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How to Make a Tumblr Banner Using Adobe Spark

March 31, 2017 - By 
tumblr banner

If you want to build a community around your ideas, Tumblr is a great place to start. Tumblr has 550 million users per month.

And it’s a great place to target people with images.

Whether you’re sharing GIFs, videos, photos, or banners, you can capture attention quickly and easily. Your brain can recognize a familiar image in only 100 milliseconds, making images an incredible way to share content and build your brand.

Having a Tumblr banner helps make your page look professional and consistent, allowing you to create a brand image as you build your community of fans and customers.

Adobe Spark makes it simple to create a high-quality Tumblr banner even if you aren’t a professional designer. Here’s how.

Read on to find out how.

Choose a Size

Adobe Spark’s Tumblr banner maker offers a variety of image sizes so that you can match any template. Make sure your image is visible and easy to read when visitors come to your site.

Having images that are already pre-sized to fit Tumblr’s banner formats makes it simple to get your banner started without having to read upload requirements of dozens of other sites.

You can use your own image or choose from thousands of royalty-free photographs.

Choose Your Theme

A theme is a collection of colors and backgrounds that fit together to make your banner cohesive and easy to read. When you select a theme from Adobe Spark’s selection, you know that your palette works well and is attractive.

If you want to make changes to specific elements, don’t worry, you’re not locked in. You can adjust the theme to fit your brand imagery and the personality you want on Tumblr.

Decide on a Font

A font can say a lot about your brand, so it’s important to pick typography that fits well with your banner size and professional presence. Whether you want to be professional, artistic, edgy, or eclectic, Adobe Spark has the font you need.

Spark offers a broad range of professionally designed fonts, which keeps you from having to worry about finding fonts, designing your own, or coding your banner yourself.

Consider a Custom Tumblr Banner

You don’t have to use a template if you don’t want to. Adobe Spark also allows you to customize your Tumblr banner in a variety of ways.

Instead of using a photo from the collection, upload your own image from Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, or Google Photos. Also, feel free to tweak the existing themes. Themes can make it easier if you’re short on time, but you can also make them as unique as you’d like.

Once you have the text, images, and icons that work best for your page, consider purchasing a premium font from Adobe Spark. There are a variety of unique fonts available to help your Tumblr page stand out.

Creating a Tumblr banner doesn’t have to mean you hire an expensive designer. Instead, use the free Adobe Spark app. You can easily create the banner you need while saving your hard-earned cash for other needs in your business.


The BBC Is Setting Up a “Debunk Fake News” Team

March 15, 2017 - By 
Daily News

As a daily news and internationally accredited news source, the BBC is actively working against claims that dilute their credibility.

In a world where anyone can post any type of information on the web at any given time, it is important for news sources such as the BBC to remain reliable and credible.

As a result, the BBC has launched a new project to verify and re-verify all of their information before it goes out for the public to read.

This move just goes to show that today, good journalism is no longer about speed, it’s about the truth and avoiding “fake news.”

We are living in a world of fake news.

Fake news videos are surfing the internet at a rampant pace.

In fact, Facebook was recently put under fire for its “fake news problem.” Too many faulty news videos and articles are surfacing onto users’ feeds.

Buzzfeed has recently provided a list displaying the biggest fake news events online in 2016. Check it out here. While some of them hilarious, keep in mind there are some people who actually believe this stuff!

One can see just how powerful news is, whether it be verified or unverified.

Just look at the amount of coverage WikiLeaks gets! Even though there is no direct proof that anything in WikiLeaks is true, that does stop the public from giving it a lot of attention.

Honestly speaking, it can be difficult to turn away from the fake news when it can often be made to look even more interesting than the truth!

How can we know what we are seeing online can be trusted?

The BBC is in the middle of assembling a team to debunk fake news and keep its credibility intact.

The team’s job is, essentially, to “reality check” the internet, and to sift through what is true and what is fake online.

Interestingly enough, BBC is working directly with Facebook on this project to find a strategy that will be most effective.

The goal? They want to make the facts more appealing than the falsehoods.

Admittedly, it is appealing to believe at first read. The real problem is that no one these days, facts checks before they “share” “like” and post links on their social media.

This is why BBC has taken matters into their own hands.

The station will put an emphasis on “slow” news and “slow” stories which have been analyzed in-depth.

The price of their new project? £290m.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

To conclude, as we move further into the age of fake news, it is important that each reader put their trust into credible news sources.

We are lucky to have news sources such as BBC who are working to help us detect false news online.

It won’t be long before other news outlets follow their footsteps and have similar teams to debunk fake news. It is important considering today’s political, social, and economic climate.

If you’d like to learn more about the BBC’s tips for debunking fake news, read here.