7 Awesome Spring Break Ideas for Kids

After months of cold and work, spring break is more than just a breath of fresh air. It’s an opportunity to reset life. Sometimes you spend all those months fantasizing about the fun you’ll have. Spring break arrives, and you’re stumped for ideas. It’s probably not that you have none, but that you have too […]

5 Signs You or a Loved One Needs Heroin Rehab

In the United States, approximately 44,000 people die each year from drug overdose. A rising number of people are turning to heroin and other opioids after becoming addicted to prescription pain medications. And the cost to our country from the use of illicit drugs is a whopping $193 billion annually. There is help, however. Find […]

Top 10 Tips for Planning a Small Wedding

Planning a small wedding isn’t the affair it used to be. It could range from you and two witnesses to a group of fifteen. Either way, small weddings are on the rise. Why go small? Because the average couple spends $35,329 on their wedding day. Chances are, you don’t have that kind of cash to […]