A Visit From the Ghost of SEO Future

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Search engine optimization has been a changing set of strategies and actionable theories since the early days of the Web dating back to the early 1990’s.

Throughout the years — strategies have come and gone — best practices became black hat. So on and so forth.

Throughout the years we’ve seen SEO’s use a variety of strategies:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Automated link building
  • Exact match domain names
  • Social stuffing
  • Local optimization

…and so much more.

At its core has been the strategies that remain tried-and-true to this day:

  • Great content
  • Links from high ranking sites
  • Social media participation

But what does the future of SEO hold? Which strategies might we use in the year 2017 and beyond?

Things are about to get… spooky.

A Visit from the Ghost of SEO Future

Will this be a good or bad?

The future of SEO is difficult to predict because Google and other search giants have taken to keeping webmasters in the dark (as per tradition). That’s not to say people can’t figure out the patterns but it will take the time to collect real-world data before declaring them best practices.

Yet, trends can give us a look at what may be next:

  • An Organic Web – Google has been pushing toward using artificial intelligence to better understand the Web and language as a whole. It’s only a matter of time before this technology expands within all aspects of what they offer. It’s likely that this deeper understanding of language and how people interact could mean that content may no longer need to take a hard focus on keywords to tell search spiders what the page is about. The SEO future in this regard may mean your average webmaster could create engaging content even if they aren’t the best content developer due to the natural flow of their delivery.
  • Phones & The Web of Everything – Smartphones and net-ready devices have become a mainstay in our lifestyles. An astounding 89% of people are consuming their online media through apps. Built-in voice assistants collect and contribute to Big Data. Our interaction with smart devices results in reporting usage back to these large corporations, too. In essence: every device we have connected will shape what’s delivered. Perhaps apps are your next destination for 2017 and beyond.
  • Real-time – Google has integrated their Panda update into its core search engine as an attempt to filter and measure results in real-time. Combine this with social media and the fact social is now becoming many of the results found in search results — it becomes clear that Google wants its users to experience the Web as it’s happening. This may mean a need to step up your social interaction, continually update your best features, and test new methods of real-time content (live video?) to your community to keep them engaged and sharing.

Those small business owners and individuals trying to get their name out to the World may find this overwhelming. It can be. In these situations of an unpredictable future that entertaining the idea of investing in the expertise of an SEO company be worth their while.

SEO requires a long-term commitment; it’s not something you do for a week and hope for the best. Handing it over to professionals, understanding a bit on your own, and contributing to the efforts will make the future of SEO not as scary as it seems.

What are your predictions for the SEO future?

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