The 7 Best Gamification Software Downloads For 2018

Are you looking for gamification software downloads to boost productivity from your team?

Gamification is the wave of the future for many companies. In the past, organizations have struggled to increase employee engagement and morale.

The lower the company engagement, the higher the turnover. The higher turnover percentage, the more that can cost businesses in the long run.

If you’re trying to change your business, you need gamification. Over 70% of business change fails because of lack of employee engagement.

Keep reading to learn what gamification is and what the top software downloads are on the market.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of technology designed to activate the reward parts of our brains.

With gamification software, employees earn badges, points and other rewards for doing their jobs. Many industries from retail, government, health, and travel, just to name a few, use gamification.

They’re used primarily for sales and call center teams. That is critical to your business since these teams interact with your customers every single day.

You want these teams to love what they do and keep them engaged as they face customers. The happier your employees are, the happier your customers are.

Does it Really Work?

If you have a difficult time seeing if gamification will work in the workplace, think of FitBit. FitBit revolutionized the fitness industry through gamification. Overall, FitBit owners have shown to be more active to keep their streaks going, earning more badges and rewards.

Gamification software works in a similar fashion in the workplace. A study from the Interaction Design and Architecture Journal showed that there is a connection between gamification and employee motivation. It also showed that gamification helps people remember information.

Using basic human motivation psychology, gamification exploits various forms of motivation. Some employees are motivated by competition. Others are motivated by a sense of belonging, competence or achievement.

Gamification hits all of those buttons.

Gamification software downloads work in real-time. You can track productivity and employees can track rewards compared to their co-workers.

Let’s take a look at the top gamification downloads.

Fantasy Sales Team

Get your sales teams ready for some football!

Actually, get them ready to sell. With Fantasy Sales Teams, this gamification software package is built for team competitions.

Instead of tracking yards, catches, sacks, and touchdowns, you get to set the metrics for your fantasy sales teams. You can track outbound calls, time on the phone, contracts turned in, the number of appointments and quota achieved.

Sales reps can see where they rank against the competition and talk trash on discussion boards.


LevelEleven is another sales oriented gamification system that uses sales data to drive results.

Sales managers set the metrics they want teams to focus on, and check the data to make sure they deliver.

The most important aspect to LevelEleven is the feedback loop so sales managers can coach and help their reps change their behavior.

LevelEleven integrates with SalesForce and HR platforms, creating a complete data-driven reward system.


Ambition sets itself apart by focusing solely on sales teams that use SalesForce.

It’s no secret that 20% of your sales teams generate 80% of results. Ambition’s Fantasy Football gamification software download increases results from the other 80% of your sales force.

You get to create sales teams that go head-to-head each week just like fantasy football. This creates an environment that’s fun and competitive.

It also motivates your entire sales force to be better.

With Ambition, you set the metrics, and you have the transparency and accountability that’s required to build a top sales organization.


nGUVU is a gamification company that provides solutions for call centers and education in multiple industries.

They offer a unique platform that not only leverages rewards to improve performance, but you can see behaviors that predict risks. Trends like absenteeism will notify you if you’re at risk of losing an employee.

Employees love it because it’s easy to use, and they can see how they’re performing in real time without taking up a lot of time.

On the plus side, it’s easy to get started, thanks to their training programs. They have great documentation, webinars, online and in-person training available.


Bunchball has gamification services that integrate with Jive, SalesForce, and SAP. It’s used for many applications. It’s used for employee training, sales, safety training and compliance, and to motivate your support teams.

Before signing up for Bunchball, you do need to be clear how you intend to use the software because it is highly customizable.

One drawback to using Bunchball is the implementation. It’s entirely up to your organization to integrate the software because you will need to use web development and infrastructure resources to get it started.


PlayVox stands out from the crowd because this gamification software download goes beyond the standard points reward system.

What PlayVox does is take the gamification aspect and use the information gathered to inform managers how to coach employees. That method is meant to continuously improve performance.

PlayVox is built for mid-size to large businesses. The minimum number of agents for this program is 25. PlayVox has been used by Movistar, which has over 3,000 agents spread across the world.


Another customer service platform, Freshdesk Arcade seeks to put the fun back into customer support.

Managers set the metrics for customer service reps to achieve, and they get rewarded when those metrics are met.

For example, you can set targets for the number of tickets closed, customer satisfaction ratings, and speed in resolving customer issues.

Employees will then earn points for each objective, and they can go up in levels as they earn points. You can also set up quests for your teams. You can also choose to reset points, such as weekly or monthly.

Ready to Boost Engagement with Gamification Software?

Studies have shown that gamification in the office can raise employee engagement, improves performance, increases motivation, and creates open lines of communication.

With so many positive benefits of gamification, what are you waiting for?

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