How Can Web Development and Design Impact SEO?

If you’re in business, creating a new website or overhauling the one you have is essential, right? It is, if you understand how it can also have a negative effect on your SEO.

That might sound crazy, but it’s true. The problem is many business owners don’t get that, and then wonder why their ranking has dropped. The fact is, solid web development and design play a crucial role in business success.

It’s a fact that web design elements affect customers’ perception of your business. 94% said they even caused them to mistrust a website.

Web Development and Design: How’s Your UX?

Major changes have taken place in web development and design over the last decade. And whilst your website still needs to look good, there are far more important issues to consider.

The two most important are User Experience and Search Engine Optimization. Of course, you want to drive people to your shop front or online store, but this is how you do it.

User Experience or UX is critical to your ranking success. Google uses UX as a ranking signal, so you have to get it right. UX encompasses everything from usability and content to payment gateways.

Responsive Web Design

Topping the list of UX essentials is RWD or Responsive Web Design. That’s what you need for your new website to rank higher.

A responsive website must be fast to load and easy to navigate. It must also be adaptable to whatever device users view it on. In other words, it needs to be mobile friendly.

Websites that are not mobile friendly will see a drop in their ranking. This is especially true since Google boosted its mobile friendly algorithm last year.

Google Loves Backlinking

Another way to boost your search engine ranking is backlinking. This is where another site links to yours. In other words, others sites are ‘recommending’ yours. Google loves this and will use it to rank your site.

Effective internal linking will also impact your SEO strategy. This is likely to need professional input – something you can get from PC Repair CT.

It’s All About Speed

A common mistake made when overhauling a website is using oversized images and files. Huge pictures may look amazing, but they could be damaging your SEO ranking.

The reason being, your pages will take longer to load, diminishing the UX. As Google says, faster sites create happy users! And around half of your visitors will leave if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

A good web development and design team have plenty of tricks to entertain your users AND boost your ranking. A video is a great online tool and will help promote your brand.

Give Popups The Flick

While we’re on the subject of happy users, avoid using too many pop-ups on your site. It’s a common mistake to add pop-ups when designing a site. You may think it adds visual interest.

What it actually does is annoy most of your users! They start reading a great article on your site and boom, here comes a pop-up! Avoid the temptation.

Effective Keyword Use

Ensure your new website incorporates product pages. To achieve a clean, modern feel, many designers drop product pages from the site or list all products on one page.

The most effective SEO strategy uses one product and keyword per page. Proper keyword placement will improve your rankings. And better rankings means more business.

The smallest design or development change can have a major effect on your ranking. For this reason, it’s usually a job for a professional web development and design team.