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9 Motivational Movies for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

February 21, 2018 - By 
motivational movies for entrepreneurs

It’s true for weight loss, budgeting, and entrepreneurship alike: motivation can be your greatest tool or your worst downfall.

Just about everyone dreams of not having a boss to answer to. But many entrepreneurs find that when they first cut the boss loose, holding themselves accountable is a big challenge.

When it comes to motivating yourself, it’s all about finding out what works for you. If you’re a movie buff, it could just be a matter of finding inspirational movies to fire you up.

To make your next session of couch time worthwhile, check out these motivational movies for entrepreneurs:

1. The Pursuit of Happyness

Every entrepreneur hits roadblocks. But The Pursuit of Happyness shows one entrepreneur’s journey as he struggled through homelessness parenthood to make a life for his family.

Released in 2006 and starring Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness is based on the true story of Chris Gardner. As an unsuccessful salesman, Gardner exemplifies the drive to do whatever it takes in his fight to become a stockbroker, eventually founding his own wildly successful firm.

2. Jerry Maguire

You may think of it as a ’90s classic, but Jerry Maguire is much more.

This film was inspired by a true story (a fairly common theme you’ll notice in these motivational movies for entrepreneurs). The real Jerry Maguire, like his Tom Cruise likeness, made his living as a sports agent.

The true focus of Jerry Maguire (and why it’s on this list) is the focus on persistence and innovation. After being fired from his agency, the title character strikes out on his own as a free agent, holding his own against fierce competitors.

As you watch this movie, use it for inspiration to stop making excuses and make it happen.

3. Weed the People

We might be jumping the gun on this one as it hasn’t released yet, but with March 2018 almost here, it’s worth a mention.

Created by legendary filmmakers Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake, this documentary explores the use of medical marijuana. Specifically, the film is centered around using cannabis oil for kids with cancer.

Weed the People documents a small part of the battle for educating the world about cannabis oil. CBD companies like CBD Oil Angels work toward educating the public and lawmakers alike about the medical benefits. For entrepreneurs, this documentary highlights the challenges of being in a new and controversial industry.

4. Catch Me If You Can

This movie is yet another – surprise! – true story. Frank Abegnale, Jr. is a famous forger and conman who found success in just about everything he tried.

Clearly, we’re not advocating illegal business practices or theft. Still, Catch Me if You Can is among our motivational movies for entrepreneurs because it shows how much one person can accomplish while being underestimated at every turn.

5. The Aviator

Sticking with our Leonardo di Caprio theme, The Aviator tells the story of the legendary Howard Hughes.

Throughout the movie, Hughes overcomes a mountain of hurdles, from the US Senate to his own obsessive-compulsive disorder. With such a well-known successful figure, making a movie like this let Martin Scorsese show the hidden battles we don’t see.

The next time you’re feeling like luck alone is the key to success, pop in The Aviator for a refresher.

6. The Social Network

Whether they’re writing an ebook or building a company, many young entrepreneurs think their age is a burden.

While it’s true that not everyone will take young people seriously, The Social Network shows that this doesn’t have to stop you. Sure, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t portrayed in the greatest light, but this movie shows the world-changing power a young entrepreneur can have.

7. Office Space

Office Space is arguably one of the most relatable stories for entrepreneurs – the miserable 9-5 job, the fantasy of leaving the awful boss in the lurch while making millions. And who hasn’t dreamed of beating the life out of an uncooperative printer?

On a more serious note, sometimes the most motivational movies for entrepreneurs are the ones that remind us why we want to be our own bosses. The next time you’re questioning your choice, watch Office Space for a reminder about fluorescently lit misery.

8. The Godfather

Is there a single list of “top movies” for any purpose that doesn’t include The Godfather?

Yes, the business they’re running is illegal, but the Corleone family are masters of their trade. They’re an example of the need for originality and ingenuity in facing off against your competitors.

The emphasis on family is another important theme throughout the movie, and it shows entrepreneurs the importance of balancing business with life.

9. Wall Street

It’s clearly not a how-to guide, but Wall Street is among our motivational movies for entrepreneurs nonetheless. The inspiration in this movie comes from watching someone reach that dream of success.

With entrepreneurship (as with many goals), sometimes we just need to remind ourselves why we want to reach out goal. Imagine having the dramatic success of Bud Fox without the legal stress of insider trading. That’s the dream you’re working toward.

Watch Motivational Movies for Entrepreneurs, and Do More

People will tell you all the time that motivation is the first step toward success. But it’s much more than that.

Sure, you need to be inspired to start your journey. But enthusiasm fades and you need to be in constant search of ways to keep yourself motivated along the way. So in a way, it’s part of step 1, step 2, step 475, and everything in between.

As you start or continue to build your career as an entrepreneur, start keeping notes to motivate yourself. Have a folder of inspirational bookmarks on your browser. Use Pinterest or good old-fashioned binders to keep motivational tips.

Remember, it’s all about finding what works and knowing how to inspire yourself. For more tips for a successful business and a successful life, explore our blog.


A Guide To Hiring Strippers Online

February 13, 2018 - By 
hiring strippers

Are you looking to throw an insane bachelor or bachelorette party for your friend or family member before they walk down the aisle? Well, no wild wedding bash is complete without strippers! Hiring strippers is a great way to let loose, laugh, have some fun, and send off the bride or groom-to-be before their big day.

Want to hire adult entertainment for a bachelor or bachelorette party, but not sure where to start? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about hiring strippers so you can have a wild wedding party with unforgettable entertainment.

Your Go-to Guide for Hiring Strippers

Is your bachelor or bachelorette party coming up soon? Here are some things to keep in mind during the stripper hiring process.

Determine the Location of Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

The first step in hiring strippers is determining where you’ll need the adult entertainment. Are you planning on going to a strip club or interested in having them perform in your hotel or apartment? These are important questions you need to answer before hiring strippers.

If you’re planning on going to a strip club, you should double check what’s legal in your area and if the club offers what you’re looking for. Many cities outlaw “bare all” strip joints, so make sure it’s legal in your city, or else you’ll want to have a stripper come to your home to avoid having to travel.

If you’re planning on inviting a stripper to your hotel room, make sure not to mention it to any employees of the hotel. If they become notified of any strippers, your party will be shut down and you’ll most likely be kicked out of the hotel.

Book in Advance

The best strippers are booked months in advance, so if you’re interested in hiring strippers for your bachelor or bachelorette party, make sure to start looking in advance. By planning ahead, you can review all the different stripper options available and find one that will provide the kind of entertainment you’re looking for.

If you really want a great stripper, you should try to finalize your stripper booking at least three months before the bachelor or bachelorette party.

Also, make sure to ask for recommendations for strippers from friends or family who have used them in the past. And don’t forget to check out agency websites like Newcastle Strippers to see photos and profiles of potential hires.

Ask the Right Questions

With so many stripper agencies, it can be hard to determine which agency is best for your bachelor or bachelorette party needs.

Before you go with a certain agency, you should ask them questions about their services to determine they’re the right fit. Here are some of the most important questions to ask:

  • Do you have photos of strippers on your website?
  • Will your strippers travel to our location?
  • How much does a stripper cost? Is it an hourly rate?
  • How many songs will the stripper do?
  • Are there any rules and policies we should know about?
  • Will they come in wearing a costume? Can we choose the costume?
  • Will they bring their own music?
  • Do we need to provide anything?
  • How do we pay? Is it all in advance?
  • How much should we tip?

By asking these questions, you can determine if the agency you’re talking to is the right one for you.

Review Cost & Payment Options

If you’re planning your first bachelor or bachelorette party, you know how expensive these parties can be. When planning one, you should factor in the cost of a stripper so you don’t accidentally go over your budget. The last thing you want is to settle for an undesirable stripper because you didn’t budget for a great one.

Hiring a stripper for a bachelor or bachelorette party will cost between $150-$250 for 30 to 60 minutes of dancing. You can find a stripper for as low as $50, but don’t be surprised if they’re not the kind of stripper you’re looking for.

While $250 may sound expensive, it’s not too bad if you have every guest chip in for the cost of entertainment. You should know that the stripper’s manager will usually ask for payment up front when they arrive. The stripper may also offer extra services while they’re there, but keep in mind those costs will be on top of their hourly rate.

Keep Your Guests In Check

Before the bachelor or bachelorette party, you should talk to the stripper agency about their policies and etiquette to make sure no one crosses the line. During the party, you should stay sober enough to watch everyone’s behavior and make sure no one gets out of control. If people get too drunk or if the environment seems unsafe, the stripper will not perform.

You should also talk with the groom or bride beforehand to make sure they’re comfortable with what’s going on. By setting proper boundaries and keeping everyone on their best behavior, you can make hiring a stripper an enjoyable experience.

Benefits of Hiring a Stripper

Now that you know how hiring a stripper works, you’re probably wondering why you should hire one instead of just going to a strip club. Well, the reality is that going to a strip club requires taking a car service, buying expensive drinks, and accepting that your bride or groom won’t be front and center.

With a visiting stripper, you’ll be able to have the entertainment focused entirely on the guest of honor. You can also make drinks, which will cut back on alcohol costs, and you can avoid having to pay for an expensive ride like a limousine. The main drawback is that hiring is more expensive, and you’ll have entertainment for less amount of time.

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Stripper

If you’re looking to throw an unforgettable wedding bash, you should hire a stripper for the entertainment. By following the tips and tricks in this guide, you’ll be able to navigate the hiring process smoothly and plan a perfect night for the groom or bride to be.

Are you looking to hire a stripper for your bachelor or bachelorette party? Have questions we missed? Let us know in the comments!


How to Be Successful with Digital Gambling

February 12, 2018 - By 

You should be taking advantage of the opportunities that online gambling has available. Besides the obvious perks of gambling in the comfort of your own home, there’s a lot more flexibility and variety to choose from these days. Digital gambling replaces most of the traditional forms of gambling at the casino.

In 2015 alone, the online gambling industry was comprised of nearly 38 billion USD, and that number is expected to rise to nearly 60 billion dollars in 2020!

Getting a piece of that lucrative pie is easier said than done, of course. You have practice even more and be very disciplined in order to be successful online. You can’t let the wealth of online materials go to waste.

That’s why we’re here to tell you how you can be successful in online gambling of all kinds. Just follow these simple rules and you won’t find yourself taking out a second mortgage to recover from a bad break.

Work With Reputable Gaming Sites

Before you even decide on what you want to play and focus your time on, research digital gambling sites first. There’s a lot of online establishments, but not all are created equal or held to the same standards. Start with experienced establishments then read the reviews from their customers.

Some gaming establishments specialize online in poker, others in sports bets, and many have multiple types under one roof, like W88, for example.

You’ll want to look at how their payout system works, if they’re compatible with your country of origin, and their certifications and licenses. Lastly, review their software system and make sure it is compatible with your device or phone. There are lots of great gambling apps you can play these days.

Decide on Your Game

The most popular digital gambling games are poker, blackjack, slots, and sports bets. Now, it can be very challenging to become good enough to where you can win consistently at any one of these. That’s why you should start with just one.

Trying your luck at any and every gaming activity is a recipe for disaster online. That’s because it’s just so easy to click a button and lose a bet, a spin, a pull, or a ticket. At least in the real world, you have to physically move yourself to different places and see your cash disappear.

The key is to study your game of choice and prepare yourself for the commitment of becoming not just good, but great at it. The odds are always against the amateur who is just rolling the dice aimlessly.

Choose Your Strategy

After you master the rules, you’ll want to develop a solid and sound strategy. Whether that means following specific teams in sports bets, targeting specific slot games, or playing a certain game of poker.

For games like slots or blackjack, there isn’t a ton of deep strategy, but consistency is always key. When it comes to online poker, you’ll quickly find yourself getting beat by the same players if you don’t play it smart.

For example, a great beginner’s strategy for an online game like Texas No Limit Hold’em is playing tight-aggressive. What this basically calls for is playing only hands that are suited higher than ten or pocket pairs. You will only bet when you ‘make’ something on the board, but you make a large bet to weed out unlucky breaks.

This strategy is just one example of how using the wealth of digital gambling tutorials and educational tools at your disposal. If you invest time into your game, it will make you more money and let you have more fun.

Set Goals and Limits

A good strategy is useless without a controlled environment. How can you tell if you’ve made any progress when you’re playing all day long? You need time to reflect on mistakes and to clear your head if you plan on getting better.

Becoming a professional digital gambler is no easy task, it takes skill, dedication, humility, and discipline. Even when the getting is good, you must set hours for when you’re going to playing, planning, and resting. Most importantly, you have to budget your gambling.

Having no budget means you’re only punishing yourself through sorrow and anger. If you’ve reached our daily, weekly, or monthly limit, then you stop. Next time, you push yourself to never break your limit.

Beat the Streaks

Losing streaks are going to happen in digital gambling. If you expect them and plan for the day it happens, you’re going to be okay. Now, if you just play with emotion and ride the rollercoaster to the bottom, you’ll lose it all in no time.

In gambling, variance is not your enemy, you should always stick to a strategy and play it out long enough so that you can measure your progress. If you just start playing differently whenever you’re going hot or cold, then you will never know if your streak was due to variance or bad play.

Experiment and Have Fun

If you’re not having fun, then you’re playing the wrong game, honestly. Not all online gambling works for everyone. Sometimes grabbing that slot arm just can’t be replaced by the digital button. Poker may not be the same without being able to stare your opponent in the eyes.

Your calling might be sports betting online, despite never trying it before. There are so many games, variations, rules, and online bonuses that could tilt the odds and enjoyment in your favor. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Play Digital Gambling Responsibly

We hope this guide has helped you get an idea of great the potential for success is with online gaming. Don’t listen to the naysayers, gambling is no different from any other hobby, as long as self-control is practiced.

If you need more help and desire some more educational resources, you can find plenty of ebooks and digital downloads right here.

The world is your oyster, which means the internet is that shiny pearl waiting for you to come cash out your winnings after all the hard work!


8 Unforgettable Things to Do in England

January 22, 2018 - By 
things to do in England

Everybody loves a vacation. But when it comes to choosing a destination, the variety can be overwhelming.

Do you go somewhere dripping with culture and sights to see, or do you plop down on the beach for a week?

But if you take a trip to England, you’ll have no shortage of memorable activities.

There are thousands of things to do in England that will give you the vacation of a lifetime, whether you’re a history buff, art aficionado, or beach bum.

In this article, we’re running through our top ten picks for best things to do in England.

Top Things To Do In England

Buckingham Palace

There is no one more celebrated in the whole of the British Empire than the Queen Mum herself, Queen Elizabeth II. Her reign began in 1952 at the young age of 25.

She is the longest reigning monarch in the history of England and is well beloved around the world.

While you might not be able to nab tea with Her Majesty the Queen, you can tour her home.

Located in the City of Westminster in London, Buckingham Palace has been the home of the reigning monarch since 1837.

Every summer, Buckingham Palace opens to tourists. The Palace is lavishly furnished and hosts artwork from Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens, and more.

Buckingham Palace is also within walking distance of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the Tower London.

With all of that cultural significance in such a small area, it’s no wonder that this one of the most popular things to do in England.


England has a rich cultural history predating the Roman Empire. Little remains of those ancient societies, but they did leave one impressive monument behind…


Stonehenge is estimated to be around five thousand years old. That’s nearly as old as the Giza Pyramids in Egypt!

But even though the monument is so far removed from the modern age, it’s not difficult to get to. Stonehenge is a short ninety-minute drive from London.

No matter your interests, this is one of the can’t-miss things to do in England. Just be sure not to forget your camera.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

London is home to hundreds of important cultural sites. One of the most important is St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Built on the highest point of the city, St. Paul’s is one of the most recognizable fixtures of the skyline.

A number of churches dedicated to St. Paul have been built on this site, the first in 604 A.D. The current church was consecrated in 1697 after Old St. Paul’s was destroyed in a fire.

Today, St. Paul’s Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of London for the Anglican Church. They have at least four services per day, which are open to the public.

If you aren’t religious you may also purchase a ticket for a tour.

Watergate Bay

England has a reputation for dreary, chilly weather. But that ignores some of the great beaches in the country.

One of the most celebrated beaches in England is Watergate Bay in Newquay, Cornwall. And if you get tired of all the historical sites, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Watergate Bay features two miles of beach backed by cliffs and caves. Falcons glide overhead as crabs scuttle across the sand.

Newquay itself is a lovely beach town filled with resorts and pubs. It’s consistently voted as one of England’s favorite seaside towns.

The British Musem and Natural History Museum

One of the most celebrated things to do in England is the British Museum.

The Museum has one of the largest collections of archeological items in the world.

The Museum’s collection includes artifacts from ancient civilizations like Rome, Egypt, and the Anglo-Saxons.

If dinosaurs are more your speed, the Natural History Museum is just a few miles away. The Museum also has exhibits exploring the wonders of modern flora and fauna as well.

And the best part is, admission to both museums is absolutely free.

Malvern Hills and Commons

When you think about natural wonders, England might not rush to the top of the list.

But one trip to Malvern Hills and Commons will change your mind.

The rolling hills are covered with freshwater streams and an ancient forest teeming with tiny creatures.

Besides the scurrying mice and insects, there are hundreds of bird species flitting about, making this a haven for birdwatchers.

Malvern Hills and Commons is the perfect place for a walking tour. Or, you can trek through on bicycle or horseback. Either way, this is one experience you won’t soon forget.


Liverpool is one of the most important ports in all of England.

For years, Liverpool was England’s gateway to the rest of the world. Sailors would bring the newest fashions from across the Atlantic, including rock and roll.

This musical import gave rise to The Beatles. And that’s just part of Liverpool’s musical and cultural heritage.

Today, Liverpool is a hotbed of culture, filled with exciting musical venues, beautiful museums, and delicious restaurants.

Liverpool is the perfect romantic getaway for you and your beloved. Or, if you’re flying solo, you can find a companion through this service.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

After you’ve had your fill of culture and nature and history, indulge in a little kitsch.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is renown around the world for their (mostly) true-to-life sculptures of celebrities, sports stars, and historical figures.

It might be a little less high-brow than most other things to do in England, but it is one the most fun stops on this list.

The Most Unforgettable Things to Do in England

Nobody gets enough vacations. So you want to make the most of the trips you get.

Hopping across the pond is a great way to do that. There are so many things to do in England that you’ll have no problem making memories that you’ll keep forever.

Looking for more travel tips? Check out our blog!


5 Trendy Shoes Celebs Are Wearing This Fall 2017

November 20, 2017 - By 
Trendy Shoes

Looking to step up your shoe game this fall? Embrace your inner celebrity and invest in a pair of trendy shoes this fall. From stylish slouchy boots to bold block heels, the shoe upgrade options are endless.

Want to step up your shoe game this fall but not sure how? We’ve studied what the celebs are wearing this season to provide you with a list of must-have trendy shoes.

So, embrace your inner celebrity, add some versatility to your wardrobe, and invest in one of these 5 trendy shoes this fall.

1. Mismatched Shoes

What’s the biggest trend in footwear this fall? It’s mismatched shoes. Fashion houses like Moschino and Calvin Klein have embraced this trendy shoe style, and this look has appeared on many runways. If you want to feel like Selena Gomes strutting down the red carpet, buy a pair of mismatched chunky wooden heels, or go with shoes that have juxtaposing buckles.

2. Slouch Boots

Slouch boots have been all the rage this year. From Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs, slouch boots have appeared on pretty much every designer runway. So, if you want to strut down the street like Kristen Cavallari or another glamorous celeb, make sure you add a pair of slouch boots to your wardrobe

3. Block Heels

Retro style is back in with the ever-stylish block heel. Block heels come in a variety of styles, from sandals and classic pumps to ankle boots and winter boots. They’re a comfortable and functional modern take on retro style. Block heels are an easy go-to trendy shoe for many celebs like Lauren Conrad.

4. Statement Heels

There’s no better way to make a style statement than statement heels. These trendy shoes can elevate any look, whether it’s very feminine or sportier. They also come in a variety of prints and designs, which means it’s easy to find a pair that fits your personal style.

Here are just a few kinds of statement heels:

  • Mirrored gunmetal pumps
  • Multi-colored boot-sandal hybrids
  • Zebra-print pumps
  • Crystal-embellished pumps
  • Partially-transparent toe pumps

Pretty Small Shoes offers great pump options for women with size 4 shoes.

5. Sparkle & Shine Shoes

One of the biggest shoe trends of fall 2017 is sparkle and shine shoes. From boots and sandals to stilettos and chunky heels, many celebs are wearing shoes that feature a stylish silver and glitter combination. Iconic fashion houses like Miu Miu and Oscar de la Renta have embraced this new trend.

Other Trendy Shoes

Don’t love any of the options above? Here are some chic shoe options that celebs have been spotted in.

  • Combat boots
  • Cowboy boots
  • White shoes
  • Red boots
  • Velvet
  • Snakeskin

Final Thoughts

Shoes are more than just footwear, they’re an essential style element for any outfit. If you follow these shoe trends, you’re sure to look like a celeb strutting down the street. So pick a pair, embrace celeb and pop culture perfection, and hit the streets!

Have you bought any of these stylish shoes? Are there any trends we’re missing?Let us know in the comments!


The 5 Best Free App Store Games of 2017

November 7, 2017 - By 

Studies have found that 56% of Americans played mobile app games in 2016. This number will continue to grow as the mobile gaming industry evolves. More and more iPhone users enjoy App Store games as a way to pass time and check out what’s new.

What’s better than coming across a game in the App Store that looks awesome and also costs you nothing? Free game downloads are increasing in popularity. And don’t think for a second that because they’re free that these games lack quality.

Many new free games for iPhone users have hit the App Store in 2017. From card games to fantasy to interactive sports games, there’s something for everyone.

To help you choose your next mobile gaming obsession, we’ve put together a list of five top free App Store games of 2017.

1. Asphalt Xtreme

This series is a favorite in the mobile world and offers several thrilling racing games. In the new Asphalt Xtreme, the action is now off-road. As a player, you’ll experience extreme racing through canyons and sand dunes.

The vehicle selection for this latest Asphalt game includes everything from monster trucks to dune buggies. This free download includes hundreds of single-player events and challenges. It also includes a live multiplayer mode where you get to race with up to eight other players.

2. Critical Ops

This is one of the better new generation first-person shooter games. In Critical Ops, you’re placed in a number of urban settings to battle terrorists. You also have the option to mix it up and play as one of the terrorists.

The multiplayer community for this game is strong, so you can play along with friends and other fans of the game. For a great mobile gaming fan network, check out

3. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

App Store games come in all different genres, and this includes great card games like Hearthstone. This one incorporates a fantasy Warcraft world where you get to play as the hero or villain. In this game, you’ll be summoning allies and minions to help you fight epic battles.

The rules of Hearthstone are easy to learn. Card enthusiasts will enjoy earning gold that can be exchanged for stronger powers. The game also has an arena mode with a sealed draft that rewards smart deck building.

4. Madden NFL Football

A list of gaming apps wouldn’t be complete without a good sports game, and this one is a classic. The new update to this favorite includes both league and season modes along with weekend tournaments. All this includes the stellar graphics and interactive game-play of the old version.

The new version has also added an interesting story mode. In this mode called “Longshot,” you will guide a player to victory in the NFL. What a great new feature to this classic football game!

5. Battle of Polytopia

Strategy and role-playing games are notoriously in-depth. In this scaled-down strategy game, you get to develop your own civilization and negotiate conflicts with neighboring tribes. This all takes place quickly as you try to get the most points possible in only 30 minutes.

Although the mechanics of the game are fast-paced, the strategic options are still varied and numerous.

The Best App Store Games for You

You probably already know what type of mobile game you’ll enjoy the most. But if you’re having trouble finding the perfect one, try out one of the free downloads mentioned above.

We offer digital download services for everything from music to e-books.


Top 5 Documentaries About Plastic Surgery

October 19, 2017 - By 

Did you know that, in 2016, Americans spent a staggering $16 billion on plastic surgery procedures? This was the most we’ve ever spent on such operations, and it appears that these numbers will only continue to rise.

Whether you’re thinking about going under the knife or simply interested in learning more about this hot trend, we’ve come up with the top documentaries about plastic surgery.

Got an afternoon free? Time to get watching?

Top Documentaries About Plastic Surgery

Under The Knife

This documentary depicts the adventure of Louis Theroux venturing out to Los Angeles, California to learn about the infamous world of plastic surgery.

Louis chronicles his discussions and observations of several plastic surgeons. He also talks with several patients undergoing procedures and discerns their motives for getting this work done.

Unlike most film producers, Louis doesn’t just play passerby in this documentary. He actually undergoes a procedure himself- just to gain the first-hand perspective.

America The Beautiful

This documentary sheds insight on the darker side of American beauty, as it depicts the body image problems existing in today’s society.

America the Beautiful covers the bases of child modeling, plastic surgery, airbrushed and false advertising, and celebrity worship.

While this is considered one of the documentaries about plastic surgery, it also targets the standard of beauty in today’s world.

Cosmetic Surgery: Creating Beauty

This documentary chronicles several real-life patients before, during, and after cosmetic surgeries.

This movie highlights some of the most popular procedures, such as breast reduction, breast augmentation, botox, lip injections, and some lesser-known operations, such otoplasty (ear pinback).

This documentary encapsulates a realistic portrayal of preparing for plastic surgery, undergoing the actual procedure, and what to expect for downtime and recovery. Whether you’re interested in rhinoplasty (click here for more information) or simply interested in learning about the plastic surgery industry, this is a great watch!

Plastic Disasters

It’s no secret that plastic surgery, similar to any other operation, has its medical and psychological risks.

Plastic Disasters examines these risks first-hand, focusing on three patients with negative experiences, including one woman who becomes fanatical and obsessed over her appearance.

This movie, while somewhat cynical and undoubtedly controversial, portrays the honest medical risks that these procedures can entail. It also accurately shows some of the legal issues associated with these surgeries.

For anyone outweighing the pros and cons of plastic surgery, this is a must-watch.

Facelifts and Fillers

Plastic surgery isn’t just an American phenomenon. This documentary provides a first-hand look at one of the top plastic surgeons in Scotland.

This documentary shows an insider look at aesthetic medicine and offers insight as to how these procedures can help improve one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Facelifts and Fillers originally aired on BBC and is considered one of the leading documentaries on European plastic surgery.

Final Thoughts

For many, plastic surgery is considered a form of self-improvement.

Whether you have gone under the knife, plan to do it, or just simply have an interest in this hot trend, be sure to check out these awesome documentaries.


The 5 Best Lawyer Movies for Attorneys (and Film Buffs!)

August 28, 2017 - By 

The courtroom is a favorite setting of filmmakers. It’s easy to see why: by the time litigation has been reached you have a high-stakes situation on your hands.

Real lawyers may know the profession as something less-than-cinematic. But in a movie, it’s easy to show the boring parts by showing the beleaguered protagonist hard at work.

Throw in the occasional scene filmed with wacky hijinks or a lawyer growing as a person, and you have a hit.

But what films do the genre best? Here are our choices, from wacky comedies to gripping thrillers.

Our 5 Best Lawyer Movies

My Cousin Vinny

Whether you’re a homicide prosecutor or a personal injury lawyer, you know a courtroom is a serious place. That’s what makes it so annoying to watch legal comedies a la Liar Liar that make the court room look like a great place to try your next improv routine.

The only legal comedy that shows you that a real life judge will not “yes and’ anybody is the fish-out-of-water film My Cousin Vinny. Without giving too many of the jokes away, this film includes Joe Pesci’s character being arrested for contempt precisely because of the hijinks that win trials in most films.

Subversion of Hollywood courtroom schtick is precisely what makes this one of the best lawyer movies for actual lawyers.

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich is Rocky for attorneys.

In spite of the film’s depressing lack of epilogue, it does make it abundantly clear that good lawyers can have an incredibly positive impact on people’s lives.

In this film, Julia Roberts plays a paralegal that defends a small-town against the pollution cover-up of a massive corporation. While the reality may have been a bit more complicated, the film represents the real and inspiring possibility that lawyers can change lives.

12 Angry Men

Plenty of films deal with lawyers and judges, but very few deal with juries. This is odd, considering the jury is the group actually responsible for deciding innocence and guilt.

12 Angry Men is fascinating because it heightens the persuasion-based drama we expect from the best lawyer movies. Only instead of focusing on the attorneys, it focuses on the drama between members of the jury with opposing ideological views.

A Few Good Men

Best known for Jack Nicholson’s famous “you can’t handle the truth!” speech, this film actually offers so much more than just great quotes. At its core, it offers a compelling story of military law and how we balance the limits of power with the necessity for authority.

While Nicholson’s character is magnetic and inspires a twisted fascination from the viewer, it’s Tom Cruise’s character that is the real moral and intellectual balance of the film. What does it mean to be an authority constraining authority? This film answers that question.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Based on the literary classic, this civil rights film is considered one of the best of all time for a good reason. It deals with the harsh realities of the courtroom beside the moral awakening of growing up. And all of this with a statement that rings true today: the right side of history may be a lonely place, but it’s a place worth standing.

Watch More Movies

One of the best things about being a film buff is that there’s always one more flick to watch. And when you’ve gotten through these courtroom dramas, you should check out some of the great movies we have available for download.

Put some popcorn in the microwave, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy!


5 Music Download Sites to Use (And Yes! They’re Legal)

August 23, 2017 - By 
music download

In the age of streaming and paid downloads, it’s difficult to find reputable websites to get free music and movies, whether for personal or professional use.

Even if you hear about or come across a website that allows you to download for free, it’s hard to determine whether or not the site is illegal.

We compiled a list of the best sites to find free music downloads so you don’t have to look anymore:

Legal Music Download Sites

Free Music Archive

This website allows anyone to download music from their database. You don’t even need to set up an account.

The music on Free Music Archive operates under a unique copyright distinction called Creative Commons, meaning it is acceptable for wide use. Some of the music on this website is also in the public domain.

Free Music Archive even maintains blogs and charts about the music they have available, so you will always be in the know about what’s hot. is well-known to many people who primarily listen to music through the internet. Although a lot of the music on this website requires payment, there is a treasure trove of free music that is largely unknown to the wider public.

The website separates their downloadable tracks by genre, and they make it extremely easy for you to find exactly what you are looking to listen to.


NoiseTrade utilizes a very unique approach to music downloading. Musicians and artists post their creations on the website, all for free. If you like what you hear, you can share the track on social media or give the artist a tip.

It works because listeners get to hear great music for free, and musicians get to experience a few perks every now and then. If you want to download the album, you get it in a .zip file.


Soundcloud is one of the most well-known music download sites to find some of the best up-and-coming artists of the moment.

Unlike the sites mentioned before, you are likely to come across the music of some very established artists on Soundcloud, but it is probably only available for streaming.

However, there is plenty of fantastic music from independent artists on the website that is extremely easy to download and fully legal to own.


It is a little-known fact that one of the world’s largest online retailers actually allows people to download some music for free.

There is a full archive of free music on the website. Although some of the downloads are reserved for Prime members, there is still plenty of music available for those with a standard account.

Amazon is also a great place to buy accessories and equipment to listen to music with, like Sony extra bass earbuds.

Listen Legal

Getting free music from illegal music download sites is very risky, because not only could you face legal action, you could also get attacked by a virus through your download.

But the sites listed above are safe and secure, so you will be able to download amazing music at your pleasure.


8 Websites Where You Can Legally Download Movies

August 1, 2017 - By 
download movies

Everyone loves a good movie. Who doesn’t love a movie even more when it costs nothing to watch?

The Internet is full of illegal websites that promise free downloads. But, most of these websites are illegal. Illegally downloading or streaming movies or television is piracy.

Online piracy is a growing problem. In 2016, there were more than 191 billion visits to piracy websites. Streaming piracy, which includes film and TV, accounts for almost 77% of all piracy.

If you are caught illegally downloading movies, you could face jail time. Fines can range up to $250,000.

Your once free download may cost you a quarter of a million dollars!

Looking to get your on-the-go entertainment fix without the risk? If so, you’re in luck!

Keep reading to learn about 8 websites where you can legally download movies.

8 Legal Websites to Download Movies

Netflix and Hulu provide a vast selection of movies and television shows. But what if you don’t want to pay?

Here are 8 legal websites to download movies that you’ll want to check out!

1. Crackle

Crackle is owned by Sony, so you can count on having plenty of movies to watch!

To use Crackle you first have to sign up. Once you’re a member, you’ll create a watch list. This will be used to display movie recommendations.

Unlike many other sites, Crackle lets you watch popular movies and television shows. Their library includes:

  • Seinfeld
  • Jeopardy
  • Joe Dirt
  • Iron Man
  • Resident Evil

To keep the site free, users have to watch ads and commercials. A minute-long ad is well worth free entertainment though!

2. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a motherlode of entertainment. Not only can you legally download movies, the site also offers books and music.

The site is easy to browse. You can search by genres, including:

  • Comedy
  • Black Noir
  • Sci-Fi/Horror

The Internet Archive even offers entertainment in various languages.

Looking to watch a movie in German? What about Portuguese? This site has you covered!

To use the site, you’ll need a torrent program. Torrents typically take 30 minutes to download.

3. YouTube

YouTube is home to more than just viral videos of cats and dogs. You can also use the site to get your movie fix. There are several channels that allow you to legally watch movies.

Channels you’ll want to check out include:

  • The Paramount Vault
  • The Documentary Network
  • Full Cinema Channel
  • PizzaFlix

You can also watch YouTube Originals without paying a single dime!

The company has self-produced a variety of shows, including comedies and documentaries. Popular shows to check out include:

  • This Is Everything
  • Bad Internet
  • Lazer Team
  • The Paranormal Action Squad
  • Hyperlinked

4. Open Culture

Open Culture hosts more than 1,100 movies. The best part? The high-quality videos are from all across the world.

Open Culture is more than a site to download movies. The site also offers free language lessons as well as free online courses. You’ll also find:

  • Textbooks
  • eBooks
  • Audiobooks

Don’t let the educational-theme throw you off! This site has a huge collection of Hitchcock and Chaplain films.

5. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a quality site for downloading entertainment for free! The site offers well-known movies as well as independent short films.

On the site you can sort by genre, including family, action and drama. You can even sort by staff picks if you don’t want to make the tough decision yourself.

Aside from movies, PopcornFlix also offers a variety of television shows. The site is the go-to place to get your 90s television fix.

The site offers beloved shows such as:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Inspector Gadget
  • The Big Comfy Couch
  • The Man Show

6. Public Domain Torrents

Very few torrent sites are legal. Public Domain Torrents is a site that you can trust when you want free entertainment.

The site mostly offers classic movies and television shows. You can sort by genre for easy selection. You can also view the newest additions to the site.

Want to watch a movie on the go? Running out of room on your laptop? Want to stream instead of download?

Public Domain Torrents also offers links to legal live streams! You can watch documentaries as well as movies.

7. MovieZoot

MovieZoot offers viewers legal and free movie streaming services.

The site is free because of its advertising-supported business model. While you will have to watch a few ads here and there, the free movies are worth it.

The site provides a wide range of movies. From classics to today’s most popular, you can find a movie to watch any day of the week.

Got a few nights with no plans? Bad weather got you stuck in the house? If so, head to MovieZoot and check out the Binge Watching list.

MovieZoot covers all sorts of genres, including musicals, westerns, and comedies.

The site even lets users create a watch list. Never lose track of the movies you want to watch in the future.

8. Retrovision

Love to watch Lucille Ball on the small screen? Want to re-live your childhood with a night of Dragnet? If classic television is your forte, Retrovision is your go-to site.

Retrovision is home to a variety of classic movies and shows. You can easily sift through the movies by searching by:

  • Genre
  • Name
  • Actors/Actresses

The site also allows you to view all of the available movies at once.

Want to ensure you never miss a show? Sign up for Retrovision’s newsletter to be notified when new content is added.

Your Go-to Source for Digital Downloads

Looking for a manual for your car? Need an e-book to teach you about running a small business?

No matter your digital download need, Pligg can help. Our site offers a wide variety of ebooks, manuals and more.

Check out our site today to find the digital download you need!

You can also visit our blog to boost your knowledge about all sorts of topics. From marketing to tips for art students, we cover it all.


5 San Diego Videos First-Time Visitors Must Watch

July 28, 2017 - By 
san diego

Visiting San Diego California is a great couple or family trip to take. It offers authentic Mexican cuisine mixed with SoCal’s laid back vibes. The views of the sea are beautiful and every street has historical significance.

Don’t take our word for it though. Those interested in visiting should take a look at these San Diego videos. They show the beauty of the city and its versatility. Take a helicopter time-lapse ride or learn what landmarks are a must see.

Experience a taste of San Diego magic below.

San Diego Videos

Flyover Fun

This helicopter footage gives us a beautiful look at a day in the life of San Diego. Learn what to do in San Diego today by watching the coast panning shots. Zoom in on famous landmarks and watch the sun set over the US Mexican coastline.

Keep an eye out for quaint surfer set ups on the beach, the beautiful San Diego baseball stadium, and see all the way to Mexico. Everything in this video is a breathtaking example of this California SoCal town.

Expert Explorers

In under six minutes, this video teaches the most important things about San Diego. Learn what neighborhoods have historic value and which views are the best. The tuna capital of the world is where California was considered to have first started.

Other features include the National treasures on Navy Pier, including the longest working warship. Pose with your sweetheart next to the kissing sailor statue. There are so many things to do in San Diego, plan enough time to see them all!

San Diego Best Eats

Traveling to a new place isn’t worthwhile unless one tastes the local cuisine. There are so many San Diego videos on food to choose from, but our pick has a great selection.

The best way to experience San Diego food is to eat a lot and often. Rent a bike and pedal along the Pacific ocean to burn off any California burrito calories. Once lunch is worked off, pedal to your next culinary destination.

Don’t miss out on the unique blend of Mexican spices and California surfer culture. Choices range from high scale seafood restaurants and taco shops to food carts. The San Diego culinary world is at your guacamole covered fingertips.

San Diego Zoo Tips and Tricks

The San Diego Zoo is one of the best in the world and this video shows why. They concentrate on natural habitats for their animals along with preservation of species. The zoo is so large, that you have to take a bus to get around it.

When you’ve seen all there is to see, you can take the sky ride back to the entrance. Cruising over the animals with a view of the San Diego skyline will be the perfect ending to an awesome day.


Those looking for something to do after a beautiful California sunset won’t be disappointed. San Diego’s Gaslight district has after dark activities for everyone. Need proof? Check out this video.

Stingaree is an award winning club, perfect for anyone wanting to dance the night away. Those looking for something more mellow can relax on a rooftop bar and chat under the stars. From wine bars to unique cocktails, there’s something for every type of night owl in San Diego

The Best Time to Visit

August and September are San Diego’s top tourist months, so avoid booking a flight then. Once crisp and mild October comes around, hotel prices drop and crowds disperse. In reality, any time is a great time to visit this beautiful California town.

The only question that remains is what to do first!


5 Game Day Party Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

June 13, 2017 - By 

It’s game day and you’re hosting. Even though it’s a simple gathering, you’re feeling a bit lost on what to do, what to buy, and how to make your turn to host the best.

We put together a list of five game day party hacks to make your turn to host easier and infinitely more fun. Check these hacks out!

Five Game Day Party Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

You want to spend game day relaxing and enjoying some good Celtic banter and football-appropriate snacks. These hacks will get you from prepping the party to enjoying the party quickly.

5. Get ready the night before.

Prepping makes everything run smoothly in many aspects of life. Spend an hour or two the night before the big game cleaning.

You don’t have to go nuts, but it’s helpful to get the following out of the way ahead of time:

  • Wiping down surfaces.
  • Vacuuming and sweeping.
  • Cleaning your couch and sitting surfaces.

You’ll find that preparing everything the following day before your pals arrive will go much faster without the need to hastily clean.

4. Go with disposable serving items.

If you’re hosting a medium to large party, are you really going to want to do all those dishes at the end?

Opt for disposable versions of the following items:

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Knives, forks, and spoons
  • Cups
  • Paper towels

If you’re not a fan of wasting things and harming the environment, set up recycling bins that are clearly recognizable around the dining area. There are also eco-friendly disposable items you can purchase as well.

Be sure to stock up on toilet paper as well.

3. Get creative with team colors.

Let’s be honest– popping over to the party store for flimsy team-themed party decor and disposables is very costly.

You can easily work team colors into your party supplies without purchasing team-specific items. This is a great way to save money while still making your game day party more festive.

Everything from your paper products to tablecloths can be found in your team’s colors for cheaper. You can easily make some felt flags with a pair of scissors, glue, felt, yarn, and a bit of creativity.

2. Post your Wi-Fi password.

If you’re hosting a big party and expect some guests who aren’t frequently over, it would be wise to post your wi-fi password inside your home where guests can easily see it. Save yourself the trouble of repeating the same password to fifty different people by getting fun and creative with an eye-catching sign.

1. Keep the kids busy.

If you have children or have invited guests that will probably bring them over, do them (and you) a favor by keeping them occupied.

Pick up some cheap foam balls, set up a game outside, pop on the sprinkler– do everything within your means to keep the kids from being bored out of their minds while your guests enjoy the game.

How was our list of game day party hacks? Tell us which ones you loved in the comments below!

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