4 Ways Hemp Oil Will Improve Your Life

Studies have shown the powerful effects of cannabidiol hemp oil in a long list of health problems that include arthritis and inflammation, insomnia, and heart trouble. CBD may even be used as a cancer fighting agent. In the face of the drug and opioid crisis, who wouldn’t want to explore the many natural and, albeit […]

CBD Lotion: Benefits and Best Practices

Does your body suffer from frequent aches and pains? Are you sick of looking for lotions and creams that won’t irritate your sensitive skin? Well, it may be time to look into the benefits of CBD lotion. CBD is making waves in traditional marijuana markets right now. It comes in liquid drops, foods, and now, […]

Natural Pain Relief: 4 Things You Should Try

Pain is a real problem that can damage your quality of life. If you’re reading this article, you probably know that. What you might not know are the real problems that stem from pain pill abuse in American culture. Americans consume 80% of the world’s supply of pain pills. That number isn’t likely to decrease […]