Get the Most out of IEC 61850 Source Code

It doesn’t help much if you have access to a great tool but aren’t sure how to use it. 61850 source code is a super effective coding language when it comes to allowing automated systems to communicate with one another in electrical power substations.

It allows you to easily configure these complex electrical systems and make sure all of the components are working in harmony.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your substation’s automated systems and make your whole system run more smoothly, 61850 source code can help. Our toolkit has everything you need to get started.

What is the 61850 Source Code Used For?

When used correctly, 61850 source code is a concise, valuable coding language for configuring Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). Intelligent Electronic Devices are microprocessor-based devices that are able to receive commands from a transmitter.

They control electronic equipment such as circuit breakers and transformers. The can also be used to control Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), metering devices, protocol translators and gateways, and protection, control, and switchgear.

Plus, 61850 source code can also be used to configure human machine interfaces.

61850 source code allows you to configure how these devices work within an automated system.

Through this source code, transmitters can send instructions to the IEDs, controlling their reactions.

Mapping Protocols With 61850 Source Code

The 61850 source code language can also be mapped to a number of protocols. Protocols are the rules and procedures that allow electronic devices to configure data and “speak” to each other.

Using these protocols, you can configure all the devices within your electrical system.

The current protocols that 61859 source code uses are;

  • MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification)
  • GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event)
  • SMV (Sampled Measured Values)

It can also be used alongside ANSI-C, C++, or .NET Components, increasing the flexibility of the language and the number of possible applications.

61850 Source Code’s Features

What makes 61850 source code so useful? Its many features set it apart as the best choice for managing electrical substations.

Multiple Device Connections

An IEC 61850 OPC Server allows connection with multiple devices simultaneously. This means you can truly manage your whole grid without needing to over-complicate your code. You can organize your system efficiently, without a great deal of overlap.

Data Modelling

Every component in your electrical substation system can be split into logical nodes and modeled.

Data Reporting

Using a server with 61850 source code also means you have great opportunities for data reporting.

Reporting schemes can be set up for reporting data in case of certain trigger events. You can customize these reporting schemes to suit your unique system.

Fast Event Transfer

61850 allows for the rapid transfer of events. This high-speed communication between your devices will ensure your system runs smoothly.

Data Storage

This source code is also useful for storing data about your system. The data that is generated and collected by the devices in your system can be stored and used later.


Now you know why 61850 source code is invaluable for running automated systems in electrical substations and beyond.

Use a toolkit to get started coding today!