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8 Fashion Apps You Need To Download Now

March 22, 2018 - By 

Looking for style with a touch of elegance? The following fashion apps will keep you glowing in style for 2018 and beyond.

You’ll not only look fashionable, you’ll be a fashion icon with access to great deals that look expensive.

With the following fashion apps, you can find your favorite cuts and up-to-date styles that make you look chic with a plethora of options to suit your personal tastes.

You’ll find the online shops with for some great looks for work or play. And many are great for shoppers on a budget.

Some of these fashion apps get the community shopping for you. Ask your community for recommendations and they deliver.

It’s Sex in the City in the digital world. Scroll and swipe through the hottest fashion items and choose the ones that suit your style. And the apps are free.

Let’s get to it.

8 Fashion Apps You Need to Download Right Now

1. Polyvore

Polyvore features hot looks from the world’s top fashion and apparel designers. Your options will be endless. You’ll impress friends and family. And even make some stir with envy.

Scroll through fashionable looks chosen by Polyvore’s stylish community. The app recommends items based on your preferences.

What’s really fun is putting together items from your head to your feet like these cool socks at Yo Sox. Then share them with family and friends.

App Price: Free

2. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is your go-to fashion app guide when you want to look fabulous.

A great feature of this fashion app is it offers suggestions through a web chat program. Discover which fabrics look best on you and which ones are worth the wear.

How many fashion apps have tutorials? Well, this one does. It helps you navigate through an array of attractive styles, special prints and choice fabrics. Learn what makes you shine. You’re bound to find the perfect wardrobe.

App Price: Free

3. StyleDotMe

StyleDotMe, a must-have fashion app for fashionistas of all ages. And the app gives advice from fashion experts, so you get tips from the pros that make you stand out and turn heads.

Still not sure what outfit to wear for a company party or family affair? Poll your family and friends to help you make the fashion decisions. If you need advice in a hurry, try the live timer.

App Price: Free

4. Shein

When you shop for apparel with Shein, you can’t go wrong. Hundreds of trendy looks are available to you every day.

With over 200 new arrivals on the site every day, you’ll have so much to choose from. Add that to thousands of other items and you’re bound to find something stunning.

See something that’s perfect for a friend? Share it with her in the community. There’s a huge social community which makes the app loads of fun bouncing around style ideas.

Not ready to make a purchase? Save your favorite items to your own wish list and buy the items later. Pair outfits together, mix and match sets and separates to get creative.

It’s always a hoot to see if you and your friends choose the same pieces.

App Price: Free

5. Vogue

If you ask any fashion expert who sets the stage for fashion icons, it’s Vogue. And yes, they’re on our list of fashion apps!

The app is for women serious about fashion. On the app, you’ll discover fashion looks, beauty tips, and fashion news.

What’s nice is the app gives your recommendations in the form of stories at first glance. Learn the trends by watching videos of the latest looks, see stunning photos from and Vogue magazine.

If you’re not in the mood to read stories, you can just shop. Or save the stories for a later date.

Get the skinny on beautiful homes, celebrity style, elegant weddings, food, entertainment, and travel. You can save your favorites to view at another time at your leisure.

Don’t forget to set notifications to keep you in the know of the latest items.

App Price: Free

6. Instyle Magazine

Instyle, an app destined to set the trends. Like Vogue, this is one of the fashion apps not to be missed.

Scroll through the latest and greatest fashion trends, the hottest makeup looks and the greatest buys in everything beauty. Get the live news feed and browse through fashion articles.

On the app, you’ll also find fashion videos and the most recent discoveries so you won’t miss a beat. Learn celebrity style secrets that help you dress like an A-lister.

App Price: Free

7. Raposo

They made this app for fashion-forward divas. On Roposo, you have access to a wide community of fashion lovers. Swap stories about style with the community and suggest ideas to each other on what to wear.

See the latest trends in fashion, apparel, makeup and beauty regimens. Don’t miss a good buy with alerts to sales.

Save your favorite looks to your hit list. This celebrity-focused app gets you inspired and gets you noticed.

App Price: Free


This app is a treat for both novice shoppers and serious fashion shoppers who know how to find a bargain.

On its pages, you’ll find the most stylish collections for everyone. Scroll through womenswear, accessories, jewelry and men’s wear-all for a great buy.

The app is easy to navigate with its filter options. Shop by price, color, brands, size, new arrivals and more.

The app makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in a hurry. The catwalk videos are a great way to view how the outfits flow when walking.

Check out the celebrity outfits. Don’t want to miss a bargain? The site app will notify you by email about the sweetest deals so you stay up to date.

App Price: Free

Fashion Apps: The Takeaway on the Runway

Now you have access to eight great free fashion apps to keep you in style. They grant you entrance to stunning looks and great deals in fashion, apparel, accessories, and makeup.

And the best thing–they don’t cost a penny.

So what are you waiting for? Download them now.

Our website provides you with access to great content, news, and products from fashion and software to a whole lot more. Visit our site today.


The Ultimate Guide to Content for Your Parenting Blog

March 22, 2018 - By 

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting your parenting blog, coming up with new ideas for blog topics can cause a short-circuit or two at times.

Here are a few techniques to get those creative juice flowing.

Always Be Prepared

If you happen to be past the diaper bag stage, can you remember back? Do you recall all the items you packed in that thing? It was a virtual convenience/drug/clothing/grocery store. You were prepared for anything.

It’s important to have the same mindset for your parenting blog.

Pen and paper should always be on hand. I keep supplies in my bag, in the glove compartment of my car, and I have a “go bag” for when I’ll be gone for longer periods of time.

Being able to jot down your ideas right when you have them (of, course, please don’t blog and drive!) develops a healthy source of ideas. If you’re not the pen and paper type person, download an easy to use recording app.

Read Other Blogs

One common thread among successful authors is that they’re avid readers — of other authors’ works.

You’re not looking to replicate, simply spur your creative brain into action. Seeing a topic, you might have ideas on how to expand the topic based on one of the individual points. Perhaps you have an opposing viewpoint from the author. Write about that.

By reading other parenting blogs you may notice some of their hidden secrets for creating top-notch posts.

Tackle the Tough Stuff

If you look through your last 20 posts, do they all seem perfectly positive and upbeat? Now, there’s nothing wrong with that but there are times as bloggers that we forget there’s a not-so-pretty side to parenting. Here’s a list of topics for you to research:

  • Children telling lies
  • My three-year-old still isn’t potty-trained
  • The nightmare of toddler sleep regression
  • Death of a grandparent
  • Childhood cavities
  • Dad lost his job
  • My daughter told me she hates me

Taking on a difficult subject will not only stretch you as a writer, it may spur some amazing new ideas.

Treat Yourself to a Latte

Sometimes we get stuck when our structured routine turns into the proverbial rut.

Try this simple fix: a change of scenery.

Grab your laptop and head to the local java joint. (Hint: for this exercise choose the busiest location.)

Don’t be afraid to eavesdrop on the two ladies sitting at the table next door. You’re bound to get an idea or two listening to their stories of success or their tales from the dark side.

It’s Opposite Day

This one is simple. Do the opposite of what you would normally do.

Studies report that doing things like taking a new route on the drive home or switching up your morning routine keep the brain engaged.

Do you sit at the computer in the morning before you shower? (Trust me, I’m a firm believer in there being nothing wrong with that!) Switch it up tomorrow. Take a shower when you get up and — this may sound crazy — dress in “real” clothes, like you would wear for a casual day at the office.

Try listening to a completely different kind of music, or better yet, talk radio. Not a music listener — turn it up today. Do a different type of exercise than usual. Read a magazine instead of a blog article.

Wrapping Up

When you find yourself facing writer’s block try some of these methods above to stimulate ideas. One of the biggest takeaways is to never get comfortable.

For more blogging inspiration make sure to check out our suggestions for blogging tools and writing apps.

Trying new ways of doing things is what creativity is built on. Like Benjamin Franklin once said: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”


8 Sexy Apps You Need To Download Now

March 22, 2018 - By 

Smartphones are a great way to relax and unwind after a long, hard day. But once you’re finished browsing Facebook and posting to Twitter, it may seem like there isn’t much left to do.

On the contrary, you can enjoy some digital debauchery from the very comfort of your small screen. But since there are hundreds of apps released each day, it can be hard to find the latest piece of downloadable fun.

Here are eight sexy apps that you can download for a great time with a partner or just some special time alone.

1) Sexy Truth Or Dare

Remember how exciting truth or dare was when you were a teenager? Well, now it’s been brought to the modern age thanks to Sexy Truth Or Dare.

The general premise is the same, allowing you and other players to choose from either a stunning truth or a scintillating dare.

Though as you may imagine, this has a more “adult” angle to it, with sex-based dares and flirtatious and revealing truth.

If that isn’t quite hot enough for you, you can submit your own truths and dares directly through the app or record your gameplay and let others see the fun.

2) Sexy Texts

As technology evolves, so does foreplay. Perhaps that’s why sending sexts to a partner is such naughty fun. Most couples who have sent or received a sext claim that it’s actually helped their relationship.

Yet people don’t always text back immediately. There’s always a chance you could be around people when you get or receive a sext.

Sexy Texts is all the fun of sexting without any of the potential embarrassment. It’s a private app that lets you and the other recipient send and receive messages discreetly and at your own pace.

You can finally enjoy stimulating conversation without having to worry about embarrassing text pop-ups!

3) Passion

People love tracking physical activity through their smartphones with helpful accessories like Samsung Health or a Fitbit.

But did you know that you can also track your bedroom activities?
Passion is the equivalent of a fitness tracker for sex. Set it on or beside your bed and get down to work.

The app will record audio and movement so you can accurately track your sexual activity.

Should you feel the need to improve your activity, Passion grades each performance on duration, orgasm strength, and activity. Be warned, if it doesn’t think you’re a great lover, it’ll have no problem telling you.

4) iKamasutra

You can take the world’s most famous adult book with you wherever you go with iKamasutra.

There are tons of apps based off of the Kamasutra, but we’ve found that iKamasutra offers the best UI and the most options.

If you’re a completionist, this is definitely the app for you. Within the app, you can create a to-do list of sorts featuring positions you’d like to try, as well as ones you’ve already given a go.

It’s part educational tool and part grounds for digital bragging rights.

5) Elena Champion Of Lust

So far we’ve talked a lot about ways to try next positions and measure your sexual activity, but eventually, you’ll need a break.

Download Elena Champion Of Lust and spend a few minutes with this silly yet thought-provoking adult game.

In Champion of Lust, you play, unsurprisingly, a young girl named Elena. You’re tasked with restoring sex and love to societies more concerned with fighting.

Admittedly, it’s a pretty ridiculous game, but it’s a fun, adult-oriented break with a gorgeous hand-drawn art style.

6) Sex 101

Class is back in session with Sex 101, a helpful how-to guide that also features plenty of surprises.

Sex 101 brings in tips for sexperts, sexual wellness bloggers, and adult toy reviewers, so you can learn about all things sex in one location.

Take some time to brush up on your technique, or learn about the hottest new toys like the Eva II from Eva Dame.

There’s a little something for everyone within the app, so don’t be afraid to give it a download and see what it’s about for yourself.

7) Sex Dice

If you’ve ever spent any time in a gag-gift shop or browsed your local mall’s Spencer’s Gifts, you’ve probably seen sex dice in the wild.

They seem a bit silly but they’re actually a great way to put some passion back into your bedroom activity.

Of course, having two giant dice with sexual activities on them isn’t something every couple is into, understandably.

Sex Dice puts all the steaminess of the classic toy in the palm of your hand, offering tons of different positions, activities, and even tips.

Best of all, there’s no need to worry about kids or guests snooping around and finding your physical dice.

8) Literotica

Last on our list of sexy apps is the perfect reading companion for those looking to add a bit of variety to their e-book collection.

Like other sexy apps on this list like Sex 101, Literotica is essentially a conglomeration tool designed to bring you the best stimulating erotica out there.

You can even submit your own if you want to try your hand at turning on readers!
Choose from a variety of genres and kinks like horror erotica or BDSM-themed stories. There’s even a section dedicated to fan fiction, complete with celebrity stories featuring your favorite actors and actresses.

We’re not sure who’s specifically turned on by Shape of Water fan fiction (or fin fiction, if you will), but if it’s your thing, Literotica has it.

Which Sexy Apps Will You Try?

Remember, there are tons of great next sexy apps uploaded each day, so remember to check your app store of choice regularly. In the meantime, these eight apps should get you started on your journey to a hotter, better sex life.

For more great tips on how to improve your sex life, be sure to check out our sultry selection of adult-oriented downloads.


The Best Dating Apps for Divorced Singles

March 22, 2018 - By 
divorce dating apps

You said goodbye to your former spouse a while ago, and you have no regrets. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to say goodbye to love. Now could be the perfect time for you to try out divorce dating apps.

After being out of the dating pool for so long, it can be intimidating to jump back in. We understand. But if you don’t jump back in, you might miss out on your one true love.

Software has progressed to the point where it’s easier than ever to find the perfect match for you.

Here’s a rundown of the best divorce dating apps you need to try to meet singles like you. Let’s get started!

EliteSingles Is Among the Best Divorce Dating Apps

This particular app stands out in that it apparently utilizes a smart matchmaking system so that you can truly find Mr. or Mrs. Right this time around.

With this app, you’ll be matched with someone based on your education, your personalities, and even your incomes.

The income aspect is particularly important considering that half of Americans are so financially strapped that they have no ability to save. That’s why White Oak Legal offers several financial tips, with one of these tips being to keep your debt under control.

Although these tips are directed specifically at those going through a divorce, they easily apply to anybody and everybody — including those who, like you, are in search of a new flame following a marital breakup.

Parent Dating for Singles

If you have children, this may be the perfect app for you as you search for love post-divorce.

This app essentially enables you to meet those who, like you, are trying to balance rebuilding their personal lives while also taking care of their children. And the best part about using this app is that it’s free.

You can’t beat that.


This is yet another divorce dating app that can come in handy for divorcees. However, what sets this app apart is that you don’t have to be a divorcee to take advantage of it.

The purpose of this app is for any mature adult to meet a divorced person. So, if you download it, you could potentially end up finding someone through the app who has never walked down the aisle before but can’t wait to do it with you.

Single Parent Meet

This is another app that may appeal to you if you’re a divorced parent. You can actually meet single parents here for both dating and friendship purposes.

So, if you’ve been looking for someone to vent to about your marital breakup, this may be the app for you. And who knows — you may end up falling in love with him or her in the process. Talk about a win-win situation.

How We Can Help

We are your premier digital download marketplace, offering the opportunity to download items ranging from eBooks to music, movies and even software.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how the best divorce dating apps and other resources worth downloading to add value to your life this year.


Essential Tips for Customer Service Outsourcing

March 22, 2018 - By 
customer service outsourcing

Customer service outsourcing is an ongoing debate for many businesses.

There are the advantages of cost savings, but they’re outweighed by horror stories of hiring the wrong firm to handle your customer service.

Despite the horror stories, more companies are turning to outsourcing their most basic customer inquiries. A 2014 survey by Deloitte showed that 54% of companies outsourced basic inquiries with another 29% planning to do so.

If you’re on the fence about outsourcing your customer service, keep reading to learn more about outsourcing and the top tips to help you do it successfully.

Advantages of Customer Service Outsourcing

The main reason why most companies outsource is for cost savings. Bear in mind that it’s not an automatic cost saving. That would largely depend on the company you hire and how good they are at working with your customers.

If you’re planning to expand your business internationally, customer service outsourcing may be able to help bridge the gap between your headquarters and your new markets. The customer service firm will already know the language and culture and be able to serve your new customers.

Does your business experience busy seasons? If so, a customer service company can handle the overflow of service issues. They’ll be able to handle the inquiries in a short time period.

That’s a better option than waiting for a member of your staff to handle it when things slow down.

Many companies rely on excellent customer service to separate themselves from the competition.

If you hire the right company to take your service up a level or two, that will lead to other benefits within your company.

First of all, your customer retention rates will be higher. Higher customer retention rates mean that you can recruit the top sales performers to your company.

Salespeople want nothing more than to take care of their customer base, instead of constantly scrounging around for new business.

If your customer retention rates are high, you’ll be able to create a dream situation for many salespeople, and you’ll be able to hire better quality reps.

Disadvantages of Customer Service Outsourcing

It was already noted that customer service can be a competitive advantage for many companies.

If your company has a strong brand that promises excellent service, you won’t be able to guarantee that promise if you hand off customer service to another company.

If you hire a customer service firm outside of the U.S., there will be cultural and language challenges for the staff and for your customers. This could lead to customer frustration.

Customer service outsourcing firms don’t have the language and knowledge of U.S. customers. They also might not have the product knowledge required to help.

That will lead to mistrust and frustration for your customers.

Should You Outsource?

The decision to outsource your customer service is not one to be taken lightly. How can you know if it’s time to outsource?

You’ll need to take a hard look at your current customer service and do a cost-benefit analysis to see if it’s worth it to your company or not.

In the first step, you’ll need to assess how your customer service works for your business right now. Is there one person that handles all service matters or are there a few people who aren’t trained to handle the customers when they call?

If you answered yes, outsourcing can provide a way to have a dedicated, trained staff to handle your customer service issues.

About 59% of businesses that outsource customer service do so because of potential cost savings. Of course, you’ll look at hourly rates for an outsourcing firm.

That’s important, but you need to pay attention to the customer retention and satisfaction rates. That’s your first indication as to whether or not your investment is paying off.

What to Look for in an Outsourcing Company

The key to successful outsourcing is finding the right outsourcing partner. Here are a few tips that you can choose the right firm to handle one of your most valuable assets – your customers.

Know Your Needs

Before you start contacting companies, you’ll want to know what your needs are. Do you need someone to handle online chat services? Do you need general email inquiries answered or appointment scheduling? Will you need a phone answering service for when you’re out of the office?

Knowing what your needs are will help you locate the top customer service outsourcing companies right away. You’ll be able to save time and prevent yourself from interviewing and hiring a company that’s not a good fit.

Get Recommendations

Once you’re clear on what you’re looking for, you can start looking at outsourcing firms. You can start by asking people in your network for referrals.

If you find companies on your own to work with, be sure to ask to speak directly with current clients and get references.

How Will You Stay in Touch with Your Customers?

You’re going to want is to remain close to your customers. Customer service can provide valuable information such as buying and communication preferences. Losing that information can do long-term damage to your business.

You’ll want to make sure that the company you partner with can provide metrics and data regarding your customers, so they will continue to come back.

Does Their System Integrate with Yours?

On the technical side, you’ll want to be sure that the system the customer service outsourcing company uses integrates with your CRM. This will be key if you plan to learn more about your customers.

Their system should also integrate with social media as more customer service issues are found on Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Outsourcing for Your Business

Customer service outsourcing can have many advantages for your business. It can increase your profits

Businesses large and small can benefit from outsourcing. You need to have a plan, know exactly what needs to be outsourced and choose the right firm to take the best care of your customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how your company can consistently give your customers the world-class service they deserve, check out Best 99 Customer Service PLR Articles Pack 1 and Customer Service Step by Step.


The 7 Best Medical Apps You Need In Your Life

March 22, 2018 - By 
best medical apps

Did you ever think you could use your smartphone as a tool to stay on top of your health?

Of the many rapidly growing healthcare technology trends, one of the most helpful is the development of medical apps that will help you do everything from managing your medication to talking to your doctor on the go.

Listed below are seven of the best medical apps on the market that will make it easy for you to keep your health in check.

Best Medical Apps

All of these great medical apps are available for both Apple and Android phones, so everyone can enjoy them!

1. Epocrates

Whether you’re a doctor or patient, Epocrates is one of the best medical apps you can have on your phone.

Epocrates allows you to search for different medications to learn which one will work best for your symptoms.

You can also add medications to the list of you’re currently taking to avoid any unsafe interactions.

Other features include a special tool to help you identify stray pills you might find in your house and a directory to help you find physicians near you.

There are lots of benefits that come with this app. The only downsides are that it can be slow to load, and it takes up quite a bit of space on your phone.

2. Medscape

Medscape is a free app that gives you tons of information about all your medications. If you want to learn more about dosing, side effects, or how the medication will interact with other drugs, this is the app for the job.

You can also use Medscape’s free directory to find doctors in your area. and it’s a great resource for people who are getting ready to undergo surgery.

You can search the procedure you’re going to have and learn more about what the surgeon will do. This can relieve a lot of pre-surgery anxiety.

Like Epocrates, Medscape does take up a lot of space on your phone. It can also take a long time to install.

3. Zocdoc

If you need to find a doctor near you, add Zocdoc to your phone today.

Zocdoc features a form that allows to you fill in the type of doctor you’re looking for, your reason for visiting and your insurance information. It will then give you the name and contact information for all the doctors in the area who are available to see you.

It doesn’t stop there, though!

Zocdoc also allows you to learn more about the doctors in your area and schedule an appointment directly through the app.

It also features wellness reminders that help you keep track of your appointments and a guide to let you know which check-ups you should be getting each year.

The only problem with Zocdoc is that there have been cases of appointment reservations not going through with the app. You may want to call and confirm your appointment to guarantee it went through.

4. CareZone

If you have a hard time keeping track of your medications, CareZone is a great app to use.

CareZone allows you to create a list of your medications, dosages, and schedules so you’ll never miss a dose again.

CareZone also lets you document and share symptoms with family members or your doctor, and it comes with a place to store insurance information and set up reminders for upcoming appointments.

Finally, CareZone also gives you personalized health tips to help you feel your very best.

People who use CareZone have noted some minor bugs, but the majority of them have been fixed. It’s a solid app that just about anyone can benefit from.

5. GoodRx

Prescription drugs can be expensive, and prices vary depending on which pharmacy you visit. To get the best prices for all your medications, download GoodRx.

GoodRx lets you compare prices between pharmacies in your area, and it also gives you access to coupons that will help you save more money. The coupons can be scanned directly from the app, too, so there’s no need to worrying about printing them.

GoodRx can be helpful for finding deals on prescriptions, but it’s important to note that the prices are not always 100 percent accurate. There are variations depending on your insurance and other information, so it’s not a good idea to go to the pharmacy with a set price in mind.

6. First Derm

If you have questions about specific skin conditions, First Derm is another one of the best medical apps to have in your arsenal.

The app allows you to research your symptoms, and you can even send a message directly to a dermatologist who will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you have a condition that the dermatologist believes needs medical attention, they will give you information about the nearest dermatologist or pharmacy so that you can get the treatment you need.

Another nice thing about First Derm is that it doesn’t require you to input any personal information or even log in. Everything is anonymous.

Keep in mind that there is a fee for an evaluation, and the price goes up depending on how quickly you want to hear back from a dermatologist. This can be pricey, so you’ll want to avoid turning to the app for every little bump and bruise. But, First Derm can still be a great resource if you’re worried about a skin issue and can’t get in to see a dermatologist in person.

7. Doctor on Demand

If you need to talk to a doctor but don’t have the time to schedule an in-person appointment, Doctor on Demand has got you covered.

Doctor on Demand gives you access to a wide range of physicians, psychologists, and pediatricians. You can speak with them via audio or video, and you can get personalized advice and even prescriptions without having to leave your house.

The app can get expensive — a 15-minute call costs $40 — and you don’t get to choose your doctor. But, it’s a great resource for busy people who don’t mind paying a little extra money for the added convenience of a mobile physician.

Looking for More Health and Medical Apps?

This list of the seven best medical apps is a great place to start. But, do you want to take your health and medical knowledge to the next level?

If so, check out this list of the top 20 men’s health apps available in the app store.


5 Social Media Stocks to Buy Now

March 21, 2018 - By 

When it comes to what we know in 2018, things are moving at such a fast pace that even experts opinions seem divided. Social media stocks which would have been something many would have shied away from investing in 5 years ago are now becoming a staple of peoples’ investment portfolios.

Why is that? When we look at the way social media is being used across the internet, it’s now becoming one of the biggest driving forces for all content. With 81% of the US using social media compared to just 24% in 2008, platforms that have that much attention are bound to succeed.

It’s for that reason why many new investors are considering investing in what they know. In reality, using these social platforms and understanding what’s going well and isn’t can give you some real insight into the platform which is ideal for investing.

Where to start? Just read on below.

What to Invest in as a Newbie

With social media completely revolutionalizing the way we use the internet in the last ten years when considering what social media stocks to invest in you have a wide variety of choice.

You can go for a more gambled approach and invest in up and coming social networks like Vero. Alternatively, you can go for one of the ‘big three’ and jump into bed with Facebook who’s ad revenue is set to climb to dizzying heights since it’s Instagram ad strategy began ramping up.

You could even consider going for the king of digital ads and get on board with Google. Whatever you decide, remember that as a new investor, even if you’re trying for a freelancer retirement plan, you should always invest cautiously.

The Top 5 Social Media Stocks to Buy Now

So which are the top 5 social media stocks to invest in right now? Let’s take a look!

1. Google

Ahh Google, the giant of digital ad revenue. In 2017, Google’s ad revenue amounted to over $95 billion, that’s a lot of money.

As the most visited site in the world, you can imagine it’s going to be high up on the list of who to invest in. Google has created a number of successful products over the years like Gmail and Google AdWords and some not so popular products, we’re looking at you Google Plus.

Google also owns Youtube which is the second most visited site in the world. Youtube has over a billion users since its purchase for $1.65 billion in 2006, the revenue that Google receives is mostly made up of ad revenue.

Being one of the largest forces online certainly makes Google a viable option for investment.

2. Facebook

The big powerhouse of the online social media world. Facebook has risen to dominance since it’s inception in 2004, Facebook has the second largest ad revenue online, second to Google.

Many consider Facebook a savvy investment as like many online companies. They are always focused on putting the user experience first. They have also made a number of savvy investments in other tech platforms like Instagram and Whats app.

The $1 billion price tag Facebook paid for Instagram seems almost insignificant now compared to the amount of ad revenue Instagram is already contributing to Facebook’s bottom line.

As far as big companies go, it’s unlikely that Facebook will disappear, but will its price go up or down? Nobody really knows, but if you’re considering the best social media stocks to invest in, Facebook is a big consideration.

3. Yahoo

Many investors forget to consider Yahoo when talking about the different companies to invest in, but even today Yahoo is still a powerful force in the online world. In June 2017 Verizon purchased Yahoo for $4.5 billion. If you thought Yahoo was dead don’t forget it’s made up of a multitude of different sites including:

  • Huffington Post
  • Yahoo Sports
  • Makers
  • Tumblr
  • BUILD studios
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Yahoo Mail

Quite a selection, with Verizon making the purchase it’s likely that they have some big plans for Yahoo, maybe it’s worth getting in on the action.

4. Twitter

Facebook always seems to get all the attention in the stock exchange, especially considering it’s the fifth-largest company in the US stock market. However, one of its close tech rivals has recently been outpacing it regarding stock performance.

Twitter was up more than 23% in the last three months of 2017 and the gain took it to near 13-month highs.

Twitter in recent months has introduced some investor-pleasing initiatives such as increasing the character count from 140 to 280 in tweets and also unveiling a number of tools to give some business better access to data.

The big reason for Twitter being such a consideration, however, is for the first time since its inception, its losses have narrowed significantly. If the projected figures come in towards the high-end Twitter could be profitable for the first time since it’s inception.

Twitter’s revenue model comes from a combination of promoted Tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. Twitter has also seen a fairly steady rise in active monthly users.

With around 330 million active monthly users, which has been around the same number for all of 2017, is Twitter stagnant or just about to grow exponentially?

5. Linked-In

Linked-In has been an up and coming business network and offered something different to the rest of the social media landscape for a long time. Growing from 90 million to 467 million users in just six years, Linked-In’s growth has been rapid and consistent.

Linked-In was also purchased by Microsoft in December 2016 which has never failed to disappoint with innovations and opportunities. Linked-In has maintained a strong combination of daily visitors and daily pageviews making it a great option for social media investing.

As a business network, it also gives many businesses much greater opportunity for growth than the other types of networks.

Which Social Media Stocks Would You Want?

With such a wide variety of social media options to choose from, the hardest decision may be deciding where you want to consider investing. For tips on how to invest money online as a beginner, you can check out our blog for more information.


10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Multimeter

March 21, 2018 - By 

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a MultimeterIt’s that time of year again. All of those DIY home projects have been piling up. Some of them you love. Others, you avoid.

They may take hours, primarily because you don’t have the tools the experts do.

But that can change now. You don’t have to be an electrician to use a multimeter. In fact, once you learn the basics, it’s one of the easiest tools to use.

Let’s find out why this is a must-have tool in your toolbox and the many ways you can use it to save time and money by doing it yourself.

1. It Takes the Guess Work Out of Many Home Projects

When you don’t have the right tools, you do a lot of guesswork when doing things around the home or business.

This not only increases your chances of making a serious mistake, it takes a lot more time.

Not unlike a screwdriver, stud finder or level, a multimeter is a tool you need in your toolbox.

2. It Saves You the Expense of Hiring a Professional

How many times have you hired a professional for a project? They pull one little tool out that you didn’t have. And they’re done in minutes after it took you hours of trying before you called a professional.

It may have only taken a few minutes. But you’re still on the hook for $75 dispatch fee plus an hour of work.

With a multimeter, you can do many of the things professional electricians do yourself.

As a bonus, how many of your friends and family members will also be saved this expense because you have this handy device?

3. It Saves You the Expense of Throwing the “Wrong One” Away

The multimeter is a gauge. We’ll go into its specific functions a little later. When you have the right tool measuring things you avoid waste.

You don’t accidentally throw something away that was functional. You don’t waste time installing something that doesn’t work.

4. Anyone Can Use One

These devices are very easy to use. And they’re fun to learn.

They can seem a little intimidating at first. But you’re probably only going to use for 3 primary functions, measuring:

  • Voltage
  • Continuity
  • Resistance

These will become more clear as we go through our list.

We wouldn’t recommend a child use it. But any responsible adult can pick one up and learn to work with it in a few minutes.

Now, if you could just get a reliable lie detector for your toolbox.

5. They Help Keep You Safe

The multimeter helps measure electric current. Knowing if a current is present and how strong it is will help you avoid a shocking mistake.

When you use this device as instructed, it helps keep you, your family and your home safe.

Now let’s get into the most likely ways you’ll use this device.

6. You Can Test Batteries

You’re removing batteries from a device. You suddenly get interrupted.

Absentmindedly, you accidentally put the old ones back in the box. Or you forget which ones are the new ones.

Now you’re facing a dilemma. You don’t want to accidentally throw away good batteries. And you don’t what to mismatch or put dead batteries into the device.

The multimeter has two little probes that allow you to quickly determine the voltage in the batteries to get rid of the duds.

7. You Can Check Out Extension Cords

Extension cords can be very dangerous. You expect them to last for decades or more.

They may look fine. But over time, they can corrode.

You can test the continuity of the current moving through the extension cord by inserting one probe into each hole of the receiving end of the cord.

Carefully touch the other probe to the corresponding prong on the other side.

Is the current continuous? If not it’s time for a new cord.

8. It’s the Easiest Way to Get Rid of Old Lightbulbs

This one will only work if you still have incandescent bulbs. It’s less reliable for CFLs and LEDs.

Put one prong into the groove of the light bulb screw and the other onto the metal tip at the base of the bulb.

Check that the current is continuous. If it is, the device will make a sound.

9. It Helps You Spot a Hot Wire

When a fixture or appliance stops working, you have to wonder: Is it the fixture? Is it the switch? Or is the power failure somewhere else in the house?

Use the multimeter to figure out what the culprit is so you don’t make any unnecessary purchases.

10. It Locates That Bad Switch

When you’re changing out switches, it’s a project. You don’t want to accidentally install a bad switch. Even if the switch is new from the store, it could be faulty.

What a waste of a Saturday afternoon!

With a fluke multimeter, you can test the switch to avoid the hassle.

Simply apply the probes once again. Adjust the settings and instantly know for sure if you’re working with a dud.

Multimeter: A Must-Have Tool in Your Toolbox

A decade or so ago, you may have thought you could be without a level or a stud finder. Now, these tools are in every serious homeowner’s toolbox.

There’re probably in yours.

If you don’t have a multimeter, you could be wasting a lot of time and money when there’s a simple fix. This meter takes the guesswork out of DIY projects. You can know for certain the voltage, continuity, and resistance in electrical devices.

Stay safe by testing switches and cords before they cause a problem. Stop throwing perfectly good lightbulbs and batteries in the trash because you accidentally mixed them up.

Anyone can learn to use this handy tool and it’s fun.

To learn more about helpful apps and devices, follow our blog.


How to Store Your e-Liquid

March 21, 2018 - By 
e liquid

You may think you’re a vaping expert. But there’s a common mistake that even experienced vapers make.

Many people are actually storing their vaping liquid in the wrong way. Vaping is more popular than ever. If you’re a newbie, you could have a lot to learn still about storing your supplies in the right way.

A stale or corrupted e liquid is something you definitely don’t want. You deserve to enjoy a strong flavor down to the very last drop. And if you have kids, even childproof caps aren’t enough to properly safeguard those tiny liquid bottles.

Ever wondered if you’re storing yours correctly?

Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to store your e liquid.

How Not to Store e Liquid

You may have a bottle lying around now and you’re asking, can e-cigarette liquid go bad? The answer is yes, it absolutely can.

The components of the liquid are the vapor agent (PG or VG), nicotine, and flavoring. The last two are natural compounds, so they are prone to getting stale.

When choosing how and where to store your liquid, remember these three things. No heat, no light, and no air. These are all enemies of the longevity of e liquid, along with moisture.

Where to Store e Liquid

One of the best places to store liquid is in the fridge. When you take it out to vape, let it sit at room temperature for a while. This will cause it to become less thick and easier to deal with.

Other places that will preserve the liquid’s integrity include a cupboard or kitchen cabinet. It should be high enough to be out of the reach of pets and kids.

Fun fact: the best place in your house is actually the basement. It’s cool, away from a light source, and probably doesn’t get a lot of air circulation.

Keep Away from Children

It’s important to keep in mind that you should store both liquids and e-cigs away from children. This applies even if you don’t have children yourself. Any that come to visit you could be attracted to the look of the liquid’s bottle, which is often brightly colored.

By treating the liquid with the same care as a medicine or cleaning product, you can avoid accidental poisoning.

Get a Quality Liquid

The quality of the liquid you choose is probably the most important factor that will affect its shelf life. Buy from a trusted supplier or online store like, which carries a UK made e-liquid for vaping.

You may want to keep in mind that fruit-flavored liquids go bad more quickly than others. You’ll know if you the liquid smells “off” or tastes sour when vaping.

Bonus Tips on e Liquid Storage

With proper storage, it’s been reported some liquids have a lifespan of up to two years. For long-term storage replace plastic bottles with glass ones that are dark or tinted. For a long period of storage, your best bet is to put the liquid in the freezer.

Looking for some inspiration for new e-cigarette flavors to try? Check out our blog for more great vaping content.


Manual: 10 Signs Of an Alcoholic

March 19, 2018 - By 
signs of an alcoholic

Are you wondering if you or someone you love is an alcoholic? The signs of an alcoholic sometimes aren’t obvious.

They may be passed off as just having a good time, or having a drink with friends. If these occasions get out of hand too often, then it is time to address what may be a problem that can become worse.

There could be dire consequences if the situation isn’t addressed.

In the U.S., there are 15 million adults who have an alcohol use disorder, and alcohol is responsible for 88,000 deaths every year.

If you want to know if your situation needs to be addressed, keep reading to learn the signs of an alcoholic and how to get help.

1. Drink Alone or Feel You Have to Hide It

Are you drinking alone because you don’t want anyone to tell you that you’re drinking too much? Maybe you feel that you have to hide your drinking to avoid feeling judged.

In either case, if you feel that you have to hide how much you drink, you probably have an issue with alcohol.

2. Memory Loss or Blackouts

Drinking to the point where you have to piece together what happened the night before means you drank way too much.

This occurs when your blood alcohol levels are high, and they inhibit the brain to function normally.

If you experience blackouts regularly, you should consider treatment options. Drinking that much regularly could cause irreversible damage to the brain.

3. Drink to Relieve Stress

One of the signs of an alcoholic is to drink to relieve stress. This may seem like a normal drinking behavior, but it is not.

In the long term, drinking to relieve stress can lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. This is because you’re not finding healthy ways to cope with stress.

4. Become Isolated or Alone

If you find that you’re hiding your drinking or you want to avoid people altogether so you can drink, you could have a problem.

Alcoholics frequently find themselves isolated or alone because they are uncomfortable being around friends because of their drinking and will become more and more isolated.

This is important to recognize early before the problem gets worse.

5. You’ve Tried to Quit Drinking

Have you tried to quit cold turkey but couldn’t do it?

If you’ve tried to limit or eliminate alcohol and could not do it, you should seek help.

Over time, your body becomes dependent on alcohol, which makes it more difficult to quit on your own with just willpower.

6. You Hang Out with a Different Crowd

You may not be drinking in isolation, but you could be hanging around with a different crowd. You might be mistaking your drinking buddies as your friends. If you tell them that you’ve stopped drinking, see how fast they disappear from your life.

7. Drinking to Feel Better

Alcoholism occurs in stages.

It’s important to know this because many us of will have a drink to “take the edge off” or to feel better if we’ve had a rough day.

8. You’re Irritable or Have Mood Swings

Does your personality change when you drink or when you stop drinking

One of the common signs of an alcoholic is to see mood swings. When a person is addicted to alcohol, they may become aggressive or irritable when they start to drink again.

The same could be true when a person doesn’t drink. They may have severe mood swings or become aggressive because they need to have a drink.

If they calm down after a drink, they may be addicted to alcohol and should seek help.

9. Change in Physical Appearance

When you consistently have high levels of alcohol in your system, your physical appearance can change.

For example, there may be weight loss or weight gain that’s noticeable. There are also changes in the face. You may experience flushed skin or notice blood vessels across your face.

10. Withdrawal Symptoms When You Stop

Have you ever had anxiety, trouble sleeping, or shaky hands when you’re not drinking?

These could be signs that you are going through an alcoholic withdrawal. Your body has physically become addicted to alcohol, and when the level of alcohol is reduced, you suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

How to Get Help

If these signs of an alcoholic hit close to home, it may be time to seek help. There are many options available to get the help that you or your loved one needs.

If you’re dealing with a loved one, approaching them to help may be the most difficult thing to do. An alcoholic may not be themselves and could get defensive.

It’s important not to blame them or come across as attacking them. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment before you talk to them. How would you like to be approached? This will help you find kindness and compassion that will need to be conveyed to get the message through to your loved one.

When you do talk them, don’t start off with You statements like “You’ve been drinking way too much.” This can be seen as blaming.

Instead, use I statements like “I noticed that you’re drinking more and I’m concerned about you.”

That type of approach may open them up to conversation instead of shutting you out.

Treatment Centers

Treatment centers, such as a private rehab center, can assist with getting the help that an alcoholic needs to recover.

There are some basic things you can expect from treatment centers.

They offer confidential treatment and many have inpatient and outpatient services. Treatment stays range from 30-90 days, which will enable you to get the support that’s needed to get sober.

AA Meetings

AA is a nonprofessional group that offers support to people who are recovering from alcoholism. Based on the famed 12-Step Program, AA is a spiritual journey as much as it is a tool to get sober.

Technology Can Aid Recovery

You can also use the power of technology in your sobriety. For instance, in South Korea, doctors are employing virtual reality to help patients.

There are many apps available that can help you maintain sobriety and assist in recovery.

The Warning Signs of an Alcoholic

There’s a difference between drinking socially and drinking to relieve stress and anxiety. When you drink to relieve stress and anxiety. Knowing the signs of an alcoholic to guide you towards making a life-saving decision.

If you or a loved one needs help, there are options available, from smartphone apps to treatments centers.

At, we have many resources available to guide you. You can start with the guides “Natural Remedies for Alcoholism” and “How to Overcome Alcoholism” as you seek treatment options.


5 Reasons Mormon Mothers are Turning to Pain Killer Pills

March 17, 2018 - By 
Pain killer pills

You’ve heard about the continued Opioid Crisis within the United States, and perhaps you even know someone who has struggled with an addiction to pain killer pills.

While addiction certainly doesn’t discriminate, there is one group of people who have fallen prey to prescription drugs that take many by surprise: members of the Mormon community.

Especially in Utah, where one-third of residents have a prescription for painkillers, drugs and the Mormon lifestyle have become an unlikely couple.

But what are the reasons for this shocking drug use?

Read on to find out.

1. The Pressure To Be Perfect

Being a Mormon isn’t always easy.

In addition to the judgment and stigma the community often faces from the “outside world?” There is also lots of pressure from within the Mormon community to “keep sweet” and to be perfect.

Fathers must be adequate providers, and mothers must be the perfect homemakers.

Complaining, taking time for yourself, or even expressing dissatisfaction with the lifestyle are all looked down upon greatly.

As a result, many members of the Mormon community turn to prescription medication to help them to cope.

Even more alarming?

Because of the pressure the community puts on its members from such a young age, even teenagers and pre-teens within the community can easily fall prey to addiction.

As with more secular teenagers, peer pressure, bullying, and a sense of inadequacy when compared to their friends can all push Mormon teens into prescription drug abuse.

2. To Manage Physical Pain

Of course, sometimes an addiction to pain killer pills can begin even when one is using the pills for the original purpose they were prescribed for — to help with physical pain.

Especially if someone is recovering from a more serious operation?

These prescriptions can provide serious relief and even improve a patient’s quality of life. The same is true if a Mormon patient suffers from a more chronic condition that leaves them in pain.

However, our bodies adapt very quickly to this medication.

While a lower dosage taken only once in a day might be enough for pain management in the beginning, soon, our bodies develop a higher tolerance for the drug.

Now, to get the same effects as before, patients will need to take pills with a higher dose several times in a day.

This can quickly become incredibly unhealthy, and leave the patients in worse pain than before if they don’t get the drugs their bodies now depend on to function.

3. To Numb One’s Emotions

Living the Mormon lifestyle can be incredibly challenging, just as for many, it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Especially for women, who are responsible for caring for their children, keeping the house clean, and getting food on the table every meal for large families?

Sometimes, the stress of the lifestyle can be overwhelming.

Many turn to pain killers as a way to numb the symptoms of depression and anxiety that they may feel. They may initially think that they have some sort of “control” over the amount of medication that they take.

But that false sense of control erodes quickly.

Additionally, sexual abuse is a serious problem within many sects of the Mormon community. Often, these survivors aren’t believed, or, even worse, are blamed for the abuse that they suffered.

This especially makes people vulnerable to becoming addicted to pain killer pills.

4. Poor Medical Care

An unfortunate reality in the Mormon, as well as the more secular, world we live in?

Sometimes, not every medical professional will operate under an acceptable code of ethics. This allows those dealing with an addiction to pain killer pills to take part in doctor shopping.

It also helps them to get more pills and higher dosages than they actually need.

In fact, recently in Utah, a pharmacist was even arrested for prescription drug smuggling.

In addition to making money from an illicit drug trade?

Many medical professionals may also receive payouts from drug companies for prescribing these pain killers to their patients.

This makes it incredibly easy for addiction rates within the Mormon community, and the Utah community at large, to rise at alarmingly rapid rates.

5. Lack Of Accountability For The Problem

One of the main reasons for the rising addiction to pain killer pills within the Mormon community?

Because the religious, restrictive nature of the Mormon community can make many feel as though there will be consequences for asking for help. Not only do many addicts feel a deep shame. They even as though they’ve betrayed their God when taking prescription medication recreationally.

They also fear the social consequences of admitting that they have a problem.

Therapy can sometimes be looked down in the Mormon community.

This is especially true among stricter sets like the FLDS. So, not only does the community struggle to acknowledge the rising rates of addiction.

They also put a serious stigma on getting help.

Do You Own A Rehab Center For Addiction To Pain Killer Pills?

We hope that this post has helped to educate you regarding just a few of the complicated and often deeply sad reasons behind the connection between the Mormon community and pain killer pills.

If you own a rehab center or work as a mental health professional?

We know that you’re interested in providing care to those who need it.

Spend some time on our website. While there, you learn more about how to optimize your web presence and secure your site so that members of the Mormon community facing addiction can contact you confidentially.

Also, be sure to browse through our extensive collection of digital downloads of books and pamphlets on fighting addiction that you can provide to your patients.


Top 10 Tips for Your Nursing Resume

March 17, 2018 - By 
nursing resume

The world needs more nurses like you, and you know it. You care for your patients with compassion and dedication. You give your all–your blood, sweat, and tears (it’s that kind of job.)

But no one will hire you.

Don’t fret. One day, the right hospital will need you and your set of skills, and when your brilliantly-crafted nursing resume lands in their lap, they’ll know they want you.

That is, if you actually wrote said brilliantly-crafted resume.

Recruiters spend an average of six seconds per resume. That’s right–SIX! You have about six seconds or less to make them want to hire you. That sounds undoable, but there are many ways you can make it happen.

If you are a nurse at any stage of your career, read on. We’re here to make the art of resume-writing easy so that you can continue doing the hard stuff!

You’re Halfway There

You’ve done the medical school, the volunteering, and the clinical rotations. You’ve spent countless hours studying, implementing techniques, and treating. You already deserve this position, and now it’s time to prove it.

Knowing how to write a resume is the next hurdle. And if your hard work has proven anything, it’s that you can excel when faced with the tough stuff.

All you need to do is translate your actions into words. It’s not as daunting as it sounds! You don’t need to know any special coding or HTML, we promise.

Let’s get to the grit. Here are ten tips for starting or improving your nursing resume.

1. Highlight Your Strengths

There’s nothing worse than a bland sentence. Imagine a recruiter coming across your resume and reading: “I excelled at taking care of patients.”

Well, of course you did. But that’s not all you did, and we know it! Your new ASAP is “be as specific as possible.”

If you worked on the oncology floor and helped move patients from bed to bed, changed bedpans, or provided a friendly ear to family members of patients, then make sure you highlight that. The more detailed your experience, the more fitting your future position can be.

If your resume is generic, a hospital might reach out to you for something you’re not qualified, or not willing, to do. If you’re still freaked out by the sight of blood (we doubt it!), you might not want to be the one sticking veins all day.

2. The More Concise Your Nursing Resume, the Better

This comes back to the six seconds thing.

If recruiters are on a time crunch, or simply have too many applications to sort through, they will spend less time on each one. The longer your resume, the less likely they will draw from it all of the wonderful points you are trying to make.

This step is less about excluding information and more about honing in on what matters for the position for which you are applying.

  • What are you particularly good at? You can avoid saying what you’re not-so-great-at by just concentrating on your talents here.
  • How many people did you oversee at any given time? If you can recall numbers, then use them. (Example: I supervised up to 10 staff in the 200-bed adolescent unit.)
  • Have you done relevant volunteer work, and if so, where?
  • What floors have you worked on? List the ones that make sense.

Although you may be tempted to include too much information, it’s best to keep your resume between one and two pages. You can delve deeper into your history during the interview process (that you’re sure to get after writing your shining resume).

3. Achievements and Certifications

There are such a large variety of certifications any nurse can get. If you have any special qualifications, they deserve to be on your resume. This not only shows that you’ve put extra time into furthering your career, it displays your unique interests.

Your credentials can include any of the following:

  • Licensure credentials
  • National certifications
  • State designations
  • Outstanding achievements

This category can also apply to your schooling. If you spent hours studying your heart out, let employers know. GPAs of 3.5 or above are encouraged to be noted in your nursing resume.

Any additional time you put into your education that you didn’t have to deserve to be rewarded. Don’t be afraid to gloat. You worked for it!

4. Choosing the Format

If you haven’t updated your resume since before med school, it’s time for a creative update.

Eye-catching framework can be all it takes to keep a recruiter’s eye on your resume over the one that’s simply typed on a Word doc. There are many easy software programs out there that can help with this. You plug in the information and it regurgitates a prime nursing resume.

Maybe regurgitate is the wrong word–you get enough of that at your job! But you know what we mean.

Formatting also comes down to the order your resume is in. There are a number of ways, from functional (skills and such listed first) to reverse chronological (starting with recent experience and going back).

5. Word Choice

You don’t have to be a book nerd to use imaginative language. It’s as easy as perusing your resume for the generic words and exchanging them for some awesome synonyms.

You can do this is any number of easy ways, from Googling to right-clicking words in your Word docs and choosing “synonym.” Watch the remarkable, wonderful, astounding, incredible results fly in.

6. Keywords Are Key Words

Because of the influx of nursing resumes, many hospitals are now using sorting software to sift through the applicants. This means that your application might be read by a robot instead of a living and breathing human being.

Get yours to the top of the list by using words that will stand out to the computer. You can do this by using the exact same language as the job posting itself. If the hospital is looking for a “registered LPN,” make sure you say those words in your resume!

This is a necessity, as 94% of hiring professionals say that their ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) make the hiring process much easier.

7. Education

Your nursing resume is not just about your past and/or current job experience. It’s also about where you went to school and what you studied. Your achievements began long ago when you first started pursuing this career choice.

Here is your opportunity to shed some light on your academic accomplishments and degrees. Each degree offers a completely different level of expertise.

Letting your future employer know exactly what you’ve achieved thus far will help them place you in the most fitting position.

8. Make It Personal

Your job is a very special one. Don’t be afraid to make your nursing resume as personal. You can do this in any number of places, from an Objective Statement to a cover letter.

This can also be highlighted in the design. Bolds, underlines, and special headers will stand out.

Breath life into it! No pun intended. (Okay. Pun intended.)

9. It’s All Digital

If you have any computer experience at all, tell them about it.

Stay ahead of the game by being on technology’s heel. Practice with software and the internet. Be willing and able to learn new programs.

Hospitals are doing things electronically–it’s just easier that way. Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records make keeping track of patients and recalling patient information simpler than scouring through stacks of unorganized papers!

10. Supplement Your Application

As you already know, getting the job doesn’t rely solely on any one thing. An outstanding nursing resume, combined with your glowing recommendations and experience, can still leave you jobless.

Make sure to enhance your chances by being diligent in pursuing your chosen job. Send emails and make phone calls and appearances. Show how badly you want this job, and you may be more likely to get it.

Hospitals aren’t scared of aggression; they’re looking for it. In fact, the more you prove you want the job, the better. You’ll need to be just as strong in order to maintain such a taxing position as nursing.

Get Writing!

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. Don’t shortchange yourself by slacking on something as important as your nursing resume. This alone could be the difference between a dream job and a not-so-stellar one.

Write your resume, and then proofread it to death. Make sure it displays who you are and what you can bring to the operating table. It’s worth just as much time, research, and dedication as your future job entails.

Take advantage of the many different ways to bring it up a notch. Stand out from the crowd with unique formatting, strong word choices, and relevant experience.

You’ve got this! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you help us.

After all, we may be needing your services someday.


7 Meditation Techniques For Reducing Daily Stress

March 14, 2018 - By 
meditation techniques

Battling stress can be made much easier by using the right meditation techniques.

Whether you’re totally new to meditating or have been taking advantage of this practice for years, everyone can benefit from learning new meditation techniques.

The art of meditation can offer you real benefits from even your first moments of attempting it. You don’t have to be good at it and you don’t have to have a goal in mind.

Simply sitting still, breathing, and calming your nervous system will leave a dramatic impact behind on your body.

Read on for meditation techniques that really work.

1. All Meditation Techniques Come Down to This: Just Breathe

At the end of the day, all meditation comes down to is coming back to your breath. Just take a moment or two to breathe.

Focus on your breath and feel the sensation of air coming in through your nose and being expelled a bit warmer. You can observe the sensation of cool air flowing in and warm air flowing out, or just feel how it feels for you to truly notice what breathing feels like.

If you lead an active, busy, or stressful lifestyle, you can especially benefit from meditating. Calming down — whether you meditate for one minute or thirty — will offer you lasting results both physically and emotionally.

It takes no work, preparation, money, or time to slow down and breathe. It’s free and easy — that’s what makes breathing deeply one of the most accessible and efficient meditation techniques!

2. The 7/11 Method

One of the most popular meditation techniques when it comes to getting control of your breathing is to practice the 7/11 method.

It is a very simple technique but it can help to trigger relaxing results in your brain. Breathing this way tells your brain to settle down and that you don’t need to be in fight or flight mode because all is well.

All you have to do is breathe in for 7 counts through your nose, pause, then breathe out for 11 counts through your nose.

This simple breathing technique slows down your heart rate, reduces stress, and helps you to settle and re-center.

3. Use a Mantra

Many people feel leery of using a mantra because they’re not sure where the practice originates.

However, all a mantra does is give your brain something to focus on and come back to as you meditate.

Take the example of an elephant in a bustling Indian market. Walking that elephant through the market can take forever because its trunk is curiously exploring everything around it.

However, a good trainer will provide that elephant a stick or object to hold in its trunk as they walk it through the market. Doing this gets them through the market in record time, as the elephant is solely paying attention to the object it’s holding and its attention is not wandering.

This is what a mantra can do for your brain. As your mind starts to wander, the mantra brings you back to the present moment and the task at hand — that is, meditating.

4. Listen to Calming Music

Many meditation experts recommend that you do not listen to music as you meditate. This is especially true if the music has words or happens to be your favorite rock and roll song.

While you might enjoy listening to music and it might put you in a better mood (which is great), this is not meditation.

If you do choose to listen to soothing music while you center yourself, opting for something like spa music or simple vibrational sounds can be a great way to do it. Sites like can provide great music options when you need soothing sounds to ease your mood.

Listening to music may also be very helpful in noisy or crowded situations, such as your subway commute or a hectic day at the DMV.

5. Use an App

Our phones and computers can be a major source of distraction. Spending time just scrolling on social media can bring up stress, envy, and other unpleasant emotions.

However, smartphones are a neutral tool. You can also use them to help, not hinder your mental health.

Try a few different meditation apps to see what you like the best. These apps offer you guided meditations, soothing sounds, and other ways to practice and track your meditation journey.

6. Don’t React — Just STOP

Even if you don’t feel stressed, you can still benefit from the practice of meditation.

Whether you want more excitement in your life or less, meditation can simply help to put you in a better mindset. You’ll be in a state of mind that allows you to respond, rather than react, to whatever situations come your way.

By utilizing your frontal cortex — the logical and rational part of your brain — rather than the amygdala, which triggers the stress response, you will be able to approach things in a more responsible and balanced way.

When something alarming or upsetting comes your way, what should you do? Just STOP! This method is actually an acronym.

The S stands for stop. T stands for take a breath. O means observe — take time to step back and truly observe the situation, what is happening, and what you can do about it. After that, you’re ready for P — proceed.

7. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This may sound complicated and hard to do, but progressive muscle relaxation is not a difficult practice. All you have to do is start at one end of your body and work your way to the other end.

Along the way, tense and squeeze the muscles in one part of your body at a time. Hold this tension for ten seconds, then let it go. Ease your way into the next part of your body, and then the next and the next.

Maybe start with your head and neck, then end with your toes. Progressively relaxing this way triggers your body to relax.

Meditation Techniques: Wrap Up

With these techniques in mind, you will be well on your way to leading a more peaceful, balanced life.

Looking for more tips to improve your wellbeing? Browse our site for other life, health, and wellness tips.


7 Online Tools You Need for Your Side Hustle

March 14, 2018 - By 
online marketing tools

By the year 2020, it’s expected that at least 43% of the American workforce will be freelancing. This trend is aided by the digital revolution; Thanks to the internet, aspiring entrepreneurs and side hustlers have more help available than ever. Online marketing tools are one important example.

The right online marketing tools can help grow your audience, nurture your leads, and reduce your tech burden. These seven examples are just scratching the surface:

1. MailChimp

This e-mail marketing platform lets you build and segment e-mail lists. You can send messages to many people at a time (like past customers), and track how many people open and click on each correspondence.

2. Buffer

No matter what kind of industry your side hustle is in, from cannabis marketing to ridesharing to fashion, you have to join in on the conversation. The best way to do that today is through social media.

With a tool like Buffer, you can schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in advance. Setting aside 30 minutes to write social posts can keep your queue full for an entire week, saving you lots of time in the process.

3. HubSpot CRM

A CRM is a great way to log the people who have expressed interest in your business. Whether they’re potential customers or partners, it makes sense to track their activity and record important information.

With a CRM you can see how many times you’ve e-mailed someone and take notes about previous interactions. More advanced side business owners can also use a CRM to track overall sales activity and pipelines. HubSpot’s is a great choice and is free to use.

4. Evernote

Need to record notes, save sections of articles in documents and eBooks, and organize your side hustle to-do list? Evernote is a powerful productivity software suite with these features and more. Many users appreciate its cross-device compatibility, allowing them to store and edit the same notes on their smartphones and computers.

5. Google Drive

This free digital storage system is the gold standard of collaboration online today. Teammates can access documents, spreadsheets, and images immediately through the use of shared folders. Drive’s powerful comment and suggestion features also let multiple team members provide input on a document, without creating dozens of new files.

6. Trello

Trello is a perfect tool for small teams to stay organized. Its card and column layout follows the style of the classic kanban board, a staple for agile software workflows. You can also create checklists on each card and use them to store notes on a specific project or idea.

7. Headspace

It’s not a traditional online marketing tool, but everyone knows that running a business is stressful. With this easy meditation app, you’ll get reminders to take a breather and relax. Many of the most successful business owners in the world are already using meditation to improve focus and energy — you should too.

The Best Online Marketing Tools Are The Ones Right for You

Although millions of people around the world use these tools to run their side hustles, it’s important to create a tech stack that works best for you. Try combining different tools and seeing which ones fit your style.

For more resources to help your blossoming side hustle, check out our Digital Download Marketplace.


Top 20 Apps for Men’s Health

March 12, 2018 - By 
men's health apps

Want to enjoy better health and well-being? Perhaps you’re looking to get leaner and build mass? Either way, it has never been easier to take care of yourself.

With the advent of technology, we have access to cutting-edge apps that make clean eating and fitness a breeze. Some can monitor your heart rate, sleep, and stress levels. Others feature pre-set workouts and meal plans developed by health experts.

Each year, one in two men is diagnosed with cancer. Heart disease, low testosterone, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease are all common problems among men.

Considering these facts, good health should be your priority. Most illnesses can be prevented through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Use these men’s health apps to boost your well-being:

1. MyFitnessPal

This app has been around for ages. It’s a favorite choice for millions of dieters, gym goers, and fitness competitors.

With MyFitnessPal, it’s easy to track your calorie intake and workout results. Their database features over 300 million foods and thousands of recipes that promote optimum health.

The mobile app is completely free. Once you sign up for an account, you can log your meals and workouts on the go. Plus, there’s a friendly community waiting to answer your questions and share helpful tips on good nutrition and exercise.

2. Fitbod

With Fitbod, you can create, customize, and track your workouts like a pro. This app provides everything you need to get in shape and keep the pounds off.

Basically, it develops a training plan based on your goals, fitness level, and time frame. Users can choose from hundreds of different exercises depending on the muscles targeted.

3. Fitocracy

Want to get leaner and fitter but don’t know where to start? Fitocracy is your best bet!

This app gives you access to the awesome Fitocracy community. Here you can ask questions about exercise and clean eating, connect with expert trainers, and meet other gym buffs in your area.

For just $1 a month, you’ll receive personalized diet and training plans. There are also hundreds of workout programs and exercises that you can use for inspiration.

4. Playbook

Have a hard time sticking to your diet? Or maybe you’ve lost your motivation to work out? Try Playbook, one of the most popular men’s health apps out there!

Once you join, you’ll be paired with an athlete, social media influencer, or personal trainer.

Every day, you’ll receive updates on your partner’s wellness advice and training routine. Better yet, you can ask him questions and communicate in real time. This will skyrocket your motivation!

5. FIT Radio

It’s no secret that music can improve athletic performance and boost workout motivation. That’s what FitRadio is all about.

This music-streaming app features engaging songs for every type of workout. Its database includes every music genre you could think of.

The basic version is completely free, but you can buy a premium membership for access to more mixes.

6. Strava

Touted as one of the best men’s health app for runners and cyclists, Strava comes with lots of handy features to keep you on track.

Users can easily monitor their rides and progress, compete with friends in real time, and follow their favorite athletes. The app can be integrated with bicycle computers, smart watches, and other fitness tools.

7. CarbsControl

Whether you want to drop a few pounds or keep your blood sugar stable, CarbsControl can help.

Featuring over 100,000 foods in its database, it makes easier to track your daily carbs. Plus, you can set carb goals for every meal and adjust serving sizes accordingly.

8. Trak: Sperm Health & Fertility

Even though there are hundreds of men’s health apps to choose from, Trak is the only one that monitors fertility and sperm count.

This handy tool is anonymous and free to use, so your personal data will be secure. Once installed, it identifies your fertility risk factors based on your health, stress levels, and exercise habits.

In case you detect a fertility problem, you can take the steps needed to fix it. Consider using a natural male enhancement formula to boost your testosterone levels and sperm quality.

9. HealthyOut

Most men, especially those who are into fitness, rarely eat out. They prefer to cook at home so they can have full control over their daily calories and macros.

With HealthyOut, dining at your favorite restaurant won’t be a problem anymore. This app shows you the best local restaurants based on your diet and food preferences.

Users can enter specific search parameters, such as low carb, low calorie, or vegan. Each dish has detailed nutrition information, which makes everything a lot easier.

10. HowUdish

Want to eat clean but you’re always on the go? Then you need HowUdish, one of the most useful men’s health apps out there.

HowUdish will find nearby restaurants regardless of your location. All you have to do is to enter some basic information about your diet, whether it’s vegan, gluten-free, or high-protein.

As a member, you’ll have access to a dynamic community of gym goers and dieters. Feel free to share recipes and training tips, post pictures, and chat with other users.

11. ShopWell

Whether you’re a teen or a grownup man, grocery shopping is never easy. With so many tempting foods around, it can be hard to stick to your diet.

This is where ShopWell comes in handy. It’s one of the best-rated men’s health apps for dieters!

This free app provides custom food recommendations based on your diet and fitness goals. You’ll no longer have to read the labels or spend hours trying to decide which foods suit your needs.

12. Waterlogged

Do you drink enough water? If not, you’re at risk for dehydration, muscle cramps, fatigue, and aches. Not to mention that it will take you longer to recover from training.

Waterlogged makes it easy to track your daily fluid intake. This app takes photos of your cups and bottles to determine how much water you’re actually drinking.

13. Sleep Better

Good sleep as just as important as clean eating and exercise.

During sleep, your body recovers from stress and repairs damaged tissues. It also produces important hormones like testosterone and HGH, which support male health.

With Sleep Better, you’ll catch more Zzz’s and wake up refreshed. This handy app will track your sleep cycle and duration, determine the ideal wake-up time, and store your personal sleep data.

14. PEAR

What if you could turn your smartphone into your own personal coach? With PEAR, you’ll have access to hundreds of interactive audio workouts developed by world-famous trainers.

This is one of our favorite men’s health apps because it provides everything you need to get in top shape. It even tracks oxygen consumption during training so you can assess your fitness level.

15. Happify

Feel down or moody? Struggling with stress and anxiety? Happify can help!

This app features brain games, quick tasks, and fun games to help you unwind.

All you have to do is to enter your goals, whether it’s a better mood or stress relief. Happify will suggest activities that boost happiness and mental well-being.

16. Mindfulness

Men who meditate are more productive and focused. They also feel less stressed and enjoy better overall health.

Increased motivation, weight loss, and mental clarity are just a few of the many benefits of meditation. This centuries-old practice can change your life forever.

With millions of users worldwide, the Mindfulness app makes it easier to start a meditation habit and stick to it. It features over 200 guided meditations, 24 mindfulness courses, and mindful notices that will keep you track.

This is one of the few men’s health apps for meditation, so make sure you check it out!


Over eight million people use Jefit to build a better body and reach peak physical performance.

Described as one of the best men’s health apps ever created, this handy tool boasts more than 1,300 exercises for bodybuilding enthusiasts. Its database includes popular workouts like the 531, 5X5, and Greyskull.

18. 7 FIT

Once you install 7 FIT on your phone, you’ll have no excuse to skip exercise. This app features hundreds of workouts that take just seven to complete.

Users can opt for full body circuits, HIIT, ab workouts, and much more. Plus, the background music and demo videos are really cool!

19. Runkeeper

Some guys prefer running or jogging over strength training. If that’s your case, Runkeer is a must-have.

This GPS-enabled running app has over 50 million users, featuring advanced activity trackers. It provides detailed stats on running distance, intensity, pace, and routes. The goal-setting function allows you to customize your workouts for better results.

20. Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Ripped abs are the holy grail of fitness. Some people work out day in and day out, and yet have trouble losing belly fat.

As its name suggests, this app will show you what it takes to build that sought-after six-pack. It features core-focused training plans that will set your abs on fire and shape your waistline.

Reach Your Diet and Fitness Goals with the Best Men’s Health Apps

These amazing apps will bring you closer to your goals and make your journey easier. The key is to be consistent and stick to your plan.

Now you have no excuse to cheat on your diet and skip your workouts. These handy tools will remind you to eat clean and take better care of your health.

What are your favorite men’s health apps? Have you tried any of the options listed above? Share your experience with our community!


Essential Hunting Stuff That Every Badass Hunter Needs

March 12, 2018 - By 

A hunter is only as good as his/her hunting stuff. From necessary items carried on long treks to clothes and gear, it’s important to have all the right, well, hunting stuff!

Take a pair of hunting boots, for example. People can’t withstand wet or cold feet for very long and that means that a good pair is in order for any great hunting expedition.

What about guns? How many are needed for your particular trip? Which are easiest to keep up with or will perform the best in your particular environment? Have you thought this all through?

Here’s a quick guide of some of the essential things needed to live a badass hunter’s lifestyle in case you haven’t:


It’s already been mentioned that a good pair of hunting boots is imperative, and it’s worth mentioning twice because a good pair of boots will severely impact comfort and prevent health risks such as frostbite, which can quickly lead to gangrene.

The right boots will be comfortable, durable, and badass. Try guide gear boots, which are insulated and water-proof.


Guns are obviously on the list for required hunting stuff. They’re at the very heart of hunting, after all (besides the game, of course). Try your hand at a Beanfield Sniper or a Timber Classic Marlin.

Always make sure all the weapons are safe, clean and ready to use at all times. Gun safety should always be a top priority.


No ammo, no hunting.

Searching for bullets can be a grueling task so buckle up for your search. Check the weight and caliber of the ammunition, it has to be the right size for the gun. Double check, in fact. A box of useless bullets will become a burden really quickly.

Gear/Supplies and Hunting Stuff!

Hunting stuff isn’t just about boots and guns; it’s also about the quality of the gear.

Having the following items ready for a hunting trip is essential:

Lighters or Flints to Create Flame

Where would one be on a hunting trip without the lighters or flints to start a fire?

Probably wet, cold, or both.

Make sure flints and lighters don’t get wet in transit and bring more than a couple to be prepared for the unexpected.

Water Supplies

Fresh, clean water can be transported, but one should always be prepared to turn stream, creek, or river water into fresh, drinkable water. Stock up on supplies that will help you filter water and make sure to bring jugs or containers.

Knives to Cut Meat and Rope

Knives are essential in the wild acting as scissors, axes, and maybe even additional protection if things go south. Also, consider carrying a few small knives to cut up a fresh kill or to cut a rope to hang up tents and kills (don’t rely on just one big knife).

A Reliable Flashlight

Make sure to have a flashlight (preferably two) on hand, along with reliable, new or rechargeable batteries.

You never know when you’ll need a flashlight, but you’ll be sure glad you had one when you do in the wild. You may need to shoo bears and other critters away from your campsite or answer a late night call of nature. And who wants to be stuck in the wild without anything lighting your path?


The possibilities for what rope could come in handy for are endless. Always have extra on hand. Make it a part of your emergency kit and find creative ways to store it. Consider tying in around other items or looping it around a backpack.

Rope can be used to tie and hang up your game, as well as secure cargo when the trip is over. You may also need rope to secure items at camp (like a tent) or hang clothes to dry near a fire.

Tent/Sleeping Gear

Obviously, you’ll need a place to sleep and keep warm in the night. And a good tent or sleeping gear is important for safety to keep you secure from mosquitos, which carry disease, and other bugs and curious critters in the night.

Kind of like boots, a tent and/or sleeping bag and gear will make for a more enjoyable and comfortable experience in the wild. And don’t forget a pillow!

Gun Cleaning Equipment/Kits

Always keep cleaning kits in with the guns and always keep the guns clean. They should be maintained after daily use for safety and cosmetic upkeep.

Every badass hunter needs these supplies to truly be a badass. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to the essentials of hunting.


How to Choose the Best Kitchen Appliances

March 10, 2018 - By 
kitchen appliances

From Smeg’s incredible collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana to Marc Newson’s stunning range of toasters and tea kettles, kitchen appliances are no longer serving a purpose — they’re also making a statement.

Whether you’ve just redone your kitchen and are looking for an upgrade, or if you’re interested in connecting with your inner Julia Child, you need options that combine form and function.

However, buying the right appliances is seldom as easy as it looks.

There are lots of hidden factors that you’ll need to take into consideration when making your decision.

Need a little help in getting it right?

If so, then keep on reading our appliance buying guide.

Consider The Cost

Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re putting together a plan for your kitchen appliances is your budget.

Especially if you gravitate towards expensive materials and brand names, the cost of appliances can add up pretty quickly. Before you know it, you’ve spent so much that you can’t afford to finish installing that backsplash tile.

To help keep you in check, keep in mind that your appliance budget should be between roughly 8-10% of your overall remodeling budget.

Chances are, this number is a lot lower than you anticipated.

However, it’s ok to select a few “investment appliances” — especially if they’ll actually help you to keep costs down in the end.

For example, consider investing in steel appliances, which are more durable and resistant to staining and rust. Think about whether it would be financially smarter to invest in an electric or gas stove, depending on how much you actually cook at home.

Would going over budget to invest in smart appliances, which may ultimately help you to save on electricity and water costs, be a wise move?

These are all crucial things to think about when defining your budget.

Read The Consumer Reviews

So, you’ve fallen in love with a variety of kitchen appliances — though that love is mostly based on looks alone.

We get it.

It’s incredibly easy to get distracted by beauty and completely ignore the more important things, like overall functionality and the amount of space an appliance will take up on your countertops.

(Speaking of, let’s take this opportunity to remind you of taking as many exact measurements as possible before investing in any appliances.)

Luckily, the good news is that you’re likely not the only person who has ever been interested in these appliances. And you can rely on the reviews of dozens, possibly even hundreds, of past consumers to determine whether or not the appliances you’re considering truly live up to the hype.

For example, these ice maker reviews outline the pros and cons of some of the most popular ice makers on the market. They also detail the different features, give the dimensions of the machines, and compare them to other bestselling brands.

When it comes to reviews, there’s really no such thing as “too thorough.”

Think About What You Really Need

When you’re shopping for kitchen appliances, it’s incredibly easy to allow your eyes to be too big for your stomach — or at least, for your countertops.

In order to determine what you actually need, and what you can find a way to live without, think about the meals you like to cook the most.

Do you need a stand mixer because you love making cookies for your neighbors, or do you just vow to make this the year that you actually try to make gingerbread, only to put it off yet again?

How often do you toast bread, microwave a bowl of oatmeal, make tea on the kettle or use your toaster oven?

These are all things to take into consideration to help you understand what your essentials actually are. Plus, the less you spend on appliances, the more you’ll have leftover to dedicate to the rest of your interior decor and design.

When In Doubt, Stay Neutral

So, you’ve outlined a thorough budget, you’ve figured out which appliances you truly do need, and you’ve even read a few reviews of the frontrunners.

Now, it’s time to think about the tones, materials, and colors that you’ll choose.

We know that it can be tempting to go for the latest trend, the most over-the-top pattern, or the sleekest design of the moment.

However, especially if you don’t plan to renovate your kitchen once every three years, you need to design with longevity in mind. After all, no one wants a kitchen that will look outdated by the time it’s finished being installed.

For best results, we suggest sticking to more neutral colors like brown, black, white, or silver/chrome.

Keep in mind that it’s totally possible to liven up your kitchen with bold prints and patterns in other ways. Save the crazier designs for your curtains, your placemats, and your decorative dishes instead.

Which Kitchen Appliances Will You Choose?

We hope that this post has helped you to figure out how to choose the best kitchen appliances for your home.

Remember, it’s all about neutral shades, setting a firm budget, knowing what you need, and reading online reviews to make sure the appliances you’re thinking about are actually worth it.

Looking for more home and kitchen decor advice?

Want to access manuals and guides that will help you to go the DIY route when it comes to setting up your appliances and upgrading your kitchen?

We’re here to help.

Spend some time on our website and blog to access ebooks, articles, and guides about everything decor.


5 Emerging Healthcare Technology Trends

March 9, 2018 - By 
healthcare technology trends

Technology is evolving. As new technology emerges, industries are impacted in a variety of significant ways.

Healthcare is one of these industries. The changes in technology in the past few years have been immense. From new software and systems to new ways to track important medical records and details, healthcare technology trends are changing the way healthcare functions on a day to day basis.

This new technology is allowing people to live healthier and live longer. It’s helping combat chronic disease and alerting someone when it’s time for a check-up. It’s making sure they are meeting daily recommended activity levels.

Healthcare Technology Trends

Let’s look at some recent and upcoming healthcare technology trends. We’re going to discuss how they are impacting the healthcare industry.

1. Wearables

Wearables are one of the greatest innovations in healthcare within the past couple of years. You can use them to track how active you are, how many calories you burn, or how well you sleep at it’s simplest.

Wearables have become popular in healthcare technology to help patients track things they haven’t been able to in the past without going in to see a doctor. Almost 130 million devices are being used by consumers in 2018.

Besides fitness wearables, what other wearable healthcare technology trends are happening? Patients are now able to collect data about their vitals in real time. They can measure their blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and monitor and alert chronic illness users.

These devices are helping people with chronic illnesses track symptoms in an efficient way and manage their illness better. For example, if you’re supposed to be logging your weight, oxygen levels, or your pulse, you’re able to track these from your wearable device to your phone.

Not only that, but your device can transmit this data directly to your doctor without requiring a checkup. This information can then be used to determine risk for other illnesses and ultimately, save lives.

2. The Age of Telemedicine

There has been a great decline in the traditional scheduled office visit a patient with a chronic illness makes. Telemedicine is the reason for this decline. The rollout of virtual doctor’s offices around the country has given doctors better availability and patients more access to their doctors.

It has removed in and out of network constraints as patients are able to interact with doctors from all over the nation, regardless of their in-person primary care provider.

Patients that live in remote locations that would normally have to drive over an hour to see a doctor, can now log on to their internet portal and chat with them instantly. They can subtract the time it would take for their commute, along with long waits in the waiting room.

It’s made appointment availability higher and plugs patients in with a doctor to see them as fast as they can. It’s not just for physical health either. Healthcare technology trends have made telemedicine possible for mental health visits as well.

Patients that are needing mental or emotional health advice and support can do so at the click of a button. Instead of fearing being seen in public or meeting with someone due to social anxiety, they can hop on a support portal and receive treatment from certified therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals.

3. Big Data

Another one of the hottest healthcare technology trends is artificial intelligence and big data. What do these words really mean?

Big data are sets of data that are so large and so complex that normal traditional data processing software can’t handle the vast amounts of data. Big data is prevalent in healthcare because of large amounts of patient data and medical records for each patient.

This data is used for analysis and studying to predict trends in groups of people, cultures, and chronic diseases. Identifying risk factors and recommending preventative treatments are another useful aspect of this data collection. It can also be analyzed in order to improve customer satisfaction.

4. Patient Empowerment

All of these changes in healthcare are great, but one of the greatest things is patient empowerment. With these healthcare technology trends, patients are feeling more and more connected with their health and their healthcare providers.

Healthcare is normally associated with long wait times in waiting rooms and doctors offices, high costly bills and lack of transparency when it comes to results. Patients now have the ability to take control of their health and have visible access to their results and diagnoses.

Patients can add notes to their accounts, taking note of symptoms of illnesses or anything new they are experiencing. All of these are great health information exchange benefits.

5. Healthcare in the Cloud

Cloud access to healthcare data is important and is a new trend to hit the industry. It allows patients to access their data the second the doctor updates it instead of waiting around for a phone call, hoping you don’t miss it. No more paper charts.

All of the patient data is stored in the cloud. This is a great way to make sure it’s safe and the patient is fully protected. It’s quicker for doctors to update files and for patients to be notified. Insurance companies and hospitals also have access to records in the cloud, reducing lost or damaged paper.

Data security and privacy are of utmost importance for the healthcare industry. The more digital records can be, the better. Healthcare is being transformed by this dramatically.

Where Does it Go From Here?

The healthcare technology trends in 2018 are going to evolve even further. These few that we have covered have changed the entire landscape of the healthcare industry.

Innovative changes like these will continue to transform how doctors interact with patients, and patients advocate for their own health. If you want to learn about the most up to date app the medical industry is using, read this article now.


5 Home Improvement Apps for DIYers

March 9, 2018 - By 

Remodeling the house is a mammoth task. And if it’s left up to contractors and builders, you could spend a huge amount of money.

But how about you “do it yourself”?

In fact, statistics say that only 41% of the population would leave it to the professionals, whereas over half of you feel confident enough to give it a go yourselves.

But doing it yourself means you’ve got to plan, design, get the right tools and supplies and more!

But before you rush down to the local hardware shop, first visit a virtual store! Yes, use your smartphone, whether it’s Google Play Store or the App Store and check out their cool DIY apps!

Keep reading for five home improvement apps that will assist you with your next DIY project.

Home Improvement Apps

Okay, so you’ve all heard of Pinterest (for inspiration) and YouTube (for “how to” videos) but there are several other apps that can help you with very specific tasks.

For example, you can:

  • Find the perfect color scheme
  • Get inspired by decorating ideas
  • Calculate the number of tiles needed
  • Measure a space
  • Rearrange your furniture virtually
  • Hang pictures or mirrors with a digital level

These next five home improvement apps are all unique and useful in their own way. Most are free or cheap, so don’t be shy to download them and test them out for yourself.

1. Home Design 3D

This app allows you to build a 3D model of your home so you can visualize what your home improvement project will look like. Many professional companies actually use similar software when they are designing a home.

You can basically design it to look any way you want. With a database of over 1000 items, you can even furnish and accessorize your virtual home.

Using this app can also help you to iron out any issues before you start demolishing things!

Available for iOS and Android. And it’s free! But can be upgraded to a premium version for those hardcore DIYers!

There are many other similar home improvement apps, some free and some available in a range of prices. For example, Magic Plan and Adornably are both excellent apps for designing your home, giving you the chance to try before you buy!

2. ColorSnap

ColorSnap is an extremely useful app that can help you pick the perfect color for your home.

They have a huge selection of colors to choose from. The app features a photo color matcher, paint previewer and you can even create your own color palette.

The purpose is to help you to digitally test your color scheme ideas without wasting time painting and repainting until you’ve got it right. It’ll save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.

Available for iOS and Android. It’s free! Yay!

Other similar apps include TapPainter and Project Colour, which both have similar features of giving you the opportunity to play with colors before you grab a paintbrush.

3. iHandy Carpenter

This app allows you to turn your smartphone into a carpentry toolkit! It really lives up to its name, as your phone is totally handy and small compared to dragging around a load of bulky tools.

The app includes a ruler, surface level, steel protractor, bubble level bar and plumb bob, all useful carpentry tools.

Available for iOS and Android. Can be purchased for $1.99.

Another practical carpentry app is The Woodshop Widget, which is available only for iOS at $3.99. It includes a helpful collection of calculators and converters specifically designed for woodworking projects. A cool feature of the app is that it can estimate how different kinds of wood can expand or shrink under different conditions.

4. Wikihow

Just like Wikipedia, but tailored especially for DIY. Wikihow contains thousands of how-to guides. From quick repairs to major DIY, Wikihow has got it all.

Wikihow completes its instructions with illustrations and videos. You can browse and search categories, bookmark specific how-to’s for offline reading and keep up with their featured articles.

This handy app also includes smaller DIY or craft projects, so you can finish off your decor nicely. Another useful feature (only currently for iOS) is the inclusion of first aid tips, which might be useful for those common DIY accidents!

Available for iOS and Android. Another freebie!

DIY Tip Genious app is also full of great DIY advice. From helpful techniques and professional guides to random household tips, it’s a helpful source to have when it comes to home projects.

5. Pro Landscape Home

Many DIYers put loads of time and effort into designing the interior, but what about the exterior?

The Pro Landscape Home app is similar to interior design apps, such as Home Design 3D mentioned above, but it focuses on the exterior of your home. You can take a photo of your backyard and then start designing your outdoor space.

There are thousands of shrubs, trees, flowers and garden accessories to choose from. Even extra features such as a fire pit or patio set are available.

You can add your chosen plants and accessories into your virtual backyard to visualize what your newly landscaped garden will look like. A cool feature this app includes is, if you tell the app your location it will help to choose plants and flowers that will thrive in your climate!

Available for iOS and Android. And again, it’s free as a bird!

There are a few more apps with similar features, such as PRO Landscape Companion, that can also help you to visualize your dream garden!

Leave It to the Professionals

Yes, these apps are super cool and can help you to be successful in your DIY projects. But sometimes it’s best to leave it up to the professionals.

Your phone continues to help though! Through several apps, you can view most major hardware store chains or professional builders in your area.

This is especially helpful if something goes wrong or if it’s something you can’t fix alone.

For example, a blocked drain. You can use different kinds of chemicals or a plunger for a while, but if it’s a consistent problem, only a professional plumber can solve the issue. Dr. Drip Plumbing professionals are well equipped to handle a blocked shower drain, check out their page for more information.

A New World of Technology

As you can see, technology is advancing more than ever before. Your smartphone isn’t just for sharing photos online anymore. It can really help practically, especially with these home improvement apps!

While your phone can’t replace a full set of physical tools, it can help you to design, measure, calculate, order and find qualified professionals!

For more DIY hacks, check out our blog.


How to Find Out Reviews for Your Answering Service

March 7, 2018 - By 
find out

If you run a business or manage a company, such as a lockout service for an apartment, it’s likely you want someone available for your customers to call when a need arises. You don’t want to keep yourself or your staff around just for the odd emergency that may happen.

For these reasons, it’s best to have an answering service. But how do you find out if the service has the type of quality customer service you want to offer others?

Before you decide to go with a specific answering service company, it’s crucial to pay attention to reviews and make sure they’ll provide what you’re looking for. Learn more about how and why reviews should help determine if you’ll use a particular answering service.

Look On Social Media to Find Out More About a Company

Social media is where most people spend their time when they want to connect with others. Because of this, it’s the go-to place when leaving reviews about a company and their services.

If you’re unsure about where to start, Google+ and Facebook provide the best results. Start there and look for reviews other customers left for the service.

Make sure the reviews are:

  • Fairly recent
  • Give a somewhat objective view of what worked or what did not

It’s true that many customers leave poor reviews in the heat of the moment. You’ll want to take some time to separate fact from fiction and make an accurate decision.

Regardless of what reviews you find, consider looking at more than one source, in order to get the most accurate view. Learn more about the best social media platforms for business.

See What the Better Business Bureau Has to Say

One of the most trusted places when it comes to getting reviews is the Better Business Bureau, also known as the BBB. Here, companies are assigned graded ratings, just like what you’d get in school.

If a company constantly has problems that result in low ratings, the BBB downgrades their current rating. Since many businesses take pride in being part of the BBB, those who aspire to do well want to maintain high ratings.

If you’re looking to find out about answering service reviews, make sure to check out what the BBB has to say. Regardless of your decision, you’ll feel informed based on what you know from others who’ve gone through the same experience.

Get References From Previous Customers if You Can

When possible, attempt to contact other customers who have used the company. Sometimes this is best done through social media since you can easily message them on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

If you know friends, family, or other individuals who have personal experience with the company, ask them point blank what their experiences were and if they would suggest doing business with them.

Some companies provide references personally, so you can contact them and make sure their quality is up to your standards. In most cases, it’s best to seek out references on your own.

Doing so gives you the upper hand by getting reviews that are honest, with nothing to gain.

Get More Than One Review When Possible

Don’t settle for one review before you deem a business worthy or write them off completely. When collecting answering service reviews, get a few from different sources.

This means going on more than one social media platform, visiting Google+ or the BBB, and looking for independent companies where customers leave reviews. Finding information this way helps you to get unbiased facts.

You’ll know if there is a problem with something specific related to the company, or if individuals from a certain area have issues that don’t apply to what you’re looking for.

Getting well-rounded facts allow you to make the best decision when it comes to finding the right service for yourself, your customers, and your company.

Finding the right answering service is important since this presents an image of your company when customers call. Learn more about how your business can move forward in the 21st century and build an online empire.

Look for a Theme

When reading reviews, pay special attention to any themes you notice when learning about the organization. See if you find any similarities related to:

  • Repeat issues (more than one customer having the same type of problem)
  • Issues with certain service personnel
  • Problems related to payment or canceling service

All of these are red flags to be aware of. If you’re noticing more than one in several different reviews, it’s time to rethink using that particular vendor and find out about other options.

If you only find a few reviews that are off, consider trying out the service and seeing how it works. What’s important about finding a theme is the ability to see if there are consistent and reoccurring problems with the service that aren’t being addressed.

Pay attention to how old the reviews are, and if the company has recently undergone a change. If the company has new management and you’re noticing an upward trend of positive reviews, there’s a good chance you won’t have to worry about future problems.

Let Us Help

When finding answering service reviews to make sure a company is just right for you, it’s not an easy path and makes take some time to sift through. Once you find a company that provides the solid service you’re looking for, both you and your customers are in good hands.

Take time to read different reviews, and find out an answering service that provides everything you’re looking for.

Learn more about how your business can get ahead. Check out our blog on the benefits of SMS marketing, and see how easy it is to increase your customer base.


10 Catchy Topics to Cover on Your Lifestyle Blog

March 7, 2018 - By 
lifestyle blog

It’s not always easy to think of topics to write about. But with a little thought and help, you can overcome writer’s block on your lifestyle blog.

It’s always best to keep a list of ideas for future posts. The longer your list, the less likely you’ll be to run out of blog topics. And lifestyle blogs have the advantage of being broad enough that you can choose from a wide variety of topics.

If you need some more ideas to add to your lists, we’ve got them for you. Here are ten topics to jumpstart your creativity and get you writing more popular lifestyle blog posts.

1. What You’ve Learned from Other Bloggers

Your blog doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You’ve probably benefited from reading other people’s blogs. It can be a good idea to show your appreciation to fellow bloggers.

Show how grateful you are to those other bloggers by mentioning them and what you’ve learned from them. Maybe it was one post on their blog that gave you inspiration. Or perhaps you interacted with a blogger on social media and got some great advice.

Readers love to know how you get inspired. They also want to know that you’re not self-centered and that you care about others.

2. Write About Your Fitness Routine

Not everyone has a set fitness routine. But most people wish they did. And readers like to hear about other people’s healthy habits.

If you have a special quirk to your workouts or use an app, you should share it with your readers. They might want to give it a try too.

This is also a great idea for a post if you happen to be trying a trendy workout routine. You can discuss how it feels and whether it works.

More importantly, if you have just started a fitness routine, you can write multiple posts. You can continue to write about your progress. Readers want to know how you’re doing.

3. Dieting Without Trying

Maybe you’re one of the fortunate people who doesn’t need to diet. And maybe you maintain a healthy diet without having to think about it as healthy.

Of course, when you write about this sort of diet plan, be sure to show your readers how easy it is for them to do the same. Otherwise, they will just get jealous.

4. A Weekly Meal Plan

Do you plan your meals in advance? If you do, you’ve got a great lifestyle blog topic.

Readers love to learn about planning meals ahead. Most people don’t think about what they’re cooking until the last minute and could use the advice.

You can also use this opportunity to discuss how to preserve those meals for the week. If you make all your dinners at once, you may write about properly freezing those meals to eat later on.

5. Online-to-Offline Networking

Plenty of bloggers write about how they’ve increased their following on [insert platform]. And most of those posts have grown stale. Look at how you can update that topic.

Have you met with people who were previously just social media connections? If you did, you can write about it.

Not everyone meets with social media contacts. But it can be a life-changing experience. And sometimes those meetings can grow into lasting friendships.

6. Write a Book Review

If you want to be a better writer, you should read more. The same goes for bloggers.

While you’re finding great books to read, you can write a review. There’s no need to just focus on the books you’ve enjoyed reading. People will want to hear the positive and negative reviews.

If you have a specific theme to your lifestyle blog, you can review books that fit that niche. And publishers might take notice and offer you new books to review in the future.

7. Review Your Favorite Products

Much like those book reviews, you can review products that you use or find interesting, like portable solar panels.

If your lifestyle blog focuses on cooking and food, then you can review kitchen products. Readers are always looking to buy or replace kitchen appliances, so it’s your opportunity to tell them about your blender, crock pot, or new pan.

These posts serve a dual purpose, as you can include affiliate links to the products for your readers.

8. Participate in an Activity

Are you up for a challenge? Then write about it!

Whether you’re participating in a fun bike ride or entering a marathon, it’s an opportunity to tell the world. People enjoy reading about activities and contests because it gives them ideas of things to do.

You can sometimes turn these into multiple posts. If you’re training for a marathon, you can write about the training and your result after the race.

9. Discuss Local News

You may not think that your local news is all that interesting, but other people might think otherwise.

Readers like to hear about smaller news stories from other places. Most of these stories don’t make national news, but they can be relatable to your readers.

It’s rare that most U.S. readers will see news about lake of the Ozarks, but they may be interested in learning more about the area.

10. Respond to Op-ed Columns

You have an opinion and you should use it. You just need to read the news every day and see what other people are writing about it. It’s easy enough to find a variety of opinions online.

Sometimes you’ll come across an opinion piece that is so out-of-touch with your life that you’ll feel the need to respond. Take the opportunity to write your opinion on the subject.

Your lifestyle blog doesn’t have to only be about your life. It can be about society, and that would require you to discuss society as it relates to your life.

Kickstart Your Lifestyle Blog Today

With a few fresh ideas, your lifestyle blog will thrive. Just be sure to keep all the ideas in a safe place so you check them out when you need inspiration.

There are always more ideas out there. Jot down any ideas you have throughout the day and you’ll have an endless supply for your blog.

You can also check out our blog if you need some help finding apps to improve your writing.


13 Downloadable Labels to Make Your Handmade Gift Jars Extra Special

March 5, 2018 - By 
downloadable labels

Mason jars have been around forever. Ok, maybe not forever, just since 1858. But still, a long time.

It’s interesting how a product that was first produced over 150 years ago, is now one of the hottest trends in do-it-yourself gift giving. Mason jars are now used for drinking glasses at parties, centerpieces for weddings, and of course, personal gifts.

In fact, in 2015 enough Mason jars were sold that if you laid them end-to-end, they would encircle the entire globe.

Just so you know, your handmade gift jars are right on trend.

Do you want to add that personal touch to your handmade gift jars? Check out these 13 downloadable labels that’ll make your presents extra special.

Downloadable Labels for Jams and Jellies

Do you have a special jam recipe that you love to share? Please do! There is nothing better than some homemade jam on a warm piece of toast.

Here are some of the best labels for your sweet spreads.

1. Spread Love

This one has got to be my favorite. I mean, who doesn’t want to spread the love? And what better way to share the love than by sharing a jar of homemade jam or jelly?

In my book, homemade jam will always mean true love.

2. Homemade With Love

These adorable labels are ready to go in 5 different flavors including, cherry, rhubarb, strawberry, blueberry, and apricot. So no matter what your specialty is, you’re covered.

I also love the idea of covering the lid with a vintage-inspired floral fabric for a more homemade look.

3. Vintage Vibe

Want more of a vintage look? These labels look like vintage sketches straight from the gardener’s notebook. I mean, I’m tempted to frame them for my kitchen.

They even leave a little space for the date so you know exactly when the jams were made.

4. Is Jam not your Jam?

Not a fan of jam? Maybe marmalade is more your jam. Is so, then check out these marmalade downloadable labels. They come in lemon-yellow, lime-green, and orange-orange. (Orange-orange? Uh . . . you know what I mean.)

5. Simple and Classic

Want beautiful, clean labels? Then these are for you. They are simple, pretty, and would be the perfect touch for any sort of party favor.

They come in peach, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry.

Sweet Treat Downloadable Labels

Who doesn’t love dessert? What about dessert delivered in a Mason jar? That, right there is the best neighbor gift invented. Here are some adorable dessert labels to go with your yummy dessert jar.

6. Santa’s Cookies

I mean, they might be called Santa’s cookies, but that just means they have all the good stuff in them. We’re talking rolled oats, chocolate chips, and M&Ms. These cookies should be made year round.

I’m sure the big guy won’t care if you make a batch or two throughout the year. You know, just for practice.

7. Toffee Blondie Bars

Have a great blondie bar recipe? Here is the tag you need to go along with your delicious dessert. It even has directions so the bars come out perfectly even when you’re not there.

Because we all know giving up control in the kitchen is not easy to do.

8. Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

This is perfect gift jar for when the weather turns colder and everyone goes crazy over all things pumpkin flavored. So why not just jump on the pumpkin band-wagon?

Give your friends a jar of this and they will thank you when their kitchens smell like pumpkin spice.

Spa Treatment in a Jar

Mason jars can be used for so much than just food. These downloadable labels are for the special gifts that allow for some relaxation. Which, let’s be honest, is what we all really want.

9. Lavender Mint Bath Salts

Life, in general, is stressful. Everyone runs around like they are just too busy. But this little jar offers the reminder that it’s OK to sit and slow down once in a while.

What else could you possibly want after a long day? Here is the perfect label for this perfect little gift of fragrant bath salts.

10. Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are easy and affordable to make. If you are looking for a gift for all your girlfriends, this is the one to do.

Maybe you are planning a wedding and trying to keep things low key. If so, this would be great for all the ladies in the wedding party.

Need a quick reminder on how to make it? All you need is 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup coconut oil. Easy enough to remember, right?

And if you want to add some fragrance, just add your favorite essential oil. I personally like peppermint, lavender, or lemon. Not all together of course.

Make the look complete with these sugar scrub downloadable labels that come in a variety of colors.

11. Pamper Yourself

Here’s an idea that anyone would love, fill a large jar with all your favorite products:

  • Chapstick
  • Face masks
  • Fingernail polish
  • Hand lotion
  • Chocolate — don’t forget the chocolate

Then print out this cute label and you’ve got yourself the ultimate gift jar.

We all deserved to be pampered a little.

12. Love in a Bottle

This is the perfect label for any of your gift jars. It is simple and cute. If you had to pick only one of these labels to use, this one would get my vote.

It is versatile, simple, and would go with any of your homemade gift jars.

And it’s a picture of a jar, for your homemade gift jar. What’s not to love?

13. More to Choose

This link will take you to 10, yes ten, different designs of labels. They all differ in size, style, and color so if you haven’t seen anything you like yet, this is for you.

In this case, We really did save the best for last this time.

Get Crafting

Handmade gift jars really are a labor of love. There are few things more meaningful than giving those you love something homemade.

Whether it’s your grandmother’s famous jam recipe or your favorite sugar scrub, these downloadable labels are sure to give your thoughtful gift the finishing touch.

Need some more ideas? Check out our blog to get any helpful tips and advice you may need.


How to Make Life More Exciting: 10 Activities You’ve Got to Try

March 3, 2018 - By 

Are you bored of the 9-5 grind? Day in day out life seems to be one mundane cycle.

Recent surveys show that up to 90% of Americans report feeling bored at some point in an average day.

To add excitement to your life you could do a variety of things, from getting a makeover to going to a rock concert! There are many things you can do to shake up your daily routine.

But if you’re looking for something a bit wilder…a bit more adventurous…a bit dangerous…we know exactly what you can do!

Keep reading to find out how to make life more exciting with these ten adrenalin-filled activities!

1. The World Is Your Oyster

Wanderlust is a feeling that we all seem to get when we swipe through our Instagram feed. Most people add world travel to their bucket list.

From snorkeling the Barrier reef in Bora Bora to exploring the Rainbow Mountains of China, from searching for the Northern Lights in Norway to hiking Machu Pichu in Peru, there are so many breathtaking places to visit.

Millennials especially are taking the opportunity to take a break from their mundane day to day life to travel the world for work, to volunteer, or just for the experience.

2. Chasing Waterfalls

Powerful waterfalls around the globe create the most stunningly natural sites you will ever see. But waterfalls can also be part of a fun-filled adventure…

The worlds largest waterfall is Victoria Falls in Africa. The magnificent falls feature a natural rock pool, conveniently named “Devils Pool”. If you visit between September and December you can have a “swim” at the top of the waterfall in this natural rock pool. When the water level is just right, the rocks will form a barrier between you and the edge. A thrilling, yet nerve-racking experience!

Whitewater rafting is also an amazing experience. You can take part in this energetic sport in many places around the world from Arizona to Chile. You’ll never forget the intense rides down those twisting wild rivers!

3. Walk on Water

If you really want to know how to make life more exciting, let me introduce the Jet Pack. This Iron Man style activity will bring out the superhero in you…or supervillain depending on your state of mind!

Jetpacks are bursting onto the scene with there ability to make you feel like you are flying and walking on water. With technology advancing rapidly, this rocket pack device uses jets of gas to propel you through the air.

Move aside, Superman!

4. The Skies the Limit

Of course, we can’t forget about skydiving!

Skydiving is going from height to height, literally, you can now leap out at 20,000 feet! Now that is high. You can also fall up to speeds of 120mph, you’ve probably not reached that speed in your car!

At that altitude, temperatures are super cold, maybe even -25 degrees (plus wind chill). This is definitely not an activity for the faint-hearted.

Skydiving isn’t the only activity that’s dominating the skies, paragliding is still a breathtaking, yet scary thing to do. Paragliding is especially popular in such places as Switzerland and New Zealand for the jaw-dropping views.

Once you’ve got over that initial jump, you can enjoy the incredible views as you glide through the air like a bird!

5. Solve the Clues

Escape rooms have become all the rage the past few years. If you’ve ever thought of yourself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, then look no further.

What’s it all about? An escape room is an interactive puzzle game, where you are confined to a locked room and have to search for clues and solve puzzles to escape! You won’t be alone, groups work together to solve the clues. It really is like a life-sized board game.

It might not have the same kind of adrenalin as a skydive, but it will certainly get your heart pumping when the time is running out and you still haven’t found the key!

If you want to learn more, check out these unique interactive escape rooms based in Seattle.

6. The Cage of Death

Okay, we’ve all seen the movies where this goes terribly wrong…but cage diving is actually a really popular activity. If you feel ready to face “The Cage of Death” what can you hope to see?

Cape Town offers many cage diving excursions with, you guessed it, Sharks! But no, sharks probably won’t be chewing the bars off the cage trying to bite off your arm, they’ll be swimming around in their natural habitat while you watch them. So maybe it’s not that petrifying after all?

If sharks teeth weren’t doing it for you, what about a crocodile’s toothy grin? In Australia, you can go face to face with Australia’s largest saltwater crocodiles!

These toothy marine creatures swimming around you will definitely give you that adrenaline boost you were looking for!

7. Scream If You Want to Go Faster

Yes, the ultimate adrenaline junky will always find themselves at theme parks. Nearly every country boasts its exhilarating rides, but for the ultimate thrill, check out these rollercoasters that will give you the combined feeling of fear and ecstasy that you’re looking for!

Fuji-Q Island, in Japan, has the worlds steepest roller coaster. But it’s not just steep, it’s also extremely fast going from 0 to 62 miles per hour in two seconds flat! The ride also includes corkscrews, banana rolls, and 180 degree turns.

If that’s not fast enough for you check out the coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. This is, of course, the fastest roller coaster in the World traveling up to 149mph!

At these heights and speeds, you’ll not even have time to scream!

8. The Big Splash

If roller coasters aren’t your thing, how about water slides? Insane drops, loops, shoots and more will leave you reaching the bottom not knowing which way is up and which way is down.

Hold onto your swimsuit, at Disney’s Blizzard Beach in Florida, there is a water slide that shoots its riders down a 60 mph free fall drop!

The Aqualoop water slide in Slovenia actually features a 360-degree loop as well as being one of the fastest water slides in the world.

And the worlds tallest water slide in Kansas drops you down 168 feet, shoots you back up and drops you again! Definitely not your standard water slide!

9. Take a Hike

So, how to make life more exciting? What about hiking?

There are some super dangerous hiking trails. Certainly not for those who suffer from a fear of heights!

The aptly labeled “most dangerous trail in the world” is on Mt. Huashan in China. The mountain features steep staircases, vertical ascents and boards bolted onto the edges of cliffs. This hike will no doubt be a test of your endurance…and bravery!

Another hike famous for its fear-arousing elements is the “Kings Little Pathway” in Malaga, Spain. The path is a 1,200-meter long walkway with several gaps and incomplete sections. Because of this gappy route, many tourists have to do it with harnesses and climbing gear.

10. Dare to Jump

Of course, bungee jumping makes the list! It’s one of the most popular adrenalin junky activities after all.

You can take the plunge day or night in several locations around the world. From bridges to cliffs to buildings, that free falling feeling might just be the kick you need.

Macau tower in China is home to the highest bungee jump in the world. At 764 feet you’ll definitely have something to boast to your friends about!

How to Make Life More Exciting? — Question Answered!

Yes, as you can see, this world offers a lot of super cool, yet thrilling things to do.

How to make life more exciting? Resolve not to let your life slip away and give up on your bucket list. Step out of the 9-5 and just go do something! You’ll not regret it.

For more handy lifestyle tips and hacks, check out our blog.


7 Ways Hair Growth Treatment Benefits You

March 1, 2018 - By 
hair growth treatment

For those lucky enough to have all their hair, perhaps it’s an easy thing to take for granted. The benefits of having luscious locks are not always obvious. Most of us start out with a full head of hair as kids.

As we age, we slowly start to notice the significance of having hair. As it becomes apparent that having hair is important, people start to consider the adverse effects not having hair can cause.

Hair is a symbol of health and vitality. It screams “youthful”. People who are balding are immediately viewed as older than those with plentiful hair, even if they are much younger.

The good news is that hair growth treatment has become a viable option with many new procedures on the rise. Here are a few ways hair treatments can benefit your life:


Confidence isn’t just about your hair. However, a full head of hair can certainly help you feel better about yourself.

Having hair growth treatment performed on your scalp can help you feel good about the way you look again.

Feeling great about your appearance is one of the first major factors in meeting the world with a smile and some charisma. This is especially important for professionals in any given field.

Professionals need to feel confident but also be perceived as confident.

Confidence yields successful business relationships that can boost sales and bring in more clients. And remember, how others treat or view you is just as important about how you view or treat yourself.

Psychological Rewards

Hair growth treatment like Capillus can do wonders for the mental health of a man or a woman.

People who suffer from baldness can actually start to go through depression. This can spiral downwards for some sufferers as they become hard on themselves because of the way they look.

With depression comes low self-esteem, which can lead to self-abuse. Something as simple as hair loss can turn to alcoholism or other ventures that offer someone relief from their constant self-torture.

Having your hair restored can keep your mind healthy as you feel good about who you are and how you look. You can keep the self-abuse tactics far away as you comb through your full head of hair every day.

No More Social Embarrassment with Hair Growth Treatment

Some people suffering from hair loss start declining invitations to be socials, get drinks, or go to dinner. They become so embarrassed by their hair that they become introverts who scurry to their work offices and then back home at night.

While there is nothing to be ashamed about in having a bald head, some people find themselves incapable of getting past it. They succumb to feeling less than or not attractive, and will not put themselves in situations where they can be seen by many.

With hair growth treatment, you can completely get rid of any social anxiety because of your hair. You can grace the happy hour bars and say hello to anyone you find attractive because you aren’t embarrassed about how you look

This can also improve your romantic life.

Improved Romance

With greater confidence, a sound mind, and no social inhibitions, your love life is bound to improve. Let hair growth treatment give you the levels of confidence that you need to approach the cutie in need a drink.

An improved romantic life will lead to a happier life in general.

As humans, we crave companionship. If you don’t think that losing your hair will have an effect on your love life and potential companionship possibilities, think again.

It’s not necessarily about your hair, but it’s about how you feel about yourself that will make the impact on your social life. By eliminating the things that make you feel less than, you’re going to attract more people to you with your good energy and confidence.

Good Bye to Emasculation

Many men say that hair loss makes them feel emasculated. They feel as if they have failed in some way by losing their hair.

You can kiss these inhibitions goodbye with hair growth treatment. You can feel like the man you felt like in your twenties when your head was full of hair. Get ready to go after the woman of your dreams!

Improved Aesthetic

The truth is, most people just look better with a full head of hair unless they’re after Mr. Clean’s look. With a full head of hair, you will look more attractive, and be found more attractive by other people.

Your overall aesthetic will be improved, which can boost your business and romantic prospects. There’s nothing like looking in the mirror on a daily basis and feeling fantastic about the overall product that is you.

By knowing you look better, you will take more risks in the workplace, socially, and in new ventures.

Promotion Worthy

Your work relationships are bound to improve as you feel better about yourself. This can eventually lead to a much-wanted promotion because you’ve gained your work charisma back.

With hair growth treatment, you will have stopped the extra focus on worry about what is lacking, and focus that energy on making an impression or starting a new project.

You can walk into your boss’s office with your new proposal feeling the best you can. People take note of those with straightforward confidence.

You can only know your worth if you feel good about yourself. Know you’re worthy of more, and take your career to new levels.

Go Big or Go Bald

Hair transplants are one of the best cosmetic procedures you can have done. The treatments will also reap major benefits. From an improved overall look to a much better social life, it’s time to make the change.

Go after what you want in life, starting with a full head of hair.

Though it might take a few months to see the end result, be patient and know that it is on its way. There is no price for restoring your confidence or fixing your love life.

When you’re ready to present the world with the best version of you, find all the resources you need here!

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