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5 Real Estate Books Every Agent Should Own

August 18, 2017 - By 
Real estate

Every successful real estate agent has a collection of real estate books they swear by.

A good book can be a treasure chest to anybody looking for business success. In it, one can find the secrets of going from a struggling salesperson to a multi-millionaire.

Reading the right books can be the difference between success and failure. Make sure to check out these brilliant guides to the world of real estate.

Think And Grow Rich

Whether they’re looking for a vacation in Italy or a ticket to the NBA finals, everybody wants to be rich. For a person with the drive, Napoleon Hill’s best seller can make it happen.

The book places a lot of emphasis on visualizing success. This is something every real estate agent does: after all, how can your prospects picture living in a house until you can?

There’s a reason so many people in so many fields have brought this book: because it’s a great way to become a financial success.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Today’s world is almost entirely based on the first half of this book. After all, isn’t it independence that leads people to find creative ways to make money online?

But beyond its three independence-based behaviors, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People offers a roadmap to success through interdependence. Real estate can be incredibly collaborative: a book that gives agents a road map to succeeding together is essential.

How To Win Friends And Influence People

You’ve probably been there: you’re in the process of making a sale and your prospect finds a flaw in the house. Maybe it’s major, maybe it’s minor.

Either way, it ends with you hearing that most dreaded phrase in the world of sales: “we’ll think about it.”

One of the reasons Dale Carnegie’s masterpiece is one of the most important real estate books on the planet is that it’s devoted to helping you overcome that speed bump. If you follow its advice, you’ll vastly increase your sales numbers.

Real estate is about influence. That makes this book absolutely essential.

Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard

The ups-and-downs of the market make real estate a tough industry. One minute, you’re selling houses like a pro. The next, the market crashes and you don’t know what to do.

The most successful real estate agents are prepared to deal with changes. It’s the way so many survived the 2008 Real Estate Crisis while so many others floundered in the face of change.

It’s not easy to adjust to a changing market. Read this book to make it easier.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Hyperbolic title aside, Gary Keller’s book is about more than just making money. It’s about constant improvement in real estate.

What separates good real estate books from bad ones is their purpose. While most claim they will make you more wealthy, this one provides a road map to making that wealth possible.

More Real Estate Books

Reading is one of the best ways to succeed in real estate. While no book will make you an instant millionaire, there are plenty to help you help yourself.

You can find these books and more at an affordable price. Browse this extensive collection of E-books and audiobooks to make it happen.


How to Download Logo Graphics for Your Brand Strategy

August 18, 2017 - By 

What do all the successful multi-million dollar companies have in common? They’ve all chosen the perfect graphics to use for their logos.

The big brands know that choosing the right representation for their business is an important key to a successful branding strategy.

Choosing the right graphics can be the difference between making a brand widely recognizable or easily forgettable. Here are some tips on downloading a graphic that brings out the best in any company:

Why Logos are Important in Brand Strategy

It’s difficult for people anywhere to walk pass a Nike sneaker or poster and not immediately recognize the company.

This is a prime example of a large business that has built a brand, even a culture, around a very simple yet powerful logo design.

The logo graphics that a company chooses is the face of their brand. The logo’s main purpose is to make a strong statement that attracts its target audience.

Choosing a logo graphic that is confusing to consumers or one that is difficult for others to relate to can cause people to overlook a company.

Studies have shown that images and colors can affect people’s moods and behaviors. It’s important that brands take the interests and thought processes of their target audiences into consideration.

Summarize the Brand

Figuring out a brand’s identity or a company’s primary mission can help with choosing the right logo.

No need to overthink choosing graphics. A good place to start would be looking at symbols specific to the company’s industry or name. For instance, an education logo might include books, school houses or child toys.

The company’s name might include a hint for what to include in the logo, such as a certain animal or object.

However, not all logo graphics are directly related to the company’s name. A brand can make their logo more unique by creating a customized graphic. There are many programs that allow companies to build and download diy online logos quickly and easily.

Choosing the Right Logo Graphics

Now that there’s an idea of what the logo will look like, it’s time to actually start narrowing down graphics.

The internet is the perfect place to find logo graphics for any business, especially if time is an issue or there’s no extra money to hire a graphic designer.

Businesses can gain access to easy graphic design software with just a little research and patience. A lot of the software is free, high-quality and fairly user-friendly. Be sure to pay attention to which computer systems the programs run best on (Apple or PC).

After downloading the software or finding an online program, search for specific images. Download and save the files that fit best with the brand’s strategic goals.

Narrow down the pile of graphics to choose the perfect one for your business.

Building the Brand

A logo may not be the entire company but it is an important factor in building the brand of a business and attracting customers.

A brand can get left behind by not choosing the logo graphic that best fits the aim of the business.

No need to waste time on finding logo graphics that can take the business to the next level. Use digital downloads via online logo and graphic design programs.

Start building a better brand today!


A Quick Digital Guide to Clothes Washing Symbols

August 17, 2017 - By 
clothing labels

Are you washing your clothes properly?

Do you pay attention to the washing requirements of individual garments, or just throw everything in the machine together and hope for the best?

It’s easy to go for the latter, especially when clothes tags have so many confusing symbols on them.

If you’ve ever wondered what they all mean, you’re in the right place.

Read on for a guide on what all those clothes washing symbols mean.

Understanding Clothes Washing Symbols


Washing symbols are the ones that look like buckets filled with water.

They use dots and lines to show exactly how garments should be washed.

The number of dots in the center of the symbol indicates the temperature of the wash you should use. If there’s only one, use a cold wash. If there are two dots, use a warm one. Three dots mean you should use a hot wash.

Look at the bottom of the symbol for any lines.

If there’s one line underneath, it means you should use the permanent press cycle setting. This is most commonly used for synthetic fabrics. In this type of cycle, clothes are washed in warm water and rinsed with cold water on a slow spin. This helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles.

Two lines mean you should use a gentle cycle. This is usually seen on woolen garments.

Not all washing symbols use dots and lines. You might see one that looks like a bucket of water with a hand in it. This means a garment is not suitable for machine washing, and should be washed by hand only.


Square symbols tell you how to dry your clothes.

If there’s a circle inside the square, it’s suitable for machine drying. However, there’s more to it than that.

If the circle is black, don’t use any heat at all. If it’s white with one dot or more inside, you can use heat. One dot for low, two for medium, and three for high.

As with the washing symbols, lines underneath the square indicate the type of cycle you should use.

If a drying symbol has just a horizontal line inside, the garment should be dried flat. Vertical lines mean it’s suitable for drip drying.


Ironing symbols are simple.

They consist of a little iron outline with dots inside to indicate the appropriate temperature. Or, they have an ‘x’ to show that you shouldn’t use steam, or indeed any ironing at all.

Follow these symbols and use the best iron, and your clothes will stay looking great for longer.

Dry Cleaning

If your garment tag has a blank circle on it, it’s appropriate for dry cleaning only.

This means you shouldn’t attempt to wash it yourself.

If you’re looking for fur coat cleaning, leather cleaning, or anything particularly delicate, seek out a professional cleaning service.

Maintain Your Machine

Following the instructions on clothes washing symbols isn’t all you need to do. If your washing machine isn’t working as well as it should be, it won’t wash your clothes properly.

In fact, it could even damage them.

See our range of washing machine repair manuals to learn how to get your machine working its best.


Is VR Real Estate Tech Really an Industry Game Changer?

August 17, 2017 - By 
Virtual Reality VR Realty

Virtual reality (VR) technology has taken the world by storm.

While it may have gotten off to a shaky start, some estimates say the market will pull in $108 billion by 2021.

Plus, companies like YouTube and Google are now jumping in on the trend. This makes it a great reason to see what it can do for your real estate business.

VR has the power to change the world of real estate. Keep reading to find out why, and to get an update on the latest VR real estate trends.

Why VR is Changing Real Estate

VR is a business-changing trend in more sectors than just real estate. It has the capability of shaking up almost every industry.

For real estate, the implications are especially huge.

This is because it removes the location-related problems you face every day. VR has the power to make the wide world of real estate a little smaller—and easier to manage.

The Latest VR Real Estate Trends

Conducting Walk-Throughs Long-Distance

The possibility of long-distance walk-throughs is perhaps the most exciting VR real estate trend.

Thanks to this immersive technology, you can walk prospective buyers through a home even if they’re located thousands of miles away.

That means no more rushed scouting trips for stressed-out buyers trying to plan their move. You get more time to find them the perfect property, and they get a better buying experience.

That’s just one way to close more deals through VR.

Using Headsets to Fill a Space

Some buyers are just not that gifted when it comes to imagining the potential of a space.

All it takes is a mismatched paint color or outdated flooring to turn them off to an otherwise perfect property.

That’s where VR comes in. Just pop on a headset and switch out the features your buyers don’t like. That way, buyers can really picture themselves in the home and not get distracted by bad wallpaper or an outdated light fixture.

This can be especially helpful for large commercial properties. An empty floor may not look like much at first. However, if you can use VR to fill it with a contemporary open office layout, it may make the difference in your sale.

Embracing Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is another fun outgrowth of VR technology.

This type of tech overlays extra details or more information for viewers, usually through the use of an app. That’s great news if you’re reluctant to purchase VR equipment for your company.

Instead, your buyers could have instant access to stats like appliance age, property tax history, and any recent repairs.

They can do it all through an app on their phones. You could even embed a QR code on your for sale signs that gives passersby a virtual one-sheet—instantly.

Connecting with Customers Online

Maintaining a healthy online presence goes hand-in-hand with embracing VR. If your buyers can virtually view a property online, they should also be able to take the next steps in the transaction in an online environment.

This is especially true for rental companies. For example, thanks to an up-to-date website, no matter where you are in the world, making a down payment or booking rentals in Whistler is easy.

Stay Up to Date on Everything Tech

At Pligg, we offer insights, courses, and deals for everything new in the tech world.

With our help, you can become a pioneer in augmented reality in no time. Visit Pligg today to stay plugged into our changing digital world.


The 7 Most Expensive Sports Tickets of All Time

August 15, 2017 - By 
sports tickets

We all know finding the perfect sports tickets can be expensive.

Whether you’re trying to watch Notre Dame from the 50-yard line or watch the Bulls from the floor, you’re going to be shelling out a pretty penny.

But that’s nothing compared to what fans paid for these:

1. 2010 NBA Finals

Basketball is already one of the most exciting sports around. Add the drama of the championship tournament in, and you are in for an adrenaline-filled, heart-pumping event to remember.

The 2010 championship between the Celtics and Lakers sold tickets for the price of a family home. You couldn’t even sit in the nosebleeds without forking over almost $58,000. Wanna sit courtside? Those tickets sold for over $115,000.

That’s a bit too much for Celtics tickets if you ask me.

2. Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez

Boxing is one of the most exciting sports in the world.

It’s also one of the most expensive—it’s not unusual for high-profile boxing matches to be star-studded affairs.

And with the price of tickets, it might be because you’d need to be a wealthy celebrity just to get in.

Especially when you’re watching someone as popular and controversial as Floyd Mayweather.

Ringside tickets to his match against Canelo Alvarez sold for over $30,000.

3. 2013 Masters

A lot of people find golf to be a dull game. But nevertheless, golf fans shell out serious change for sports tickets to the Masters Tournament.

Tickets to the 2013 tournament cost as much as $4,486.

4. 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony

There’s nothing like the Olympics. 205 nations competed in the London games, and they had the fans to match.

And the most memorable part of any Olympiad is the opening ceremony, complete with the Parade of Nations and an unforgettable show from the host country.

It’s a can’t-miss event, and the ticket prices reflect the steep demand. A single ticket to the opening ceremony cost $4000 online.

5. 2014 FIFA World Cup Final

Nothing brings the world together like football. Not American Football—soccer.

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, so it’s no wonder that the FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular tournaments in the world.

But to see the final match between Germany and Argentina, fans had to pay $990 a piece. Those hardcore fütbol maniacs paid triple that—$3,350—for front row seats.

6. New York Yankees Legend Suite

The Yankees are one of the most beloved (and most hated, depending on where you live) franchises in sports history.

During the regular season, Yankees tickets sell for an average of $101 per ticket. That’s a lot for sports tickets, but if you really want the best experience, you’re going to need to watch the game from a fancier vantage point.

Box seats in the Legend Suite sell for $2,500 a piece.

7. Super Bowl XLIX

Everyone loves the Super Bowl! Even the commercials are a national event.

But if you want to watch the game live, it’s going to cost a small fortune.

The 2015 game had an average ticket price of $5,622.50. But that’s a small price to pay to see Katy Perry dance with some sharks.

Can’t Afford Sports Tickets?

For some of us, getting enough money for sports tickets seems like trouble enough, let alone spending what we could otherwise spend on a new car.

But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying sports. Grill up some burgers, crack open some cold ones and watch the game from your living room.

Play ball!


5 Safety Tips for Using Your Vape Battery

August 15, 2017 - By 
vape battery

Maybe you’ve read it in a magazine or you’ve heard a story from a friend: vape batteries are dangerous, and they can cause serious injury.

It’s certainly true that people have suffered injuries from vape batteries. But, these batteries are no more or less dangerous than the batteries you use in your cell phone or in your TV remote.

In order to avoid injury, you just need to make sure you’re implementing the right safety precautions.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 safety tips for using a vape battery.

Safety Tip #1: Buy Quality Products

This should go without saying, but too many people think they’re being “smart and savvy” by buying cheap vape products.

Quality vape products will cost more upfront, but they’ll last longer and therefore save you more money in the long run.

Your first purchase should be a quality vape. Cheaply made vapes have a much higher risk of explosion. Make sure the vape you select isn’t just one that looks nice. It should have good reviews and be known for its durability.

The same goes for battery purchases: only buy quality batteries from trusted brands. Even the best e cigarette will not be able to withstand a crappy battery.

You should also buy a quality smart charger. Smart chargers come with extra safety features that regular chargers don’t have. These extra safety features will help prevent you from overcharging or discharging.

Safety Tip #2: Battery Cases

You’re planning on vaping outside your home, so you quickly chuck your batteries into your purse or your pocket without a second thought.

While this may seem harmless, it can actually be quite dangerous.

Exposed batteries coming into contact with car keys, loose change, or anything metal in your pocket is bad news. Why?

Because it creates a circuit. And circuits start fires. Putting out a fire in your pants is probably not how you want your day to go.

Luckily, solving this problem is easy. You just need to put your batteries in a battery case. There are all sorts of battery cases sold at vape stores, so getting your hands on one should not be a problem.

Safety Tip #3: Be Aware When Charging

Most of us don’t give a second thought when we plug in an electronic device into its charging port.

However, you should always keep an eye on your vape while charging it. And make sure you’re not:

  • Charging it on a flammable surface
  • Overcharging it
  • Charging in rooms with extreme temperatures (below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 115 degrees Fahrenheit)

Safety Tip #4: Never Use Damaged Batteries

It’s understandable that you want to get the most out of your batteries.

However, using damaged batteries will never end well. If your batteries are frayed, fail to keep a charge, or have some other exposed fault, you need to safely dispose of them immediately.

Safety Tip #5: Don’t Mix and Match Cords and Wall Pieces

Ever forgotten your charger at home and had to borrow a friend’s instead?

Normally it never causes any issues, right?

Although this may be fine with a phone, you shouldn’t do this with your vape batteries. iPhone wall pieces can easily overcharge your battery and cause it to burst. So make sure you only charge with your own equipment.

Vape Battery Safety: Wrap Up

We hope these safety tips come in handy the next time you’re handling your vape battery.

If you have any questions about these tips, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below!


How to Download Easy Graphic Design Software

August 14, 2017 - By 
graphic design

In order for your website to compete with other online businesses, you need to have a sophisticated graphic design scheme.

But achieving that isn’t as easy as you might think.

People go to school for years to learn effective graphic design techniques. If that isn’t a possibility for you, how can you keep up with them?

Downloading an easy graphic design software can solve this problem. With easy graphic design software, most of the hard work is done for you.

In this post, we’ll show you how you can find and download an easy graphic design software solution for your company.

Identify Your Needs

Figure out exactly what you need in a software. The more features a software has, the more complicated it will likely be. It’s important to be sure of what you want so you are not intimidated by the software you choose. Plus, there’s no point in paying for features you’re never going to use.

Ask yourself what kind of business you run, and what kind of business do you want to be?

If you want your web design to be cutting-edge, you need software that helps you translate your vision.

If your target market doesn’t call for complex design techniques, you may be fine with simple software.

You should also consider the length of time you want to devote to graphic design matters. Will your design project be a one-time thing? Or, will you have a consistent need for design work?

If your design projects are mostly ongoing, you should think about hiring a dedicated designer. Look for someone who knows the ins and outs of complicated software. The right software for you is out there. It just takes a little digging.

Easy Graphic Design Software Can Be Free

The best thing about graphic design software is that it is possible to find high-quality versions for free. Even the most professional software packages often have free trials that allow you to use the software for a limited time.

This is important because it gives you the chance to try out a few different graphic design software options without making a substantial financial commitment. If it isn’t working for your company, you can just delete it.

But if you’ve done your research and you know what you want, don’t be afraid to take the leap. Even the most complicated graphic design software can be conquered if you take some time to learn how it works.

Download It!

The final step in the process is to download your graphic design software. First, figure out if the software you are downloading is compatible with your Mac or your PC, depending on what you’re using.

Then, follow the instructions to save the files and install the graphic design software. Now, your software is ready to be explored and tinkered with.

Trends in graphic design are always changing. So, it’s important that you have the software that enables your website to stay relevant.

If you have any more questions about downloading graphic design software, please contact our support team. 


How to Use Kratom: 5 Must-Read Books to Download

August 14, 2017 - By 
green plant

Looking to learn more about kratom powders and extracts? Maybe you’re wondering how to use kratom, or you’re looking to learn where you can find high quality kratom.

As an educated consumer, there are lots of places you can do your research. There are many books written on the subject, and it seems another one is released every week or so.

To help you with your research, we’ve compiled a list of 5-must read books that will teach you how to use kratom, and so much more.

Your homework starts here.

Kratom 2nd Edition: Everything You Need To Know To Harness The Power of This Potent Plant

You can download this book at Amazon right now. It provides you with a good, 38-page dive into the subject at a good price point of $9.50, although it’s currently on sale for $4.00. So if you’re ready, you will want to act now.

It’s written by the good people at Get Ahead, who have written other helpful books such as:

  • Phenibut: Your Ultimate Guide To Unlocking Your Social Side & More With This Powerful Pill
  • Kava: The Most Effective Natural Supplement For Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
  • Piracetam: What is Piracetam, Its Uses, Benefits and Best Dosages

As you can see, they’re in the wellness business.

Kratom: The Truth About Mitragyna Speciosa: An Introductory Guide to Capsules, Powder, Extract, and the Full Effects

If you prefer the iPhone or iPad to the Kindle, this book is your best bet. You can download it here.

It was written by Colin Willis, who has also written such books as “Smart Drugs: The Truth About Nootropics.”

Kratom: Kratom for Beginners: Beginners Guide to Understanding Kratom

If you prefer to go the audiobook route, you can pick this up from Audible right now.

It’s a quick and digestible 33 minutes. It’s also a very affordable $3.95, or it can be free if this is your first Audible download. You get one free book when you sign up.

It was written by author Micheal Kratom, who has also published:

  • How to Analyze People: Human Psychology, Read People, Analyzing People
  • How to Read Minds, Body Language
  • Kratom: The Bible – From the Heavens: Quitting Pain Pills & Opiates with this Divine Leaf!
  • Reiki for Beginners: Reiki Step by Step Guide, The Definitive Guide

Using Kratom for Chronic Pain and Restless Legs Syndrome

Did you know that one in ten adult Americans suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), also known as Willis-Ekbom Disease? It costs us countless hours of sleep, every single night, but kratom has been shown to help.

You can learn more by downloading this book to your Kindle today.

What is Kratom

Or, if you want to go the completely free route, you can download this quick and free ebook, by Kimberly Sinacola and Allen Harris.

It should give you a good overview of the uses, benefits, and future of kratom.

Learn How to Use Kratom

We hope this list has been helpful! Kratom is making a big difference in people’s lives and we’re always happy to help anyone who wants to know how to use kratom.



5 Tips for Keeping Your Personal Data Protected

August 11, 2017 - By 
personal data

The dawn of the email was a massive step for the world of technology.

The transition from snail mail to email in the 21st-century life became a fantastic opportunity for people to chat in a near-instantaneous platform.

Stamps are quickly becoming obsolete. The opportunity to communicate immediately via email has become the norm, and keeping up with friends and family in different cities and states have become easier than ever.

All of these exciting digital changes have been made possible by the advent of email.

However, nowadays email has become such a standard practice that it’s easy to forget the importance of personal data protection.

Over 272.3 million stolen accounts were recently traded in Russia’s criminal underworld.

These types of situations are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s global economy, so locking down personal information is wildly important.

5 Tips for Keeping Personal Data Protected

1. Choose a Quality Password

Anything and everything online is becoming password protected.

Very few sites allow access without creating an account and requiring users to log in.

The importance of a strong password is probably the number one key to personal data protection.

Using a healthy mix of letters, numbers, and symbols is a great rule of thumb for creating a password that is hard to hack.

Further, avoid using the same passwords for different accounts. If one account gets ‘hacked’, then the security of all other associated accounts could be compromised.

For example, a new GMAIL account created by accessing will be utilized for a number of different other programs and applications, especially, if using Google Chrome.

2. Don’t Save Passwords

Many people write things down to remember, however, when it comes to passwords that are associated with online accounts – this is a big no-no.

Choose passwords that are relatively easy to remember, personally, but include enough number, letter, symbol combinations that they remain strong and difficult to hack.

Just don’t write those passwords down in a book, on a sheet of paper, or anywhere where wandering eyes could see.

3. Don’t Overshare on Social Media

This is a generation of oversharers!

Many people choose to utilize numerous social media platforms where tons of information is shared, literally, across the world.

Some of the most common passwords include birth dates, names of children and/or spouses, anniversaries, and other personal information and dates.

For someone trying to hack into a personal email account, or any account for that matter can hack password combinations with just a few pieces of personal information.

4. Avoid Clicking on Suspicious Email Links

Ever heard of the term ‘phishing’?

This term refers to the activity that hackers use to ‘fish’ for personal information.

Sending links via emails that have been compromised are becoming some of the most common issues associated with having personal information leaked.

As a great rule of thumb – don’t click any link that seems even remotely suspicious or out of the ordinary.

5. Lock Computer

Lock, lock, lock down that computer.

At work, at school, at a coffee shop – anywhere the computer is turned on – make sure to have that device lock ASAP when not in use.

Simply choosing to lock a computer after a minute or two could be the most simple process to personal data protection.


5 Law eBooks Every Aspiring Attorney Must Read

August 11, 2017 - By 
law ebooks

Practicing law is not for the faint of heart. The law isn’t perfect, so anyone who aspires to become a lawyer should be prepared to be let down by the justice system on occasion.

Those future letdowns will certainly be a lot easier if future law students prime themselves for them. And what better way to prime themselves than by reading a few law eBooks that will put them in the right state of mind?

From fiction to instruction texts, here are five eBooks that aspiring law students might want to check out:

1. 1984 by George Orwell

George Orwell’s 1984 is considered to be one of the most influential pieces of fiction ever written. Because of its subject matter, it is a must-read for future lawyers.

The novel is a dystopian one in which a sort of totalitarian government has trampled on the rights of its citizens. There is no real sense of privacy, and that lack of privacy is one of the book’s overarching themes.

The novel should make future lawyers think about what the scope of the law should be so that they may challenge conventions in the future.

2. Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Dickens, like Orwell, has at least one popular classic novel under his belt, and Bleak House is one of them. The conflict which lies at the center of the novel is a case which involves multiple conflicting wills.

Dickens uses the novel to satirize the then English judicial system, and the takeaway for aspiring lawyers might just be that the process is ineffective sometimes.

3. Letters to a Law Student by Nicholas McBride

Unlike a couple of the law eBooks on this list, Letters to a Law Student is not a work of fiction. It’s an instructional text that aims to help future law students prepare themselves for law school.

Well, at least for their first year of law school. They’re on their own after that, but McBride’s text is still a good one to add to a collection of law-related texts on an E-reader.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

How does an attorney measure success? Does he or she take pride in using a sophisticated custom domain (e.g.,, etc.)?

Or perhaps an attorney measures success by how many cases he or she has won.

The fact of the matter is gauging success in this way is not advisable. As Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird can teach any lawyer, future or present, justice isn’t always done, which means that even good attorneys don’t always win cases for their innocent clients.

5. What About Law? by Catherine Barnard, et al

Similar to Letters to a Law Student, What About Law? is all about…well, law. The book is for teens who are considering going into law in the future.

Its primary purpose is to give its readers some idea of what practicing law entails so that they can decide whether or not it’s something that they want to do for the rest of their lives. For those who are hesitant about going into law, this one is definitely a necessity.

Download These Law eBooks Today

Well, there they are. Five law-related eBooks that should get any aspiring attorney thinking about his or her future in law. After reading some these books, things might look a bit bleak, but attorneys will have good days and bad days.

But the good days will always make the profession worth it.

So if you’re not too spooked, go ahead and start thinking about the future. You can sift through our humble selection of law ebooks in our marketplace.


5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Accident Attorney

August 9, 2017 - By 

Accidents happen so fast, but in that moment, lives may be changed. Severe injuries can affect your ability to work and provide for yourself.

The demand for personal injury lawyers is growing – because an accident attorney can help you receive the compensation you’re due.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to hire an accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

1. A Good Accident Attorney Will Take Care of Everything

You need to focus on recovery, and having a good attorney is essential for that. You don’t have the time to research and file your case all by yourself.

Simply put, while you’re getting better, you don’t want to be stressing about a legal case.

A good accident attorney such as Stephen Babcock will take control of everything your case involves, so you can relax, knowing you’re well represented and your case is progressing smoothly.

2. Lawyers Will Investigate on Your Behalf

Lawyers will build your case from the ground up. They will collect witness statements for you, identify the cause of the accident and put together a strong collection of evidence which will back up your case.

They use a team of expert investigators to do this, who will make sure every aspect of the case is as well-researched and watertight as it can be.

3. You’re (Probably) Not an Expert Negotiator

Around 95% of personal injury cases are settled before they come in front of a judge. Settling a case involves negotiating with other parties involved in the accident, who may be counter-suing you at the same time your case is ongoing.

This can get very sticky, very quickly. For someone without experience, it can be very difficult to hold your own against aggressive lawyers representing the other side of the case.

Lawyers are trained negotiators, who will not bend to pressure and fight your corner every step of the way. They won’t give in to the other side’s demands and will get much better results than someone who lacks experience.

4. An Expert Will Avoid Common Errors

The legal system is notoriously complicated. There are complex procedures to follow, filing deadlines to meet, and many other difficulties.

Plus, you have to consider both state and federal law to fully understand how your case will be handled. A lack of understanding of the law could see your case thrown out of the court systems – wasting lots of time and money.

An experienced attorney will guide your case through these problems with ease.

5. Legal Strategy is Everything

Having a good legal strategy before heading to court or negotiation means that you have a strong hand.

Knowing exactly what to do and say in court, and how to respond to the other side’s arguments are an attorney’s specialties.

Picking Your Lawyer

Before you choose a lawyer, test your accident attorney’s knowledge with these 5 important questions before handing over your case.

We hope that this guide helps you find the right lawyer for you, and we wish you the best of luck with your compensation claim.


5 Ways to Earn Spare Cash Online

August 8, 2017 - By 
cash online

Does the idea of making extra money while you’re at home in your pajamas sound like the dream?

If you’re one of the six million Americans who would prefer to work full-time, then it could be the easiest way to supplement your income.

Check out our top five ways to earn cash online:

1. Enter Competitions

If you’ve got a knack for thinking up catchy phrases, entering competitions could be an ideal way for you to make some extra bucks.

Some competitions can be simpler than others. You may have to think of a new company name or create a campaign slogan. There are even opportunities to submit ideas and messages for greetings cards if you’re feeling particularly creative.

And, you can also win cash or products by sharing how you’d use certain items, or what certain brands mean to you.

2. Online Betting and Games

If you’re a big sports fan or know your way round a roulette wheel, then you can use these skills and knowledge to earn extra cash online.

With the right odds and good tips, betting on sporting competitions like baseball games or golf tournaments can offer big pay-outs. Just remember to bet with your head and not your heart.

If online casinos are more your style then there are plenty to choose from. And for bingo fans, playing online with the big tease can generate some serious extra cash if your luck’s in.

3. Selling Online

If you’re a hoarder then a great way to make money online is by selling your old stuff.

Of course, you can sell just about anything on eBay. But there are many other sites devoted to helping you sell specific items, such as books, CDs, and clothes.

Some sites do a lot of the work for you, but they also take more commission. Do your research to find out which site suits your preferences.

If you have to list items yourself then make sure to disclose any faults and include good quality photos.

If you’re selling clothes then take photos of you wearing them. Styling items up with accessories and a plain background will increase sales.

And, if you have a really great eye for fashion then you might even consider buying items for resale. Influential fashion blogger Rumi Neely got started by selling vintage thrift store finds on eBay.

4. Blogging and Vlogging

While we’re on the subject of bloggers, building a blog can be another way to make cash online. And, if you work hard at it then you can even turn it into a full-time career.

However, it’s probably the most labor-intensive way to make money online. In fact, it could be years before you have enough readers to attract sponsored posts, affiliate links and advertising.

This is why it’s crucial that you are passionate about your blog and the topics you plan to write about.

Not much of a writer? You could always start uploading videos to YouTube and make money from advertising. Your videos can be about anything, from makeup tutorials to comedy sketches – just use your imagination!

5. Online Surveys and Opinion Polls

If want to earn spare cash online but don’t have a whole lot of time, participating in surveys and polls is a perfect way to make small amounts of cash fast.

Polls and surveys can vary in length and generally pay accordingly but expect to earn between $1 and $5 for most surveys.

Some will pay in points, which you can then redeem for vouchers, or some will deposit cash in your PayPal account.

Are you ready to Earn Spare Cash Online?

Here you have five great ways to make some extra money online. Depending on your availability and skills you might find some of these ways more appealing than others.

But, whichever you choose, having a PayPal account already set up will make receiving money a lot easier.

Also, you’re likely to receive a lot of spam, so remember to keep track of all the sites you’ve registered with. You don’t want to accidentally delete a genuine notification about a cash bonus or a competition you’ve won!

And don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for inspiration on how to make yourself some extra money online.


Protecting Your Information: IT Cloud Solutions and Security

August 7, 2017 - By 
cloud solutions

Every week we see more companies making it into the headlines due to embarrassing security breaches.

Just recently, the phone numbers and pin codes of 6 million Verizon users were left online for a little over a week. Other large companies such as Chipotle, Arby’s, and Sak’s Fifth Avenue have all dealt with major security breaches in the past year.

But, large companies aren’t the only ones at risk. In just the past 12 months, 14 million small businesses have been hacked.

What’s especially terrifying is that unlike large companies, who have the money and resources to recover from security breaches, small businesses are often forced to close down because of these breaches.

In fact, small businesses shell out an average of $38,000 to recover from a single security breach. As you can imagine, this is a lot of money for a small business to fork over. As a result, 72 percent of businesses end up shutting down 24 months after a data breach. 

So, how are you supposed to protect your business from getting hacked?

While there is nothing you can do to guarantee safety, securing your IT cloud solutions is one way to decrease your chances of getting hacked. The cloud offers some huge advantages, but it can be a security nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can secure your IT cloud solutions.

1. Devise Difficult to Guess Passwords

Most professionals know better than to use “1234” or “password” or a similarly obvious sequence to encrypt their accounts. But, the best passwords go a step beyond just avoiding the obvious.

Your password should contain upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and special symbols. It should also be at least 10 characters long.

2. Know Who’s Accessing What

Staff members and third-party vendors should only have access to the data they need in order to perform their jobs.

Privileged users such as employees with access to highly valuable information and data administrators, should receive training on securely handling cloud archive systems and data and should be put under a higher level of scrutiny.

3. Back Up Sensitive Files

Syncing and file sharing is too often used as a replacement for external devices. But, in the event of a security breach, these files could easily be lost.

Therefore, all sensitive files should be backed up both physically and virtually. This is the only way to guarantee your firm will have access to their data in the event of a hack or a crash.

4. Separate Business and Personal Data

Many companies implement a bring your own device to work policy, and that’s totally fine.

However, you want to make sure you clearly communicate to your employees what kind of information can and cannot be stored on their personal devices. If they are allowed to store sensitive business information on their personal devices, you need to make sure they are following the appropriate encryption codes.

5. Keep Extremely Sensitive Information Out of the Cloud

Even if you follow the strictest protocol, there’s no guarantee that your cloud storage location is completely fail-proof.

So until cloud providers can guarantee the same level of security as internal business serves, it’s best to store your extremely sensitive information elsewhere.

IT Cloud Solutions: Wrap Up

Remember, no business is completely immune to an attack. Hackers are continuing to develop more sophisticated ways to invade data storage.

Being proactive with your Cloud security measures is the best way to ensure your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Please leave us a comment if you have any questions about the measures we suggested.


5 Surefire Ways to Rapidly Sell Your House

August 7, 2017 - By 
sell your house

When it comes to selling your home, the first ten days are the most important. The longer that your home sits on the market, the less likely it is that it will sell without you having to drop your asking price.

The longer a home sits unsold, the more likely buyers are to wonder why it’s not selling. They will think there is something wrong with it that’s driving other buyers away.

That is why it’s so important to sell your home quickly. These tips will make sure you sell your home lightning fast!

1. Store that Clutter!

Buyers are way more likely to be interested in an uncluttered home. Shelves and tables overflowing with clutter make the rooms in your home feel smaller.

This also goes for extra furniture. While you may get good use out of the extra seating and end tables in your living room, too much furniture makes rooms feel cramped.

Consider putting some of your extra things into storage while you are showing your home.

2. Clean Homes Sell Faster

Your home should be spotless for every showing. Dirty floors or a moldy shower can actually lower the price that buyers are willing for your home.

A messy or dirty environment puts buyers in a bad mood and makes them think more negatively about your home.

3. Stage Your Home Inside and Out

Once you’ve tidied and cleaned, it’s time to stage your home.

Staging basically gives your home a makeover. You need to redecorate in a way that is appealing to buyers.

This can include repainting rooms in more neutral tones. You can buy cheap decorations such as flowers, fruit, and decorative soaps and towels for the bathrooms.

Staging your home’s outside is also important. Planters with bright flowers, a well-mown lawn, and good outdoor lighting all make your home look great. Some quick landscaping can make potential buyers feel more positive about your home before they even open the front door.

4. Have an Open Schedule

The more opportunity for people to come see your home, the more likely it will be sold.

You should try to have a very flexible, open viewing schedule. Weekends are absolutely key. It’s when most people will want to view homes, so make sure you are completely available.

It may be frustrating to have to organize your schedule around viewings but remember: if you sell your home fast, it won’t be a problem for long.

5. Price Your Home Competitively

You might be wondering, “What’s the most important tip to sell my house now?”

Competitive pricing.

Pricing a house too high will turn off many potential buyers. If they think it is out of their budget range, they won’t bother coming for a viewing.

A house with an attractive price, on the other hand, brings in more viewings. And when you’ve used the above tips to stage your house, buyers who have fallen in love with your home will submit competing offers.

Find an agent who can market a competitive price without dropping too low. You still want to sell your home for as much as possible!

Bringing It All Together

These five tips are key to selling your home fast. An open viewing schedule and competitive pricing will entice buyers. Clearing clutter, cleanliness, and a well-staged home will make them fall in love.

With the right agent and the right attitude, you can start getting ready to sell your home fast, today!


5 Suggestions for Writers Doing Their Taxes

August 7, 2017 - By 

Welcome to the world of the independent contractor.

You have all the freedom to set your own hours, regulate the flow of work that you take in and be your own boss. But with this freedom comes additional responsibility.

As a writer, you’re now your own HR, payroll, accounting, marketing and IT department.

Writer’s taxes is a very important money management role to embrace as a freelancer.

Let’s explore what you need to know.

Self Employment Tax

As an employee, employers don’t just offer you benefits. They pay half of your medicare and social security tax.

The rest is withheld from your paycheck.

But when you’re self-employed, you’re your own employer. No one helps you pay part of the bill. Plus you’ll owe income tax.

This can catch some freelance writers off guard. Your taxes will be as much as 1/3 higher than your office-bound friends’.

But don’t dismay. You also have deductions, credits and depreciation that you can claim to offset this. is the source of truth for understanding what you can claim. Additionally, professional tax software will guide you through the process.

The Hobby-Loss Rule

You work part time at as a grocery clerk. And you pick up articles to write from time to time. It helps you pay for the unexpected expenses. But most of the time, your grocery job pays the bills.

Is writing a job or a hobby?

It’s very important to know the difference.

A job is something that you do to try to make a living. Even if that income is very small at the start, if your goal is to make it a profitable business, then it’s a job.

If you don’t really need the money, work when it’s convenient or only do it because you love writing, it’s a hobby.

If it’s a hobby, then you can only deduct your business expenses from the income that you earned. If those expenses take the income down to 0, you can’t deduct anymore.

If it’s a job, then you can take a “loss”. That’s negative income. You spent more than you made.

Commonly Over-Looked Deductions For Writers

We can’t possibly cover all the deductions here, so here’s a list of commonly overlooked deductions that you need to know about:

  • Depreciation – The declining value of a large asset like a computer
  • Home office – The space in your home that you use exclusively for work
  • Depreciation of your home – You can also deduct a portion of the value of your home
  • Utilities
  • Internet
  • Insurance

If any item is used for both personal and business, you can only deduct a percentage based on the amount of business use.

Commonly Mis-Claimed Deductions

  1. You can only claim a phone for your business if you have two phones or lines.
  2. Travel & Food must be related to the business, like meeting with a client. Not your daily lunch.
  3. Lounge outside while working? That doesn’t mean you can claim landscaping,  pool chemicals or a new privacy fence. Sorry!
  4. You must subtract the value of your land before claiming home depreciation. Land, theoretically, doesn’t depreciate.

Quarterly Tax Payments

If you’re making money as a writer, then you need to pay quarterly payments to the IRS on April 15, June 15, Sept 15, and Jan 15.

They’ll give you a pass the first year if your income isn’t steady yet. But after that, expect penalties. You can pay the IRS online.

Doing Writer’s Taxes

Invest a little time to learn about taxes. It will help you pay what you owe and avoid surprises down the road.

Would you add any quick tips for writers doing taxes? Comment below.


Why Revenue Cycle Management is Necessary in Healthcare

August 4, 2017 - By 

There are many components that go into running a successful healthcare organization. From hiring medical staff to keeping the offices clean, each aspect of the practice needs careful tracking and management.

No matter the size of the organization, keeping track of revenue is paramount to making the organization successful. It doesn’t matter if the business is a multi-state hospital or a one-doctor practice.

Keep reading to learn more about revenue cycle management and why it’s important.

What Is Revenue Cycle Management, Exactly?

Revenue cycle management (RCM) in healthcare is the set of activities that tracks revenue activities. This includes billing, collecting payments, and claims processing.

To manage these activities, health care offices need medical billing software. This software helps them keep track of patient billing, claims filing, and claims follow up.

The overall RCM process also includes:

  • Collecting patient co-pays
  • Codifying and tracking claims
  • Inquiring about rejected claims
  • Patient eligibility

A well thought-out RCM system simplifies the process for doctors and staff. RCM systems can also communicate with electronic medical record software (EMR). This closes the gap between the business and medical sides of the practice.

What Are Current Problems With Billing in Medical Practices?

The main problem with revenue management in medical practices is human error.

Often, there is a lack of communication between administrative and medical staff about what has been recorded. This leads to long lag times in entering information and submitting claims.

Administrative staffers often don’t receive proper training on how to manage the revenue cycle. Most revenue activities occur in a waterfall manner. If one person does something wrong, the next person cannot complete his or her task.

Why Is RCM So Important?

The key to understanding the question “why is revenue cycle management important” is understanding how detail-oriented a medical practice is.

Medical offices need to keep meticulous records. Patient visits, claims filing, and full accounting records for tax purposes must all be kept.

The most important reason a healthcare organization needs an RCM system is to follow up on filed and denied claims. In 2015, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reported that 10% of claims are denied. Of that 10%, 2% were from incomplete forms and 0.11% were from incorrect codes.

To put that into perspective, the CMS receives 4.6 million submitted claims each day.

Those denied claims are a huge drain on a practice’s money and time. An administrative staffer must find each mistake and resubmit each claim.

A revenue cycle management system can help minimize errors in claims filings. It can also help the administrative staff remember to follow up about re-submitted claims. These activities help put money back into the medical practice’s accounts.

An RCM can help with these other revenue-generating activities:

  • Reminding patients of their appointments (missed appointments = no revenue)
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Help the billing department find inefficiencies and discrepancies in the accounts


Revenue cycle management is of the utmost importance to medical practices, no matter the size. Investing in an RCM can help a health care business save thousands of dollars each month.

Once you install an RCM, you’ll be amazed by how smoothly your practice’s billing and collections run.

If you’re sick of how your practice’s revenue is managed and don’t want to see more dollars fall through the cracks, invest in an RCM today!


How to Create Your Own Digital Manual

August 3, 2017 - By 

In a digital age, what happens to non-digital information?

Most often, it gets ignored! These days, most people will hit Google the first time they encounter a problem – even when it’s their health!

But that’s a good thing if you can take advantage of it. By offering digital manuals online, you extend the promotional reach of your company.

That’s why we’ve put together some points to consider for creating an effective digital manual.

Determine Your User

The single most important step in writing a successful manual is knowing your user is.

First, create a single sentence that defines who your user. This can be something as simple as “Users of Plantronics Headsets“. This short scope will keep you focused on answering your users’ questions.

Without thinking about your user in advance, you risk drifting off-topic. You may find yourself answering questions outside the scope of your intended purpose.

Create a Logical Outline

Knowing your user should help you create your structure.

Without a logical outline, you’ll just be winging the content. Your guide won’t have any rational flow. A good user guide works step-by-step, beginning to end.

Build a general contents page first. Write down all of the topics you want to cover in your manual. Then rearrange these topics into their most logical pattern. You may find yourself having to shift a section as you write the manual, but creating an outline at the start will give you a structure to work from.

Make It Visual

There’s nothing more boring than a manual without images. And what’s more, images will help your users understand the content!

Words without a visual guide can be hard to follow, so consider using the right images to highlight key points and hold your users’ attention. With a digital manual, you can offer full-color images and even links to videos! It’s a lot harder to do this with a traditional manual, and that’s one reason digital downloads are outpacing physical media.

Diagrams, step-by-step images, and tables are all great ways to present your information visually.

Make It Easy to Access

If you’ve gone through all the trouble of creating a manual, you want your users to see it. If users can’t find your manual, you’ve wasted your time creating it.

Especially in an age of short attention spans, where you display something is as important as what it contains. Make your user manual very easy to find. Link it from the product page, or even your main page if appropriate. Make sure the link includes the word “manual” and the name of the product.

This kind of forethought not only helps your users, but it builds their confidence in you. Making this information easy to obtain gives your users a positive attitude toward your company. How many times have you been frustrated by trying to find something on a website? That feeling translates into frustration with your company itself.

Create a Digital Manual Now

As you can see, creating a digital manual doesn’t have to be complicated. By keeping these points in mind, you could create one easily and improve your promotional reach.

Be sure to follow our blog for up-to-date digital hints and tips!


Why Vaping Continues to Dominate the Classic Cigarette

August 2, 2017 - By 
why vaping

While naysayers might try to dismiss vaping as a passing trend compared to smoking, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, especially with former smokers looking to quit. People who vape have a 60% greater chance of quitting smoking if they take up vaping.

And it’s not just replacing one vice with another. Vaping does not carry the same negative effects that smoking does. From overall health to taste to style, we’ll show you why vaping is leaving cigarette smoking in the dust — or should we say cloud?

Vaping is Safer

The health benefits are the most important reason that people leave behind cigarettes for vaping.

More and more studies are showing that vaping is not nearly as bad for you as smoking cigarettes is.

With vaping, you still get the same nicotine hit and throat feel — without the extra negatives that come with smoking cigarettes. Namely, they don’t contain tar, carbon monoxide, and many other cancer-causing chemicals present in cigarettes.

And while nicotine still isn’t good for you, it is much safer to inhale without the extra toxins.

Plus, it is more effective at helping people quit smoking than nicotine patches or going cold turkey. This is because it also feels like smoking.

It is more satisfying than a nicotine patch because you still get the feeling without the health dangers. Quitting smoking is hard enough, and having a vape can make it much easier.

Vaping Tastes Better

While health may be the most important reason people switch from cigarettes to vaping, it’s not the only one!

Vaping just plain tastes better. There are way more flavor options than you can get with traditional cigarettes. Plus, unlike flavored tobaccos, they actually taste good!

So you can get the satisfaction of smoking with candy-like flavor with a fruity e juice.

If fruity flavors aren’t your style, there are e juices for everything from minty to savory. There’s even tobacco-flavored e juice. That’s a perfect substitute if you find yourself missing the cigarette flavor.

Vaping is Cheaper

On top of being safer and better-tasting, switching to vaping saves you money.

Consistent smokers can save 40% of their annual spending on cigarettes by taking up vaping. You get the greatest savings by investing in a good reusable vape and buying juices.

The juices tend to be much cheaper than a pack of cigarettes with the same amount of nicotine.

If someone spends $1000 a year on cigarettes, for example, they would save $400 per year by switching to vaping. Year after year, that adds up to a lot of dough!

Wrapping Up

There’s a reason cigarette sales are going up in smoke!

Vaping has many benefits that make switching a no-brainer.

The fact that it is better for your health and reduces your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals should be enough of a reason to switch. The many delicious flavor options and the savings are the cherry on top.

If you’re ready to take control of your health and wallet, trade in your cigarettes for a vape today!


Do the Math: 4 Business Finance Solutions to Utilize Today

August 1, 2017 - By 

Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, finances can be tricky.

You need to keep revenue rolling in consistently to pay for the expenses that keep your company going.

If you don’t, you could end up joining the ranks of the 80 percent of companies that fail, many in only 18 months.

Want to ensure a different fate for your company? We’ve got you covered. Here are four actionable business finance solutions to utilize.

1. Budget, Budget, Budget

It doesn’t matter the size of your company. It doesn’t matter how much money you have coming in: budgeting is key.

Each week or month, sit down with a few employees for an hour or so. Discuss the amount of revenue coming in. Is this your goal income or could you be doing better?

Next, draw up your budget. Make sure to account for surprise expenses which could crop up at the last second.

Revenue can fluctuate from week to week or month to month. For that reason, it’s important your budget is flexible. You might have to tighten your spending for a period and then loosen it once more revenue comes in.

2. Use Merchant Services (and Other Tools!)

Merchant services and other tools can make your life easier. After all, your job responsibilities likely involve more than planning finances from day to day.

Merchant Connect is one such service you can use for your business financial planning.

Their services include travel agency and medical claims processing, virtual merchants, terminals and card readers, point-of-sale (POS), accounting software, and so much more.

Tools can combine processes, digitally manage your finances, and do complicated math without human error. Consider one or several of these tools for your day-to-day work life.

3. Have a Plan

At the start of each quarter, you need to create a financial plan for the next several months.

With analytics and other financial software, you can review the past year and use it as a barometer for the year to come. By predicting trends both positive and negative, you can adequately prepare.

If revenue is less than expected, for instance, you’ll know what to do because you planned for it. You might have to reduce spending, roll out a new product, or change marketing tactics, for instance.

Even when revenue is better than expected, you still need to have a plan. This prevents you from overspending and having to pinch pennies later in the quarter.

4. Outsource If Need Be

Managing the company’s finances can be a lot of work, and it’s probably a job too massive for any one individual. This becomes truer the more employees your company has.

That’s why it may be best to outsource certain job responsibilities, such as bookkeeping and accounting.

Yes, hiring third parties does cost money. That said, you’ll recoup that money back over time. These finance professionals will prevent costly mistakes you yourself may have made.

For that reason alone, it’s worth considering hiring them.

Looking to manage your company’s business finance solutions? Want to use some of the handy tools we mentioned above? Check out Pligg.

This digital download marketplace is a great resource for finance professionals. You can download documents and eBooks sure to make managing your finances easier.


8 Websites Where You Can Legally Download Movies

August 1, 2017 - By 
download movies

Everyone loves a good movie. Who doesn’t love a movie even more when it costs nothing to watch?

The Internet is full of illegal websites that promise free downloads. But, most of these websites are illegal. Illegally downloading or streaming movies or television is piracy.

Online piracy is a growing problem. In 2016, there were more than 191 billion visits to piracy websites. Streaming piracy, which includes film and TV, accounts for almost 77% of all piracy.

If you are caught illegally downloading movies, you could face jail time. Fines can range up to $250,000.

Your once free download may cost you a quarter of a million dollars!

Looking to get your on-the-go entertainment fix without the risk? If so, you’re in luck!

Keep reading to learn about 8 websites where you can legally download movies.

8 Legal Websites to Download Movies

Netflix and Hulu provide a vast selection of movies and television shows. But what if you don’t want to pay?

Here are 8 legal websites to download movies that you’ll want to check out!

1. Crackle

Crackle is owned by Sony, so you can count on having plenty of movies to watch!

To use Crackle you first have to sign up. Once you’re a member, you’ll create a watch list. This will be used to display movie recommendations.

Unlike many other sites, Crackle lets you watch popular movies and television shows. Their library includes:

  • Seinfeld
  • Jeopardy
  • Joe Dirt
  • Iron Man
  • Resident Evil

To keep the site free, users have to watch ads and commercials. A minute-long ad is well worth free entertainment though!

2. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a motherlode of entertainment. Not only can you legally download movies, the site also offers books and music.

The site is easy to browse. You can search by genres, including:

  • Comedy
  • Black Noir
  • Sci-Fi/Horror

The Internet Archive even offers entertainment in various languages.

Looking to watch a movie in German? What about Portuguese? This site has you covered!

To use the site, you’ll need a torrent program. Torrents typically take 30 minutes to download.

3. YouTube

YouTube is home to more than just viral videos of cats and dogs. You can also use the site to get your movie fix. There are several channels that allow you to legally watch movies.

Channels you’ll want to check out include:

  • The Paramount Vault
  • The Documentary Network
  • Full Cinema Channel
  • PizzaFlix

You can also watch YouTube Originals without paying a single dime!

The company has self-produced a variety of shows, including comedies and documentaries. Popular shows to check out include:

  • This Is Everything
  • Bad Internet
  • Lazer Team
  • The Paranormal Action Squad
  • Hyperlinked

4. Open Culture

Open Culture hosts more than 1,100 movies. The best part? The high-quality videos are from all across the world.

Open Culture is more than a site to download movies. The site also offers free language lessons as well as free online courses. You’ll also find:

  • Textbooks
  • eBooks
  • Audiobooks

Don’t let the educational-theme throw you off! This site has a huge collection of Hitchcock and Chaplain films.

5. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a quality site for downloading entertainment for free! The site offers well-known movies as well as independent short films.

On the site you can sort by genre, including family, action and drama. You can even sort by staff picks if you don’t want to make the tough decision yourself.

Aside from movies, PopcornFlix also offers a variety of television shows. The site is the go-to place to get your 90s television fix.

The site offers beloved shows such as:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Inspector Gadget
  • The Big Comfy Couch
  • The Man Show

6. Public Domain Torrents

Very few torrent sites are legal. Public Domain Torrents is a site that you can trust when you want free entertainment.

The site mostly offers classic movies and television shows. You can sort by genre for easy selection. You can also view the newest additions to the site.

Want to watch a movie on the go? Running out of room on your laptop? Want to stream instead of download?

Public Domain Torrents also offers links to legal live streams! You can watch documentaries as well as movies.

7. MovieZoot

MovieZoot offers viewers legal and free movie streaming services.

The site is free because of its advertising-supported business model. While you will have to watch a few ads here and there, the free movies are worth it.

The site provides a wide range of movies. From classics to today’s most popular, you can find a movie to watch any day of the week.

Got a few nights with no plans? Bad weather got you stuck in the house? If so, head to MovieZoot and check out the Binge Watching list.

MovieZoot covers all sorts of genres, including musicals, westerns, and comedies.

The site even lets users create a watch list. Never lose track of the movies you want to watch in the future.

8. Retrovision

Love to watch Lucille Ball on the small screen? Want to re-live your childhood with a night of Dragnet? If classic television is your forte, Retrovision is your go-to site.

Retrovision is home to a variety of classic movies and shows. You can easily sift through the movies by searching by:

  • Genre
  • Name
  • Actors/Actresses

The site also allows you to view all of the available movies at once.

Want to ensure you never miss a show? Sign up for Retrovision’s newsletter to be notified when new content is added.

Your Go-to Source for Digital Downloads

Looking for a manual for your car? Need an e-book to teach you about running a small business?

No matter your digital download need, Pligg can help. Our site offers a wide variety of ebooks, manuals and more.

Check out our site today to find the digital download you need!

You can also visit our blog to boost your knowledge about all sorts of topics. From marketing to tips for art students, we cover it all.


Ensure a Better Vaping Experience With These 5 Items

July 31, 2017 - By 

vapingAre you looking to take your vaping experience to the next level?

If so, you may want to consider investing in some new accessories for your vaporizer. The right accessories can make the experience more enjoyable and even help you better maintain your product.

Besides, using your vape in the same format over and over again can get a little boring.

Here are the 5 most essential accessories to ensure a better vaping experience:


Having the finest grind possible will help you get the most out of your vaping experience. It is truly one of the best investments a regular smoker can make.

If you choose to grind by hand, pollen and other materials will easily get stuck to your fingers. This can reduce the potency of the herb.

However, when you use a grinder, the herbs are much more easy to conserve. You can pack them more tightly into your vape pen- meaning they’ll be exposed to less oxygen. Decreased exposure to oxygen means the herb will burn less before you inhale. The airflow will also be increased.

This means you have more control of how smoothly and quickly it burns.

Most grinders are either aluminum or plastic. They have two interlocking pieces that form a top chamber and a bottom chamber. When you twist the two pieces, they move opposite one another. It is this motion that slices and grinds up the dry herb inside.

You will need to clean your grinder every so often to prevent it from getting clogged.

Vape Case

If you’ve spent a lot of money on your vaporizer, you’re probably going to want to take it out of the house with you from time to time.

But, you also don’t want to risk damaging it during transport. This is where a vape case comes in. With a case, you can take your vaporizer anywhere you want without worrying about damage. Plus, vape cases are great for storing all of your accessories in one place.

Cleaning Tools

With great vaping comes great responsibility.

If you want to get the most out of your vaping sessions, you need to make sure you are cleaning your vaporizer on a regular basis. There are many cleaning kits on the market that come with all the right tools to keep your vape as clean as a whistle.


Every oil vaporizer comes with two main components: the batteries and the atomizer. The atomizer is what turns the liquid oil into vapor.

You have two options for delivering the liquid to the atomizer: with a clearomizer or a cartomizer.

We suggest a clearomizer because its transparency allows you to see your liquid at all times and refill it before it gets too low. This way, you won’t wind up with that awful burning smell that happens when you vape for too long.

A clearomizer, such as the Aspire Triton, also helps you the get clean, natural flavors of the liquid better than the cartomizer.

Smell Proof Bag

We all know how potent the smell of marijuana can be.

Investing in a smell proof bag for your dry herbs is s great option for when you are taking your vape outside the house. 

Wrap Up

With the five items in tow, your vaping experience will be significantly better.

All of these items can be purchased online or at your local dispensary. If you have any questions about these items, please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below.


5 San Diego Videos First-Time Visitors Must Watch

July 28, 2017 - By 
san diego

Visiting San Diego California is a great couple or family trip to take. It offers authentic Mexican cuisine mixed with SoCal’s laid back vibes. The views of the sea are beautiful and every street has historical significance.

Don’t take our word for it though. Those interested in visiting should take a look at these San Diego videos. They show the beauty of the city and its versatility. Take a helicopter time-lapse ride or learn what landmarks are a must see.

Experience a taste of San Diego magic below.

San Diego Videos

Flyover Fun

This helicopter footage gives us a beautiful look at a day in the life of San Diego. Learn what to do in San Diego today by watching the coast panning shots. Zoom in on famous landmarks and watch the sun set over the US Mexican coastline.

Keep an eye out for quaint surfer set ups on the beach, the beautiful San Diego baseball stadium, and see all the way to Mexico. Everything in this video is a breathtaking example of this California SoCal town.

Expert Explorers

In under six minutes, this video teaches the most important things about San Diego. Learn what neighborhoods have historic value and which views are the best. The tuna capital of the world is where California was considered to have first started.

Other features include the National treasures on Navy Pier, including the longest working warship. Pose with your sweetheart next to the kissing sailor statue. There are so many things to do in San Diego, plan enough time to see them all!

San Diego Best Eats

Traveling to a new place isn’t worthwhile unless one tastes the local cuisine. There are so many San Diego videos on food to choose from, but our pick has a great selection.

The best way to experience San Diego food is to eat a lot and often. Rent a bike and pedal along the Pacific ocean to burn off any California burrito calories. Once lunch is worked off, pedal to your next culinary destination.

Don’t miss out on the unique blend of Mexican spices and California surfer culture. Choices range from high scale seafood restaurants and taco shops to food carts. The San Diego culinary world is at your guacamole covered fingertips.

San Diego Zoo Tips and Tricks

The San Diego Zoo is one of the best in the world and this video shows why. They concentrate on natural habitats for their animals along with preservation of species. The zoo is so large, that you have to take a bus to get around it.

When you’ve seen all there is to see, you can take the sky ride back to the entrance. Cruising over the animals with a view of the San Diego skyline will be the perfect ending to an awesome day.


Those looking for something to do after a beautiful California sunset won’t be disappointed. San Diego’s Gaslight district has after dark activities for everyone. Need proof? Check out this video.

Stingaree is an award winning club, perfect for anyone wanting to dance the night away. Those looking for something more mellow can relax on a rooftop bar and chat under the stars. From wine bars to unique cocktails, there’s something for every type of night owl in San Diego

The Best Time to Visit

August and September are San Diego’s top tourist months, so avoid booking a flight then. Once crisp and mild October comes around, hotel prices drop and crowds disperse. In reality, any time is a great time to visit this beautiful California town.

The only question that remains is what to do first!


5 Must See San Francisco Tours

July 25, 2017 - By 
San Francisco Cable Car in California Street

Planning a trip to San Francisco?

The City by the Bay, as San Francisco is nicknamed, has tons of history to share.

For example, did you know the first electric TV was built in San Francisco in 1927?

As you plan your trip, here are 5 must see San Francisco tours that you need to put on your to do list!

1. Chinatown

San Francisco walking tours give you the opportunity to enjoy the city’s beautiful weather and Chinatown is a great place to start.

Chinatown in San Francisco is one of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods.

In fact, it is the oldest Chinatown in North America and also the largest Chinatown outside of Asia.

Filled with culture, Chinatown features amazing restaurants and architecture on its busy streets.

2. The Golden Gate Bridge

Considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world.

You can certainly go over the bridge by car or bus tour, but if you’re feeling especially adventurous, there are two other views you can explore.

You can go under the bridge and view its massive structuring by visiting Fort Point.

If you’re not afraid of heights, helicopter tours offer views of the Golden Gate Bridge from above!

3. Alcatraz – Our #1 Pick For San Francisco Tours

Alcatraz Island is a national landmark in the San Francisco Bay.

On the island is a now-closed historic prison that housed some of the United States’ most infamous criminals, such as Al Capone.

In its 29 years as a federal prison, there was only one supposedly successful escape that took place in 1962.

The island is a haunting place to tour and an absolute must see for visitors of all ages!

4. Embarcadero Center

Embarcadero Center is a complex in the financial district of San Francisco. that houses offices, hotels, and an immense underground shopping center.

As a staple of San Francisco tours, it houses offices, hotels, and an immense underground shopping center.

The shopping center is perfect for walking and some retail therapy.

Embarcadero Center features over 120 retail stores, restaurants with local favorites, and bars that offer a home for the thriving San Francisco music scene.

It’s a great place to pick up a few souvenirs before you finish your trip!

5. Silicon Valley

Although it’s technically out of city limits, Silicon Valley rests in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area and has sights you don’t want to miss!

Silicon Valley is considered one of the top tech regions in the United States.

Tech tourism is growing rapidly.

While touring the area, you can visit Facebook, Apple, and Google’s campuses to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work at one of the tech giants.

You also can get a tour of the Computer History Museum to trace the nostalgic timeline of global technology throughout the century!

Have you gone on San Francisco tours before? Recommend these or other tours to a friend and be sure to pencil them into your schedule for your next visit!



How Can Web Development and Design Impact SEO?

July 25, 2017 - By 

If you’re in business, creating a new website or overhauling the one you have is essential, right? It is, if you understand how it can also have a negative effect on your SEO.

That might sound crazy, but it’s true. The problem is many business owners don’t get that, and then wonder why their ranking has dropped. The fact is, solid web development and design play a crucial role in business success.

It’s a fact that web design elements affect customers’ perception of your business. 94% said they even caused them to mistrust a website.

Web Development and Design: How’s Your UX?

Major changes have taken place in web development and design over the last decade. And whilst your website still needs to look good, there are far more important issues to consider.

The two most important are User Experience and Search Engine Optimization. Of course, you want to drive people to your shop front or online store, but this is how you do it.

User Experience or UX is critical to your ranking success. Google uses UX as a ranking signal, so you have to get it right. UX encompasses everything from usability and content to payment gateways.

Responsive Web Design

Topping the list of UX essentials is RWD or Responsive Web Design. That’s what you need for your new website to rank higher.

A responsive website must be fast to load and easy to navigate. It must also be adaptable to whatever device users view it on. In other words, it needs to be mobile friendly.

Websites that are not mobile friendly will see a drop in their ranking. This is especially true since Google boosted its mobile friendly algorithm last year.

Google Loves Backlinking

Another way to boost your search engine ranking is backlinking. This is where another site links to yours. In other words, others sites are ‘recommending’ yours. Google loves this and will use it to rank your site.

Effective internal linking will also impact your SEO strategy. This is likely to need professional input – something you can get from PC Repair CT.

It’s All About Speed

A common mistake made when overhauling a website is using oversized images and files. Huge pictures may look amazing, but they could be damaging your SEO ranking.

The reason being, your pages will take longer to load, diminishing the UX. As Google says, faster sites create happy users! And around half of your visitors will leave if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

A good web development and design team have plenty of tricks to entertain your users AND boost your ranking. A video is a great online tool and will help promote your brand.

Give Popups The Flick

While we’re on the subject of happy users, avoid using too many pop-ups on your site. It’s a common mistake to add pop-ups when designing a site. You may think it adds visual interest.

What it actually does is annoy most of your users! They start reading a great article on your site and boom, here comes a pop-up! Avoid the temptation.

Effective Keyword Use

Ensure your new website incorporates product pages. To achieve a clean, modern feel, many designers drop product pages from the site or list all products on one page.

The most effective SEO strategy uses one product and keyword per page. Proper keyword placement will improve your rankings. And better rankings means more business.

The smallest design or development change can have a major effect on your ranking. For this reason, it’s usually a job for a professional web development and design team.