8 Home Improvement Apps for iOS and Android

The DIY industry is booming as it barrels toward $14 billion a year. More and more people are becoming interested in saving money and empowered by fixing things at home. Along with television shows and YouTube tutorials, people are also getting help from home improvement apps for direction on their projects.

If you’re thinking about getting your hands dirty on a home renovation project, but don’t know where to begin, turn to your phone. With the variety of projects people could be working on at any given time, there are just as many answers offered by these home improvement apps.

Are you looking to get started on your next DIY project ASAP? Check out these 8 apps to make your project easier and more convenient than you could have imagined.

1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This free app for iPhones and Android phones is chock full of an endless array of tips for your next project. It can offer you ideas for both interior and exterior projects.

While you might know that you need to fix something, you might not know how you should expect the end result to look. Houzz’s app can give the examples you need.

There’s a scrapbook of user-generated photos that help show the number of options you could pursue as your next design solution.

If you can imagine it, someone has probably done it. Wondering if your dark cabinets will look good with your light colored tiles? Check out user uploaded examples to see if it works.

If you’re still looking for great interior design apps, check out this other list we’ve compiled.

2. ColorSmart

Another free app that’s available for both Androids and iPhones, Behr’s ColorSmart is meant to take away the pain of choosing colors.

With ColorSmart, you can take a photo of any color you like and upload it. After you pinpoint the right hue, the app will match it to Behr’s own palette. You’ll also get a few options for complementary colors.

This app helps you get the right color whether a wall is wet, dry, or 100 years old. There’s no more fear as you watch the paint dry that you’ll somehow end up with the wrong shade.

3. Home Depot/Lowe’s App

Running around a store trying to remember everything you need can be a frustrating experience. You could spend extra hours at the hardware store just trying to remember that one thing, only to end up leaving without it.

Home Depot’s app has voice recognition so you can add items to your list hands-free. You can also scan barcodes of items you need and it will add them to your list.

Take the option to pick up your prepaid load of items and save yourself some time on a busy shopping weekend.

Lowe’s app is pretty similar but includes a few extras. If you’re working to renovate something with foreign screws, it’s got a unit converter and a nut and bold finder. Tell it what you’re working on and you’ll get a list of just how much flooring, insulation, drywall, or paint you’ll need for the project.

4. I.D. Wood

If you’re a restoration person or love working in older interiors, you’re probably familiar with encountering wood you might not be able to identify. Whether it’s because of age, paint, or strange staining techniques, there could be some hurdles to restoring your next project.

For people who want to build replica antique furniture, this app could help you get the accuracy that you or your customers are looking for.

I.D. Wood offers hundreds of images to help identify wood. For just $4.99, it’s available on Android and iPhone. Five dollars is a small price to pay to save you from digging around a lumber yard for hours looking for a piece of Japanese hardwood they might not have.

5. iHandy Carpenter

While you shouldn’t necessarily rely on your phone to be 100% accurate in all levels of measuring, you can find a few good apps for approximation. If you like the convenience of leveling with your phone, try this app.

It’s got a complete set of tools that give you a better idea than an eyeball measurement. Once you get your vague idea, break out the ruler and projector for an exact measurement.

6. HomeAdvisor App

This is one of the best home improvement apps for getting help fast. If your next DIY project leaves you a little in over your head, you can get a directory of professionals to help you out.

You can start by snapping a photo of the project and upload everything to HomeAdvisor. Specialists can send you price quotes to let you know how much it’ll cost to fix.

All the specialists are subject to a review process, so there’s no need to worry about getting ripped off.

7. Insteon

If you like to control all of your HVAC and home security systems from one central location, this free app has what you need.

Depending on your system, you can even unlock doors for guests from anywhere on the planet. As your needs grow, so does the app’s capabilities. You can add individual outlets, sensors, and cameras as needed and then synchronize them with the app.

You can set schedules and monitor everything in your home with one simple tool.

8. Eden Garden

If you want to know the best way to plan out your garden, this is the app for you. Add an image of your yard and scale it. Then you can add plants one by one.

The app will take into account the time of year, temperature patterns, and blooming seasons. It will give you a bird’s eye view with each season to let you know how much success you can expect.

For garden designers who want to achieve a certain visual balance, this can help immensely.

So Many Home Improvement Apps To Choose From

This list just scratches the surface of the number of home improvement apps that are available for homeowners. DIY has never been easier. If you know what you want, there’s an app to help you get it.

If you’re ready to find some apps for your next DIY project, contact us for more tips today.