9 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using SMS Marketing

Are you using your phone and SMS technology to its full potential? Did you know that marketing via SMS is a viable strategy to boost your company forward?

The number of cellphone users will increase to more than 270 million. This increasing trend of cellphone usage will only continue as the years go by.

Most people forget that SMS marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing because of new mobile marketing technologies. Some of these include:

  • Geotargeting
  • Cloud Computing
  • Social Media

But even with these technologies, 90% of the people who receive text messages read them within three seconds. The read rate of these messages is 98%. It demonstrates the power of SMS Marketing.

If your business isn’t using SMS Marketing yet, here are nine reasons to start exploring its potential:

1. It’s Cheap and Easy to Do

Other means of advertising like direct mail or outdoor advertising isn’t as cost-effective as marketing through text. When you take the actual impressions into consideration, the SMS ROI surpasses other means of advertisement including email.

Sending bulk SMS is easy, especially since there are lots of high-quality SMS apps your customers can use on both Android and Apple platforms. Some of these popular apps include:

  • Google Messenger
  • Chomp SMS
  • TextBetter

Using the SMS in a clever manner makes you conserve your marketing budget. It gives you more funds for areas that matter more in your business.

2. It’s Like E-mail, But Much Better

E-mail marketing shares a lot of characteristics with SMS Marketing. Both are some of the best digital marketing tactics out there today, along with social media strategies and live video broadcasting.

Businesses benefit from it because of its nature of distribution–opt-in, and sent to possible customers. E-mail marketing can’t match SMS in terms of effectiveness.

SMS has a 98% opening rate and it’s opened immediately. On the other hand, the average opening rate for business e-mails doesn’t go beyond 30%, depending on the industry.

Sending text messages are still the most common way people communicate. In 2012, people worldwide sent more than 6 trillion messages. The numbers are still on the rise–marketing with SMS becomes more of a need for businesses.

3. It’s Targeted and Helps Segment Your Audience

Marketing through SMS makes it easy for you to target your audience, especially when you’re using an SMS Service. It helps you achieve the level of targeting and segregation comparable to that of e-mail marketing.

You can send personalized messages and schedule messages for the best delivery date and time. It allows you to manage SMS replies using your e-mail client.

There are some advanced options you can choose to enhance the audience targeting. It can allow your SMS Marketing campaign to target customers according to the things they last bought or the store they last visited.

4. It has Automation Capabilities

You can use a bulk SMS messaging platform to do the grunt work for you. You can do more activities like monitoring the top social media trends as part of your advertising campaign.

Your business can use a combination of applications to manage your customers and prospects through SMS.

5. Its Metrics are Easy to Measure

SMS Marketing, with its high response rate, is easier to set metrics on. You can see which promotions work and which don’t.

It’s different for each company, and it takes a few months of experimentation to optimize your SMS content for your audience. Once you get a good strategy, use it with some variations to keep your audience engaged.

Most service providers give simple delivery reporting to check if your messages got sent. Intelligent tracking from top SMS marketing providers give you insights on various details like who received your messages.

6. It’s Timely Because It’s Instant

You can send text messages around the world without delay. SMS Marketing is the perfect means of achieving timely communication with possible customers.

Sending messages in proper times makes it easier for your business to interact with your customers in real time.

7. It’s More Personal

Customers only opt-in to SMS updates from the companies they like. It’s more efficient for your company since you know the people receiving your messages are less likely to ignore it.

If your business wants to take the extra mile, you can personalize each message. It might take a while, especially if your audience is big, but it makes them feel special.

E-mails and mailboxes get flooded by junk mail and spam most of the time.

8. It’s Simple and Direct

SMS is simple and straight to the point. It gets the message directly across more compared to e-mails and leaflets.

With more than 250 million cellphone users, most of these people have it within their arms’ reach.

Besides meeting customers face-to-face or with calls, SMS Marketing is the most direct way of communicating with them. Your SMS service can deliver your message at the right time to the right people.

9. It’s Easy to Implement

SMS Marketing needs to continuous tweaking, testing, and improving to stay relevant. But compared to other marketing strategies, it’s the easiest to implement on your own.

You don’t need to wait for long or design mock-up campaigns with your marketing campaign. All it takes is to decide the message your business wants to send.

From there, sending bulk SMS to your customers doesn’t take longer than sending a text message from your phone. You’ll receive results within three minutes because of the incredible response rate for SMS.

Rev Up Your SMS Marketing Campaign!

SMS Marketing is not an optional thing anymore. With more people opting to get cellphones, it’s easy to see that mobile marketing isn’t something your business should pass up.

It’s easy to start up because you can do it with an SMS Service. It’s easy to adjust your campaign because you can immediately track the results. Most of all, SMS response rate is high compared to other marketing strategies.

The project is best when you want your business to improve in communicating with your customers but don’t have that much budget and spare time.

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