7 Songs to Download to Your Bachelorette Party Playlist

It’s the ultimate girls night out, maybe the greatest in your life, and you need to make sure the soundtrack lives up to the evening.

A bachelorette party playlist needs music to get you and all the girls into the vibe, ready to party and feel sexy one last night!

Here are 7 must-have, new and classic, party anthems for your big night out.

1. Spice Girls: “Wannabe”

Likely, you and everyone in your crew have gone through a phase where you thought you were like one (or several) of the Spice Girls. This classic 90s party jam is all about friends first and relationships second.

Remind your friends how important they are with this jam. No doubt they’ll be singing along as soon as they hear that first note.

2. TLC: “No Scrubs”

This is another ode to no man getting between you and your friends. TLC was so influential that they got a whole generation of women to upgrade their love life to someone worthwhile.

“No Scrubs” is an honest and straightforward anthem that says only the highest quality guys are allowed near you and your girls.

3. Beyonce: “Single Ladies”

All hail Queen Bey! “Single Ladies” is a modern classic for a reason. It’s all about holding yourself to a high standard and putting this on will let your girls know that you got your partner to put a ring on it.

Be prepared for an epic sing-along as soon as this comes on.

4. Sia: “Chandelier”

While the subject matter is darker than most of your other party anthems, the way Sia sounds when she belts out her feelings will have your crew shouting at the top of their lungs.

“Chandelier” is another modern classic because of its monster beat and top-shelf singing.

5. Aretha Franklin: “Respect”

People forget that Otis Redding sang this song before Aretha. But it took Aretha’s power and style to turn it into a classic feminist anthem.

“Respect” is a shout out to you and your girls that you waited to find a partner who respects you and you want the same for them.

Sing along and demand “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”!

6. Cyndi Lauper: “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

Cyndi Lauper’s hit party jam is perfect for a bachelorette party playlist. Her strong themes of female empowerment and unabashed femininity make this a standout that will have both men and women singing along.

Originally penned to describe a man’s sexual conquests, Cyndi Lauper turned it around and made it a feisty female chant.

7. Rihanna: “Umbrella”

This massive hit, penned by the Love King himself, The-Dream, will have the whole party singing with you. Rihanna’s breakout hit still resonates because of its honest raw emotion and romantic declaration. It also made her one of the most digitally downloaded artists of all time.

Everyone within a mile will be singing “ella-ella-ella-ella” with your whole party. Make sure they’re not all waiting outside the VIP room when this comes on and sign up for Reign London guestlist.

Make This Bachelorette Party Playlist One To Remember

The key to a perfect bachelorette party playlist is for it to be authentic. Think about songs that you and your friends have listened to for years, what they like now, and more importantly, what you like.

Your whole party will want you to be having the time of your life so have fun, mix it up, and don’t be afraid to be a little cheesy. It’s your night!