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Beating the Odds: Finding the Casino for You

May 16, 2017 - By 
sports gambling

There’s no doubt about it: gambling is exciting.

Whether you love to play games of chance or bet on sports, playing for money will give you an adrenaline thrill like no other. That’s why the global casino industry will bring in an estimated 120 billion dollars this year.

Getting started can be overwhelming. How do you make sure you are treated fairly and not subjected to cheating or fraud?

Whether you’re a first-timer or returning to gambling after taking a break these tips will help you choose the right casino for you.

Types of casinos

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “casino”?

Is it the luxurious atmosphere of a Las Vegas establishment?  A humble bingo hall? Or maybe a flashy website pops into your head.

Think about the type of casino that makes you feel comfortable. You’re more likely to make winning decisions in the right environment for you.

Land based casinos

Traditionally the word “casino” refers to a building used for social amusements, specifically gambling. This means you have to go in person to the casino in order to play.

A casino could be a large, stand-alone establishment, or one part of a larger entertainment complex like a hotel or theme park.

To use a land based casino you will have to choose a casino near where you live or in a place you can easily travel to.

Benefits of land based casinos

  • Social atmosphere
  • See in person that the establishment is properly licensed
  • Payment options include cash
  • Offers entertainment, food, and drink

Online Casinos

With an internet connection, we also have the option of using online casinos.

Online casinos come in several forms. Some run “virtual” versions of casino games through websites. Others require the user to download software onto their computer in order to play.

Some sites are dedicated to sports betting.

Online casino games are made fair by using special software to generate random results. Many online casinos also offer live dealer games, where users can watch the game through video and text their choices to the dealer.

Benefits of online casinos

  • Convenient – you don’t have to leave your house
  • Immediate – you can put those sports betting tips you just received to use the minute you get them
  • Choices of games are unlimited
  • Many payment options

Do your research

If you want to keep the odds in your favor it’s always important to do some research. You wouldn’t bet on a game you know nothing about; the same goes for choosing a casino.


This is by far the most important thing to know before you begin a gambling activity. Is the casino you’ve chosen properly licensed? If not you may inadvertently end up participating in something illegal.

Be aware of the laws in your area and make sure that the casino you’ve chosen complies with them.

This is especially important with online casinos – make sure you are connecting with a casino which operates under a regulatory body. Otherwise, it’s easy to become the victim of internet fraud.

Read reviews

People love to share their experiences, good or bad, online.

For land based casinos, travel websites can be a good source. For online sites find reputable reviews from news stories or non-profit websites.

Other questions to ask about online casinos

  • Does the casino offer the type of betting you want?
  • How does the casino payout wins?
  • Does the casino offer bonuses?
  • Does the website/software work with the computer you have?

Don’t leave it to luck

Much of the fun of gaming is based on luck. Choosing a good casino with care instead of leaving it to chance will ensure the odds are in your favor.


How to Become a Better Gambler: 5 Simple Steps

May 15, 2017 - By 

Did you know that the online sports gambling industry is currently worth $37.9 billion?

Sports fans spend money in many ways: tickets, apparel, memorabilia, and more. The average sports fan spends $725 a year fueling his or her passion.

Rather than just spending money on your love of the game, what if you could make money? Do you have a gut feeling that you’ve got what it takes? Know where to find the best free betting picks?

If betting on sports is new to you and you feel a little overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 simple steps to becoming a better gambler!

1. Manage Your Money and Set a Budget

This tip is the simplest from our list. The last thing you want to do is run out of money.

Set yourself up for success by setting a realistic budget for each of your sports gambling outings.

Having sufficient bankroll is the name of the game when betting on sports. You want to ensure your ability to continue betting, in case you encounter a losing streak.

A good figure to start with is having a bankroll that is equal to 100 times your starting bet. Be conservative.

Remember that you are in this for the long tail, not the short term. Manage your money based on a long-term strategy. Sports gambling is not a “get rich quick” scheme.

2. Do Your Research

It’s best to start out by picking a sport that you are very familiar with and then become an expert.

It’s not enough to be following a team’s record. Learn how each team is playing. Pay attention to offense and defense. Is a basketball team shooting 3 point shots all game? Did a team keep possession of the ball longer than their opponents?

Pay attention to gameplay in both offense and defense.

Is a basketball team shooting 3 point shots all game? Did a team keep possession of the ball longer than their opponents?

Did a team keep possession of the ball longer than their opponents?

Ask yourself questions like these in your chosen sport to sharpen your bets.

When you’ve mastered your sport, then you can move on to other markets.

3. Learn About the Industry

Familiarize yourself with the terminology of sports betting.

Search for a bookmaker to place bets. Don’t rush to choose.

Read reviews and ask around.

Be sure you feel comfortable and safe with your sportsbook.

Consider having multiple books to make bets with, so that you can always choose the best line possible.

4. Follow the Picks – Start with Free Betting Picks

No matter what sport you choose to gamble on, following the picks each week is crucial. You can start by using free betting picks or pay for picks.

Let your research and knowledge of the sport inform your betting as you review the picks each week.

You can search online to find the picks for leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and even horse racing!

Here is a word of caution: the pick favored to win does not always win!

Bet carefully and be selective on the number of bets you place. Remember the long game, not the short term.

5. Bet with Your Heart and You’ll Be Heartbroken

This piece of advice may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning.

Everyone wants to see their hometown team win.

Don’t make a mistake of placing reckless future bets on your hometown team.

If you do your research and are carefully following the odds, you will steer clear of this fatal mistake.

With these 5 simple steps, some free betting picks, and solid research in your arsenal, you will be on your way to becoming a better gambler and profiting from your passion for sports!


The Top Golf Betting Tips to Earn You Some Cash

May 3, 2017 - By 
golf gambling

You love golf, and, as it turns out, you also love money. Your love of both has made golf betting a godsend to you.

Loving both golf and money, however, is not enough to guarantee any returns. Gambling is, after all, a huge risk to take.

Fortunately, there are ways to make gambling less risky. You just have to look at the odds, rely on reputable tipsters, and keep yourself updated.

That said, follow along as we expand on these tips to make golf betting worth your while.

Look at the Odds

As we said before, gambling is risky. We can’t deny, though, that there are some solid mathematic approaches to it.

The “odds” are one of those approaches.

If you’re not great at math, you don’t have to worry. Odds are usually calculated for you, presumably by someone who has a great handle on mathematic concepts.

While odds are great, we do have some words of caution.

For starters, odds aren’t the only numbers that matter. Good odds can signal a good bet. They can’t, however completely reflect the chances of an event occurring.

As a result, we recommend that you pair this tip with the ones that follow this one.

Choose a Good Tipster (Or Two)

Taking a good look at the odds of an event isn’t enough. You need someone who can interpret the data better than you can by your side.

This is where golf tipsters come in. Professionals who are familiar with the math behind a good gamble, they help people place good bets.

Of course, you can’t trust just any tipster. The tipsters you rely on should specialize in golf betting.

Good tipsters also meet a host of other criteria. As Casual Gambler notes, they are, first and foremost, transparent and professional. They also have a proven track record of getting clients good results.

So how do you verify that your tipster meets those criteria?

Our advice is to consult with past clients. Ask them about the tipster’s professionalism and transparency. You should also ask them about your tipster’s general character.

You should also ask them about your tipster’s general character. Did the tipster have the clients’ best interests at heart? Was the tipster off-putting in any way?

If your tipster meets none of those criteria, you should probably find a new one.

Keep Yourself Updated

You’ve looked at the odds, and you’ve just employed a great tipster. Why, then, would you need to keep yourself updated?

After all, you’re essentially paying someone to be updated for you, right?

Sort of.

At the end of the day, you can’t make the bet that’s right for you if you don’t know what’s happening in the golf world.

That article in Golf Monthly about Tiger Woods’s back surgery? You need to know about that.

The last winner of the Volvo China Open? That’s also something you need to know.

You get the point.


Golf betting, like all betting, is never a sure thing.

Sometimes you’ll win. Sometimes you’ll lose.

Lucky for you, you have a sea of resources that can help you win big. From Betting Gods golf betting tips to good old Wikipedia, you’re never alone.

With help like that, we’d definitely say that the odds are ever in your favor.


The 5 Essential Pieces of Bike Safety Equipment All Bikers Need

March 31, 2017 - By 
bike safety

It’s an unfortunate fact that bicycling can be dangerous. In 2015, 818 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles. The good news is there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself when you’re biking.

Having the right safety equipment can go a long way to preventing serious injury. Bicycle helmets and other safety equipment reduce crash-related injuries and deaths, especially among children.

Here are five essential pieces of bike safety equipment that you need to prevent harm on the road.

A Bicycle Helmet

A helmet is one of the best ways to prevent injury when riding a bike. It’s important to choose a helmet that fits properly and to wear it every time you bike.

The foam in a helmet gets crushed when the helmet protects your head. This cushions the blow and protects your brain. The outside of the helmet is made to slide on the ground instead of gripping it, which can protect your neck. Of course, the damage to the foam means that you should never reuse a helmet that has been in a bad crash.

Visibility Lights

Many bike riders understand the need for visibility lights when it’s dark outside, but they are also important near dusk and even during the day. Lights catch drivers’ attention and cause them to notice you at every time of day.

There are a lot of options available, including Fenix lights which can help your bike be more visible. Lights can also help you see at night; the way headlights do on a car.

A Loud Bike Horn

Although drivers are piloting a 4,000-pound machine, they aren’t always paying attention. They may be eating, talking to passengers, listening to music, or simply daydreaming.

Also, a bicycle doesn’t fit the visual profile of a vehicle that drivers watch for. One of the reasons that there are so many accidents with bikes is that drivers aren’t used to seeing them on the road. As a result, a loud bike horn can make a big difference. You can use it to signal alarm and to let drivers know you’re there.

A Wireless Turn Signal

While you as a bicyclist may know how to signal turns with your arm, it’s likely that drivers won’t quite know what you’re trying to say. Instead, choose a safety device that everyone is already familiar with: digital turn signals.

You can easily purchase wireless devices that allow you to indicate a right or left turn using lighted arrows that are similar to vehicle turn signals. You can use buttons to signal turns without taking your hands off the handlebars, which increases your safety as well.

A Camera on Your Bicycle

Hopefully you’re never in an accident with a car, but if you are, you may need documentation of what happened. A discreet easily-mounted rear camera attached to your bike can be the help you need.

Some models have a variety of functions. They can serve as a taillight, records what’s going on behind you, and can capture the license plate number of an aggressive or careless driver.

Being safe on the road isn’t hard when you have the right equipment. By using these five essential pieces of bike safety gear, you’ll help prevent accidents and injuries to both you and the drivers around you.


How to Pick the Best Crossbow for You

February 3, 2017 - By 

Have a keen interest in sport shooting? Looking to take it up as a hobby? Or are you like thousands of other Americans who are looking to become part of the current hunting movement sweeping the nation?

From the novice to the pro, and all things in between, the chances are if you interested in hunting or shooting, at some point you’ll want to add something special into the mix.

For that, we have a solution.

Enter the crossbow.

The good news is that crossbows are not what they used to be. The humble crossbow has truly come a long way.

With technology in the field constantly changing the game, modern crossbows can add some robust firepower and accuracy to your shot.

But, where do you even start when you’re trying to pick a crossbow that’s closest to your needs?

In this article, we’re sharing some awesome tips to help you choose the right crossbow for you.

Ready? Great!

Let’s get to it.

How to Pick the Best Crossbow for You

1. Price Range

One of the most important factors that will influence your choice, is the amount of money you are willing and capable of spending.

Crossbows vary in price. They start out at a couple of hundred dollars and go right up to a couple of thousand.

An important consideration here is the precise nature of your crossbow needs. If you’re just starting out, what you’ll look for in a crossbow might be different to someone who has been hunting for forty years.

Do your homework here. Have a look at what each crossbow has to offer and weigh that offering up against the price.

Can you get a great crossbow at a reasonable price? Yes, you can!

Can you get an even better one for a bigger cost? Of course!

What matters most is the exact nature of your current needs. Based on those needs, always opt for the best crossbow that you can afford.

2. Draw Weight

While regulatory minimums for draw weight varies across states, overall, the average runs from 75 up to 125 pounds. For most crossbow users, a draw weight in these ranges should be more than adequate to kill a whitetail at a moderate range.

Bear in mind that the faster the crossbow, the higher the draw weight. If you’re a serious hunter who has been doing this for years, you might want to opt for specific hunting crossbows. In these cases, the draw weight will range from 150 to 200 pounds.

3. Model and Style

Once you have decided your price range, and after you’ve considered what kind of draw weight will meet your needs, the next thing to consider is the model and style that most appeals to you.

Do you want a recurve crossbow or a compound? What sort of sighting system will you need?

Will you be able to cock it by hand or do you need a cocking device? Do you want to go for a wooden crossbow or a modern synthetic finish?

These are all important considerations. As always, do your homework first.

Have a look at the best crossbows available in the market today and you’ll be able to figure out the best caters to your needs.

The Best Crossbow For You

So, there you have it.

Follow these essential tips when you’re trying to choose the best crossbow and you won’t go wrong.

And, remember that the perfect crossbow does not have to be to everyone’s taste.

Heck, no! The best kind of crossbow is one that meets your needs in the here and now.

The best kind of crossbow is the crossbow that is perfect for you.