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5 Struggles Only Art Students Understand

July 5, 2017 - By 
art students

As all artists know, art school is a daily struggle. Between deadlines, sleeplessness, and creative blocks, it can be hard to focus on the payoff after graduation—an average salary between $47,000 and $89,000.

But still, art students keep their heads down and soldier on. Read on for the top 5 struggles every art student has dealt with in their scholastic career.

1. It’s not easy

This may be the most common misconception about art school. Students studying other disciplines may think that art is an “easy major,” but they have no idea how many sleepless nights the average art student has spent trying to finish a complicated project. One small mistake can often mean scrapping everything and starting over at the beginning.

Art students face a daily challenge to translate difficult-to-define emotions into something tangible and communicative. When they’re finished, they face lengthy critiques from professors and classmates before beginning the process again for the next project. It is certainly not easy.

2. Art supplies are expensive

Top-of-the-line oil paints, a quality digital drawing tablet, and that new set of colouring pencils Caran DAche style can all easily cost hundreds of dollars. Some stores will offer a student discount, but most art students expect to spend most of their hard-earned money on art supplies.

That hefty price tag can, unfortunately, stop art students from trying new things in their work. It’s difficult to experiment with new techniques if supplies are too expensive to replace.

3. It’s hard not to compare work to other artists’ pieces

Whether it’s the historical subjects of their classes, their talented professors, or an unusually gifted classmate, art students are constantly surrounded by masters in their field. It can be disheartening for a student to see another artist easily excel in areas they haven’t quite grasped yet.

That, combined with comments from viewers who just don’t “get” a particular piece, can block an art student’s motivation and make it tough to continue.

4. Friends and family will request commissions—for free

Maybe they’re looking for a new focal point for their foyer, a mural for their child’s bedroom, or a new logo for their small business. Regardless of their specific need, friends and family tend to look on art students as sources of free, personalized art.

This can be especially frustrating for students. Not only are they strapped for time, the supplies they use to make each project are not free. A well-intentioned favor can wind up costing art students money in the end.

5. It takes time to accumulate the resources needed to finish a project

Every art project is on a deadline. When a student has to spend an inordinate amount of time gathering supplies for a sculpture, going through tutorials on how to achieve a particular finish, or sourcing new brushes for their design software, it leaves very little time to actually work on the project itself.

That’s where Pligg can help. Pligg is home to a trove of downloadable eBooks, graphics, and design software plugins that can offer inspiration, instruction, or instruments—everything an art student needs to finish their project.


The 7 Most Hilarious British Television Shows Ever

February 27, 2017 - By 
Hilarious British Television Shows

There’s some serious cheeky silliness coming through the Brit telly. What British television shows top your must-watch list?

With so many good choices out there, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.

So here is a list of the 7 most hilarious, all-time favorites for Brits and non-Brits alike.

7. Absolutely Fabulous

Girls just want to have fun…

And amidst their self-destructive behaviors and endless pursuit of youth, their lives are not exactly fun, yet viewers love making fun of them.

This character-driven satire about aging gracefully is a classic that will never get old.

6. Mr. Bean

Who can someone turn to after a long day, when he’s just tired of listening to people talk?

Mr. Bean at your service.

His family-friendly persona and classic slapstick stunts have made Mr. Bean an international British idol. Everyone knows his name, even people who have never seen the show and don’t speak any English.

Bean’s quirky antics aired for five years in the 90s, and he has made two movies, Bean (1997) and Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007).

5. The Office

Another day at the office, selling paper.

The plot sounds admittedly mundane, but this British mockumentary is so awkward that it’s painful, and it can make cubicle workers feel better about their lives.

The British success spawned an American version that gained huge popularity with US audiences.

4. The Inbetweeners

This series features a group of hapless high-schoolers and their laughable schemes. With unforgettable characters and thorny plot lines, viewers can’t help but enjoy watching the chaos unfold.

The script seems to have a language all its own, with terms and phrases that these memorable young men coin. People of all ages will enjoy losing themselves in the drama of these young men’s lives.

3. Fawlty Towers

Crackers with a side of Cleese? This hit tops the list because it features John Cleese, whose sharp and dry humor with nutty overtones make this aged classic delectable.

Cleese is a UK comedic legend who made it big with Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

With the intriguing scenarios that main character Basil Fawlty and his hotel staff find themselves in, audiences will be amused by this lighthearted show.

2. Gavin and Stacey

Those who like the American hit Friends will enjoy the light humor and relatable, yet eccentric characters in this love story.

Mix in some awkward relationships between friends and family, engaging plot lines and a touch of ridiculousness, and you’ve got an award-winning show.

1. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

The only thing worse than getting hit by a catapulted rabbit is…getting hit by a catapulted cow.

That’s what kids and adults find irresistible about this zany bunch of characters. They never quite know what to expect.

More Great Picks?

These must-watch shows capture the essence of British humor and will captivate new and experienced Brit telly viewers alike.

Now that you’re all caught up with the most-watched shows, there are tons of other British television shows out there and hours of entertainment to be had.

Don’t forget the Maltesers!

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