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The Benefits of Using Portable Solar Panels

February 27, 2018 - By 
portable solar panels

When you flip the light switch in your home, are you wondering what’s powering the light?

Most electric utilities today are powered by natural gas. However, alternative energy sources like solar are gaining momentum. For off-grid applications in particular, portable solar panels are becoming very popular.

Why Makes Solar Power a Good Option?

Unlike other sources of power, solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source.

The fossil fuels powering our cars and homes produce certain emissions when they burn. They also require significant time and labor to locate, drill for, refine, and transport the resulting fuel. It’s a dirty, dangerous job.

In addition, oil and natural gas, which are both fossil fuels, are considered non-renewable. This is because they can’t be reproduced within our lifetime.

For this reason, alternative energy sources are becoming more popular. In particular, renewable sources that can be harvested without limit are gaining traction. Solar power is one of these energy sources. As long as the sun is shining, we have the ability to harvest its energy.

Solar Panels Powering Homes

Many people who want to lower their energy bills while being kind to the environment are investing in solar panels. These panels can be mounted on a building’s rooftop to harvest solar power.

These home solar panels do have limitations, however. If a home’s roof is blocked by other houses, hills, or anything else, it can prevent the panels from receiving sunlight.

Even if there’s nothing blocking the home’s exposure now, new buildings may pop up later on. This could impact the efficiency of your panels.

For these reasons, portable solar panels are often a better choice.

The Rise of Portable Solar Panels

As solar technology becomes more mainstream, portable solar panels are gaining popularity.

Already, consumers have been able to purchase solar power chargers for electronic devices. Rather than plug your mobile phone into an outlet or computer, you can use a power bank charged by portable solar panels.

These power banks are easy to transport and can be charged by placing in direct sunlight. As long as you charge it ahead of a trip, you won’t have to worry about finding an available outlet.

Portable solar panels are increasingly being used for larger jobs, too. Golf carts around the country have already been outfitted with solar panels. Now they can scoot around golf courses, country clubs, and university campuses without needing to refuel with gas.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel

Because solar panels have so many uses, it’s important to consider these functions when choosing solar panels.

Think about what devices you’ll need solar power to charge. Do you know the exact voltage you’ll need? This is an important detail to be aware of. You should also think about where you’ll be using the panels and what other functions you need.

Solar blankets, for example, can also cover your windshield to act as a shade, preventing your car from getting too hot in the sun.

You also want to make sure you’re getting a good value. While new technology can be expensive, look for brands and products that offer what you need for a fair price.

You might be wondering, “Is the Adventure Kings Portable Solar panel range the BEST VALUE panels on the market?” That’s up to you to decide, but it does provide a wide range of benefits without adding on unnecessary costs.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to renewable energy, portable solar panels are on the rise, and for good reason. To learn more about this technology before you make the switch, be sure to check out some of our resources. Happy researching!


The 7 Best Writing Apps to Download in 2018

February 26, 2018 - By 
writing apps

Whether you’re trying to recreate the Great American Novel, want to weave short stories, or just want to tell others about your life experience, writing has never been more accessible.

Thanks to the Internet and smartphones, it’s easier than ever for writers to get their content in front of the right eyes.

However, a quick Google search of ‘writing apps’ shows there are thousands upon thousands of apps to choose from.

What’s worth your time and what’s worth avoiding at all costs?

Read on for a list of the seven best writing apps you can download in 2018!

1) Grammarly

Even the most well-versed, experienced writer tends to make a few typos every now and again. And if you’re not the world’s best editor, it’s sometimes hard to spot hidden errors or mechanical issues.

This where Grammarly comes in.

Grammarly is a free plug-in that keeps your writing accurate and clear across your entire web browser or phone. Mistakes are highlighted in red, a la Microsoft Word, so they’re easier to spot.

For a small fee, you can also subscribe to Grammarly Premium, which boasts impressive features like templates for emails and business writing. It has a plagiarism detector. too

If you’re looking for the bare minimum, however, Grammarly’s basic service is more than sufficient.

2) Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is the perfect companion app to Grammarly. Where Grammarly focuses on typos and syntactical errors, Hemingway focuses on clarity and brevity.

Like Grammarly, Hemingway is a free web service, though you can download a desktop app for a small price.

If you’re someone who struggles with run-on sentences or wants to see how readable your writing tends to be, this is a great option.

The trick to Hemingway’s success comes from its simple, color-coded system.

The app uses blue for adverbs, green for passive writing, purple for complex phrases, yellow for hard to read sentences, and red for sentences that may be too complex for readers.

3) WordPress

If you’re looking for information on how to start a blog, you’ll probably hear a lot of WordPress recommendations. And a little research shows why.

As it turns out, nearly a quarter of the world’s websites are hosted or created by WordPress. More impressively, an estimated 500 WordPress sites are created each and every day.

Downloading the free WordPress app lets you take complete control of your blog or site wherever you are.

The desktop app is remarkably close to the browser app. The mobile app is sleek, fast, and intuitive.

Those starting a blog who don’t know a thing about coding would do quite well to check out WordPress.

4) Celtx

This is one of the best writing apps on the market for aspiring screenwriters. For the unfamiliar, think of Celtx as a free alternative to Final Draft, which regularly costs $250.

While Final Draft may be the industry standard, Celtx is a great alternative. It features formatting assistance, movable scene cards, and even generates a title page automatically.

Pretty cool, right?

Believe it or not, it gets cooler. Within the last few years, Celtx has branched out into other forms of writing.

Now, academic writers, business writers, and even game developers can try Celtx. Whatever type of writer you are, you owe it to yourself to give Celtx a download. Your writing will look professional and it’s a free download.

5) Google Docs

Of course, there’s always a chance that you’re just looking for something basic. Something to help you get started on a writing project and help you save money in the process.

Google has you covered.

Google Docs is one of the most popular word processors on the market. Unlike Microsoft Word, it’s free.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to take Google Docs for a spin, there are tons of other reasons.

Cloud storage, for instance, is a big draw. Your document will save automatically after every single change. Want to begin writing on your laptop and then pick things up on your phone? No problem!

There’s also the benefit of collaboration. You can invite people to collaborate on your project by sending an e-mail invite. Users are even color-coded so you can see who changed what.

6) Ulysses

Be honest: how many times have you sat down to write only to find yourself distracted moments later?

Admittedly, it happens to most of us more than we’d care to admit.

That’s why apps like Ulysses are such a help. Ulysses is as bare bones and no-frills as it gets — and that’s a good thing.

It’s an app designed to keep you focused on taking up your entire screen. Now you can focus on what really matters, your writing, without worrying about distractions.

7) The AP Stylebook

Finally, the AP Stylebook is absolutely essential to professional journalists or those looking to learn about AP rules and standards.

Published annually by the Associated Press, the AP Stylebook is a comprehensive list of phrasing, spelling, and even syntax.

It’s also a whole lot to keep up with, especially since it changes rapidly.

For instance, did you know that according to the AP guide, “app” is perfectly acceptable upon the first reference instead of “application”?

Having that information handy can keep your writing cohesive and clear. Instead of lugging around a book with you at all times, why not download the app?

You can even subscribe to the AP Stylebook Online which features regular updates, so you’ll never have to worry about making a mistake again.

Which of These Writing Apps Will You Download?

So there you have it, seven of the best (mostly free) writing apps that you can download today.

Each of these apps offers at least a little something for every type of writer, so be sure to check out each one to see which works best for you.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check in with the Pligg blog to learn about other downloads to make your life easier!


Should You Invest In a Timeshare?

February 26, 2018 - By 
invest in a timeshare

What if you had the perfect home away from home waiting for you?

That’s the promise for those who invest in a timeshare. However, many wonder if it’s really worth it and what all goes into the process of investing.

Keep reading to discover more about how this works and what the pros and cons are!

Who Should Invest in a Timeshare?

Before diving into the pros and cons, it’s important to discover who would best benefit from owning a timeshare. Not every person or couple will get the same amount of use from it.

First of all, you must be happy regularly vacationing in the same place. If you like to go somewhere different every year, a timeshare is a bad idea.

Second, you should definitely have extra disposable income. In most cases, you literally own a timeshare and will be paying for it for many, many years unless you can sell it.

Finally, those with large families get the most benefit. This is because the timeshare can be shared and passed down so different family members can use it over the years.

Keep reading to discover more about the pros and cons of timeshares!

Pro: Predictability

Everyone knows that booking a hotel or condo for a vacation can be stressful. You never know what place will have availability, and there’s always a chance a new place ends up disappointing you.

Meanwhile, the biggest strength of a timeshare is the predictability. Every year, you know exactly what you are getting and exactly when it is available.

This lets you adjust your schedule around your vacation while also ensuring you have no unpleasant surprises. And this peace of mind is as good as starting your vacation early!

Con: Long-Term Commitment

The obvious downside of a timeshare is that it’s a long-term commitment. The typical minimum for a timeshare is ten years, and some go as high as fifty years.

This means you must be comfortable committing to paying extra for this timeshare for decades (unless you are willing and able to sell it). And you must be happy to vacation in the same area year after year.

Many people are very happy to make such a commitment, especially if they do an annual vacation to the same spot. However, those who don’t want their vacations or wallets locked down may want to stay away!

Pro: Good Deals Are Available

Good news for those looking at timeshares is that many deals are available. It’s possible to buy a timeshare off of someone and get a much better deal than they paid.

And people are trying to sell their timeshares at locations all around the world. It’s basically a buyer’s market for those who are interested, and there’s never been a better time to get a great deal.

Getting a good deal translates to thousands of dollars of savings over the years versus traditional vacation costs!

Con: Needs to Be Researched

One of the biggest drawbacks of a timeshare is that there is a lot of fraud and scam within this industry. If you’re not careful, you pay what you think is an upfront fee and then never see the scammers again.

You can avoid scammers by making sure you thoroughly research both the timeshare and the seller. And you don’t have to investigate all by yourself, either.

At My Timeshare Attorney, they specialize in helping you find trustworthy timeshares. Whether it’s investigating something you found or finding something for you, they’ve got you covered!

Pro: More Space and Comfort

Another nice advantage when you invest in a timeshare is that you get extra space and comfort. This makes for a much better experience than simply grabbing a hotel.

An example of this is that many hotel rooms do not include a kitchen area while many timeshares do. This gives you added convenience and also helps you save money on meals when you travel.

And many timeshares have multiple rooms in them while many hotels do not. This helps you keep your vacation party together while still giving everyone the privacy they may want.

Overall, a timeshare is simply a more comfortable place to stay than a hotel.

Con: Lower Resell Value

Earlier, we mentioned the advantage of a crowded timeshare market. This is what allows you to invest in a timeshare at a lower price than you may have thought.

However, the crowded market will work against you eventually. Many timeshare owners eventually try to sell their timeshare.

It’s almost impossible for you to sell your timeshare for the amount that you paid into it. This is because the crowded market makes it difficult for your own listing to stand out.

Make sure you go into your timeshare investment with your eyes open. Your investment will actually depreciate in value rather than growing!

Should You Go For It?

This brings us back to the big question. Is it worth trying to invest in a timeshare?

The answer, of course, is “it depends.” Your specific level of income and vacation needs informs whether this is a good choice or not.

If you are on a tighter income from month to month, a timeshare is likely not worth the extra expense. And if you like spontaneous vacations to new locations, the fixed timeshare location is not good for your needs.

However, those who enjoy annual vacations to the same location have very little to lose with a timeshare. They may save money versus booking hotels every year. And the bigger your family, the more you’ll get out of a timeshare.

The Bottom Line

If you’re reading this, then you have an interest in exploring the world. Traveling the globe and experiencing new things is what makes you happiest.

Here at Pligg, we’ve got you covered. We have a blog full of advice for travelers like yourself while offering eBooks and other media that let you learn more about the world around you.

To see how we can make your life better, come check out our tips to travel the world on a budget today!


4 Benefits of Cheap Online Clothing Stores

February 23, 2018 - By 
low price online shopping sites

If you’ve spent any time online lately, you’ve probably seen ads for low price online shopping sites. Your first inclination is probably to question the quality of the apparel.

As more brick and mortar shops are closing, retailers are looking to design new online clothing business models. This move decreases their overhead significantly, which allows them to pass savings on to the consumer.

So you get the same apparel you would at the mall, but at a cheaper cost. You can even find great deals on designer clothing.

Continue reading for reasons why you should give online shopping a try.

1. It’s Perfect For Your Budget

Low Price online shopping sites offer great value for those on a tight budget.

Maybe you are a college student with champagne taste on a beer budget. Perhaps you recently landed a new job and needed a new wardrobe. Shopping for clothes online can get you more bang for your buck.

Plus, you’ll have access to styles you make not find at the mall.

Best of all, online retailers offer sales and clearance items just like stores you already frequent. Now you can save even more on ridiculously priced items.

2. Low Price Online Shopping Sites Deliver to Your Door

Shopping online has its perks. Like many of us, you probably have a long to-do list. With online shopping, you can shop from the comfort of your home.

Packages are delivered to your door and often within days. You will also have the option of overnight delivery on some sites.

If you are not in a rush, some sites offer the added incentive of free shipping on standard delivery.

3. It’s a Shopaholics Dream

Are you that girl who never wants to wear the same outfit twice? With low-cost online clothing stores, you can buy as much and as often as you like without breaking the bank.

Everyone will wonder if you hit the lotto as you post selfies on social media showing off your new outfits.

Once you are done with your outfits you can donate them to a charity without the guilt of having spent too much on an outfit.

4. Easy Returns and Payment Options

Online retailers are vying for your business. They may offer incentives that local shops do not. Because you are ordering online most will offer flexible return policies that include free shipping.

Another fun feature is vergelijk gemakkelijk kleding winkels, which allows you to receive your online order, try it on, and if you are satisfied, you pay for what you want to keep. Items you do not want, you simply return.

Now you can’t beat a deal like that. It’s like going to a local shop and trying on several outfits to choose the perfect one.

Are You Ready to Give Low Price Online Shopping a Try?

Now that you know the benefits of online shopping, are you ready to start surfing the net for great deals?

Maybe you are already hip to the benefits of online shopping and want to become a retailer. Check-out our blog on How to Start Your Online Boutique Today.


Lost Passport? Here’s What to Do

February 23, 2018 - By 
lost passport

Imagine that you are visiting another country, for either business or pleasure. You’ve enjoyed your stay, but now you’re looking forward to getting back home.

As you are packing your suitcase and preparing for your return flight, you make a frightening discovery.

Suddenly, you realize that you have lost your passport.

Travelers across the globe experience this unfortunate predicament each year.

In 2012, according to The New York Times, the State Department reported 253,037 lost passports.

While, in 2008, a British news site reported that over half a million UK tourists had either lost their passport or had it stolen while traveling.

One thing’s for sure. If you lose your passport while traveling overseas, it can cause major problems.

Are you planning a trip that requires a passport?

Before you go, find out how to replace your passport in case of emergency!

How to Replace a Lost Passport When Traveling Abroad

It’s a situation that most of us hope we never encounter. Unfortunately, however, when traveling the world there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen to you.

Would you know how to replace a lost passport, should the need arise?

Navigating the passport renewal process might seem stressful enough. But, when attempting the process as a foreign tourist, the stakes tend to be even higher.

1. Don’t Panic

As scary as it may be, if you lose your passport, don’t panic.

Easier said than done, right?

Even so, panicking will only make your problem seem worse.

Try to remember that hundreds of thousands of travelers experience the same thing that you are dealing with now, every year. Although you may feel alone, there are countless others who share your struggle.

As the saying goes: This too shall pass.

2. Act Immediately

Because the process can not be completed instantly, you will likely have to endure a waiting period before you receive your new passport.

The longer you must wait, the riskier your situation becomes.

Also, as with any transaction, there is the possibility that you could encounter a delay, prolonging your wait.

The best way to solve your problem as quickly as possible is to begin your application for a new passport right away. Procrastinating or avoiding the issue could cost you time and money in the long-run.

If your departing flight is fast approaching, then you need to inquire about possibly rescheduling it. Consider using a flight tracking and booking app, which makes it easy to keep tabs on upcoming flights and arrange yours right from your phone.

3. Report Your Passport as Lost

First, you should report your lost passport to the closest consular or Embassy. You will need to provide them with important information, such as whether the passport may be stolen, when you are planning to leave the country, and answer additional questions they may ask.

If you have been the victim of a crime, you will need to contact the police and fill out a police report.

Once you report your lost passport, no one else should be able to use it.

4. Have Your Photo Taken

You will need a new passport photo for your replacement.

Many places offer passport photograph services. You should be able to find the nearest one by performing a search or asking a local.

It’s a good idea to keep a copy of your passport photo tucked away in your suitcase or another safe place, just in case this should ever happen to you. That way you will already have this taken care of and can save time.

5. Fill Out Necessary Forms

When you have a lost passport, you must fill out two forms. One is the application for a new passport. And the other is a statement verifying that you have lost your passport.

These forms are required when requesting a replacement.

However, if you are using an online service, they may provide the forms and offer assistance in completing them.

6. Choose a Fast and Reliable Passport Provider

Anyone who has applied for a new passport on the government’s website knows that the process most often requires patience. After submitting a passport application, it can take up to four to six weeks to arrive.

If you are visiting the embassy to apply, you will need to bring all of the required documents and forms with you to apply for your replacement

When you are visiting another country, waiting four to six weeks might seem like a lifetime. However, this is the standard process that you are likely to encounter when you use government services typically suggested by an embassy.

If you are interested in expedited services, then you might prefer an alternate service provider.

Fortunately, there’s a faster way to have your lost passport replaced than the government site.

You’ll probably be eager to find the provider who offers the quickest turnaround. Just make sure that you choose a credible source, or you could end up facing more problems.

When you choose to apply using Passport Renewal, you may be able to receive your passport in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Plus, their easy-to-use wizard feature will help you fill out the forms that are required and organize your information so that it’s ready to go.

Always Bring Along Your Passport Guide

When you are traveling, make sure that you pack your passport guide. A passport guide will make sure that you have all of the information you might need if you lose your passport during your trip.

Your passport guide will help you know which steps to take and offers specific information for international travelers.

Don’t have a current passport guide?

Download the Citizenship and Passport Guide today to be prepared for your next trip!


How to Choose the Right Foot Cream

February 21, 2018 - By 
foot cream

Your feet are the unsung heroes of your body. It’s likely that you take them for granted — that is, until they start aching, or until it’s suddenly sandal season and you realize how badly you’ve been neglecting them all winter!

Treating your feet to a soothing rubdown with a nourishing foot cream is one great way to say “thank you” to your barkin’ dogs! Find out how to choose the right cream for your feet with our guide.

Choosing a Foot Cream for Healthy Feet

If your feet are generally in good shape, you might not need a heavy-duty cream. Shea butter is an ingredient in many moisturizers, and it’s especially beneficial to the feet. Shea butter is more easily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, making it a good everyday choice.

Apply your shea butter cream after getting out of the shower to help trap moisture.

Cream for Stinky Feet

Let’s face it, your feet can produce some pretty foul odors, especially if you are an athlete or someone who stands or moves all day on the job. It’s the bacteria that thrive on your feet that are to blame for bad smells.

One way to combat this problem is to choose a foot cream with tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil. Both of these ingredients have antibacterial and antifungal properties, so they help keep your feet odor-free.

Creams to Help Cracked Heels

If you don’t take care of your feet, they can develop cracks, calluses, and roughness. Those who suffer from extremely dry, cracked feet should consult Foot Cream Reviews to discover some options for alleviating the problem.

It may also take some experimentation to figure out which cream is the most effective at eradicating your cracked heels. However, it’s important to take care of this condition, as it can eventually lead to painful infections if not addressed.

A good place to start is with a cream that contains urea. This substance can relieve not only dryness but also itchiness. Urea also helps soften calluses and is an excellent choice for people with psoriasis or dermatitis.

Cream for Diabetic Feet

Diabetes can take a toll on your feet and can lead to debilitating nerve pain. Anyone who experiences diabetic neuropathy understands how excruciating — and exasperating — this condition can be.

There are products available that can help, however. Seek out creams that contain capsaicin, menthol, or arnica. These ingredients can fight nerve pain, and leave your feet feeling good.

Tips for Foot Care

No matter what type of cream you choose for your feet, be careful after applying it. Some creams can make your feet slick, which can result in slips and falls. Let your feet rest for a few minutes so that the cream can penetrate your skin, or don a pair of socks just after applying the cream.

Another great tip to help those with extremely dry feet is to apply the cream at bedtime and then put on a pair of 100% cotton socks. This will help the cream absorb into your skin as you sleep, and your feet will feel softer in the morning!

Want More Health and Wellness Information?

Now that you understand how to choose the right foot cream for your feet, you may want to research other health and wellness topics. Bookmark our blog and check back regularly for insightful, informative articles on all kinds of subjects!


9 Motivational Movies for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

February 21, 2018 - By 
motivational movies for entrepreneurs

It’s true for weight loss, budgeting, and entrepreneurship alike: motivation can be your greatest tool or your worst downfall.

Just about everyone dreams of not having a boss to answer to. But many entrepreneurs find that when they first cut the boss loose, holding themselves accountable is a big challenge.

When it comes to motivating yourself, it’s all about finding out what works for you. If you’re a movie buff, it could just be a matter of finding inspirational movies to fire you up.

To make your next session of couch time worthwhile, check out these motivational movies for entrepreneurs:

1. The Pursuit of Happyness

Every entrepreneur hits roadblocks. But The Pursuit of Happyness shows one entrepreneur’s journey as he struggled through homelessness parenthood to make a life for his family.

Released in 2006 and starring Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness is based on the true story of Chris Gardner. As an unsuccessful salesman, Gardner exemplifies the drive to do whatever it takes in his fight to become a stockbroker, eventually founding his own wildly successful firm.

2. Jerry Maguire

You may think of it as a ’90s classic, but Jerry Maguire is much more.

This film was inspired by a true story (a fairly common theme you’ll notice in these motivational movies for entrepreneurs). The real Jerry Maguire, like his Tom Cruise likeness, made his living as a sports agent.

The true focus of Jerry Maguire (and why it’s on this list) is the focus on persistence and innovation. After being fired from his agency, the title character strikes out on his own as a free agent, holding his own against fierce competitors.

As you watch this movie, use it for inspiration to stop making excuses and make it happen.

3. Weed the People

We might be jumping the gun on this one as it hasn’t released yet, but with March 2018 almost here, it’s worth a mention.

Created by legendary filmmakers Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake, this documentary explores the use of medical marijuana. Specifically, the film is centered around using cannabis oil for kids with cancer.

Weed the People documents a small part of the battle for educating the world about cannabis oil. CBD companies like CBD Oil Angels work toward educating the public and lawmakers alike about the medical benefits. For entrepreneurs, this documentary highlights the challenges of being in a new and controversial industry.

4. Catch Me If You Can

This movie is yet another – surprise! – true story. Frank Abegnale, Jr. is a famous forger and conman who found success in just about everything he tried.

Clearly, we’re not advocating illegal business practices or theft. Still, Catch Me if You Can is among our motivational movies for entrepreneurs because it shows how much one person can accomplish while being underestimated at every turn.

5. The Aviator

Sticking with our Leonardo di Caprio theme, The Aviator tells the story of the legendary Howard Hughes.

Throughout the movie, Hughes overcomes a mountain of hurdles, from the US Senate to his own obsessive-compulsive disorder. With such a well-known successful figure, making a movie like this let Martin Scorsese show the hidden battles we don’t see.

The next time you’re feeling like luck alone is the key to success, pop in The Aviator for a refresher.

6. The Social Network

Whether they’re writing an ebook or building a company, many young entrepreneurs think their age is a burden.

While it’s true that not everyone will take young people seriously, The Social Network shows that this doesn’t have to stop you. Sure, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t portrayed in the greatest light, but this movie shows the world-changing power a young entrepreneur can have.

7. Office Space

Office Space is arguably one of the most relatable stories for entrepreneurs – the miserable 9-5 job, the fantasy of leaving the awful boss in the lurch while making millions. And who hasn’t dreamed of beating the life out of an uncooperative printer?

On a more serious note, sometimes the most motivational movies for entrepreneurs are the ones that remind us why we want to be our own bosses. The next time you’re questioning your choice, watch Office Space for a reminder about fluorescently lit misery.

8. The Godfather

Is there a single list of “top movies” for any purpose that doesn’t include The Godfather?

Yes, the business they’re running is illegal, but the Corleone family are masters of their trade. They’re an example of the need for originality and ingenuity in facing off against your competitors.

The emphasis on family is another important theme throughout the movie, and it shows entrepreneurs the importance of balancing business with life.

9. Wall Street

It’s clearly not a how-to guide, but Wall Street is among our motivational movies for entrepreneurs nonetheless. The inspiration in this movie comes from watching someone reach that dream of success.

With entrepreneurship (as with many goals), sometimes we just need to remind ourselves why we want to reach out goal. Imagine having the dramatic success of Bud Fox without the legal stress of insider trading. That’s the dream you’re working toward.

Watch Motivational Movies for Entrepreneurs, and Do More

People will tell you all the time that motivation is the first step toward success. But it’s much more than that.

Sure, you need to be inspired to start your journey. But enthusiasm fades and you need to be in constant search of ways to keep yourself motivated along the way. So in a way, it’s part of step 1, step 2, step 475, and everything in between.

As you start or continue to build your career as an entrepreneur, start keeping notes to motivate yourself. Have a folder of inspirational bookmarks on your browser. Use Pinterest or good old-fashioned binders to keep motivational tips.

Remember, it’s all about finding what works and knowing how to inspire yourself. For more tips for a successful business and a successful life, explore our blog.


3 Tips for Making Your Dentist Website SEO Friendly

February 21, 2018 - By 
seo friendly

You probably already understand how important your dental practice’s website is from an advertising standpoint.

But did you know that your site also needs to be SEO friendly? It’s true. Your site needs more than a beautiful design to bring in thousands of visitors.

Today’s user relies on search engines more than ever, so it’s in your best interest to follow basic SEO rules and regulations. Should you choose to ignore Google’s latest updates, you may find that your site doesn’t appear in a search engine at all.

Follow these three tips to make sure your site looks great and stays SEO friendly.

1) Simplify Your Site’s Design

A pretty website simply isn’t enough to draw in users. If you’re experiencing a higher than usual bounce rate, it may be time to rethink your design.

Generally speaking, the simpler your site’s design, the better.

Make sure that your text is large enough and easy to read that customers of any age won’t have any trouble reading your copy.

You’ll also need to ensure that your menu design isn’t cluttered. Aside from looking good from a design standpoint, Google penalizes businesses with empty or redundant pages. For a great example of a solid, simple menu design, click here!

Finally, make sure that patients can access your website on any device, including smartphones and tablets. The web generates more mobile traffic than desktop traffic, so take advantage of today’s technology.

2) Incorporate Reviews

When it comes to choosing a dental practice, patients tend to rely on the opinions of other visitors

You can take advantage of the recent review trend by incorporating reviews into your site.

You can dedicate an entire page to reviews and testimonials or add plug-in software to link your website to your My Business, Facebook, or Yelp pages.

3) Focus on Content

Thus far, we’ve talked a lot about design principles and how they can make your site SEO friendly.

But one of the best ways to boost your SEO ranking comes from your site’s content. Creating a blog and creating original, engaging content is a fantastic way to boost a site’s ranking.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. How does one go about creating great content in the first place?

Always create with your patients in mind. Think of some common questions or topics you discuss with your patients and write about them.

You’ll also want to incorporate strong, competitive keywords. This may require the assistance of some outside help, but if you’d rather do it yourself, Google Adwords has a great keyword planner.

Finally, publish at least a few articles a week and maintain consistency. Try and avoid long periods of time without new content by scheduling your content in a content calendar.

Final Thoughts on Creating an SEO Friendly Dental Site

Maintaining an SEO friendly site is going to take a bit of work. But marry these three tips with research on the most recent algorithm changes and your dental site will rank higher in no time.

Be sure to check out Pligg for more great content including marketing tips and downloads.


How to Build A Mobile App For Fitness

February 21, 2018 - By 
mobile app for fitness

The mobile app marketing is one of the largest markets in all of tech, generating billions of dollars each year.

Of course, part of a successful app creation strategy requires you and your team to focus on a popular market.

And perhaps no market is quite as in-demand as the fitness industry. Thanks to wearable tech like the Fitbit, people love combining their love of technology with their desire for a healthier lifestyle.

Creating a mobile app for fitness is a great idea, but how can you create an app that has both staying power and popularity?

Read on for a brief list of tips to help you create a great mobile app for fitness.

Determine Your Market

The first step to creating a revolutionary fitness app is to determine your app’s intended audience. There are millions of apps downloaded on digital marketplaces each day. It can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Therefore, the more targeted your fitness app, the better.

What kind of audience are you looking to attract? Casual fitness lovers? Yoga experts? New runners?

The fitness world itself is quite splintered, but this is to your advantage.

Your app doesn’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, it just needs to serve your audience well. Find your audience, then create your app with them in mind.

Focus on Your User Interface

The core of an app’s staying power comes from functionality and usability. Customers will typically forgive a lackluster app as long as it looks nice and is easy to navigate around.

So how can you create a great, user-friendly UI?

First, make sure your app isn’t too cluttered. If it’s too busy, it may overwhelm your user. Try and keep things simple and concise.

Next, include easy to find search and help functions. It’s likely that someone, somewhere will encounter a problem. Give them the resources needed to find what they’re looking for or let them get in touch with the dev team if a problem is new.

Beat Strong Fitness & Nutrition is a great example of a simple, easy to use design. Everything you need to know about the business is presented front and center for the user, including information about the company and contact info.

Break Your App

Before we continue, no, we don’t literally mean break and delete your app.

In this instance, breaking is a synonym for stress-testing the app before releasing it to the public.

When you think your app is perfect, enlist the help of some family and friends. Let them mess around with the app and get feedback.

Encourage them to test every button and interact with your app in every way possible.

Believe it or not, finding bugs is a good thing. It lets you know what kinks still need to be ironed out before release. Just allow enough time to fix any errors you or your testers find.

Change The World With Your Mobile App For Fitness

Creating a great fitness app is going to take plenty of time and effort. Remember to test for bugs, create a simple UI, and always design with your audience in mind.

For more great information on app creation, marketing, and digital downloads, be sure to check out Pligg!


2018 Plastic Surgery Trends

February 21, 2018 - By 
2018 Plastic Surgery Trends

With Americans now spending $16 billion a year on plastic surgery, there is a broad range of procedures people are able to get. From minimally invasive lip injections that can be done during a lunch break to complex restructuring, technology remakes the field every year.

If you’re thinking about getting work done, you need to know about the latest plastic surgery trends.

Every year, developments in plastic surgery make once artificially looking procedures look incredibly natural. If you’ve shied away for years because of the stigmas associated with these procedures, fear no more. The latest trends have broken down all of those barriers.

Here are just a few of the 2018 plastic surgery trends you should consider for a natural look.

Lip Service

If you’re interested in getting fuller lips, you don’t have to go all the way from zero to Angelina Jolie overnight. The variety of injections you can order allow for results that fit every style.

The FDA has approved some new types of injections.

Health experts are excited about Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm. Each of these comes with its own side effects and regiments. Ask your specialist what’s right for you.

These injections can give you the larger and fuller lips that you’ve always wanted.

Another way to improve the look of your lips is through a lip lift.

This procedure changes the appearance of your lips through reshaping. This modification is meant to accentuate the space between your upper lip and your nose. It also helps draw attention to your lips and makes them look fuller.

Laser Bra Lift

Breasts are one of the most common areas that plastic surgeons take care of. Lots of people are interested in breast enhancement or reduction.

Reductions allow for a reshaping that can actually prevent back and muscle issues later in life.

For enhancements, clinical experts will suggest shaping and lifts that will turn a smaller breast into a larger one with minimal invasiveness.

To minimize discomfort, the surgeon will manipulate existing tissue without the use of a knife.

Breasts can be made fuller and perkier by getting the internal tissue to act as if you were wearing a bra. It’s a fascinating alternative to surgery, and one of the 2018 plastic surgery trends that’s sure to win some converts.

Chin Implants

If you’re unhappy with the overall structure of your jawline, you’re not alone. Chin implants have been gaining popularity for several years.

A chin implant can be inserted via a discrete incision. The solid silicone implant is then inserted under the skin. A variety of chin materials are available to suit the patient’s needs.

Chin implants fell out of style for a few years, but it’s one of the 2018 plastic surgery trends that’s returning. From celebrities to models, everyone loves this procedure.

Combined with the right work done by a teeth whitening dentist in Springfield, MO, you could reinvent your whole look without pain or discomfort.

Improved Botox

Botox has been an extremely popular type of cosmetic surgery for decades. Since it’s a simple shot that you can drive yourself home after, it has become an appealing alternative to facelifts.

The purpose of Botox is to soften the wrinkles that appear around different corners of the face. It can even be used to prevent wrinkles from appearing in the first place. This type of “preventative botox” is starting to gain traction from people in their 30s.

Supposedly, the formula for botox is changing soon. This is one of the 2018 plastic surgery trends that’s here to stay.

The new formula could change the botox game entirely, reducing recovery time and making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Deep Plane Facelift

For people who are aging, the appearance of jowls and wattles can be depressing. Even those who lived with a strongly defined jaw for most of their lives can begin to see sagging over the years.

The newest technology allows for the procedure to end up with results that look natural without costing an arm and a leg.

If something like sagging weighs heavily on your mind, this could be a welcome respite from that. Ask your surgeon about it. This could be exactly what you need for fresh, youthful look.

Eye Fillings

Eye fillers are becoming one of the 2018 plastic surgery trends to watch out for. While fillers have long been associated with lip enhancement, they can be used in other places too.

These subjects are usually injected in the areas that are prone to wrinkles and fine lines. When used right, they can take years off of your face. If you suffer from sun damage, this procedure can be especially appealing.

Eye fillers will make your eyes appear brighter and less sunken. If you wake up in the morning looking anything but rested, you might want to consider an eye filler. It’s fast and convenient.

Volume tends to leave the face as you age. While you can drink all of the water and follow all of the beauty tips you want, you can’t stand in the way of time. The only exception is if you’re using eye fillers to make your eyes look young and fresh.

Discover the 2018 Plastic Surgery Trends

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, there is certainly enough to draw your interest. Plastic surgery is becoming more and more advanced, offering fantastic results with little or no pain. Anyone can reap the benefits.

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 50s, the latest procedures can give you the look you’re after. Plus, you’ll feel more confident, which will reflect positively on your career and personal life.

If you’re ready to try out some of these hot plastic surgery trends, check out our eBook to make sure you’re ready for your next surgery!


5 Training Tips for Student Pilots

February 20, 2018 - By 
student pilots

Student pilots enter the industry with dreams of soaring.

They’re quickly met with an overwhelming study routine. 8 out of 10 students will drop out before completing their flight training.

It makes sense why the demand is so high. There’s zero room for error.

In this post, we’re sharing five helpful tips to power through the tough training regiment. Use them to make training effective and memorable, whether you’re flying for a career or just for fun.

1. Use Online Training to Get Ahead

Pilot training programs use set regiments to educate. This means learning in stages so each concept is built on the previous.

But what if you wanted to double down on the education and/or get ahead? An online flight training guide let students explore topics at their pace.

A student’s excitement for a subject tends to improve retention. This access to information is readily available online through blogs, courses, and videos.

2. Find a Mentor

The teacher/student relationship is professional. Teachers will educate and help when they can but their work is a business.

A mentor, on the other hand, will share tips freely because it’s their passion. They know the challenge student pilots go through.

A mentor with decades of experience will reveal tons of info you won’t learn from books. These mentors will also keep you motivated when the program gets tough.

#3: Get a Briefing

Get into the routine of asking for the following:

Weather will play a crucial role whether you’ll take flight. Don’t risk flying if you’re feeling intimidated by the weather. There’s always another day.

Likewise, mark notices to prevent the unexpected like restrictions or closures. Check a flight tracker app to get an idea of who’s up in the skies. Then, make your best judgment if you decide to join them.

#4: Do FAA and PRA Practice Tests

There are several companies offering practice FAA and PRA tests for student pilots. Most use sample questions not found in updated versions.

But these tests will provide a great idea of what you’d expect with the real thing. They’ll also help with:

  • Learning weak points
  • Gaining expert feedback
  • Improving your charting

You can take these at your leisure and as many times as you want.

#5: Practice the “Old School” Stuff

What happens if your electronics go dark while in the air? Are you prepared to fly without your trusty electronic GPS? It can happen.

Practice these crucial navigation skills:

  • Using a compass
  • Reading topography
  • Geospecific lingo
  • Triangulation

It’s like learning outdoor survival, except you’re in the air. Your knowledge may prove valuable–even life-saving–for yourself or another pilot having trouble.

Stick With It, Student Pilots!

Becoming a pilot has been your dream. The tough, often nerve-wracking, training? It’s putting a hamper to reaching goals.

But stick with it! Use the tips provided in this article to get an edge on your education. Find a mentor from those willing to share. Practice whenever you can.

Do so and you’ll join the ranks of many, incredible aviators before you.

Want to learn more? Check out our latest posts on all things flying and aviation.


How to Start Your Online Boutique Today

February 20, 2018 - By 
start your online boutique today

More than half of Americans choose online shopping over typical brick-and-mortar stores these days.

When was the last time you walked into a department store instead of ordering something from the Internet?

As more people decide to shop online, the market continues to expand and make room for more possibilities. Now it’s the best time for you to explore this market and start a lucrative business.

Ready to give it a try? Learn how to start your online boutique today!

1. Choose Your Products

The digital world makes it easier for businesses of all calibers to develop an online store.

The eCommerce business you craft from scratch can be the modern approach you need to have in 2018.

For instance, creating sales for your t-shirt business, such as what websites like Yizzam are doing, will boost your current brick-and-mortar revenues.

Having an online presence comes down to the types of products you sell too.

Consider what you want to offer online. A variety of products will entice more people to continue shopping on a regular basis.

Will these be specialty products that are separate from your brick-and-mortar stores, or will you choose to combine the two aspects of your business?

Start your online boutique once you determine the products you wish to sell to your customer base.

2. Research Market Demand

Before investing time and energy – not to mention money – into an online boutique that will provide you with a great turnaround, consider the market demand of your niche.

Who is your competition? Are you selling bathing suits in the South Florida area? In this case, you’re competing against major brands.

Use Google Trends to determine what your prospects are looking for. Check to see what types of products they have been searching for lately. This will help you figure out if it’s a smart idea to start your online boutique today.

3. Design Matters

Work with a graphic designer to create a layout that will draw in new customers.

Looks matter when it comes to the process you undergo to start your online boutique today.

Hire help if you’re not able to code your own website on your own.

A professional web designer will add SEO-friendly features on your site, such as a header and sidebar with search navigation. Plus, you can work together to create the perfect online brand image.

The images on your site should be high-quality, no matter what products you decide to sell. Consider booking models to wear your outfits and put them in a positive light.

Videos are just as effective as pictures for online promotion. If you afford, hire a videographer to work with. Ask him to shoot your products in a 360-degree fashion.

Once you have beautiful products to sell to the masses, let the design layout to do the selling for you.

Magento is a popular choice for the best customizable themes. Plus, it’s easy to install, so you can start your online boutique today.

4. Choose a Domain Name

One of the best things you can do to keep your boutique as professional as possible is to purchase a unique domain name. You want your customers to find your boutique with little effort on their part. A strong domain name helps.

Solidify your presence online with a “.com” ending to your site.

Google bots love websites that use the “.com” extension, so this can boost your rankings in search results. Higher rankings equal more customers and sales.

A domain name and a hosting provider, such as GoDaddy, are two things you must invest in before launching your online boutique. These don’t cost much yet they’re essential to building up your site from scratch.

5. Work with Influencers

More and more brands are working with online influencers to expand their reach.

If you choose to start your online boutique today, you’ll need to create a system of referrals.

Working with young people who are famous online will establish an audience for your new website. It’s a great way to gain visibility and increase brand awareness.

Reach out to influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers. Work together to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

You can provide influencers with freebies and discounts on your products in exchange for Instagram posts or brand mentions in their upcoming fashion videos.

Don’t miss out on reaching potential customers in this modern approach to advertising your small business.

6. Promote Your Online Boutique on Social Media

Social media is another important topic to discuss when you launch an online boutique.

You need to have a few basic online platforms in place as soon as you start your business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and even Snapchat are all an excellent choice.

Many popular businesses have built their online presence through the power of social sharing. Once you market your online boutique using these platforms, you’ll watch your revenues soar.

Get all of your friends and family to share the hard work you completed online. Even your grandma can promote your business by sharing your website on her Facebook page.

Think about your visibility online. Social media marketing can make or break new business ventures. Thus, you should prioritize it.

Advertising on Facebook is another way to reach a larger audience. You can also place ads on Instagram or Twitter to increase exposure to the right people too.

Use whatever method you can afford to show off your newly created boutique. Get your brand out there so the whole world can see it.

Start Your Online Boutique Today

We hope this article will help you create a plan for launching your own online business today.

Make sure to check out our other articles on all things related to computers and the Internet. This will give you a better understanding of online marketing.

Enter the market with confidence and take your business seriously. Engage with potential clients, promote your brand, and turn your online boutique into a hit!


6 New Fitness Apps to Keep Track of Your Daily Home Workout in 2018

February 16, 2018 - By 
daily home workout

Not all of us can find the time to get in a quick workout every day.

In fact, less than 5% of adults engage in 30 minutes of physical activity daily.

With new technology every day, sometimes you need a great fitness app to make that daily home workout routine happen.

Read on for 6 of the hottest fitness apps you can use to make exercise happen at home:

Use Aaptiv For Your Daily Home Workout

Ever wish you had your own personal trainer? We do! Think of this app as your personal trainer for your daily home workout. It’s an audio app so it gives the experience of a trainer in your ears during your workout.

The app has certified trainers that run classes for you! Choose classes that range from strength training to meditation. Every workout has a playlist with popular artists so you won’t have to worry about making your own.

The Playbook App

Think of Playbook as a huge meet up of trainers and your favorite social media influencers! In this app, you can watch their workouts and get inspired every week by these people.

They each have their own channels and publish videos of their daily workout routines. Playbook only keeps their 10 newest videos. To make sure you’re getting their recent progress.

Find videos that focus the body that range from full-body exercises or just arm strength. Get tips on nutrition and wellness too!

Keep Track With MyFitness Pal

This app is actually made with Under Armour. It’s really great to help you keep track of what you’re eating. It has features that allow you to count your calories and input your meals. This will help you keep up with your diets.

It even lets you scan bar codes to help you look at the nutrition of what you’re eating. In this app, you can set goals for your calorie intake and also log exercises. With this and healthy food delivery, you’d be unstoppable!

The best part is that this app is free! If you want an upgrade or other features you can upgrade to premium by paying as well.

Official 7 Minute Workout

This app was made by an actual exercise physiologist and is extremely science based. It offers 72 exercises and 22 extra workouts that can be arranged into over 1,000 combinations.

It also has a feature called Smart Workout. This helps analyze your motivation and fitness levels and recommends which workouts will be best for you.

The workouts include video instruction, music playlists, and a timer to help make sure you keep on track.

Run With Couch to 5k App

Couch to 5k is a great app for beginning runners. It offers an 8-week plan to help you build your strength. The plan only has you running 3x a week!

The plan also lets you keep track of how many calories you burn and how fast you’re running. The app also syncs up with other apps on your phone like Apple Health Kit and Google Fit.

These workouts range from 30-40 minutes and you can even do them with a running coach in your ear!

Check Out Keelo

Are you someone who’s all about high-intensity workouts? Keelo is just the app for you.

Check out their HD videos to get inspiration for your next daily home workout. Keelo also helps you keep track of what body areas you’ve worked on.

Track calories burned and achieve personal high scores on exercises. Then try to beat your own scores. There’s also a coach available in the app for your fitness questions.

You can even sync the app with your Apple watch.

More Great Health Apps

Working out isn’t always the most fun thing to do. But with these apps, exercising might become your new favorite thing!

For more great apps to help with health, check our article: Top 10 Health And Wellness Lifestyle Apps.


7 Tips To Travel the World on a Budget

February 16, 2018 - By 
travel the world on a budget

Last year, 29.6 million Americans traveled overseas.

That should come as no surprise. Traveling abroad to new places is one of the best ways to educate yourself about different cultures.

Of course, not every trip needs to be educational. Business, family visits, and relaxing getaways are all reasons someone might travel abroad.

For those of us with a serious travel bug, we’re always trying to figure out where we’re going next and how we’ll have the money to do all the things on our bucket list.

The great news is there are plenty of resources online for people who want to travel on the cheap to experience the world. Here are some of the top tips we love to travel the world on a budget.

Seek Out Cheap Locations

One of the easiest ways to travel the world on a budget is to go to cheap destinations. These places have a relatively low cost of living so you can find food and accommodations for not much money.

Some of our favorite cheap destinations are Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Travel these places now and save up for the more expensive locations when you’re older. You can read more about financial planning for travel here.

Work on the Road

If you’re taking a sabbatical and want to travel indefinitely, working while you travel is a great way to do it.

Some people take their remote home business with them when they travel. All they need is a laptop and internet connection.

Others prefer to find work when they get there. There are plenty of websites like Work Away and HelpX that can help you find work and volunteer opportunities to keep you busy. Teaching English abroad is another popular option.

Travel Light

Only take the bare essentials with you when you travel internationally.

Reason one is that it’s a pain to lug a giant suitcase with you all over the world. Reason two is that it’s cheaper – many airlines, especially budget ones – will charge you to bring a large suitcase on board.

Go Slow

Traveling quickly between destinations seems ideal especially if you’re on a schedule. However, the fastest modes of transportation – air and train – are the most expensive.

Instead of booking the high-speed train, opt for the slower, sleeper trains or even a bus.

Travel Off-Peak

Every place that attracts tourists has a high and a low season. For example, the Caribbean is more expensive in winter and early spring but back to regular prices in the summer.

Traveling during off-peak times can save you a tremendous amount of your travel and accommodation prices.

Get Free Flights

Signing up for a travel perks credit card won’t instantly get you a free flight, but it can help you get one eventually.

Most travel cards have deals where you get 30,000 to 50,000 miles after you spend a certain amount. For some travelers, that’s a round trip ticket right there.

Find Free Walking Tours

Free walking tours are fairly popular in the U.S. and Europe. You can find tons of information about free things to do in most major cities.

Most free tours tell you where and when to show up on certain days. Just remember to have a small tip ready for your tour guide after the tour.

Now You Can Travel the World on a Budget

When you travel the world on a budget, you find it’s challenging but so rewarding. When you can stretch your dollar more, you’ll get to see and do more.

There are plenty of other tips and apps that can help you plan your travel. Check out these travel tools you can download before you leave.


The 10 Best Flight Apps for Tracking, Booking, and More!

February 16, 2018 - By 
best flight app

Are you looking for the best flight app?

There are hundreds of flight apps on the market today. They can track flights, help you book them, find cheap flights, and send your tickets right to your phone.

Perhaps you’re looking for a low-priced getaway or preparing for a business trip. Maybe you just love tracking planes.

Whatever you’re looking for, stay tuned for the top 10 best flight apps.

1. Flightradar 24

This is the best flight app for tracking flights.

The free version lets you see all flights in the skies in real time as well as departure and arrival times.

The paid version has a few different levels. If you want to play air traffic controller, you’ll want to consider the Silver or Gold versions, which give you more data to work with.

You’ll get flight histories, weather data, and aeronautical charts.

FlightRadar 24 is available for iOS and Android devices. The Silver version is $10 a year while the Gold version is $4 a month or $35 a year.

2. Kayak

Would you like to book a cheap flight to Panama City to look at Panama real estate?

Kayak can help. It’s one of the most used sites for travel because it finds great flight deals as well as hotels and car rentals.

Kayak searches several travel sites at the same time, saving you time and energy from researching each site individually.

The app also predicts whether a flight price will rise or drop. You’ll know if you need to buy your ticket ASAP or if you can save money by waiting longer.

Kayak is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

3. Flightstats

If you need a simple app to track a flight, Flightstats is for you. It’s the best flight app if you need to pick someone up at the airport, letting you track their flight.

There’s a basic interface where you can enter the route, airport, or flight number.

You’ll see a map of where the plane is and departure and arrival times.

It’s free for iOS and Android, but it runs a lot of ads.

4. Airfare Watchdog

Airfare Watchdog is a great way to get cheap flights. What sets this app apart from the others is that you can access pricing information for all airlines.

Kayak and other apps don’t include pricing for carriers like Southwest while Airfare Watchdog does.

This app is only available for iOS devices.

5. Flightview

Flightview’s website set the standard for flight tracking years ago. The app takes the same clean interface of the website and puts it into this neat app.

The best part about Flightview is that you can keep track of all your trips in one place. Just forward your itinerary to Flightview and you can access it across every device.

6. iFly Airport Guide

How would you like to know the best things about an airport before you get there?

iFly will give you the goods on over 700 airports. You’ll be able to find the best restaurants near your gate and what the WiFi situation is at the airport.

You’ll also get parking rates, ATMs, and transportation options once you arrive, great for frequent travelers.

7. Hitlist

You dream of swimming at a pristine beach with clear blue water. Yet, you have no idea where to go or how to book your trip.

That’s where Hitlist comes in.

You tell the app what you’re looking for and it will find the best deals for you and tell you the best time to go.

8. GateGuru

This app was originally crowdsourced, meaning users would enter information about a particular airport and the app would disseminate it.

TripAdvisor saw that value of GateGuru and bought it in 2013.

Since then, TripAdvisor has used its partnerships with travel companies and airports to create a complete app. That’s why it’s the best flight app for finding door to door information.

The app has different cards that give you your travel itinerary, car rental options, airport maps, and amenities at the airport.

This app is free for iOS and Android devices.

9. Hopper

This free app has quickly become the best flight app for cheap flights.

Hopper will tell you when the best time to fly is and then it will tell you the best time to book your flights. You can save up to 40% versus traditional booking.

Plus, you’ll get phone notifications that will give you a heads up when there’s a price drop.

10.Plane Finder – Flight Tracker

How many times have you looked up at the sky and wondered where a flight was going?

Plane Finder – Flight Tracker will tell you. You can point your iOS device at the sky, and learn about the planes overhead.

This app is great if you live along a flight route and you have planes flying overhead often.

You can also search for flights by flight number, airport, location, airline, and aircraft. The app will allow you to set up alerts, so you’ll be able to know when a plane is nearby.

Plane Finder – Flight Tracker is available only for iOS devices for $5.

Caveat Emptor When Using Pricing Apps

The one caveat with Kayak and other flight pricing apps is that they just give the price for economy class. Oftentimes, you’ll pay for a cheap flight, but it doesn’t include charges like baggage fees, food, and seat selection.

Don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Airlines have made $82 billion off of those extra fees last year.

When you do find a cheap flight, you should go to the airline’s website to see what their baggage policy is and what their other charges are. Those fees add up, so that super cheap flight might be much more.

The Best Flight App for Your Travels

Now that you know what the top flight apps are, it’s time to book your next trip.

With the right apps, your travel experience can be completely seamless and easy. Not to mention that you can save a bit of money with a cheap flight.

To make your trip even easier, you can use a number of apps to handle arriving at your destination. Interested? Check out this article on the top 5 travel tools.


7 Cloud Computing Trends You Need To Know In 2018

February 14, 2018 - By 
cloud computing trends

The cloud isn’t just a white puffy mass in the sky, and it’s not just a storage tool for businesses anymore either. One look at cloud computing trends tells you what you need to know – businesses are now looking to the cloud as a means to accomplish their business goals.

For example, at least half of IT spending will be cloud-based in 2018, reaching 60% of IT infrastructure and 60-70% of all software, services, and technology by 2020.

So much for storage. Here are seven cloud trends to keep your eye on in 2018.

1. Wild Growth in Cloud Solutions

With cloud computing on the upswing, wouldn’t it make sense that cloud-based solutions would follow close behind?

Software as a Service (Saas) opened the door for businesses to try early cloud solutions. These days, SaaS will continue to take the trophy for most-deployed cloud service on the market, all across the globe.

While its sister branches, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will also grow, their growth is predicted to be more modest in comparison to SaaS.

2. Hybrid Cloud Solutions

There’s not just one type of cloud computing anymore. And it’s not even just about the four key types of cloud computing – private, public, community and hybrid.

These days, hybrid cloud solutions are taking the center stage in cloud computing trends.

Let’s take a look at two of them.

Cloud to On-Premise Connectivity

Most businesses retain on-premise solutions. Which makes sense because there are some data and security solutions that you just feel better about having on site.

In the new wave of cloud-based computing, plenty of these on-site solutions will be retained. With new cloud-based solutions added to them, heavily customized based on a business’s wants and needs.

Why? Well, for starters, when it comes to security, you’re still better off with an on-premise system. Plus, many businesses have been out of the loop with cloud computing for so long that the cost of migrating everything is too expensive.

Instead, it’s a mix-and-match solution.

Cloud-to-Cloud Connectivity

Then, for the more technologically inclined, there’s cloud-to-cloud connectivity.

Think of it this way.

You’ve got all that business data in the cloud, right? Except, if something’s going on with the provider, you can’t get to any of it.

Businesses don’t particularly like that.

That’s why many cloud providers are opening up APIs on Platforms to connect multiple cloud-based solutions together.

3. Multifaceted Use of Cloud Storage

The cloud is getting cheaper, but it’s also getting smarter.

Doesn’t it make sense that we’re starting to use the cloud for other things?

Crowd-Sourced Storage

There used to be just expensive and not necessarily reliable traditional cloud storage.

These days, there’s crowd-sourced cloud storage.

This is a good option for people who want to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits but would rather keep the cost on the low end of things.

Cloud Cost Containment

If the cloud is growing and getting more use, that means the costs are going to rise with it. Which is why cost containment is so important.

Using strategies along the lines of crowd-sourced storage, this will help keep the benefits of the cloud more open to the general population while keeping it affordable for the general population.

4. Increased Storage Capacity

We couldn’t talk about cloud computing trends without talking about storage capacity, could we?

Storage was one of the founding attractions of cloud computing. And as cloud computing grows and becomes more and more central to the way we do business, storage space will have to grow at a rate that matches it.

And this will leave a lot more space for businesses to take advantage.

An easy example is big data. Companies that work with large data sets that tend to bog down their systems could use this increased space to store data, perform analytics, and so much more.

5. The Internet of Everything (IoE)

2017 was the year of AI and the Internet of Everything (IoE). There’s no turning back now.

What does this have to do with the cloud?

Well, if the ultimate goal of IoE is to simplify all machine-to-machine and human-to-machine interactions, then the cloud technology plays a significant role in allowing humans to interact intelligently with every device on the network.

6. The Serverless Cloud

What’s one problem you can picture with the cloud today?

It’s on a server. That server can get slowed down, hacked, or just fritz for little apparent reason.

Enter: the serverless cloud, which will allow developers to run software and services using all the benefits of the cloud without simultaneously having to manage the cloud’s server system.

It dramatically simplifies the time and effort needed to maintain the system, makes it easier to distribute updates, and thus allows developers to make smarter use of cloud technology in real time.

7. Enhanced Internet Quality

As the cloud and cloud computing trends skyrocket in the direction of more more more, it bears the question: how do you handle all of these services while retaining decent Internet?

By improving the quality of the Internet, obviously.

We see this in the amount of data that will be generated in the coming years. The simple task of retaining all that data is enough to bog everything down. So it only makes sense that the next logical step for developers is to make a strong push toward full 5G networks to improve computing speed.

Making Sense of Cloud Computing Trends

Let’s be real: technology changes all the time. It gets confusing, especially when you’re trying to figure out how to make the most of it for your business.

So it helps to have a bit of backup on the subject.

Check out our blog for a variety of computer, internet and technology tips to make your life easier, like our list of the top 7 software trends to keep an eye on or how to find the downloadable information you need on office trailers.

And if you need to, you know, buy a software, we have a number of options available in our marketplace.


5 Unforgettable Things to Do in Clearwater Beach, Florida

February 14, 2018 - By 
things to do in clearwater beach

Clearwater Beach is a great year-round destination.

It’s fun to visit for the day if you’re in nearby St. Petersburg. Or you can spend your entire relaxing vacation in this sunny beach town. There are plenty of choices when it comes to events and excursions in the area, from the beach itself to craft beer tastings.

You can download some travel tools to make the trip easier. But with all the choices, you need some help to filter through the options. That’s the only way to see the very best of this beautiful stretch of coast.

Keep reading! You’re about to find out the top five things to do in Clearwater Beach.

1. Go to the Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a special place that’s dedicated to rescuing marine life. It was the site of the movie Dolphin Tale, where resident dolphin Winter appeared as a star.

Not only is it a fun day out, it’s also an educational experience. You can get up close and personal and feed the animals and learn about the environment. The best part is, all of the animals here are released back into the wild after they receive treatment.

2. Try Some Local Beer

It may surprise you to know that The Sunshine State has a number of great breweries. Clearwater Beach is an ideal spot for a “beercation.”

You can visit places like the Sea Dog Brewing company and enjoy a brew on their terrace or inside their pub. And if you’re really up for exploring, try the St. Pete/Clearwater’s craft beer trail.

3. Hang out at Pier 60

A hugely popular fishing pier, the 1,000-foot-long Pier 60 is a must do. Nearby is Mandalay Avenue, which is known for its shopping. You can even pick up a souvenir at the shop of iconic wrestler Hulk Hogan.

When you’re done, watch the spectacular sunset at the pier, which transforms into a beach festival with music and performances.

4. Check out Clearwater Beach Itself

Clearwater Beach has been voted one of the state’s best beaches. It’s close to Pier 60 and Beach Walk, so you can easily combine a day out with either of these attractions.

Whether you’re interested in fishing or simply walking along the shore, there’s something for everyone. There are even playgrounds to keep the kids busy.

5. Cruise with the Dolphins

One of the most unique things to do in Clearwater Beach is just off the coast. The area has a large pod of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins that you can see right here in their natural habitat.

Get up close to these amazing creatures by taking a dolphin cruise. You can swim and snorkel right in the middle of a dolphin family.

Get Inspired by Things to Do in Clearwater Beach

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to do, get out there and plan your Clearwater Beach trip today. If you can’t get enough of the water, get inspired with our list of ten great places to take a swim.


9 Reasons Why You Need an Air Purifier

February 14, 2018 - By 
air purifier

Increased levels of hazardous air pollutants is causing a number of health problems for people across the United States. Using an air purifier in your home is a great way to keep your family safe from pollution.

These nifty devices keep the air fresh, even if you live in the middle of a large city. They’re great for people with breathing conditions like asthma, but they can benefit you whether you’re completely healthy or not.

Here are 9 reasons why using an air purifier is a great idea.

1. Protect Your Family

Air pollution can trigger existing and produce new cases of asthma. It can also lead to several other lung conditions, some of which are very serious.

Children are more vulnerable to the effects of air pollution than adults. That’s why an air purifier needs to be a vital part of your daily living arrangements.

Air quality has a drastic effect on people’s health. You need to know that your family isn’t breathing in pollutants every day.

2. Secondhand Smoke

Inhaling secondhand smoke increases cancer risk in non-smokers.

If someone in your household smokes, an air purifier will help to clear the air when they’re having a cigarette. It actively removes the toxins from the air and prevents chemicals from the smoke lingering in your home. These often cling to soft fittings and furniture like sofas and carpets, and it’s very hard to get rid of the smell once it has settled in.

A purifier tackles the chemicals before they settle, so it reduces the smell of stale tobacco.

3. Protect Your Home from Mold Growth

An air purifier will help to prevent mold, and keep mold growth under control.

Mold is a type of fungus which can cause a range of illnesses. These can affect the lungs, provoke allergies and cause other symptoms including tiredness, dizziness and headaches.

Purifiers remove moisture from the air and trap mold spores in their filters. This prevents the spread of mold within your home.

4. You Live Near a Road

Traffic is probably the biggest polluter around today, besides heavy industry.

Not many of us live near large factories, but if you do, that’s just doubling the importance that you go out and buy a purifier right away.

You may not realize it, but your home isn’t safe from the pollutants just because you’ve got all the windows closed.

Long-term exposure to these chemicals can cause symptoms such as nausea and dizziness. Especially among people with a condition called ‘Multiple Chemical Sensitivity’ (MCS).

A purifier will reduce the risk that exposure to the traffic fumes will have a major impact on your health. You can also learn how to monitor fumes to keep exposure to a minimum.

5. They’re Affordable, So Why Not?

Many people put off buying an air purifier because they think it’ll be really expensive.

They tend to make a comparison in their heads with how much their AC unit cost them. If you don’t know much about purifiers, this seems like a reasonable comparison.

However, you don’t need to spend an awful lot of cash for the benefit of fresh air. You can scoop them up for less than a hundred dollars. In any case, we think it’s worth the investment due to the health benefits it provides.

Check out this guide with some of the top air purifiers under 100 dollars in price. Absolute bargains!

6. Dealing With Allergies

Air purifiers help to deal with allergies by removing dust mites and other allergens from your home. Mold is one allergen that we’ve already mentioned.

However, if you have pets, you’ll almost certainly have pet dander in your home too. This is tiny particles of skin and hair that they have shed. It can trigger allergies. A purifier will help to remove pet dander from the air too.

During summer, it’ll help to clear up any pollen which has entered your household. You can help to keep this to a minimum by brushing off any clothing which you’ve worn outside during pollen season.

7. Removing Bad Odors

Bad smells lingering in the hall? Set your air freshener up to help out. It’ll remove the particles causing the smell, trapping them all in its filter.

If you live in an apartment block, this can also help to remove the smells that naturally move through the building. Perhaps you’re not a fan of your neighbor’s greasy cooking, for example.

The purifier will trap the particles causing the smell, making it more bearable inside your apartment.

8. Household Dust

It won’t eliminate dust entirely, but a good air purifier will help to keep dust around the house under control. It’ll suck dust into its filter alongside all the nasty chemicals it’s keeping you safe from.

No one wants to spend their time dusting the home, and this device will ensure you need to do the bare minimum only.

9. Eradicating Germs

Are there any nasty bugs lurking in the air? You would never know if there were, but you can protect against this invisible threat with a purifier.

Just like with mold spores, the purifier will suck all those germs and bacteria up. When you change the filter, you’re eradicating them from your home.

You will benefit from this when moving into a new home too – you don’t have a clue about the living standards of the previous owner.

If they were dirty people, bacteria will have thrived there. Eliminate them so you can continue to live a healthy life.

Cleaner Living With an Air Purifier

We’ve covered all the main reasons why you should choose to use an air purifier to make life healthier for you and your family.

We hope this guide has helped you understand why it’s important.

If you want to read more about other uses for purifiers, try these articles.


How to Choose the Right Essential Oil Diffuser

February 14, 2018 - By 
essential oil diffuser

Are you in the market for an essential oil diffuser?

If so, you’re not alone. The use of essential oils is on the rise in the US. People are inhaling and even ingesting oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint for their pleasant scents and health benefits. Though the science behind aromatherapy is still in its beginning stages, users credit essential oils with everything from boosting their mood to decreasing chronic body pain.

Diffusers are effective distributors of essential oils in a home or workspace. The trick is knowing which one is right for your circumstances. Read on to find out how to determine which diffuser to buy.

Types Of Essential Oil Diffusers

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the large assortment of a similar product while walking down the aisle of a department store?

If so, you might feel the same when you discover how many different kinds of diffusers are available. Each type varies in design and function. Here are just a few types to choose from:

  • Mist diffuser: Combines water and essential oils to emit a foggy mist.
  • Ultrasonic diffuser: Spreads intact, fragrant diffused oil particles in a cool mist.
  • Sweet heat: Warms essential oils and releases their properties through warm air.
  • Nomadic diffuser: Diffuses oils manually through evaporation.
  • Ventilation: Diffuses oil via a fan.
  • Nebulizer: Diffuses cold oil particles through a filter.

You can regulate the amount of oil being released by every kind of diffuser except nomadic. The highest-quality diffusers also have a timed release function, so that you can enjoy your aromatherapy without wasting precious oil.

Room Size

The type of diffuser you need depends on the space where you plan to use it.

For a large, open space, choose a nebulizer or ventilator. A powerful nebulizer can work well in a space as wide as the average industrial workspace. It will infuse the air with clean, dry, aromatic oil particles, making for a healthier home or workplace.

For a medium-size room such as a bedroom or even a kitchen, invest in an ultrasonic diffuser or a mist-maker. Sweet heat would work in an average-sized room as well. If you prefer a warm-air diffuser, go for the sweet heat or mist-maker. If, instead, you want less moisture and cooler air, opt for the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

Can I Use a Diffuser in My Bathroom?

Of course, you can!

Dump the fake potpourri and the synthetic air fresheners and pick up a nomadic diffuser. Your guests will marvel at your wonderfully-scented bathroom and you can all stand to benefit from some aromatherapy.

Humidifiers vs Oil Diffusers

It’s important to distinguish between diffusers and humidifiers. the major difference in diffuser vs humidifier is that the humidifier cannot function with essential oils. It moistens the air with water alone.

Certain diffusers operate like a humidifier-diffuser hybrid. Mist diffusers most resemble humidifiers because they require water to function properly. However, you cannot benefit from the use of essential oils when using a regular humidifier.

Final Thoughts

Essential oils can only optimize your life. To make the most of them, think carefully about where you plan to use them and what purpose they will serve. Only then can you purchase the right essential oil diffuser for you.

Are you interested in further improving your health? Visit us regularly for more health tips and tricks.


A Guide To Hiring Strippers Online

February 13, 2018 - By 
hiring strippers

Are you looking to throw an insane bachelor or bachelorette party for your friend or family member before they walk down the aisle? Well, no wild wedding bash is complete without strippers! Hiring strippers is a great way to let loose, laugh, have some fun, and send off the bride or groom-to-be before their big day.

Want to hire adult entertainment for a bachelor or bachelorette party, but not sure where to start? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about hiring strippers so you can have a wild wedding party with unforgettable entertainment.

Your Go-to Guide for Hiring Strippers

Is your bachelor or bachelorette party coming up soon? Here are some things to keep in mind during the stripper hiring process.

Determine the Location of Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

The first step in hiring strippers is determining where you’ll need the adult entertainment. Are you planning on going to a strip club or interested in having them perform in your hotel or apartment? These are important questions you need to answer before hiring strippers.

If you’re planning on going to a strip club, you should double check what’s legal in your area and if the club offers what you’re looking for. Many cities outlaw “bare all” strip joints, so make sure it’s legal in your city, or else you’ll want to have a stripper come to your home to avoid having to travel.

If you’re planning on inviting a stripper to your hotel room, make sure not to mention it to any employees of the hotel. If they become notified of any strippers, your party will be shut down and you’ll most likely be kicked out of the hotel.

Book in Advance

The best strippers are booked months in advance, so if you’re interested in hiring strippers for your bachelor or bachelorette party, make sure to start looking in advance. By planning ahead, you can review all the different stripper options available and find one that will provide the kind of entertainment you’re looking for.

If you really want a great stripper, you should try to finalize your stripper booking at least three months before the bachelor or bachelorette party.

Also, make sure to ask for recommendations for strippers from friends or family who have used them in the past. And don’t forget to check out agency websites like Newcastle Strippers to see photos and profiles of potential hires.

Ask the Right Questions

With so many stripper agencies, it can be hard to determine which agency is best for your bachelor or bachelorette party needs.

Before you go with a certain agency, you should ask them questions about their services to determine they’re the right fit. Here are some of the most important questions to ask:

  • Do you have photos of strippers on your website?
  • Will your strippers travel to our location?
  • How much does a stripper cost? Is it an hourly rate?
  • How many songs will the stripper do?
  • Are there any rules and policies we should know about?
  • Will they come in wearing a costume? Can we choose the costume?
  • Will they bring their own music?
  • Do we need to provide anything?
  • How do we pay? Is it all in advance?
  • How much should we tip?

By asking these questions, you can determine if the agency you’re talking to is the right one for you.

Review Cost & Payment Options

If you’re planning your first bachelor or bachelorette party, you know how expensive these parties can be. When planning one, you should factor in the cost of a stripper so you don’t accidentally go over your budget. The last thing you want is to settle for an undesirable stripper because you didn’t budget for a great one.

Hiring a stripper for a bachelor or bachelorette party will cost between $150-$250 for 30 to 60 minutes of dancing. You can find a stripper for as low as $50, but don’t be surprised if they’re not the kind of stripper you’re looking for.

While $250 may sound expensive, it’s not too bad if you have every guest chip in for the cost of entertainment. You should know that the stripper’s manager will usually ask for payment up front when they arrive. The stripper may also offer extra services while they’re there, but keep in mind those costs will be on top of their hourly rate.

Keep Your Guests In Check

Before the bachelor or bachelorette party, you should talk to the stripper agency about their policies and etiquette to make sure no one crosses the line. During the party, you should stay sober enough to watch everyone’s behavior and make sure no one gets out of control. If people get too drunk or if the environment seems unsafe, the stripper will not perform.

You should also talk with the groom or bride beforehand to make sure they’re comfortable with what’s going on. By setting proper boundaries and keeping everyone on their best behavior, you can make hiring a stripper an enjoyable experience.

Benefits of Hiring a Stripper

Now that you know how hiring a stripper works, you’re probably wondering why you should hire one instead of just going to a strip club. Well, the reality is that going to a strip club requires taking a car service, buying expensive drinks, and accepting that your bride or groom won’t be front and center.

With a visiting stripper, you’ll be able to have the entertainment focused entirely on the guest of honor. You can also make drinks, which will cut back on alcohol costs, and you can avoid having to pay for an expensive ride like a limousine. The main drawback is that hiring is more expensive, and you’ll have entertainment for less amount of time.

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Stripper

If you’re looking to throw an unforgettable wedding bash, you should hire a stripper for the entertainment. By following the tips and tricks in this guide, you’ll be able to navigate the hiring process smoothly and plan a perfect night for the groom or bride to be.

Are you looking to hire a stripper for your bachelor or bachelorette party? Have questions we missed? Let us know in the comments!


Private Jets: The Cost of Comfort

February 13, 2018 - By 
private jet costs

You might be considering a luxurious vacation for you and your partner or your family. You might be traveling for business and want to impress your sophisticated clients or partners.

Travel continues to be a trillion dollar industry in the United States. The various types of transportation continue to become more and more available for average citizens.

When it comes to your vacation or business trip, though, you deserve to travel as leisurely and relaxed as you can afford. This could mean that you are looking into how much a private jet costs for travel to your desired destination.

If such a treat initially seems to be outside of your budget, don’t give up just yet. There might be some affordable options for you to travel by private jet.

Check out the complete guide below detailing the costs of travel by private jet.

Determine Your Budget

Before even thinking about booking a private jet, you need to be sensible about what you can afford.

Hopefully, this is a trip on which you are actually looking to splurge a little bit to enjoy the comforts of true leisure. Make a detailed budget for your entire trip from start to trip. Make sure you include food, lodging, and extra spending money in case of emergencies.

If you are looking into private jet costs for your honeymoon, there might be funding options for you to consider. If you are traveling with a large group, splitting the cost between everyone might not stretch your personal finances too tightly.

No matter what, once you determine the amount of money you are able to spend on a private jet, don’t compromise. It will not be worth the cost if it breaks your bank before the end of the trip!

Private Jet Costs That Are Scheduled Can Be More Affordable

Since private jets have been around for quite some time now, some of them are available as a mainstream, streamlined service. Your trip could easily be affordable and luxurious if you choose to travel by a pre-scheduled private jet flight.

You and your party would still be able to avoid the lines and hassle of airport transportation. At the same time, you might not have the private jet all to yourself.

While some of these more commercialized flights require memberships to use their jets, it’s not the only option. You can buy individual seats as low as $100, as long as you are aware that you will be sharing the cabin space with others who purchased these scheduled tickets, too.

These are basically public charter flights at your convenience. If you are looking for the most affordable private jet costs, consider looking into this option.

Empty Legs

Another affordable way to travel by private jet is to sign up for empty legs. An empty leg is a flight in which the operator has an empty jet either going to pick up a scheduled passenger or returning after dropping off a scheduled passenger.

This, though, is not exactly the most reliable way of flying. Operators often offer these discounted flights, since there otherwise would be no passengers. In order for you to get on one, though, you have to hope the timing is right and that the originally chartered passenger’s travel plans do not change.

If you are looking for a more luxurious, more trustworthy way to fly by private jet, consider chartering one yourself.

Chartering a Private Jet

Private jet costs vary. The higher you are willing and able to pay, the more comfortable your trip’s transportation could be.

If you are looking for a more predictable and secure way of privately traveling, consider chartering a private jet personally. So, how much does it cost to charter a private jet?

The short answer: it depends.

Be prepared to spend several thousand dollars for a private jet charter. Hourly rates can range anywhere from $3,000 – $15,000.

If you are planning a roundtrip for a weekend, you can expect to pay at least five digits on the flights alone. If you are traveling with a large group, you might be able to split the cost amongst everyone. This is probably the only way to make such a private flight more affordable.

Private Flying Clubs

If you are thinking about flying by private jet more often than just one time, consider joining a club or membership. Don’t get too excited, though.

Memberships like these usually cost over $10,000 to join and at least $5,000 monthly after that. Other memberships require the one-time fee to join and charge an hourly rate when in use. This hourly rate, though, is significantly lower than how much it would cost to charter one privately.

To reduce the long-term buildup of such high costs, some programs offer seat sharing options. You would then be able to sell your seats to passengers who are not a part of the club. That way, even when you are paying for the membership, you aren’t necessarily paying for entire flights you won’t be using.

Jet Cards

Usually, these jet cards require you to have a net worth of over $10 million. These programs are worthwhile to plan and budget your travels ahead of time.

Jet cards work basically like a prepaid phone card. The more hours you buy through the program (after spending the approximately $10 million to get one), the more hours of travel you get.

The high private jet costs of these cards allow you to schedule a luxurious trip on your own time whenever you want.

Additional Costs of Leisure

Traveling for any reason, such as for business or pleasure, can be an exciting experience. Don’t forget to stick to that budget you originally drafted. There is no such thing as too much spending money to bring with you.

Even if you have decided how you are going to fly by private jet, you still have a lot of decisions to make for your trip. For example, what kinds of foods do you want to try? What tourist sites do you want to see?

For more information about travel and leisure, check out any of these other blog articles on the subject. You should definitely stay as informed and aware as possible no matter where you go.


Top 10 Best Downloadable Web Design Software

February 13, 2018 - By 
web design software

If you’re not online, you’re falling behind. It’s 2018, yet there are still many small businesses that do not have a website. In fact, there’s a stunning 27 percent who have yet to build their online presence.

Whatever is keeping you from building a website-cost, lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown-it’s time to let it go and find digital success.

Many businesses don’t have the time or budget to hire a pricey team to create a website, so they’re taking matters into their own hands.

We have compiled a list of the most trusted web design software companies and platforms so you can build a great looking site for half the price of hiring an agency.

1. Wix

Wix is one of the most popular web design software choices online. They’re more than their funny ads that pop-up before every YouTube video, they truly build a great product.

Easy to use, affordable, and trusted, Wix has mastered the art of putting the web development tools into the businesses hands.

2. Weebly

Reminiscent of Wix, Weebly makes building a website fun, easy, and affordable. All you need is a great logo, a little creativity, and some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace’s list of clientele truly speaks for itself. For as little as $18 per month, you can create a stunning website that will entice customers to click and scroll.

Maximize your website’s potential with a successful plan of action. Programs like SlickPlan will help you and your team plan out your URL structure, map out content, and design mockups.

4. BoldGrid

WordPress is a popular web platform but its flexibility can be confusing for those of us that are unfamiliar with code. BoldGrid helps businesses navigate through the web development process easily.

They also offer a free demo. Get started today!

5. Bluefish

Bluefish is an all-in-one website builder that allows you to code your own masterpiece. Their design capabilities are what makes this coding web design software standout from the rest.

6. Komodo Edit

Use this easy to use coding platform that’s perfect for beginners to create a website that looks and acts like it was done by a professional. You can download it here.

7. Dreamweaver

If you’re familiar with coding, than Dreamweaver is an excellent web design platform. It’s ability to show live updates and split screens make coding tangible.

8. Macaw

Hailed as the “web design tool of the future”, Macaw allows you to design in a way that’s similar to photoshop. Design in real-time and watch your website come to life right before your eyes.

9. CoffeeCup

CoffeeCup is an intuitive web designer that uses Bootstrap and Foundation to expertly craft websites. Build a responsive site that looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop!

10. Google Web Designer

Bring your ideas to life using interactive HTML5 from the search engine giant that will be ranking it! Google Web Designer focuses on using code to amplify design.

Making the Most of Your Web Design Software

Websites are imperative to be successful in today’s digitally central world.

Before you start building, check out this article and avoid these commonly made website mistakes.


10 Best Photo Editing Apps

February 13, 2018 - By 
best photo

A good camera is one of the most important features of a smartphone, but sometimes, it’s just not enough on its own.

We all need a little extra help to get our photos just right, and when built-in apps won’t do the trick, you need to download something extra. That’s where photo editing apps come in.

In this article, we’ll give you the ten best photo editing apps on the market.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has turned it’s hugely successful photo editing software into a mobile application, so you can carry it in your pocket wherever you go.

Just like with the computer software, you can crop, flip, rotate, filter and edit images to your heart’s desire. Once you’re done, you can add a frame or border to finish it off.

2. Aviary

This app has it all.

If you’re looking for a quick way to edit photos without getting technical, you can use the one-touch editing tools that this Aviary offers. However, if you’d rather take control and do it manually, you can do that, too.

You can play around with contrast, saturation, warmth and brightness. You can also crop, rotate and blur photos, as with most apps. However, this one has some extra cool features.

It also allows you to make some cosmetic adjustments to your photos. You can edit out red eye, whiten teeth, and remove blemishes.

3. My Postcard

Do you miss the good old days when we would print out photos instead of just storing them digitally? Photos can personalize a room and give it a much warmer feel.

They can be great gifts, too.

With My Postcard, you can turn your photos into personalized greetings cards to send to your loved ones. You can choose from 10,000 designs and templates to enhance your pictures to fit any occasion, whether you’re commemorating an engagement, sending Christmas wishes, or just letting someone know you’re thinking of them.

This app lets you enjoy all the comforts of sending and receiving postcards without any of the hassles. Create, edit and send everything straight from your phone!

You can also have your best-edited photo printed and sent to you or a loved one in a stylish gift box.

4. Pixlr Express

This free photo editing app doesn’t come with any of the annoying advertisements that other free apps are often littered with.

It has a huge range of effects, overlays, borders and stickers, so you can edit endlessly until you get the best photo. Many of these effects need to be downloaded before they can be used, but it’s quick and easy to do.

5. Snapseed

This app has a powerful collection of tools that does much more than the usual filters and effects you’re used to.

The stand-out feature is the ‘healing’ tool, which allows you to remove unwanted objects or elements from your photo. Previously, you could only do this with complicated software like Photoshop. Now, it’s right at your fingertips!

The tool uses the surrounding scene to cover the object you’d like to remove. If a passerby has wandered into the frame, or if the scene is looking a little cluttered, you can remove the extra elements to get your photo just right.

With this app, you don’t have to let an ex ruin a perfectly nice photo. Simply edit them out, and no one will ever know!

6. Airbrush

If you take a lot of selfies, this is the app for you.

Airbrush has quick, one-touch editing tools that will make your eyes look brighter, your teeth look whiter, and your skin look clearer. With just a few edits, you can get the perfect selfie!

If you’re a blogger or business owner, you’ll also love this app. Your airbrushed photos can be a great addition to your Instagram marketing.

7. Facetune 2

This app takes photo editing to the next level.

It automatically detects facial features, allowing you to make them bigger or smaller, or even reshape them altogether. You can also smooth out blemishes and wrinkles.

Lighting is everything, and it can make all the difference between a flattering photo and an awful one. That’s why some people go to great lengths to get the perfect selfie lighting. Some people even buy specialized lights to plug into their phones just for this purpose.

With Facetune 2, you don’t have to do any of that. This photo editor allows you to add extra lighting effects, and even change the direction of the lighting.

Another great feature is that you can make edits before the photo has even been taken. This makes it much easier later on, without so many minor adjustments to make.

8. Filterstorm Neue

If you’re looking for an app that has more advanced editing tools, try Filterstorm Neue.

As well as the usual preset filters and color, contrast and sharpness adjustments, it has plenty of extra tools, too. There’s a masking brush for selective editing, a cloning tool to move, replace or edit out objects, and gradient filters, too.

9. Enlight

This photo editing app lets you get really creative.

Turn any photo into a masterpiece with its artistic effects, filters and tools. You can tweak your pictures with slight adjustments or manipulate them to create something completely different from your original snapshot.

With so many features, it can be a little difficult to get your head around. Thankfully, there are built-in tutorials and a great help section to guide you through it all.

10. BeFunky

This is another great app for those with artistic flair.

It has a range of tools for color, exposure, light and saturation adjustment, as well as cosmetic tools to filter out any imperfections. You can remove red eye, whiten teeth, and even change lipstick color.

You can also create photo collages. Once you’ve achieved the perfect photo, you can add it to a collection along with your favorites.

Create Your Best Photo

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture and create beautiful images.

With our best photo apps, you can retouch your photos to make them picture perfect, and wow your family, friends and followers with your skills. If you prefer to edit your images on a computer, you can do that, too.

To improve your photography skills even further, check out the photo effects software we recommend.


The Top 10 Dogs Apps for Pet Owners

February 13, 2018 - By 
dog apps

Did you know that there are over 89 million dog owners in the United States? As technology has grown, having the latest dog apps will help you and your furry friend in your day to day adventures!

Take a look at the 10 best dog apps every dog owner needs to have this year.

Dog Park Finder

The Dog Park Finder app is only on IOS, but it is well worth the $1.99 purchase. The app gives you the ability to find parks, beaches, and dog rest stops. The app is also continually growing as users have already submitted over 6,000 points of interests.

You can also filter your results by state, zip code, and also share any wonderful locations with friends or family.


This app can be considered the Tinder for dogs. You can add photos of your dog to the app, and swipe left or right to find matches of other dogs in your area. This app isn’t just valuable for the dogs but can allow the owner to connect with other dog owners in the area.

You can also change setting to sort by distance and age of the dogs you would like your four-legged friend to connect with.

While relatively knew it is a unique concept and should be a new addition to any dog owners app collection.

Paw Tracks

This dog app is an all in one dog monitoring center. One main feature of the app is that you can track the time and distance of your dog walks.

There is also the options to track the length of time between meals, and each time they do their business.

You also have the unique ability to add other people on the app that may take care of your dog. This will allow you to monitor what a dogsitter or dog walker may do when you aren’t around.


One of the best dog apps out right now is Rover. This is a dog sitting service that allows owners to connect with people that can take of their pet for reasonable prices.

You can filter by distance from your home, price, rating, as well as other options.

Another great feature of the service that the selection process for the dog sitters and walkers are extremely stringent, with less than 20% of all applicants being accepted.

This means only the best of the best will take care of your pup!

Dog Vacay

Similar to Rover, Dog Vacay allows owners to drop their dogs off for overnight stays with reputable dog sitters.

There is even a great option for some sitters to provide taxi services, which gives them the option to take your pet to a scheduled appointment for an additional fee.

The app also provides tips for training your dog, keeping them healthy, and a cool Vacay Cam to keep track of all the fun photos you take on your trip.

Pet Coach

The Pet Coach app is like having a vet in your pocket 24/7. This free app not only gives you access to licensed veterinarians, but you can also look up their glossary of questions if you need an answer in a quick pinch.

Pet Coach Also has hundreds of blog articles that you can read to learn more about improving your dog’s health, and how to develop a nutritious eating plan for them.

Pet First Aid

Powered by the Red Cross, Pet First Aid gives every dog owner the ability to handle emergency situations when getting to a veterinarian may not need to be an option.

The app teaches you preventative care to keep your pet safe, and you can learn over 25 ways to tackle common first aid scenarios.

It is one of the highest rated dog apps on the Google Play store for its category and should be downloaded today!

Dog Breeds

Whether you have a small chihuahua or a larger dog who may be a ringer for Crump’s Bullies, the Dog Breeds app allows you to look up any information you need for over hundreds of different dogs.

There are over 1,500,000 pictures of dogs on the app and is connected to the main website,, a social networking site for pet owners.

The app is still updated regularly and it’s solid reviews make it a must-have for dog owners.

ASPCA Pet Safety

This pet safety app allows owners to plan for emergencies while including the furry members of their family. The app shows you the best way to prepare for an emergency, how to search for lost pets, and even shows you how to create a lost pet kit.

Safety should be the number one priority for any pet owner and this is one of the best dog apps to have on your devices.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

Much like their Pet Safety app, the Poison Control Center app gives the owner a guide to which household items and plants to keep away from dogs, it also includes a color-coded risk assessment.

The app also has a poison calculator for items such as chocolate and rat poison, but the biggest feature is a one-touch dial option to the Animal Poison Control Center.

Which Dog Apps are Right for You?

Whether you need to train your dog to perform a specific task, or need to find a dog sitter for a family getaway, there are a number of dog apps on this list that can immediately become helpful to you and your dog.

If you can easily determine the benefits these apps can have on your dog’s health your four-legged family member wil be jumping for joy!

If you are thinking of breeding your dog contact us today to see how we can help! Don’t forget to check out our blog for the great content involving your adorable pup!

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