What Are The Benefits Of Giving Away Freebies And Samples?

Those free sample trays at your local grocery store, shopping mall, or food stand — they’re the little perks that you look forward on every errand run.

But they’re actually more than little, fleeting opportunities to try products for free.

Freebies and samples are empowering and beneficial for nearly every product-based business.

If you run your own business, you may be skeptical of giving away things for free. But if you’ve ever given away free samples of your own products, you may already know the benefits.

Curious to learn more about these benefits and what they could mean for your business? Here are the benefits of freebies, samples, and giveaways!

Sensory-Evoking & Tangible

Without spending money, consumers can experience a company through freebies and samples. But through this very process, the company embeds itself with consumers.

The company stays with them in their purses or bags, in their cars, and in their homes. The company stays with consumers up until the sample is no longer of any use.

Then, if consumers like what they’ve experienced, they’ll buy into the company. Because sometimes consumers need to actually experience a product before they decide to buy it.

Freebies and samples are some of the most tangible forms of marketing. Unlike billboards and websites, samples are physical mediums between potential consumers and companies.

They penetrate senses like touch, taste, and smell. Other forms of marketing cannot always do this.

Pocket-Sized Advertisements

Traditional advertisements have always evoked the sense of sight. While freebies and samples evoke other senses, they also act as traditional advertisements.

Business owners should always advertise on every sample they give away. That way, when consumers pick up, use, or look at the sample later on, they’ll see the company name.

Small business owners can always design their own labels to put on samples and giveaways.

It may be in their interest if they’re just starting out and can’t afford to outsource labels. There are free online graphics tools, marketing templates, and much more.

Of course, if companies can afford to outsource to sample suppliers, they should! These suppliers have the packaging and design tools to produce shelf-ready samples.

Sample suppliers can produce samples in a variety of sizes, designs, and for all types of products. Read more now about the possibilities of packaging and designing freebies with a sample supplier.

They’re a Nice Gesture

Who doesn’t like to receive things for free?

To consumers, free samples and giveaways is a nice gesture on part of the company. And good first impressions certainly apply to consumerism and marketing!

Because when a company gives away things for free, it’s not actually wasteful. It makes the company appear like they care enough to invest in reaching new clients.

It also makes consumers feel like they’re experiencing something exclusive. As if no one else is experiencing it.

Who doesn’t want to feel like that?

Most consumers do. After all, there is an emotional aspect to consumerism.

When companies appear like they care, consumers will reciprocate to them more. This, in turn, generates more leads and creates lasting business relationships.

Promotional & Response-Worthy

A lot of product-based companies come out with new products on a regular basis. There are ways they can test out the products and get a feel for the public’s responses to these new products.

But sample giveaways are by far the most effective. Mainly because consumers only need a taste, touch, or small portion of a product to get a feel for it.

Not only are samples nice to receive from a consumer’s standpoint. They help to promote a new product. They also provide the right amount of product without overwhelming the consumer.

Samples are easy to take or leave. If the consumer doesn’t like the product, they can simply throw the sample away.

But if a consumer likes a product, then they’ll likely keep the sample and purchase it in regular size.

When a company gives away a lot of samples, and then sell that same product, it means the product is well-received. If they give away samples but don’t sell or generate interest, they may discontinue it.

Which, from a business perspective, is not only cost-effective but strategic. Because if samples can upsell more expensive product, the company can profit more.

Resourceful & Economical

Sometimes products don’t sell as well as others. Part of running a business is accepting that some products will gather dust on the store shelves.

But there is still hope for these unpopular products.

By giving these products away for free, as samples or giveaways, you’ll not only shake off the dust. You’ll also raise awareness of these products and get customers to experience them.

This, in hand, can lead to higher purchases. Maybe the product won’t sell entirely. But it’s still better to turn some of them into actual sales.

Are you currently experiencing this with a certain product in your inventory? Struggling to get something off the shelf and get money for it in return?

In addition to offering these products as samples, add a discount or coupon to them.

Don’t Underestimate Freebies and Samples

Are you an entrepreneur who owns a product-based company?

Looking for ways to generate more leads, sell more products, and grow your business?

If you feel like not enough people know about your product, it’s time to raise awareness of your company. Freebies and samples can help you to do this from several effective angles.

But there are still other ways to turn potential customers into recurring ones. Check out our marketing blog to learn more ways to expose your business and generate more leads!