My Fitness Pal

Fitness tracking apps may not be your favorite. Often times, people feel like it is technology’s way of shaming you. However, a better way of looking at these apps is that they are helping you stay healthy.

As you get older, exercise becomes more and more important to your health. My Fitness Pal is a great fitness app that records and analyzes what you consume, measure your steps per day, and track your sleep.


Omnio is a medical app that can give you some insight on why you aren’t feeling so hot. You can use this app to look up different symptoms, how to treat or keep up with the latest medical news.

Over 40 and Ready to Be Up-to-Date in the App World?

It may seem overwhelming to keep up with all of the new apps that swarm the market on a daily basis. However, using all this new technology to your advantage can make your life easier and more comfortable.

Although you are getting older, you can customize these apps to the new needs and preferences in your life.

Looking for more ways to be as knowledgeable as your younger friends about technology? Check out our technology page. We’ve got lots of information to keep you current.


The Best Dating Apps for Divorced Singles

March 22, 2018 - By 
divorce dating apps

You said goodbye to your former spouse a while ago, and you have no regrets. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to say goodbye to love. Now could be the perfect time for you to try out divorce dating apps.

After being out of the dating pool for so long, it can be intimidating to jump back in. We understand. But if you don’t jump back in, you might miss out on your one true love.

Software has progressed to the point where it’s easier than ever to find the perfect match for you.

Here’s a rundown of the best divorce dating apps you need to try to meet singles like you. Let’s get started!

EliteSingles Is Among the Best Divorce Dating Apps

This particular app stands out in that it apparently utilizes a smart matchmaking system so that you can truly find Mr. or Mrs. Right this time around.

With this app, you’ll be matched with someone based on your education, your personalities, and even your incomes.

The income aspect is particularly important considering that half of Americans are so financially strapped that they have no ability to save. That’s why White Oak Legal offers several financial tips, with one of these tips being to keep your debt under control.

Although these tips are directed specifically at those going through a divorce, they easily apply to anybody and everybody — including those who, like you, are in search of a new flame following a marital breakup.

Parent Dating for Singles

If you have children, this may be the perfect app for you as you search for love post-divorce.

This app essentially enables you to meet those who, like you, are trying to balance rebuilding their personal lives while also taking care of their children. And the best part about using this app is that it’s free.

You can’t beat that.


This is yet another divorce dating app that can come in handy for divorcees. However, what sets this app apart is that you don’t have to be a divorcee to take advantage of it.

The purpose of this app is for any mature adult to meet a divorced person. So, if you download it, you could potentially end up finding someone through the app who has never walked down the aisle before but can’t wait to do it with you.

Single Parent Meet

This is another app that may appeal to you if you’re a divorced parent. You can actually meet single parents here for both dating and friendship purposes.

So, if you’ve been looking for someone to vent to about your marital breakup, this may be the app for you. And who knows — you may end up falling in love with him or her in the process. Talk about a win-win situation.

How We Can Help

We are your premier digital download marketplace, offering the opportunity to download items ranging from eBooks to music, movies and even software.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how the best divorce dating apps and other resources worth downloading to add value to your life this year.


The 7 Best Medical Apps You Need In Your Life

March 22, 2018 - By 
best medical apps

Did you ever think you could use your smartphone as a tool to stay on top of your health?

Of the many rapidly growing healthcare technology trends, one of the most helpful is the development of medical apps that will help you do everything from managing your medication to talking to your doctor on the go.

Listed below are seven of the best medical apps on the market that will make it easy for you to keep your health in check.

Best Medical Apps

All of these great medical apps are available for both Apple and Android phones, so everyone can enjoy them!

1. Epocrates

Whether you’re a doctor or patient, Epocrates is one of the best medical apps you can have on your phone.

Epocrates allows you to search for different medications to learn which one will work best for your symptoms.

You can also add medications to the list of you’re currently taking to avoid any unsafe interactions.

Other features include a special tool to help you identify stray pills you might find in your house and a directory to help you find physicians near you.

There are lots of benefits that come with this app. The only downsides are that it can be slow to load, and it takes up quite a bit of space on your phone.

2. Medscape

Medscape is a free app that gives you tons of information about all your medications. If you want to learn more about dosing, side effects, or how the medication will interact with other drugs, this is the app for the job.

You can also use Medscape’s free directory to find doctors in your area. and it’s a great resource for people who are getting ready to undergo surgery.

You can search the procedure you’re going to have and learn more about what the surgeon will do. This can relieve a lot of pre-surgery anxiety.

Like Epocrates, Medscape does take up a lot of space on your phone. It can also take a long time to install.

3. Zocdoc

If you need to find a doctor near you, add Zocdoc to your phone today.

Zocdoc features a form that allows to you fill in the type of doctor you’re looking for, your reason for visiting and your insurance information. It will then give you the name and contact information for all the doctors in the area who are available to see you.

It doesn’t stop there, though!

Zocdoc also allows you to learn more about the doctors in your area and schedule an appointment directly through the app.

It also features wellness reminders that help you keep track of your appointments and a guide to let you know which check-ups you should be getting each year.

The only problem with Zocdoc is that there have been cases of appointment reservations not going through with the app. You may want to call and confirm your appointment to guarantee it went through.

4. CareZone

If you have a hard time keeping track of your medications, CareZone is a great app to use.

CareZone allows you to create a list of your medications, dosages, and schedules so you’ll never miss a dose again.

CareZone also lets you document and share symptoms with family members or your doctor, and it comes with a place to store insurance information and set up reminders for upcoming appointments.

Finally, CareZone also gives you personalized health tips to help you feel your very best.

People who use CareZone have noted some minor bugs, but the majority of them have been fixed. It’s a solid app that just about anyone can benefit from.

5. GoodRx

Prescription drugs can be expensive, and prices vary depending on which pharmacy you visit. To get the best prices for all your medications, download GoodRx.

GoodRx lets you compare prices between pharmacies in your area, and it also gives you access to coupons that will help you save more money. The coupons can be scanned directly from the app, too, so there’s no need to worrying about printing them.

GoodRx can be helpful for finding deals on prescriptions, but it’s important to note that the prices are not always 100 percent accurate. There are variations depending on your insurance and other information, so it’s not a good idea to go to the pharmacy with a set price in mind.

6. First Derm

If you have questions about specific skin conditions, First Derm is another one of the best medical apps to have in your arsenal.

The app allows you to research your symptoms, and you can even send a message directly to a dermatologist who will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you have a condition that the dermatologist believes needs medical attention, they will give you information about the nearest dermatologist or pharmacy so that you can get the treatment you need.

Another nice thing about First Derm is that it doesn’t require you to input any personal information or even log in. Everything is anonymous.

Keep in mind that there is a fee for an evaluation, and the price goes up depending on how quickly you want to hear back from a dermatologist. This can be pricey, so you’ll want to avoid turning to the app for every little bump and bruise. But, First Derm can still be a great resource if you’re worried about a skin issue and can’t get in to see a dermatologist in person.

7. Doctor on Demand

If you need to talk to a doctor but don’t have the time to schedule an in-person appointment, Doctor on Demand has got you covered.

Doctor on Demand gives you access to a wide range of physicians, psychologists, and pediatricians. You can speak with them via audio or video, and you can get personalized advice and even prescriptions without having to leave your house.

The app can get expensive — a 15-minute call costs $40 — and you don’t get to choose your doctor. But, it’s a great resource for busy people who don’t mind paying a little extra money for the added convenience of a mobile physician.

Looking for More Health and Medical Apps?

This list of the seven best medical apps is a great place to start. But, do you want to take your health and medical knowledge to the next level?

If so, check out this list of the top 20 men’s health apps available in the app store.


Top 20 Apps for Men’s Health

March 12, 2018 - By 
men's health apps

Want to enjoy better health and well-being? Perhaps you’re looking to get leaner and build mass? Either way, it has never been easier to take care of yourself.

With the advent of technology, we have access to cutting-edge apps that make clean eating and fitness a breeze. Some can monitor your heart rate, sleep, and stress levels. Others feature pre-set workouts and meal plans developed by health experts.

Each year, one in two men is diagnosed with cancer. Heart disease, low testosterone, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease are all common problems among men.

Considering these facts, good health should be your priority. Most illnesses can be prevented through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Use these men’s health apps to boost your well-being:

1. MyFitnessPal

This app has been around for ages. It’s a favorite choice for millions of dieters, gym goers, and fitness competitors.

With MyFitnessPal, it’s easy to track your calorie intake and workout results. Their database features over 300 million foods and thousands of recipes that promote optimum health.

The mobile app is completely free. Once you sign up for an account, you can log your meals and workouts on the go. Plus, there’s a friendly community waiting to answer your questions and share helpful tips on good nutrition and exercise.

2. Fitbod

With Fitbod, you can create, customize, and track your workouts like a pro. This app provides everything you need to get in shape and keep the pounds off.

Basically, it develops a training plan based on your goals, fitness level, and time frame. Users can choose from hundreds of different exercises depending on the muscles targeted.

3. Fitocracy

Want to get leaner and fitter but don’t know where to start? Fitocracy is your best bet!

This app gives you access to the awesome Fitocracy community. Here you can ask questions about exercise and clean eating, connect with expert trainers, and meet other gym buffs in your area.

For just $1 a month, you’ll receive personalized diet and training plans. There are also hundreds of workout programs and exercises that you can use for inspiration.

4. Playbook

Have a hard time sticking to your diet? Or maybe you’ve lost your motivation to work out? Try Playbook, one of the most popular men’s health apps out there!

Once you join, you’ll be paired with an athlete, social media influencer, or personal trainer.

Every day, you’ll receive updates on your partner’s wellness advice and training routine. Better yet, you can ask him questions and communicate in real time. This will skyrocket your motivation!

5. FIT Radio

It’s no secret that music can improve athletic performance and boost workout motivation. That’s what FitRadio is all about.

This music-streaming app features engaging songs for every type of workout. Its database includes every music genre you could think of.

The basic version is completely free, but you can buy a premium membership for access to more mixes.

6. Strava

Touted as one of the best men’s health app for runners and cyclists, Strava comes with lots of handy features to keep you on track.

Users can easily monitor their rides and progress, compete with friends in real time, and follow their favorite athletes. The app can be integrated with bicycle computers, smart watches, and other fitness tools.

7. CarbsControl

Whether you want to drop a few pounds or keep your blood sugar stable, CarbsControl can help.

Featuring over 100,000 foods in its database, it makes easier to track your daily carbs. Plus, you can set carb goals for every meal and adjust serving sizes accordingly.

8. Trak: Sperm Health & Fertility

Even though there are hundreds of men’s health apps to choose from, Trak is the only one that monitors fertility and sperm count.

This handy tool is anonymous and free to use, so your personal data will be secure. Once installed, it identifies your fertility risk factors based on your health, stress levels, and exercise habits.

In case you detect a fertility problem, you can take the steps needed to fix it. Consider using a natural male enhancement formula to boost your testosterone levels and sperm quality.

9. HealthyOut

Most men, especially those who are into fitness, rarely eat out. They prefer to cook at home so they can have full control over their daily calories and macros.

With HealthyOut, dining at your favorite restaurant won’t be a problem anymore. This app shows you the best local restaurants based on your diet and food preferences.

Users can enter specific search parameters, such as low carb, low calorie, or vegan. Each dish has detailed nutrition information, which makes everything a lot easier.

10. HowUdish

Want to eat clean but you’re always on the go? Then you need HowUdish, one of the most useful men’s health apps out there.

HowUdish will find nearby restaurants regardless of your location. All you have to do is to enter some basic information about your diet, whether it’s vegan, gluten-free, or high-protein.

As a member, you’ll have access to a dynamic community of gym goers and dieters. Feel free to share recipes and training tips, post pictures, and chat with other users.

11. ShopWell

Whether you’re a teen or a grownup man, grocery shopping is never easy. With so many tempting foods around, it can be hard to stick to your diet.

This is where ShopWell comes in handy. It’s one of the best-rated men’s health apps for dieters!

This free app provides custom food recommendations based on your diet and fitness goals. You’ll no longer have to read the labels or spend hours trying to decide which foods suit your needs.

12. Waterlogged

Do you drink enough water? If not, you’re at risk for dehydration, muscle cramps, fatigue, and aches. Not to mention that it will take you longer to recover from training.

Waterlogged makes it easy to track your daily fluid intake. This app takes photos of your cups and bottles to determine how much water you’re actually drinking.

13. Sleep Better

Good sleep as just as important as clean eating and exercise.

During sleep, your body recovers from stress and repairs damaged tissues. It also produces important hormones like testosterone and HGH, which support male health.

With Sleep Better, you’ll catch more Zzz’s and wake up refreshed. This handy app will track your sleep cycle and duration, determine the ideal wake-up time, and store your personal sleep data.

14. PEAR

What if you could turn your smartphone into your own personal coach? With PEAR, you’ll have access to hundreds of interactive audio workouts developed by world-famous trainers.

This is one of our favorite men’s health apps because it provides everything you need to get in top shape. It even tracks oxygen consumption during training so you can assess your fitness level.

15. Happify

Feel down or moody? Struggling with stress and anxiety? Happify can help!

This app features brain games, quick tasks, and fun games to help you unwind.

All you have to do is to enter your goals, whether it’s a better mood or stress relief. Happify will suggest activities that boost happiness and mental well-being.

16. Mindfulness

Men who meditate are more productive and focused. They also feel less stressed and enjoy better overall health.

Increased motivation, weight loss, and mental clarity are just a few of the many benefits of meditation. This centuries-old practice can change your life forever.

With millions of users worldwide, the Mindfulness app makes it easier to start a meditation habit and stick to it. It features over 200 guided meditations, 24 mindfulness courses, and mindful notices that will keep you track.

This is one of the few men’s health apps for meditation, so make sure you check it out!


Over eight million people use Jefit to build a better body and reach peak physical performance.

Described as one of the best men’s health apps ever created, this handy tool boasts more than 1,300 exercises for bodybuilding enthusiasts. Its database includes popular workouts like the 531, 5X5, and Greyskull.

18. 7 FIT

Once you install 7 FIT on your phone, you’ll have no excuse to skip exercise. This app features hundreds of workouts that take just seven to complete.

Users can opt for full body circuits, HIIT, ab workouts, and much more. Plus, the background music and demo videos are really cool!

19. Runkeeper

Some guys prefer running or jogging over strength training. If that’s your case, Runkeer is a must-have.

This GPS-enabled running app has over 50 million users, featuring advanced activity trackers. It provides detailed stats on running distance, intensity, pace, and routes. The goal-setting function allows you to customize your workouts for better results.

20. Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Ripped abs are the holy grail of fitness. Some people work out day in and day out, and yet have trouble losing belly fat.

As its name suggests, this app will show you what it takes to build that sought-after six-pack. It features core-focused training plans that will set your abs on fire and shape your waistline.

Reach Your Diet and Fitness Goals with the Best Men’s Health Apps

These amazing apps will bring you closer to your goals and make your journey easier. The key is to be consistent and stick to your plan.

Now you have no excuse to cheat on your diet and skip your workouts. These handy tools will remind you to eat clean and take better care of your health.

What are your favorite men’s health apps? Have you tried any of the options listed above? Share your experience with our community!


5 Emerging Healthcare Technology Trends

March 9, 2018 - By 
healthcare technology trends

Technology is evolving. As new technology emerges, industries are impacted in a variety of significant ways.

Healthcare is one of these industries. The changes in technology in the past few years have been immense. From new software and systems to new ways to track important medical records and details, healthcare technology trends are changing the way healthcare functions on a day to day basis.

This new technology is allowing people to live healthier and live longer. It’s helping combat chronic disease and alerting someone when it’s time for a check-up. It’s making sure they are meeting daily recommended activity levels.

Healthcare Technology Trends

Let’s look at some recent and upcoming healthcare technology trends. We’re going to discuss how they are impacting the healthcare industry.

1. Wearables

Wearables are one of the greatest innovations in healthcare within the past couple of years. You can use them to track how active you are, how many calories you burn, or how well you sleep at it’s simplest.

Wearables have become popular in healthcare technology to help patients track things they haven’t been able to in the past without going in to see a doctor. Almost 130 million devices are being used by consumers in 2018.

Besides fitness wearables, what other wearable healthcare technology trends are happening? Patients are now able to collect data about their vitals in real time. They can measure their blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and monitor and alert chronic illness users.

These devices are helping people with chronic illnesses track symptoms in an efficient way and manage their illness better. For example, if you’re supposed to be logging your weight, oxygen levels, or your pulse, you’re able to track these from your wearable device to your phone.

Not only that, but your device can transmit this data directly to your doctor without requiring a checkup. This information can then be used to determine risk for other illnesses and ultimately, save lives.

2. The Age of Telemedicine

There has been a great decline in the traditional scheduled office visit a patient with a chronic illness makes. Telemedicine is the reason for this decline. The rollout of virtual doctor’s offices around the country has given doctors better availability and patients more access to their doctors.

It has removed in and out of network constraints as patients are able to interact with doctors from all over the nation, regardless of their in-person primary care provider.

Patients that live in remote locations that would normally have to drive over an hour to see a doctor, can now log on to their internet portal and chat with them instantly. They can subtract the time it would take for their commute, along with long waits in the waiting room.

It’s made appointment availability higher and plugs patients in with a doctor to see them as fast as they can. It’s not just for physical health either. Healthcare technology trends have made telemedicine possible for mental health visits as well.

Patients that are needing mental or emotional health advice and support can do so at the click of a button. Instead of fearing being seen in public or meeting with someone due to social anxiety, they can hop on a support portal and receive treatment from certified therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals.

3. Big Data

Another one of the hottest healthcare technology trends is artificial intelligence and big data. What do these words really mean?

Big data are sets of data that are so large and so complex that normal traditional data processing software can’t handle the vast amounts of data. Big data is prevalent in healthcare because of large amounts of patient data and medical records for each patient.

This data is used for analysis and studying to predict trends in groups of people, cultures, and chronic diseases. Identifying risk factors and recommending preventative treatments are another useful aspect of this data collection. It can also be analyzed in order to improve customer satisfaction.

4. Patient Empowerment

All of these changes in healthcare are great, but one of the greatest things is patient empowerment. With these healthcare technology trends, patients are feeling more and more connected with their health and their healthcare providers.

Healthcare is normally associated with long wait times in waiting rooms and doctors offices, high costly bills and lack of transparency when it comes to results. Patients now have the ability to take control of their health and have visible access to their results and diagnoses.

Patients can add notes to their accounts, taking note of symptoms of illnesses or anything new they are experiencing. All of these are great health information exchange benefits.

5. Healthcare in the Cloud

Cloud access to healthcare data is important and is a new trend to hit the industry. It allows patients to access their data the second the doctor updates it instead of waiting around for a phone call, hoping you don’t miss it. No more paper charts.

All of the patient data is stored in the cloud. This is a great way to make sure it’s safe and the patient is fully protected. It’s quicker for doctors to update files and for patients to be notified. Insurance companies and hospitals also have access to records in the cloud, reducing lost or damaged paper.

Data security and privacy are of utmost importance for the healthcare industry. The more digital records can be, the better. Healthcare is being transformed by this dramatically.

Where Does it Go From Here?

The healthcare technology trends in 2018 are going to evolve even further. These few that we have covered have changed the entire landscape of the healthcare industry.

Innovative changes like these will continue to transform how doctors interact with patients, and patients advocate for their own health. If you want to learn about the most up to date app the medical industry is using, read this article now.


Tech Gear for Camping: Everything You Need to Know

January 26, 2018 - By 

The camping experience used to be simple but uncomfortable, with only a tent, a fire, and sleeping bags. However, camping today has become high tech.

Owning high tech gear for camping makes the experience much easier and can even extend the trip significantly. It can make camping feel like home and has made the camping experience available to many new groups of people.

There are various types of tech gear that is available to campers today. From portable stoves to better lighting, everyone uses different pieces of tech based on their needs. Here are some of the best pieces of tech gear for camping on the market today.

1. Solar Chargers

Unless you’re looking for a completely tech-free adventure (in which case, you may want to hop on to another article), you will probably need to recharge items like your phone, GPS, and even your iPad. That is where solar chargers will come into play.

By using solar power to charge up and energize your devices, you will both be promoting environmentally friendly device use and keeping yourself safe by giving you access to your communication devices. Obviously, solar chargers won’t work when it is night time or a particularly cloudy day, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

2. Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags used to be a hassle to carry around when camping. Luckily, new technology has made it so that you can stay warm at night without having to break your back carrying a heavy sleeping bag.

By using “goose-down” material instead of the typical synthetic material, you can be assured that you will be shedding some pounds from your camping bag without sacrificing your warmth at night.

Many goose-down sleeping bags come with a 10-degree temperature rating, meaning that most campers will be comfortable sleeping in 10-degree weather. This makes your goose-down sleeping bag perfect for camping any time of the year!

3. High Tech Cooking Gear

Cooking has always been one of the coziest, most memorable experiences of camping. The joy of cooking by a warm fire and making food naturally has a great vibe that goes along with it. Unfortunately, cooking while camping can be a struggle.

Whether it’s a fire that just won’t start or a site that won’t allow you to do much outside of boiling water, there are always ways to make cooking easier for the average camper. Luckily, new technology has made cooking easier and has helped the average camper diversify their cooking options.

Items range from a device that provides a consistent stream of air to help light a fire, to a high-tech heat pack that can react to water and reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes cooking food much more accessible.

What’s most important is that high-tech cooking gear allows for campers to cook wherever they may want to. Whether they are in windy or rainy conditions, the gear available now can heat up and prepare your food no matter where you choose to set up.

4. Personal Water Filter

Thanks to the technology we have today, water filtering can be done in only seconds, so any water that we find can become drinking water.

If your campsite is by a stream or river, or even if there’s some rain overnight that you want to be able to drink come morning, you will be best off buying a personal water filter. Many personal water filters can filter out up to 99.9% of all bacteria and particles in the water that you find around your campsite.

These filters will ensure that you have a steady supply of clean water, meaning one less worry for your camping trip. These filters are great to have on hand for emergencies too, as you know you can have clean drinking water as soon as you find a source to fill up.

One perfect example of where to use this personal water filter is by the many riverside camping sites offered by Campsited France campsites. Once you are set up next to any of the many rivers or streams that these sites offer, you’ll be good to go for some long-term camping fun!

5. Handspresso

Even campers need to start their morning off the right way, and the Handspresso is the tool to help you do just that.

Basically a portable coffee maker, the Handspresso will allow you to make your favorite brew every morning which will have you ready to go on any adventure. There is no reason why camping should stop you from enjoying a great tasting coffee in the morning!

6. BioLite Camp Stove

One of the most difficult parts of camping is starting a solid fire for cooking. Luckily, the BioLite Camp Stove solves exactly that problem. It is an easy-to-use, portable device that will burn all of your fire-starting concerns away.

By gathering some small sticks around you and placing them inside this device, you can start a smokeless fire perfect for cooking, boiling water, and even as a light source.

The BioLite also doubles as a battery that uses the heat from the fire to power up a portable charger – perfect for your wireless devices! All of these features in one small device shows just how advanced tech gear for camping has become.

7. LifeProof Phone Case

Even when camping, our phones are among the most precious items we own. When going on a camping expedition, you may encounter many chances where your phone may be damaged, whether it be rain, dangerous terrain, or even animals.

The LifeProof Phone Case seems to solve all of your phone worries when camping. This phone case can survive 2-meter drops, seals off your phone from dirt and ice, and is waterproof up to 2 meters for an entire hour.

The LifeProof phone case is the perfect line of defense for your cell phone and will be a worthwhile investment the second your phone slips out of your hands and into that stream.

Are You Ready To Use All the High Tech Gear for Camping?

The most important benefit that each piece of high tech gear for camping offers is the chance to stay at your favorite campsite even longer. Whether that means more stories by the fire, more memories made, or even more time to explore, any camping enthusiast can appreciate more camp time!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, buy any gear you may need, and pack up, because your next camping adventure awaits you!


How to Get the Best Deal on Your Cell Tower Lease

January 22, 2018 - By 

Even though 92% of Americans own a cell phone, we’re still ranked 10 out of 25 for speed among major industrialized countries.

One of the reasons for this is that there aren’t enough cell towers where people need them the most. If you own a property, you might be approached by cell phone providers to see if you could sign a tower lease for holding a tower.

This is a great way to add some extra revenue to your business and balance out the taxes you’re paying on your property. By hosting a cell tower on your property, not only will you have access to the fastest speeds in your region, you’ll also be contributing to your community

If you’re thinking about signing a cell tower lease, you first need to learn about the different types of leases. Here are a few of the most common lease types you could be offered.

Ground Lease

The standard lease you’ll be provided with as a property owner will specify the amount of land given over to the cellular service provider. It will also specify how much access they will have to your land for construction, installation, and repair.

For a ground tower, companies will often request something as large as 100′ x 100′ lots for their tower. If you’ve got a smaller area, they can work with something as small as 15′ x 15′ depending on the type of tower they’re installing.

Lease Expansion

If service in your area takes a sudden spike or more people move into the area, this could require the company to build more to provide adequate service to everyone. They may approach the original contract looking for an expansion.

They will either expand or upgrade their equipment under terms set out by a new lease. They may also combine with another carrier to allow service space for their customers.

Additional Ground Space Lease

As service continues to grow and more people stream high bitrate videos, providers may need additional ground space. If you’ve had a good relationship with your tenant, you can grant them a second contract.

They will either create a larger tower or a second tower to account for the increased demand for service. With video becoming what 80% of users stream over various devices, demand is only going to increase.

Tower Co-Location

Another kind of lease will be created if your tenant has more space than they need. They could wish to provide space to another cell company on their existing tower.

You won’t be involved unless you own the tower or the carrier. Once towers are established, the tower lease owner is the one who determines who can place their transmitters there.

Rooftop Lease

If companies can’t afford a tower or there is no space, such as in urban environments, they may seek to add transmitters onto an existing structure. While this can be an actual rooftop of a building, it could be any tall structure from a signpost to a sculpture.

When there’s high population, cell providers need to think creatively. If you’re in pursuit of a tower lease, as a property owner, you should think of ways you can capitalize on this need.

How to Deal With Your Offers

Once you’ve figured out which type of lease you can provide to a cell provider, you need to know how to negotiate the terms. As the property owner, you have a lot of power. You’re in the position to say no because you have something the cell provider wants.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when negotiating

1. Don’t Take the First Offer

Companies will go through a middleman to negotiate the lease with you as the owner. Their pay is contingent on getting you to agree to a low price.

The first offer they give you will be the highest yield for the intermediary and will save the cell company the most money. If you know other owners in the area, ask them for advice. Otherwise, counter what you think any other commercial tenant should pay for that much space.

Check out this set of cell tower lease rates with comparable data to see what you could be earning with your lease.

2. A Tower Lease Is an Investment

Remember that once a carrier signs a lease with you, they can put transmitters from any other company they’d like. You’re leasing out space for cell carrier ts to make money, so be sure the number seems fair to you.

If this is an investment they’re sure to make money from, you shouldn’t be getting the short end of the stick. They’ll be sending a variety of service professionals onto you property who could do damage or create problems. Account for all the details.

3. Rent Should Inflate

During the leasing period, you could see your property taxes climb and demands on that tower increase. Your tenant should be paying an inflating rate like any other tenant would.

Don’t agree to a fixed rate for more than a few years. A rent escalator can get everyone on the same page and ensure you don’t lose out.

4. Make Boundaries Clear

Your carrier will try to expand and add more equipment than they’ve leased for. It happens all of the time and your lease could be no exception.

Be sure your clear with your terms and have a figure for how much extra your tenant will pay for each extra square foot.

A Cell Tower Lease Can be Welcome Revenue

While tenants will come and go on your property, you may find that a tower lease never lets you down. There will always be a need for towers for the foreseeable future and by providing land for a carrier, you’ll have a steady income stream to survive rough times.

If you’re ready to sign a cell tower lease for your property, contact us to make sure you get a great deal.


10 Best Garage Door Apps of 2017

January 11, 2018 - By 

A garage door app solves problems of theft. Unclosed garage doors are responsible for 50 percent of burglaries that happen to homes. This situation occurs when owners are negligent.

Luckily, smartphones have come to give smarter homes. As convergence devices, they have replaced security devices.

In this generation, we can do anything with our smartphones. Smartphone functions include connecting your phone to your garage door opener. Hence, you control your garage door with your smartphone.

It’s not science-fiction. With a good garage door app, homeowners can rest. With this in mind, you want to have the best app controlling your door.

Read on to know more.

10 Garage Apps to Check Out

While trying to make your choice of a great garage door application to use, check these out:

GarageMate by BTmate

BTmate GarageMate app is highly compatible with various garage door openers. Purchasing a complete kit from BTmate is for less than are affordable. Installation is a simple process; done for five minutes.

To install it, follow the instructions in the DIY YouTube video.

The Andriod application pairs the Bluetooth headset.

Then, the application operates like the regular remote. It connects well; while several meters away from the Bluetooth.

It is free for up to 30 clicks. After this, the license fee is pocket-friendly. Download from either BTmate or google play. The app is easy to use.

Tap It Open by Simon Says

This app works like the BTmate’s solution. Bluetooth technology is also employed here.

The app is free, but the Tap Open kit is quite inexpensive. The BTmate kit is highly compatible with various brands of garage door openers.

Installation is easy. Download it from Google Play store. After download, there’s a “password” option.

Users have rated it 5-star, and reviews are encouraging.

Craftsman Garage Door by Sears

This smartphone app works in conjunction with Craftsman’s AssureLink. It works perfectly with Craftsman garage door openers. It is barely compatible with other garage door openers.

The app does not depend on Bluetooth connectivity. It uses internet connection instead. It is available for download from iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

The range covers far more than the apps using Bluetooth connectivity. It is possible to see your garage from anywhere with your phone and an internet connection.

You can also control lights using this app.

There are mixed reviews on this app.

Liftmaster Home Control Garage Door App

The Liftmaster control app is from Chamberlain. It works hand-in-hand with MyQ-enabled garage door openers.

It also works with gate operators and house lights. The connection is where your phone has an internet connection.

The app controls many garage door openers.

It also switches lights on or off. For efficient use, select usage at security levels. The passcode option is an extra security vice.

The app is free after registration.

The reviews are mixed. There are several reports of a poor tech support. Some people complain about the spotty coverage too.

Nexx Garage Door App

Nexx garage door app uses wifi network in conjunction with your garage door opener. The result is a device accessed from anywhere. This app is helpful in securing garage buildings.

The trigger for opening the door is the Nexxa Garage Controller. It is cheap.

MyQ Smart Garage Control

This app, by Chamberlain, is used in conjunction with MyQ-enabled products.

It allows for easy opening, closing or inspection of your garage door.

The MyQ home lighting can also be monitored from anywhere; using your smartphone or tablet.

You can be confident knowing the main entrance to your home or business is safe. Instant security alerts are sent based on the activities around your garage door.

With one tap, you can see the status of your door when you put on your internet connection.

Using the app, add schedules to close your door at certain times. This ability takes away the bother that your garage door is open.

Nold Open Garage Door App

With this app, you hold your phone instead of keys. It can recognize your phone when you are close and opens your gate.

It gives your guest access to your garage using their email address. It gives you the chance to revoke this access once their stay is over.

This solution is a comfortable and secure solution for family and friends. You can manage a large number of guests using your phone and internet connection.

Gsm Gate Opener

You can use this garage door app in conjunction with the GSM Gate Opener/Relay Switch RTU5024 device. The device itself is simple yet powerful. With a connection to your mobile phone, it sends a call to your mobile phone.

With caller ID-technology, you can get notifications about your garage door.

You can use it in places where you are required to put off all your devices. It gives access to doors and controls gates.

It helps to provide an order for car parking arrangements too.

Bzgarage Garage Door App

Using the Bluetooth of your Android device, you can securely connect your garage. Due to the Bluetooth coverage range, you can only operate from any part of your home.

After downloading this app, you have to buy the hardware too. Purchase the receiver unit to connect many android devices.

It is helpful for the whole family.

You can make the connection within seconds.

The application is simple to operate. It has three buttons; the connect button, the close button and the open button.

Garage Door Remote Open Sesame App

This garage door app does not use an internet connection. Once purchased, pairing is done using Bluetooth.

H&A Open Sesame Garage Door Opener Bluetooth device is used to enable your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Using the app, you can clone many garage remotes for free.

It comes with a default password for security. Change it for personalization and additional security.

Open Sesame comes with a default password that you need to change for added security.

To Wrap It Up

Smartphones have replaced many products. Garage remotes are one of these products. Remotes could get misplaced.

Also, when you compare costs, smartphone use is inexpensive. Smartphones are taking over every market. They are slowly substituting wallets, video players, and games. Also, it is easier to install these apps.

However, you must check your door type before installing an app. Conduct your research and ensure that the app meets up to the demand of your door and your garage remote.

To know more about automation devices for garage doors or garage purchase, read our blog today!


8 Coolest Home Security Gadgets to Keep Your Family Safe

December 29, 2017 - By 

Do you wish there was an easier, cheaper way to secure your home, without having to install complex security systems and big safes? This is where the brilliance of security gadgets will make your life easier.

By using a few of these typically small and inexpensive pieces of home security equipment, you can secure your home without a lot of hassle.

In addition to this, the portability of these devices makes them easy to bring with you when you move.

You can even use them when traveling, to keep an eye on your temporary home. With some imagination, you can use them to secure your home, car, and office in one go.

This list will show you eight incredible security gadgets that will keep your home safe.

1. Wireless Wi-Fi Security Camera

Surveillance is crucial for solid home security, letting you see not only what exactly happens, but also who’s doing it.

A wireless wi-fi security camera is the perfect solution for your in-home surveillance since you can put it anywhere without worrying about cords.

We recommend the T-5 Wi-Fi security camera. Due to its IR night vision sensor, it’s able to capture footage in great detail regardless of lighting conditions.

It can record for 8 months on one single charge of the battery, so you can keep it up and running where it’s needed instead of having to take it down for charging regularly.

2. Wireless Window/Door Alarms

Not every window and door has locks, and you can’t really install them for all of them. Fire escapes, for example, cannot be fitted with great locks since that would be a safety hazard and against the law.

What you can do when locks are out of the question, and ideally should do even on windows that lock, is install wireless window alarms.

A good window security alarm will react whenever the window is broken or pried open while being easy to deactivate when you need to do so.

These security gadgets sound the alarm when the magnetic contact gets broken. Even strong vibrations from attempts to force the window may set it off.

It’s also easy for you to deactivate and reactivate in case you want to open the window or door for a while.

3. Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

If you own a house or a business, outdoor surveillance is just as important as indoor surveillance. Being able to record any trespassing and vandalism will help you catch culprits and bring them to justice.

Just the fact that you have outdoor surveillance will deter criminals.

The SW-4 outdoor wi-fi camera is weather resistant and easy to mount almost anywhere and allows you to watch its 720p high definition footage remotely with any PC or smartphone you choose.

For more cameras like it, take a look at the Sentel Tech page.

That’s all it takes to keep an eye on what’s going on outside your home or business.

4. Door-Stop Alarm

Simple, ingenious solutions like door-stop alarms is why home security gadgets are such an awesome investment.

It’s as simple as it sounds. You wedge this portable, little door-stop under your door. If anyone tries to open the door, the alarm will sound.

One of the best things about these security gadgets is they’re so easy to set up and remove. You can set them before you go to bed, and remove them in seconds when you need to leave in the morning.

The great portability and low price also means you can bring them with you if you go traveling.

Try these nifty security gadgets.

5. Hidden Night Vision Camera

Burglars aren’t the only threat to your home security, and sometimes the problem comes from inside. A hidden camera lets you keep maids, babysitters, and rebellious teenagers under surveillance, and catch them red-handed. Because sometimes you need hard evidence, and a visible camera won’t help you catch these culprits in the act.

This dual USB night-vision camera lets you keep an eye on people without giving yourself away. It looks like an ordinary charger, but it can record up to 32gb of footage once it’s plugged in.

Its highly portable and inconspicuous design lets you move it around easily without anyone suspecting a thing, and you can have a lot of them installed without raising suspicion. They’re perfect for keeping an eye on a specific room, and for bringing to your office or hotel room. Wherever there’s a wall outlet, you can see what’s going on.

6. Compact Safe

Do you keep cash, jewelry, or other valuables hidden in a drawer, under your mattress, or some other place where someone could easily get their hands on them?

With one of these lockboxes, you can keep your valuables safe without having to buy a whole safe. In addition to its combination lock, it has a strong cable that lets you secure the box in place so it won’t get stolen.

7. Frosted Glass Window Film

You may not have thought of this one as a security gadget, but preventing people from seeing what you have will decrease the risk that they’d break in.

These cheap, self-adhesive sheets are easy to put on your windows, it’s easier than putting up wallpaper. You’ll get your privacy and security without giving up natural lighting. You can use any left-over film to keep snooping eyes out of your van.

Here’s one affordable option.

8. Small, Inconspicuous Spy Camera

That’s right, another piece of hidden surveillance equipment. Keeping an eye on your home is your first line of defense.

This spy camera looks just like a universal TV remote and lets you keep an eye on things without anyone knowing. It blends in almost anywhere, capturing full HD 1080p footage without any memory card slots or recording lights that could give it away.

It’s especially good if you’re suspicious and want to catch someone red-handed. But it can just as well be directed to your window to keep an eye on your garden.

View More Security Gadgets

Safety gadgets are the simple and cost-effective means to secure your home without the hassle.

Beyond these cameras and alarms, there’s a whole lot of gadgets that could be the perfect fit for your home.

This page offers a wide selection of clever surveillance security gadgets for your home.

Check out our selection of useful software to complement your home security.


Top 5 SMS Apps for Android

December 22, 2017 - By 

There’s one consistent complaint among the nearly 107.7 million Android users in the U.S. – the messaging app that’s pre-installed sucks.

SMS is still the gold standard for messaging on any smartphone, and texting’s one of the top activities we use our phones for (apart from looking at #foodporn and watching cute puppy videos). However, texting can be unpleasant when the app you use doesn’t work properly or have the features you want.

Luckily for you Android users, there are tons of high-quality SMS apps you can download in place of the pre-installed app. They range from being very bare-bones to packing tons of features.

To help you choose your next go-to texting app, we’ve compiled a list of the best SMS apps for you to choose from.

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is a highly customizable and streamline messaging app.

When you first download it (free), it will walk you through your customization setup. This does take a few minutes, but it’s worth it to have your app exactly as you want it.

The app offers a clean experience while providing more complex options like sending e-cards for birthdays and holidays.

Google Messenger

Google Messenger is one of the most popular SMS apps among Android users. It’s free, simple to use, and cuts through the clutter of Google Hangouts.

This app has many of the same features as Google Hangouts like sending recorded video and audio, blocking SMS, and location sharing.

You can also integrate your Gchats into Google Messenger, making it a one-stop shop for your SMS and online chats.


If you text a lot for your work or on behalf of your business, you need TextBetter.

It allows you to enable your main business line to send texts and emails. The main benefit is customers interact with only one number.

Use TextBetter for sending texts to landlines, managing engagement campaigns, and tracking conversations.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal is ideal for those who feel like Big Brother is watching.

The app encrypts your texts using end-to-end encryption which protects them from being intercepted when they go through data centers. You also can’t take screenshots in the app.

Signal is also versatile. It works similarly to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp but if your SMS recipient doesn’t have Signal, the message sends as a regular SMS to their phone.

Apart from its versatility and security, Signal is also free to download.

chomp SMS

chomp SMS has been around for a long time and is one of the most popular Android messaging apps.

It allows you to customize how your messages look and has tons of emojis. It also lets you reply in message pop-ups, add a passcode to the app, and blacklist numbers you’re sick of hearing from.

While all those features are great, the app can feel a bit bloated to others. chomp SMS is also free to download.

SMS Apps to Try and Love

Depending on your SMS apps preferences, you’ll find a messenger app to satisfy your needs. Whether you want something that’s very light or something that has tons of customizable features, there’s something for you.

Once you’ve found an app you love, you can learn more about how to use messaging to engage with your customers and increase sales here.


10 Interior Design Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

December 14, 2017 - By 

While many smartphone and tablet apps are strictly for entertainment purposes, many put a powerful tool in the palm of your hand.

There now seems to be an app for everything. In fact, as of March of 2017, there were 2.2 million apps to choose from in the Apple Store alone.

The interior design world hasn’t missed out on exciting apps that help bring creativity to your home improvement projects. From accurate planning to help with color schemes, there are interior design apps for all steps in the decorating process.

To help you choose the best app for your next home improvement project, we’re going over ten of the most popular apps on the market.

Let’s start designing.

1. MagicPlan

Do you have a vision of your new room but aren’t so great at crunching numbers when it comes to dimensions? MagicPlan has your back. With this helpful app, you can take a picture of your room and it will tell you the dimensions.

You can also use the app while you shop. If a piece of furniture catches your eye, take a picture of it and the app will let you know if the dimensions will work in your room. MagicPlan takes care of the mathematics and leaves the vision to you.

2. Zillow Digs

We all know Zillow, the online real estate database. Now they provide an app that brings price estimation to the interior design world. Zillow Digs provides estimates on design projects to help you get a bird’s eye view of the cost before you start.

Need help finding retailers that carry the products you need? The app will point you in the right direction.

3. ColorSnap

Interior design apps need to enhance your eye for color, and Colorsnap does just that. Sherman-Williams has built an app that lets you find a paint color that exactly matches your source of inspiration.

By taking a photo of your favorite piece of art, car, window curtains or just about anything, the app will tell you exactly which shade of Sherman-Williams paint matches your object. You can also look through 1,500 shades of paint and apply it to virtual rooms in the app.

4. Houzz

This is a monster when it comes to interior design apps. Houzz contains over 5 million high-resolution images of homes and rooms for you to peruse. These are all categorized and tagged based on style, type of room and location.

Houzz works as your ultimate idea guide. Save your favorite ideas and let the app’s design consultants give feedback on the direction you should take the room. Think of this app as your own personal interior decorator at your fingertips.

5. Homestyler

This app calls itself a “virtual fitting room,” and this makes sense once you see what it can do. Homestyler allows you to sample different styles for your home by superimposing virtual models of furniture, light fixtures and more onto a picture of the room you’re working on.

This gives you an accurate look at a rooms end result using certain products. Definitely a huge time and money saver. The app also includes a gallery where you can view other user’s ideas along with portfolios of actual interior designers.

6. Chairish

If you love pre-own or vintage furniture, this is the app for you. Chairish provides a buyer and seller market for used furniture. And rest assured, quality is key when it comes to Chairish products.

The app lets you browse furniture, save your favorites and message sellers if you’re interested. Even the buying process is done through the easy-to-use interface.

7. Curate

If you need interior design apps that help with choosing artwork, Curate is the way to go. With this app, you no longer have to use your imagination when trying to decide how a piece of art will look in a room.

Curate sets up a virtual environment where you can upload a picture of any wall and see how a piece of art will look. If also lets you browse art by your favorite artists or art galleries. Forget about playing a guessing game when trying to pick artwork for your home.

8. MyPantone

Think of this app as your color guru. If you’re questioning the exact color of a shade, MyPantone will set you straight. The company has included its entire library of colors in this app so you never have to question if you’re looking at teal or green.

MyPantone also lets you share your color choices with decorators and manufacturers so they can provide you with news about their products and services. It can also identify colors in a specific photo and give feedback on complementary color choices.

9. BrightNest

Interior design apps are meant to help, but this one goes above and beyond. BrightNest acts as a virtual personal assistant during your home improvement project. Using this app lets you remain organized, making sure you maintain your initial vision throughout the project.

Keep track of tasks and stay on schedule with helpful reminders. BrightNest even gives you advise on completing tasks more effectively. Projects you thought would never get done finally become attainable with this app.

10 Sun Surveyor Lite

This cool app helps you achieve the perfect amount of natural light in your home. Sun Surveyor Lite includes a 3D compass that measures the angle of the sun with respect to your home.

By walking through your house with the app, you can decide where to position furniture or plants in order to get the best natural light. Also, use it when planning for a remodel or if you plan on adding new furniture.

Which of These Interior Design Apps Are for You?

The first step in successfully completing an interior design project is knowing exactly what you want. While you may not have a use for all of the apps listed above, it’s likely that two or three will benefit you.

Ask yourself what you need help with the most and go from there. You’re sure to find something that works.

Visit for more articles on home improvement to help out with your next project.


Go Green: Top 5 Eco Apps to Download Right Now

December 11, 2017 - By 

Looking to start going green, but not sure where to start?

Technology is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal to help us lead more eco-friendly lives.

The average American adult spends up to 86 hours a month on their phone, which amounts to about 3 hours a day! As for tablets, in 2016 156 billion minutes were spent browsing the web on these nifty gadgets in the US alone.

With so much time spent on mobile screens and tablets, it seems silly not to use their convenience to do good for our planet in some way.

You may be wondering how this is possible. The answer is apps. As of January 2017, there were 2.2 million apps available in the Apple app store.

With so many on offer for you to choose from and test out, where do you start? Not to worry, read on to discover our top 5 recommendations for eco apps. But first…

How Can Eco Apps Help You?

Whether you’re the owner of a smartphone or tablet, you may be on the lookout for more convenient ways to get information on the go. Information that will help you make the most eco-friendly, sustainable choices you can.

Not all eco apps are created equal. However, each eco app we recommend in this article is not only popular but super useful too!

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, the five eco apps listed below are compatible with both. All five are sure to make your quest to be an environmentally conscious consumer much easier.

Read on to find out what they are about and how, individually, they can help you.

1. Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping

If you’re invested in environmental issues that affect endangered wildlife, you’ll already know the deal when it comes to why palm oil is bad. If not, let us explain.

The Low-Down on Palm Oil

Palm oil is an ingredient which regularly appears in all kinds of products ranging from food to cosmetic products. However, it is also the root cause for some of the most disastrous of environmental issues.

It is one of the lead causes of deforestation, which in turn destroys the habitats of endangered wildlife such as Sumatran orangutans, Sumatran tigers, Malayan Sun bears, and Bornean Pygmy elephants.

Overall, palm oil deforestation is one of the largest contributors to climate change. If you care about our planet, then it’s definitely worth looking into. The Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping app offers an easy way to do so.

Why This App?

Concerned you may be buying products contain unsustainably sourced palm oil? Worry no more! This eco app allows you to shop with confidence with just the scan of a barcode.

Developed by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado, this incredible app can help you check to see if the product you’re planning to buy is ”orangutan friendly”. Its database contains over 6,000 products.

The Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping app also helps consumers discover alternative products to those that aren’t R.S.P.O. certified, and explains the crisis, as well as providing tips on how to do your bit to help wild orangutans.

As far as eco apps go, this one is pretty impressive!

2. Light Bulb Finder

Whether you’re going solar in San Diego or Tampa, paying attention to where your energy and electricity is coming from is a great way to maintain strong eco-awareness.

Tying into the theme of sustainable energy and electricity comes the Light Bulb Finder app.

Are you unsure of which bulbs you should be putting where? Worried about how much your electricity bill is racking up from inefficient lamps, as well as the wider effect on climate change? Light Bulb Finder is the eco app for you.

This award-winning eco app makes it easy to find suitable energy efficient bulbs for your home.

Named best overall app by the EPA in 2011, it aids users in their search for eco-friendly bulbs. You can even buy your bulbs directly through the app.

3. #Climate

Fancy yourself a climate change activist? This is one of the best eco apps that will allow you to well and truly fulfill that role.

#Climate makes it easier than ever to uncover and share a variety of actions you can take to battle climate change through over 90 non-profit organizations.

This app also provides statistics to see what kind of personal impact you’re making on the causes you care about. #Climate provides a platform for change and positive global and environmental impact.

Change starts with action, and if #Climate doesn’t make you want to start researching and planning your activism and making protest signs, we don’t know what will.

Harness social power for the greater good with this app, today.

4. Wise Up On Waste

Every year, roughly 50% of food is wasted in the United States. That amounts to about 60 million tons, worth an approximate $160 billion!

It’s a pretty sickening statistic, especially when you consider that 41.1 million Americans are food insecure. This means they are forced to skip meals, or feed their children over themselves, and buy cheap nutritiously lacking food.

If you’re looking to reduce your food waste, this is the app for you. The Wise Up On Waste app can help you reduce the amount of food you throw out by 20% or more.

How Does It Work

This app can help will help you keep track of how much food you waste or spoil. The king of waste management eco apps, you can permanently stamp out kitchen waste with this app with some of its awesome features. These include:

  • A means of identifying where/when you generate waste
  • Trackers for weekly progress and savings
  • Audits for waste at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

With all of these features and more, this is definitely one of the eco apps you need on your phone if you’re looking to save the planet, as well as your wallet!

5. iRecycle

iRecycle will help you find convenient eco-information and recycling options across the US. With over 1.6 million ways to recycle more than 350 different materials, you’ll never be short of recycling ideas again!

You can review the latest recycling tips and tricks and browse recycling news and updates. This really is an app for those who are passionate about the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Even if you’re just a casual user who simply wants to make a difference, this app uses your current location to help you find nearby resources, with information about their operating hours and directions.

No matter the material, get organized with this app and get to know your local recycling depots.

Honourable Mentions

In the world of eco apps, there are no losers. In our book, any app that exists to help make a difference to the planet is worth giving a go.

With this in mind, here are more amazing eco apps but almost, but didn’t quite make the top five.

Bunny Free

Trying to go cruelty-free? Bunny Free is the app for you! Developed by PETA, it gets its data from their lists of companies, along with their animal testing policies.

With the app, you can type in a name or scan a barcode of a number of products:

  • Cosmetics
  • Personal-care products
  • Household Cleaning Products
  • General Household Products

Not only will it tell you whether a company tests or not, but it can tell you if it is owned by a parent company who does. Knowledge is power, and this app gives you just the information you need to make some smart consumer decisions


greenMeter is a great app that is, sadly, exclusive to iOS.

It also costs $5.99, though in the grand scheme of apps that really isn’t a whole lot of cash. This is without mentioning what a worthwhile investment it is. In fact, the software can supposedly pay for itself within 1-2 tanks of gas.

greenMeter calculates your vehicle’s fuel and power usage. It evaluates your driving and displays real-time results for instant feedback on how to increase fuel efficiency, lessen fuel consumption and cost, and lower the environmental impact of you and your car.

At its best on the road, greenMeter can help you even before you set foot in your vehicle. You can simulate acceleration by tipping your phone back and forth, aerodynamic drag, and more.

Great for those interested in eco-driving, or even if you’re simply interested in greenifying your entire lifestyle. This is one of the eco apps that is definitely worth your time.

Found Some Eco Apps You Want To Try?

There’s something here for everyone. Every single one of these eco apps can assist you in making more sustainable choices in your day-to-day life.

Reduce your carbon footprint, share them with your friends, and learn from them. These eco apps all provide a service that, were more people to use them, may leave the earth in a better state for future generations.

Inspired by our list of eco apps? Why not check out more of our app recommendation lists?

Whether you’re looking for fitness apps, travel apps, or even apps for home security – we’ve got you covered!


The Best Wearable Technology of 2017 & What’s To Come In the Future

November 17, 2017 - By 
wearable technology of 2017

It all started with the Fitbit Flex back in 2013. This activity tracker set the path for future wrist-band technology that was yet to come.

Now, the world of wearable technology isn’t limited to what we can wear on our wrists. We have wearable heart rate monitors, headphones, and even sleepwear designed to enhance our daily lives.

But, as you know, when one player in the tech market has a hit, there are 10 dupes that follow. Most of these gadgets will cost you a pretty penny, so it’s best to do your research ahead of time.

Before you go by that fancy Apple Watch, check out this list of products that are more than worth your while. Here are the best wearable technology of 2017 and the future.

The Best Wearable Tech of 2017: Fitbit Charge 2

The man, the myth, the legend- what wearable tech list would this be without a Fitbit? The Charge 2 is for anyone looking to up their fitness game.

Take advantage of its advanced PurePulse Heart Rate Monitor or Guided Breathing for relaxation. Its intuitive controls make it the perfect sidekick for multi-sport tracking.

Under Armor Recovery Sleepwear

Sure, it may seem a little science fiction-y to wake up feeling different from a piece of clothing. But, there’s nothing nerdy about this sleepwear from Under Armor.

It’s designed with bio-ceramic fiber which helps improve blood flow and muscle recovery. This happens through a process called Far Infrared which draws heat back to the body.

Halo Sport

Its name may suggest its only for the weightlifters out there. But, these Beats-like headphones offer a plethora of benefits to anyone for better movement.

We can attribute those benefits to its ability to forge better nerve and muscle connection. The Halo Sport works with one of our brain’s key functions, the motor cortex.

The motor cortex is what sends signals to the rest of your body, causing these parts to contract. These contractions get your body moving about.

Garmin Vivoactive

It’s all about how you market yourself, right? (Just ask these Portland SEO gurus). Garmin may have been known as the bulky object your parents use to get from A to B.

After a little rebranding magic, Garmin is now a leader in wrist-band tech that can handle everything from “playing to paying”.

The Vivoactive has an app store, games and allows you to pay for purchases card-free. It tracks your workouts, heart rate, and even stress levels.

You can even compete with your friends through the Garmin Connect app. Share your fitness accomplishments and participate in challenges together.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

That concludes our list of the best wearable tech for 2017 and beyond. We’ve seen some major breakthroughs in the tech sphere. That’s not slowing down anytime soon.

To stay on top of your digital game, your marketing efforts have to be on trend. But, when running a business, who has time be some kind of wearable tech connoisseur?

(Hint- it’s us! We have the time!)

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!


The 4 Coolest Benefits of 3D Architectural Rendering

November 8, 2017 - By 

Digital design has evolved from flat screens to real-life interactions with the help of AR and virtual reality.

However, not every company can afford to make each pitch a unique experience on this level. Thankfully, there is a happy medium between outdated PowerPoints and over the top simulations.

Using 3D architectural rendering can create the perfect interactions for your business.

Here are four benefits your team and your clients will appreciate with this tool.

1. Bring Concepts to Life

The best thing about 3D architectural rendering is the ability to take an idea and give it a shape and size.

Architects and engineers enjoy the metrics available when they build a blueprint using this kind of system. Interior designers can let their creative juices flow by not just picturing a room in their mind, but rather right in front of them.

The possibilities are truly endless when the right level of imagination is involved.

Instead of trying to communicate your next idea in a meeting, you can come prepared with a fully built, programmed version of what you see in your head.

2. Speed Things Up

Sometimes, your best ideas happen in the middle of a brainstorming session.

Your team may be working on a project in the morning only to have a quick turnaround time before presenting your material.

Thanks to the sophistication of 3D architectural rendering, you can be confident your idea will be ready in time. This advanced technology is made to be easy to use and quick to adapt.

You can even make edits on the fly as you’re presenting and discussing concepts with your team.

3. Compare and Contrast with Ease

Maybe your ideas are so good you can’t decide what direction to move in.

However, you can’t afford to keep clients waiting or hold up production. Why not present your two best options?

Using 3D technology means you don’t have to work double-time to display more than one brilliant idea. You can take advantage of the speed and accessibility to knock out as many strong suggestions as possible.

From there, the decision process becomes much easier when you can put the pros and cons together side by side. This can be as simple as choosing a tile floor or a wood floor. Or, it could be as complex as two different tower designs for a huge building project.

4. Improve Client Communications

Nothing feels better than getting a pitch spot-on.

Presenting your ideas with the help of 3D rendering helps a client see exactly what you can do for them. It takes abstract concepts and gives them a place to be displayed.

This value is seen across roofing business like Aerolite Installers to design geniuses like Modsy.

Plus, both you and your client can be more specific as you discuss project details and possible adjustments. The more everyone is on the same page, the better the process will move along.

It’s more than a wow factor, it’s a win-win everyone can appreciate.

3D Architectural Rendering and More Impressive Technology Advancements

Don’t be intimidated by the power of new digital products.

Take on the age of the internet and make your industry come to life. Whether you work in design, engineering, or business, new innovations are waiting to create bigger successes.

For more on such possibilities, check out what technology can do to build creative marketing campaigns.


Using Technology to Step Up Creative Marketing for Dentists

September 21, 2017 - By 
creative marketing

Are you looking to use technology to step up the creative marketing efforts of your dental practice?

Technology can help keep your practice in touch with your patients, and attract new ones, in the digital age.

Read on below to learn about how you can use technology to help amp up your dental practice’s creative marketing.

1. Social Media Marketing

You should be utilizing social media platforms as a dentist.

It’s a great opportunity to grow your brand and connect with your target audience.

Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are great tools for branding.

They have made it possible for dentists to reach their target audience in an effective way.

These platforms allow you to connect, engage, and interact with your patients before their appointments and long after they leave the office.

This means it’s worth it to develop engaging social media campaigns that reflect your brand and digital presence in a positive way.

Finding ways that help bridge your office’s mission with your online community will help make your practice feel modern, vibrant, and welcoming.

2. Maintain a Blog on Your Practice’s Website

Did you know that 75% of people will make judgments about your practice based on your website?

That’s why it’s important to make sure your website is up-to-date and that you maintain a blog in addition to your social media channels.

A blog is a great way to keep your patients, and potential new patients, informed about dental health, industry news, and updates about your practice.

An effective way to help promote the content available on your blog is to share your posts directly on your social channels.

This kind of inbound marketing guarantees that your content is visible on various online platforms to your audience.

Sharing content on your blog and social channels is a great way you can use technology and SEO together. It will help improve your marketing efforts and drive web traffic.

Remember: always create valuable content for your blog that your target audience cares about to help sustain online engagement for your practice.

Taking the time to learn more about the importance of valuable content to your marketing efforts is essential to your business’ success.

3. Email Marketing

People regularly check their email throughout the day. Why miss out on this opportunity to reach your patients?

Email is a great way to combine your marketing efforts in one place and reach your patients directly in their inbox.

Send out regular e-newsletters with office, website, and blog updates.

Be sure to place your social buttons in the email and make sure your office’s contact information is readily available too.

Want to use email effectively in other ways? Send your patients electronic appointment reminders.

To really step it up, ask them if they’d like to receive reminders via text message as well.

Your patients are bound to appreciate the convenience that email updates and electronic reminders provide them in their busy lives.

Technology Can Enhance Your Creative Marketing Efforts

It’s clear that technology and how it is used has influenced the way dental practices shape their creative marketing strategies.

Utilize social media marketing, your website and its blog, and email marketing to your advantage to help step up your practice’s marketing efforts.

What other technology do you use as a dentist when it comes to your creative marketing tactics?


This Toyota App Is Taking on Distracted Teen Driving

September 14, 2017 - By 

A parent’s worse nightmare is having their child get hurt when outside of their supervision.

Teens love their electronic devices and aren’t always fully aware of the dangers of distracted driving.

This is why having your teen get behind the wheel provides more challenges and adjustments than ever before. Thankfully, there are some technological advancements that keep teens safe and put parents’ minds at ease.

Any parent who wants their teen to be safe on the road should check out the new Toyota app, which works to prevent distracted driving.

Learn a little bit more about this innovative new app by reading below.

What Does This Toyota App Do?

This app came about due to rampant cases of texting and driving.

Teens specifically drive distracted, because they love their mobile devices and don’t have the life or driving experience to understand the danger.

This Toyota app takes matters into his own hands in a very entertaining way.

Any time the Toyota app recognizes that the teenage driver is using their phone, it immediately plays selections from a parent created Spotify playlist.

By interrupting the teen’s driving experience with oldies but goodies, they’ll recognize the error of their ways and will stop driving distracted, to get back to their own playlist.

Both parents and the teen need to download the app in order to configure settings.

Why Is The App Important?

This app is crucial because distracted driving is deadly.

According to studies, distracted driving causes nearly 2 million crashes annually. Among these crashes, 11 teens are killed every single day.

What’s staggering is that 94% of teenage drivers polled say that they understand that texting and driving is dangerous, yet nearly 40% still engage in the act.

The app is critical because it takes the option out of their hands. Though teenagers are of legal driving age, mental maturity takes some time to develop.

In the meantime, the app saves lives.

How Exactly Does The App Work?

First, parents and teens need to have Android devices in order to access the app.

The phone must be paired with the vehicle so that it recognizes when the car is in motion.

When the app is active, it disables phone calls, text messages, social media platforms and other alerts. The app also recognizes when the teenager is speeding, at which point it will also interrupt with the parent’s created music playlist.

What Makes This App Effective?

Let’s face it.

A teenager’s worst fear at this time of life is to be considered uncool.

There’s nothing less cool than driving around to your parents’ music. This social pressure works to the parents’ advantage, by keeping the teenager in line, while also building positive habits.

It’s best to install the app when the teenager first gets their license. By having the app continuously interrupt their dangerous driving habits, it instills the skills that they’ll hone over the years.

This is a humorous, yet very effective training tool that makes teenage drivers everywhere more conscious and responsible.

Using this app, while also maintaining your teen’s vehicle, makes them as safe as possible on the road.

Start by finding a credible Toyota auto repair shop that can keeps their car in tip top shape. Make sure that they understand what to do when they get into a car accident, so they’re well prepared.

How Can I Get Started?

Head to the Android market place today and download the app.

Let this app purchase inform the way you shop from here on out. This app serves a need and uses digital technology to shape the way you think, shop and live your life.

Try out Toyota’s app and then search a digital download database that can serve other needs in your life as a parent.


5 Cool Photo Apps You Should Download for Your iPhone

September 13, 2017 - By 
photo apps

If you have an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with the fact that these little devices can take a better picture than many digital cameras on the market today.

That might be because an 800-person Apple team is dedicated solely to making the iPhone camera work as great as possible.

Want to expand on this functionality? Try downloading some photo apps that can turn your photos into spectacular captures of some of your favorite moments.

Today, we’re breaking down five of our favorite apps designed just for this purpose.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!


Pronounced “Visco,” VSCO is one of the top photo apps, featuring a range of gorgeous filters and editing options — for free.

Users will also get access to the app’s built-in camera, which boasts a slew of impressive manual controls.

2. Manual

Love your iPhone but miss the way your manual camera worked? If so, Manual is the ideal alternative.

Designed to mimic much of a manual camera’s controls, this $3.99 app allows users to adjust shutter speed, ISO settings, white balance, focus, and more.

Editors will appreciate that you can save in a variety of formats, including JPEG, RAW format, or both. If you opt for RAW, you’ll skip the compression and enable easier edits.

3. Camera+

Another one of the best photo apps, Camera+ offers many of the same features as the Manual app after many tweaks and changes by the development team.

Two standout features of this $2.99 app? You can set the focus and exposure separately, and can also play around with shutter speed and ISO to get the exact image you want.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the app’s 30-second timer (a generous time frame compared to most apps), and get in front of the camera yourself!

4. ProCamera

Optimized for iOS 10, ProCamera is one of those apps that’s perfect for any occasion.

You can set your exposure time, degree of tint, and ISO sensitivity with the press of a button. Nighttime event? Don’t sweat it! With the $5 app’s built-in night camera, you’ll never miss a beat.

With more than 70 filters and full-resolution photo previews, you’ll never want to exit this app, especially when you see its impressively sleek and minimal interface.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Ask any professional photographer which program he or she uses to make pictures look so impressive, and chances are the word “Photoshop” will be used.

Now, the photo editing giant has taken its desktop software game to the handheld market. Adobe Photoshop Express lets you access many of its popular features, such as layers, adjustments, and selections from the convenience of your iPhone.

In the mood to make something special with your pictures, like a woven photo blanket from The Memories Place? Create a mock-up of your design with the app. You can even add text and blend images for extra pizazz!

Photo Apps and More: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re looking for information on photo apps or want to access the latest data on music, movies, and more, we’re here for you.

Our online database is chock-full of relevant, timely, and interesting insights. Feel free to browse our selection today!


Safety in the Workplace in a Digital Age

September 6, 2017 - By 
safety in the workplace

Are you one of the many Americans who work on a computer all day?

Or is your factory constantly being inundated with the latest technology?

There’s no way around it. Technology is creeping its way into all aspects of our lives.

It’s not only changing the way we work, but also the way we view safety in the workplace.

We must acknowledge how technology is affecting our safety both positively and negatively, and how we can work with it to improve our lives.

How Technology is Affecting Safety in the Workplace for Office Workers

Advances in technology are changing the safety of offices around the world.

With advanced security systems, businesses can reliably lock down their assets when they close for the night. Cyber security systems help businesses secure their intangible assets like computer files and data.

High-tech cameras positioned around workplaces can detect intruders and potential threats before they even enter the building.

Technology has given us high-tech metal detectors that can find weapons that anyone is trying to bring into the workplace.

How Technology is Affecting Industrial Job Safety

Another way technology is making workplaces safer is through improved PPE, or personal protective equipment.

Safety goggles, hard hats, and other forms of PPE are becoming more advanced and user-friendly thanks to technological improvements.

The Negative Effects of Technology in the Work Place

Of course, as with all good things, there are some negative side effects.

Technology has transitioned the work force away from more physical jobs to sedentary ones in front of a computer.

While sitting indoors at a desk may seem safer than doing physical work outside, it doesn’t end up that way as humans weren’t made to sit down for 8 hours a day.

Many American’s spend 40 hours a week sitting at a desk in front of a computer.

This sedentary lifestyle can lead to a slew of negative side effects such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

A staggering 33% of the population in the US is predicted to have diabetes by the year 2050.

Technology has changed the way we work and made us slaves to our screens.

Staring at a screen all day can also have a negative effect on worker’s eyesight. Research shows that 50-90% of people who work on a computer screen all day show symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

How to Deal With Technological Changes

It is important that people learn to adapt to this swiftly changing technological age.

In industrial settings, employees should be well briefed on new technology before trying to work it themselves. Especially when dealing with new machinery that could be dangerous.

Employees can also go through online safety courses like online OSHA training.

There are safety programs available online for all industries that can help reduce liabilities and improve safety in the workplace.

Technology Marches On

While there is no stopping technology from innovating the way workplaces operate, we do have choices as to how gracefully we accept and adapt to those changes.

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Here’s Why Your Next Project Needs 3D Laser Scanning

August 22, 2017 - By 
3D Printing

If you think your next project needs 3D laser scanning, you aren’t alone. Streamlining the engineering and construction process saves money.

This saving is part of the reason 3D scanning is projected to be a $3.74 billion market by 2022.

Change isn’t always comfortable when it comes to internal processes. If you and your team are debating deploying 3D scanning on your next project you may risk losing clients, time, and money.

Here’s how 3D laser scanning can help your projects:

Streamline the Process with 3D Laser Scanning

Maybe your project teams are questioning the use of 3D technology for scanning. They have been getting work done without that level of detail for years. Why start now?

Beyond keeping up with your competition, there are great reasons 3D scanning will streamline the entire process.

From client approval to supporting digital marketing efforts, the level of detail will accelerate the process. Buyers and investors will be able to virtually tour projects, and complex projects will face fewer roadblocks.

The Level of Detail Required

The engineering and construction markets have changed. The level of detail required to adapt to client requirements and building codes is more advanced than it was 20 years ago.

You may be working on a historical building where precision is essential to preserve its structure. Or you may be planning build outs for an industrial Internet of Things company.

Either way, your project requires an extra level of perspective.

Productive Engineering

The line between building envelope infrastructure and manufacturing is blurring. The need for efficient space utilization is more important than ever.

Engineers and construction professionals need to account for equipment density. This is true for both the maintenance and production sides of the trades.

Proactive Planning

With 3D scans, you can plan the use of space efficiently. This approach requires more than what used to be possible with 2D rendering. Plus, 3D scanning allows clients and engineers to make more informed decisions prior to breaking ground on a project.

Your crews and planners will be more effective. They can make strategic use of every aspect of the project’s plans before creating costly work stoppages.

Cost Savings and Safety

The ROI on 3D scanning means that you can accelerate sales as well as project time. Heading off issues before they arise allows your resource planning to make optimal use of your construction teams.

In addition, you can perform quality control and quality assurance on projects as they are in-progress using virtual teams.

There are also safety applications to 3D scans. You can proactively plan for space utilization and safety needs prior to beginning a project.

Boost Your ROI

The more familiar every member of your team is with the requirements, the more likely that the work will get done safely and efficiently.

Those cost savings fuel more projects. Use 3D scanning to make the most of your next project and watch the ROI grow.

But manage that cash flow. The best projects mean planning on the financial side as well. Make sure you are using the best business finance solutions available today.


Is VR Real Estate Tech Really an Industry Game Changer?

August 17, 2017 - By 
Virtual Reality VR Realty

Virtual reality (VR) technology has taken the world by storm.

While it may have gotten off to a shaky start, some estimates say the market will pull in $108 billion by 2021.

Plus, companies like YouTube and Google are now jumping in on the trend. This makes it a great reason to see what it can do for your real estate business.

VR has the power to change the world of real estate. Keep reading to find out why, and to get an update on the latest VR real estate trends.

Why VR is Changing Real Estate

VR is a business-changing trend in more sectors than just real estate. It has the capability of shaking up almost every industry.

For real estate, the implications are especially huge.

This is because it removes the location-related problems you face every day. VR has the power to make the wide world of real estate a little smaller—and easier to manage.

The Latest VR Real Estate Trends

Conducting Walk-Throughs Long-Distance

The possibility of long-distance walk-throughs is perhaps the most exciting VR real estate trend.

Thanks to this immersive technology, you can walk prospective buyers through a home even if they’re located thousands of miles away.

That means no more rushed scouting trips for stressed-out buyers trying to plan their move. You get more time to find them the perfect property, and they get a better buying experience.

That’s just one way to close more deals through VR.

Using Headsets to Fill a Space

Some buyers are just not that gifted when it comes to imagining the potential of a space.

All it takes is a mismatched paint color or outdated flooring to turn them off to an otherwise perfect property.

That’s where VR comes in. Just pop on a headset and switch out the features your buyers don’t like. That way, buyers can really picture themselves in the home and not get distracted by bad wallpaper or an outdated light fixture.

This can be especially helpful for large commercial properties. An empty floor may not look like much at first. However, if you can use VR to fill it with a contemporary open office layout, it may make the difference in your sale.

Embracing Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is another fun outgrowth of VR technology.

This type of tech overlays extra details or more information for viewers, usually through the use of an app. That’s great news if you’re reluctant to purchase VR equipment for your company.

Instead, your buyers could have instant access to stats like appliance age, property tax history, and any recent repairs.

They can do it all through an app on their phones. You could even embed a QR code on your for sale signs that gives passersby a virtual one-sheet—instantly.

Connecting with Customers Online

Maintaining a healthy online presence goes hand-in-hand with embracing VR. If your buyers can virtually view a property online, they should also be able to take the next steps in the transaction in an online environment.

This is especially true for rental companies. For example, thanks to an up-to-date website, no matter where you are in the world, making a down payment or booking rentals in Whistler is easy.

Stay Up to Date on Everything Tech

At Pligg, we offer insights, courses, and deals for everything new in the tech world.

With our help, you can become a pioneer in augmented reality in no time. Visit Pligg today to stay plugged into our changing digital world.


The Top Business Technology Solutions of the Present and Future

July 25, 2017 - By 

The world of technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, transforming the way we do business.

Technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are shaping today’s business technology landscape.

Which of these business technology solutions are worth paying attention to? Here are some of our top picks for 2017.

The Growth of Virtual Reality

Both augmented reality (such as 2016’s insanely popular mobile game Pokemon Go) and virtual reality have taken off this year. At theme parks, thrill-seekers can strap on VR devices to enhance their ride. Gamers can also explore fictional worlds thanks to VR.

In business, VR has its place as well. VR devices can be used as a training tool, giving new hires realistic on-the-job experience.

You can also use VR to introduce new products, creating a type of digital demo. Customers could strap on a headset and try out a digital version of your product before it hits stores.

Drone Devices Become More Prevalent

“Drone” is already a common word in the average consumer’s vernacular. Many consumers may have bought the commercialized version of these flying robots, which can connect to a smartphone and fly.

While that’s fun, drones are handy in business technology, too. These can be used to deliver products right to a customer’s door, ala Amazon and even pizza chain Domino’s.

Working from Home Expands to More Job Sectors

It used to be that mostly freelancers had the luxury of working from home. Today, more and more employees in all sorts of fields can now do their job when away from the office.

With the breadth of tech tools that exist, such as video chat, live document editing, and project documentation, it’s no wonder more employers now trust their employees to get the job done from anywhere.

AI Expands Communication Options

When you think of artificial intelligence, your mind likely first goes to robots. That’s fair, but AI is about more than just that.

In business, AI can save time on jobs that busy employees don’t always have time for.

For instance: the chatbot. These bots are a lot smarter than they were in years past.

A customer that has a few questions may go on your website and use your chat function. With today’s AI, they can speak to a bot and never know it.

These bots are a win-win. The customer gets the information they need quickly and efficiently. Employees have time to take care of other work.

If you need yet more communications options for your office, try a voicemail service like American Voice Mail Inc.

And Our Favorite Business Technology Solutions Trend…Live Streaming Provides Inclusion

It used to be that if you wanted to do live streaming, you had to sign up for a service dedicated solely to streams.

These days, you can use many platforms, even social media like Facebook, for live streaming. You just hit the button and you’re rolling.

How can live streaming benefit your company?

The main benefit is inclusion. Say you’re hosting a product launch and all your customers can’t make it there physically. You can live stream the launch so everyone can see what your company is up to.

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Why Is Everyone Nostalgic for 90s Electronics?

July 3, 2017 - By 
90s electronics

90’s nostalgia is a hit on the internet. People pine for classic Nicktoons like Rocko’s Modern Life to return, high school kids think it’s cool to like 90’s music, and the entire Sega Genesis catalog is being made available for iPhones and Androids.

People are even nostalgic for not-so-good 90’s movies like Space Jam.

But why are 90’s tech gadgets becoming such a point of obsession?

It’s an interesting question: no matter how cool a decade is, tech is supposed to get continuously better. Is there really a reason for this explosion? We decided to find out.

Tech Then

We even got early versions of the tech we use today. The Apple Newton offered to be the first Tablet, and the IBM Simon was the first smartphone.

The tech world’s tendency to overpromise and underdeliver may be best embodied by Nintendo’s early experiment with VR, the Virtual Boy. The device offered incredibly immersive 3D if the user could forget that the entire thing was in black and white and the device could cause headaches.

What was most bizarre about the Virtual Boy was Nintendo’s attempts to market it as “portable” when the device was clearly bulky and difficult to use.

Other tech devices became classics frozen in time. Think of the Walkman, Gameboy, and Playstation. Each device shaped the technology of its time and was incredibly common.

90’s tech was about experimentation and growth. There were some spectacular failures, in the form of overpriced early smartphones and bulky early tablets. The Virtual Boy, in particular, was exceptional in its failures.

There were other devices that were able to change the face of technology by influencing a generation of innovators to reach for the stars.

Tech Now

Today’s tech industry remains focused on creating highly polished apps and devices. There’s more consolidation in the industry, with iPhones being 30 percent of smartphones owned in the US.

We’re also seeing the results of 90’s era experimentation benefiting today’s consumers. This decade’s been defined by the birth of the iPhone, and smart devices have reached the point that we’re here debating smart TVs and refrigerators.

We also see many innovations ahead. Virtual and augmented reality headsets are just beginning to gain ground and wearable technology has become a lot more accessible. It’s clear we’ve gotten far away from the days of the Virtual Boy.

An Explanation

So why are we obsessed with 90’s technology today?

The answer is influence and imagination, mixed with good old-fashioned nostalgia for childhood.

Those in their 20’s and 30’s had their childhood defined by 90’s technology. Things like the Walkman, Gameboy, and Sega Genesis provided formative childhood memories for a generation of emerging adults.

They’ve also seen the groundwork of today’s tech built up from their youthful interests. The same spectacular ambitions that lead to failure or at the very least inaccessibility in the 1990’s lead to success today.

These devices might not have had the best hardware or software, but they certainly shaped our world.

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