The Best Social Media Solutions For a Startup in 2018

Struggling to find the right social media solutions?

Over half of small businesses increased their social media marketing in 2017. That’s more than content marketing and email marketing combined. One reason is that social media solutions are more accessible than ever.

How can you be sure you have the right tools for your business? Identifying the right solutions depends on your target market and your goals. Today, there are social media apps and strategies for all kinds of business needs.

Your competitors may think that social media is secondary to other marketing. If so, they’ve made a grave mistake in your favor. Small business owners who invest in social marketing can expect to see a positive ROI of up to 92%.

Your challenge is to determine the right strategy. In this post, we’ll reveal solutions that deliver success.

What Should I Look For in Social Media Solutions?

Most companies fail to understand how social media works. They fail to measure their progress as well. They consider social media a channel in which repurposing content is enough.

Companies that include social in their inbound marketing strategies have greater success rates. They use social channels as compelling means to engage with customers. Neglecting this low-cost opportunity costs company thousands.

What’s more, the tools for social engagement are more accessible than ever. Measuring your social success is also within reach. In time, social engagement will become a driver for your business.

5 Social Media Solutions That Drive Startup Success

Launching a successful social strategy has a lot of moving parts. That’s because simply publishing text is not enough. You need the right strategy, content, and analytics to drive business results.

Don’t make your social strategy a second thought. Streamline the process with the best social tools on the market for startups.

1. Buffer

Don’t stop with your social presence. You need to track the results and then adjust your strategy for success. Monitoring tools are one of the most important social media solutions on the market.

The primary use of social marketing is to increase brand penetration. You also want to drive prospects through your inbound marketing funnel. Monitoring allows you to learn valuable information about your customers as well.

One of the best monitoring tools for startups is Buffer. Buffer supports scheduling and managing content across the major social media platforms. It provides analytics tools that help you directly understand how that content is performing.

As a free tool that serves both of these purposes, it’s a boon to your small team. It has no direct impact on your budget either. Turn that data into insight to improve your campaigns as you go.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

Your audience processes visual information a lot faster than text. That’s why video has become the most engaging content type on the internet. If you’re not engaging your audience with video content, you’re missing out on customers.

But video is a big barrier for most startups. That’s because production and editing can take substantial time and money. Without quality and high frequency, a video campaign can actually hurt your brand.

Adobe Premiere Clip is a free video app that provides advanced but easy to use features. This includes editing, soundtrack, and aesthetic support.

Finally, get the most from your videos. Publish them on your website in prominent areas. Leading web designers like Cymax Media can help you position your videos and more.

If you’d like to add quality and regularity to your videos, train your team on Adobe Premiere Clip. With the right creative approach, you’ll have quality social video content published regularly for your audience.

3. Hootsuite Amplify

The name of the game in 2018 is ”Personalization.” This is especially true on social channels, where customers are used to interacting with individuals.

Customers will expect you to engage with them on an individual basis. This means personalizing content for your audience. It means connecting them with a real person at your company as well.

Hootsuite Amplify provides you with an economical way to accomplish this. That’s because it enables your actual employees to advocate for your company. And studies have shown that customers trust the word of an employee over that of business leadership.

This tool goes on any employee’s mobile device. It’s a secure way for them to interact with customers, share approved content, and build relationships.

You can leverage your small staff to triple your social reach in this way. You can do so in the most personalized way possible as well.

4. Botletter

You’ll do anything you can to engage new customers. Opening up new channels to your newsletters and other content gives you that opportunity.

With Botletter, your customers can sign up for your distributed content directly through Facebook Messenger. This saves them a trip to your website and increases your chances of capturing leads.

Facebook bots are doubling in number each year. Be sure you’re on the same playing field as your competitors.

5. Talk Walker

We’ve shared a lot of tools for building a comprehensive social strategy. But let’s not neglect where social fits into the overall web landscape. You can leverage data from across the web for a complete view of your target market.

Talk Walker aggregates data from both social media channels and over 150 million websites. It’s considered one of the most comprehensive social listening tools in existence.

It can track conversations in almost 200 world languages. There’s no corner of the globe where you can’t measure your brand’s reach.

Talk Walker is an advanced tool. As your needs increase, you’ll find reasons to invest in other advanced tools as well.

You won’t know where you stand until you develop your first strategy. You’ll be able to act on your findings right away.

Wait until you see a change in business results. Then refine your strategy for better content and analysis. Your business will improve as your strategies and initiatives evolve.

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