8 Coolest Home Security Gadgets to Keep Your Family Safe

Do you wish there was an easier, cheaper way to secure your home, without having to install complex security systems and big safes? This is where the brilliance of security gadgets will make your life easier.

By using a few of these typically small and inexpensive pieces of home security equipment, you can secure your home without a lot of hassle.

In addition to this, the portability of these devices makes them easy to bring with you when you move.

You can even use them when traveling, to keep an eye on your temporary home. With some imagination, you can use them to secure your home, car, and office in one go.

This list will show you eight incredible security gadgets that will keep your home safe.

1. Wireless Wi-Fi Security Camera

Surveillance is crucial for solid home security, letting you see not only what exactly happens, but also who’s doing it.

A wireless wi-fi security camera is the perfect solution for your in-home surveillance since you can put it anywhere without worrying about cords.

We recommend the T-5 Wi-Fi security camera. Due to its IR night vision sensor, it’s able to capture footage in great detail regardless of lighting conditions.

It can record for 8 months on one single charge of the battery, so you can keep it up and running where it’s needed instead of having to take it down for charging regularly.

2. Wireless Window/Door Alarms

Not every window and door has locks, and you can’t really install them for all of them. Fire escapes, for example, cannot be fitted with great locks since that would be a safety hazard and against the law.

What you can do when locks are out of the question, and ideally should do even on windows that lock, is install wireless window alarms.

A good window security alarm will react whenever the window is broken or pried open while being easy to deactivate when you need to do so.

These security gadgets sound the alarm when the magnetic contact gets broken. Even strong vibrations from attempts to force the window may set it off.

It’s also easy for you to deactivate and reactivate in case you want to open the window or door for a while.

3. Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

If you own a house or a business, outdoor surveillance is just as important as indoor surveillance. Being able to record any trespassing and vandalism will help you catch culprits and bring them to justice.

Just the fact that you have outdoor surveillance will deter criminals.

The SW-4 outdoor wi-fi camera is weather resistant and easy to mount almost anywhere and allows you to watch its 720p high definition footage remotely with any PC or smartphone you choose.

For more cameras like it, take a look at the Sentel Tech page.

That’s all it takes to keep an eye on what’s going on outside your home or business.

4. Door-Stop Alarm

Simple, ingenious solutions like door-stop alarms is why home security gadgets are such an awesome investment.

It’s as simple as it sounds. You wedge this portable, little door-stop under your door. If anyone tries to open the door, the alarm will sound.

One of the best things about these security gadgets is they’re so easy to set up and remove. You can set them before you go to bed, and remove them in seconds when you need to leave in the morning.

The great portability and low price also means you can bring them with you if you go traveling.

Try these nifty security gadgets.

5. Hidden Night Vision Camera

Burglars aren’t the only threat to your home security, and sometimes the problem comes from inside. A hidden camera lets you keep maids, babysitters, and rebellious teenagers under surveillance, and catch them red-handed. Because sometimes you need hard evidence, and a visible camera won’t help you catch these culprits in the act.

This dual USB night-vision camera lets you keep an eye on people without giving yourself away. It looks like an ordinary charger, but it can record up to 32gb of footage once it’s plugged in.

Its highly portable and inconspicuous design lets you move it around easily without anyone suspecting a thing, and you can have a lot of them installed without raising suspicion. They’re perfect for keeping an eye on a specific room, and for bringing to your office or hotel room. Wherever there’s a wall outlet, you can see what’s going on.

6. Compact Safe

Do you keep cash, jewelry, or other valuables hidden in a drawer, under your mattress, or some other place where someone could easily get their hands on them?

With one of these lockboxes, you can keep your valuables safe without having to buy a whole safe. In addition to its combination lock, it has a strong cable that lets you secure the box in place so it won’t get stolen.

7. Frosted Glass Window Film

You may not have thought of this one as a security gadget, but preventing people from seeing what you have will decrease the risk that they’d break in.

These cheap, self-adhesive sheets are easy to put on your windows, it’s easier than putting up wallpaper. You’ll get your privacy and security without giving up natural lighting. You can use any left-over film to keep snooping eyes out of your van.

Here’s one affordable option.

8. Small, Inconspicuous Spy Camera

That’s right, another piece of hidden surveillance equipment. Keeping an eye on your home is your first line of defense.

This spy camera looks just like a universal TV remote and lets you keep an eye on things without anyone knowing. It blends in almost anywhere, capturing full HD 1080p footage without any memory card slots or recording lights that could give it away.

It’s especially good if you’re suspicious and want to catch someone red-handed. But it can just as well be directed to your window to keep an eye on your garden.

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Safety gadgets are the simple and cost-effective means to secure your home without the hassle.

Beyond these cameras and alarms, there’s a whole lot of gadgets that could be the perfect fit for your home.

This page offers a wide selection of clever surveillance security gadgets for your home.

Check out our selection of useful software to complement your home security.