9 Auto Apps Every Car Owner Needs In Their Life

From messaging to shopping and sharing, smartphone apps have made our lives a whole lot easier over the past decade. Auto apps for cars can be some of the most convenient.

Smartphone naturally lend themselves to being a helpful tool in the car, as they have built-in GPS technology and there are lots of nifty gadgets to hold them on the dashboard for easy access while driving.

What are the best auto apps out there that you should be taking advantage of? Here are our top 9 to start with.

1. iSeeCar’s Used Car Search Pro

As Pixel Productions Inc. points out, e-commerce is solving many challenges for the automotive industry.

One of these hurdles is how to reach customers in a digital age. Apps like iSeeCar’s Used Car Search Pro are allowing people to search for loads of different cars through private sellers and dealerships.

It has 59 filters to help you narrow down your search to a tight corner of the market. And it provides automatic scores for the cars listed in the results, as well as ordering by price to help you get the best deal.

iSeeCar says that users have saved over $90 million using this app. It’s great for customers as well as auto retailers.

2. Auto Guard

Dash cams can help to prove fault after an accident, but they can also be expensive.

Why shell out for an expensive piece of kit when you can download Auto Guard for free? This records the road ahead, and you can immediately upload videos to YouTube for future reference.

It supports resolutions of up to 1080p (which might vary depending on the quality of your cell phone camera) and also tracks speed. You’ll be very glad of these features if you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

If you want to run other apps on your phone at the same time, you can upgrade to the pro version for a very small fee. This also gets rid of ads.

3. Waze

Waze is a community-led traffic monitoring tool.

Drivers exchange knowledge about the traffic in their area. If they’re stuck in a jam up ahead, they let the community know. Other users can then choose to go a different way, saving time, and money spent on gas.

It relies on an active community of drivers to supply this real-time information, so be prepared to pitch in to get the most out of this app. You can’t just rely on others doing all the work or the community will fade out.

So far, it’s working like a charm for commuters.

4. GasBuddy

You’re low on gas. The needle is sinking into the red. You need to stop and fill up – and as luck would have it, here’s a gas station.

You fill up the tank and carry on driving… straight past a gas station selling gas for 10 cents less per gallon.

You can hardly turn around and demand a refund. Next time, check the prices in the area first with GasBuddy. You can use the map tool to see your local area and figure out if there’s a better price just a few streets over – it happens!

5. Repair Pal

If your car breaks down, Repair Pal can help you find a good deal at a local garage.

You feed in some information about your problem, and it’ll help you troubleshoot it yourself if possible.

If it’s not fixable at home, it can help you to estimate what cost to expect from a garage for repairs.

6. Carbuzz News

If you’re a petrolhead looking to keep up to date with the latest auto news, check out the Carbuzz News app.

This specialist magazine will fill up your tank with car news and reviews, as well as great features.

Like the story about a guy fooling Tesla autopilot with… an orange.

7. Spotify

OK, Spotify isn’t just for the car. But who can cope with a long drive without any tunes?

Spotify is free, so long as you can put up with the ads, but there’s also a premium version. This is just $9.99 a month, which is pretty good value considering your use isn’t just restricted to when you’re driving.

Make those long highway drives better. Use the app to send your favorite songs to the stereo via Bluetooth.

Plus, these days, Spotify has a good collection of comedy shows and podcasts. Great if it’s a little early in the day to start cranking the volume.

8. Honk

If you’re a sports or live music fan, you’ll know that going to big gigs can be a pain.

Not because you didn’t enjoy the spectacle, but because afterward, you’ve completely forgotten where you’ve parked.

Honk helps you to find your way back to your vehicle with step-by-step instructions. It can also keep time on parking meters so you don’t get slapped with a fine.

You can also leave yourself voice and handwritten memos in the app. It can become an alarm for other things. Such as a dentist appointment, or a reminder to pick up the kids.

9. iOnRoad

If your vehicle doesn’t already have some form of collision detection built in, this handy app calculates how safe the distance is between your car and the car in front.

The screen supplies an indicative ‘collision’ time, which you can glance at and keep reasonably high. This will give you time to react to sudden braking, for example.

Don’t stare at the number and let it distract you from the road. However, a quick glance every now and again can help to keep you safe.

Auto Apps Make Your Life Easier

Why struggle to find a parking spot or pay more for gas?

The technology to help you out is available right now. In many cases, it’s completely free – or very inexpensive.

By simply installing these 9 apps on your smartphone, you’ll make the ride far smoother.

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