The 8 Best Real Estate Apps For House Hunters

The search for a new home can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and disappointing. Lucky for you, with mobile apps and online search systems, it no longer has to be.

With fantastic real estate photos available through easy-to-use, seamless apps, you can set up an appointment to see a home you like in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, you won’t be surprised when arriving at the home. Apps offer detailed listings with all you need to know about the home before you make an appointment.

You can now brose real estate and find the deal of your dreams while filling your gas tank or while standing in line at the grocery store. The best real estate apps have made the market a smaller, more accessible place for house hunters.

Here are 8 of the best apps you need while you shop for your next home.


Zillow comes in at numero uno on our list because it is the most widely used and the most powerful real estate app. More Americans even search “Zillow” in the Google search bar than “real estate”.

With almost 70 million buyers and sellers each month, Zillow is the king of the best real estate apps. When searching for your home, you can count on Zillow to bring you an extensive and expansive list of resources.

What’s more? It’s free. You can submit new rental or sales listings and even claim the listings with your information on them.

Zillow is a seamless app and lets you click on any home location, see the street view, and take a thorough tour of the home.


Another one of the best real estate apps is Trulia. Similar to Zillow with fewer users, it allows house hunters to peruse millions of listings nationwide. It offers you everything from updated listings of homes for sale, open houses, apartments for rent and foreclosure options.

Trulia demands high-resolution photo galleries of all of their properties for a qualified listing. They also require comprehensive information about each listing. The listings will come complete with school ratings, price and tax histories, and a Trulia estimate of what the home’s worth is.

Redfin is One of the Best Real Estate Apps

Redfin is another massive destination for home hunters. You can buy and sell real estate on Redfin. Theirs is one of the best real estate apps and is available in 83 different U.S. markets.

They have incredibly up-to-date listings, and the system self-updates every 15 minutes. This offers the latest information to a buyer for every listing they are considering.

Buyers won’t waste any time using Redfin by inquiring about a home that is now off the market or doesn’t meet their specifications because the information posted will always be the latest.

Redfin is one of the best real estate apps to do comparables on. You can establish a price range for the home you want based on the market activity and information Redfin has gathered. They include every aspect, from last sale price to lot size and condition of the home.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.


Houzz makes our list of best real estate apps because it is able to streamline a home renovation process for you. In 2009 the app renewed its technology and interface an now lets you design a home.

It gives house hunters access to millions of interior design photos and decorating ideas. This is great for people who are shopping for lots to build a custom home on or people who need help deciding what they want.

Realtor.Com makes our list of the best real estate apps because it offers property listings that are sourced right from 800 MLS. Much like Redfin, their listings are refreshed and updated every fifteen minutes as well.

Their listings offer great photos of properties and will give you all of the fine print details like sales history, property tax, and nearby amenities. It has very user-friendly search options.


ZipRealty is great for people both buying and selling a home. One of the best features ZipRealty offers is the drawing feature. You can simply draw a line around your desired area of real estate.

Once you apply the drawing, it will bring you only the listings in that area. It also has augmented reality features that let you see homes nearby for sale. You can tour homes and see potential open houses too.


Oh, snap. Homesnap made our list of best real estate apps because it allows users to take photos of homes nationwide and upload them. Homesnap gives a collaborative and thorough listing of every home, with the help of users.

Homesnap is especially useful for real estate agents and brokers. There is a private message feature that lets them communicate with house hunters for free and in a secure forum. There is a great mapping feature and the app lets you keep a history of all the photos of homes you’re considering.

Coldwell Banker

The biggest plus of Coldwell Banker is that it lets you search internationally, which few other apps do. It can even help you plan your move abroad and buy a vacation home.

Looking for a home in the Rockies? Find one at Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties. It has a cool property notification option that will let you know the minute new properties or an open house is released that meets your set of standards.

My Mama Told Me…

…you better shop around. And now it’s easier to do than ever. With so many fantastic real estate apps you can find homes you’re interested in, compare them to others, and set up an appointment within minutes.

These apps will give you the most information about their listings. You’ll get accurate photos and in-depth descriptions of what is going on with any given property. This will save you time by eliminating the homes you know you don’t want to see through all of the information given.

For more tips, tricks, advice, and manuals on shopping for a home and what to look for, learn more here.