4 Ways Hemp Oil Will Improve Your Life

Studies have shown the powerful effects of cannabidiol hemp oil in a long list of health problems that include arthritis and inflammation, insomnia, and heart trouble. CBD may even be used as a cancer fighting agent. In the face of the drug and opioid crisis, who wouldn’t want to explore the many natural and, albeit […]

CBD Lotion: Benefits and Best Practices

Does your body suffer from frequent aches and pains? Are you sick of looking for lotions and creams that won’t irritate your sensitive skin? Well, it may be time to look into the benefits of CBD lotion. CBD is making waves in traditional marijuana markets right now. It comes in liquid drops, foods, and now, […]

5 Proven Tips For Achieving Mind Body Balance

Are you looking for new ways to improve your overall health and achieve ming body balance? Living a holistic life might not be as difficult as you may think. In this article, we’ll go through 5 proven steps you can achieve mind body balance in your life. Let’s get started. 1. Take Time to Meditate […]

Manual: 10 Signs Of an Alcoholic

Are you wondering if you or someone you love is an alcoholic? The signs of an alcoholic sometimes aren’t obvious. They may be passed off as just having a good time, or having a drink with friends. If these occasions get out of hand too often, then it is time to address what may be […]

5 Reasons Mormon Mothers are Turning to Pain Killer Pills

You’ve heard about the continued Opioid Crisis within the United States, and perhaps you even know someone who has struggled with an addiction to pain killer pills. While addiction certainly doesn’t discriminate, there is one group of people who have fallen prey to prescription drugs that take many by surprise: members of the Mormon community. […]

7 Meditation Techniques For Reducing Daily Stress

Battling stress can be made much easier by using the right meditation techniques. Whether you’re totally new to meditating or have been taking advantage of this practice for years, everyone can benefit from learning new meditation techniques. The art of meditation can offer you real benefits from even your first moments of attempting it. You […]

Top 20 Apps for Men’s Health

Want to enjoy better health and well-being? Perhaps you’re looking to get leaner and build mass? Either way, it has never been easier to take care of yourself. With the advent of technology, we have access to cutting-edge apps that make clean eating and fitness a breeze. Some can monitor your heart rate, sleep, and […]

5 Emerging Healthcare Technology Trends

Technology is evolving. As new technology emerges, industries are impacted in a variety of significant ways. Healthcare is one of these industries. The changes in technology in the past few years have been immense. From new software and systems to new ways to track important medical records and details, healthcare technology trends are changing the […]

7 Ways Hair Growth Treatment Benefits You

For those lucky enough to have all their hair, perhaps it’s an easy thing to take for granted. The benefits of having luscious locks are not always obvious. Most of us start out with a full head of hair as kids. As we age, we slowly start to notice the significance of having hair. As […]

10 Reasons You Should Have a Skincare Routine

Are you struggling to maintain a regular skincare routine? Your skin is an important part of who you are. Its health can affect how you feel about your appearance, how you physically feel, and more. Even with this knowledge, it can be tough to commit to a skincare regime. This is especially the case if […]

5 Signs You or a Loved One Needs Heroin Rehab

In the United States, approximately 44,000 people die each year from drug overdose. A rising number of people are turning to heroin and other opioids after becoming addicted to prescription pain medications. And the cost to our country from the use of illicit drugs is a whopping $193 billion annually. There is help, however. Find […]

How to Choose the Right Foot Cream

Your feet are the unsung heroes of your body. It’s likely that you take them for granted — that is, until they start aching, or until it’s suddenly sandal season and you realize how badly you’ve been neglecting them all winter! Treating your feet to a soothing rubdown with a nourishing foot cream is one […]

2018 Plastic Surgery Trends

With Americans now spending $16 billion a year on plastic surgery, there is a broad range of procedures people are able to get. From minimally invasive lip injections that can be done during a lunch break to complex restructuring, technology remakes the field every year. If you’re thinking about getting work done, you need to […]

4 Helpful Dental Apps You Need to Know About

Need a little extra assistance brushing your teeth, improving your oral hygiene, or even explaining complex dental procedures to your patients? Good news: there’s an app for that. You might be surprised to learn that the world of dental apps is rapidly growing, but the market is only getting bigger every day. No matter the […]

10 Best Medical Apps for Doctors, Patients, and Students

Have you read about Apple’s new health effort that’s going to be a part of iOS 11.3? According to reports, Apple’s Health app will have a new Health Records section, which will let users gather and view all of their medical records. At the moment, it’s still in beta testing, but the company’s optimistic it […]

10 Best Sobriety Apps

In this digital age, you never have to go it alone. Read on to discover the top 10 sobriety apps to help you stay the course, no matter your fight.