7 Necessary Growth Hacking Tools for Marketers

If you run a small business, especially a new one, there is one statement that sums up your situation:

You’re either growing or you’re dying.

That probably sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true. Growth is what separates good companies from closed ones.

Luckily, there are a plethora of growth hacking tools that can help you experience the rise in business that you need to thrive. Below are 7 necessary growth hacking tools for marketers that will take your company to the next level.

1.) JustReachOut

This is a service that can help get you exposure quickly. The premise is simple: you reach out to journalists that need help writing a story need an expert to quote. They write their story with you in it, and you post the story all over the internet.

This not only will help with name and brand recognition, but it will also lend some credibility to you. Being listed as an expert in a news story builds trust with the public.

2.) Colibri

Speaking of becoming an expert in the eyes of the public, Colibri helps you not only recognize where your voice will be heard but also helps build a social media brand that will be hard to rival.

Colibri basically monitors sites like Twitter and Quora and then tells you when something relevant happens. It will tell you where to comment or answer a question so that you don’t have to spend hours digging through hashtags.

3.) FameBit-YouTube Stars as Growth Hacking Tools

This company helps you find people on YouTube known as influencers. This basically means that they have a huge following and a knack for getting their viewers to go to your page.

From there, they help you connect and hire them so that you can get massive exposure. How massive? This list shows the top YouTubers and the amount of subscribers and views they have.

4.) InFusion Soft

This is an automation tool for small businesses that allows you to rank your leads and automatically follow up with them.

Not only does this help provide excellent customer service, but it will also ensure that your employees can focus on things other than sending the same email to 50 clients. It helps build your brand and maximizes your labor.

5.) Olark

This tool allows you to do two very important things. First, you can monitor your website’s visitors to see what pages they are on the most.

Second, it allows you to engage them in dialogue so that you can find out what they are looking for and respond. It’s a great way to turn views into converted sales.

6.) YesWare

While we are on the topic of conversions, wouldn’t it be nice to know how effective your email campaign is? With YesWare, you will find out for better or worse.

This tool tells you who opened your email, how many times they opened it, and what kind of device they opened it on. In short, it gives you all the information you need to make adjustments on the fly and maximize your emails.

This is probably the best of the email based growth hacking tools out there.

7.) Outbrain

Have you ever been on a website and see the section called “around the world” or something similar? This tool makes you visible in that section. It doesn’t just make you visible on small websites either. We’re talking CNN/Slate type sites.

In other words, websites with millions of viewers a day will become growth hacking tools for your business.

If you use these tools properly and put in some work, there’s no reason your company won’t experience a high level of growth. If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you check out our other work as well!

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