5 Ways Search Engine Marketing is Changing in 2017

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2017 Search Engine Marketing

If you haven’t updated your SEO strategy for 2017, you’re already behind the times.

Luckily, these 5 must-know updates for the SEO game in 2017 will help get you back on track.

1. Personal Branding Now Plays A Huge Role In SEO

75% of search engines users never scroll past page one of their results. Translation? Your site needs to be on the first page to be seen and visited.

In order to do that, you’ll need to create an amazing personal brand for your company – that taps into your strengths as a founder or CEO.

This will make getting guests posts easier, which will increase your popularity and your sense of authority.

That means more traffic hitting your site.

Especially since Facebook and other social media platforms are gearing their algorithms to favor people over companies, personal branding is becoming more important than ever in your SEO plan.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Are On The Rise

These are open-source protocols that let your pages load all at once, across mobile web browsers.

This means that not only will your site’s web page eat up less data (meaning visitors are far more likely to access it) but that they will load faster (reducing your bounce rate.)

Everyone loves that.

3. Don’t Overlook Brief, Branded Link Integration

This is based on the concept of “iteration,” which means that, in the SEO world, the more a link is shared and read, the more credible it becomes in the eyes of Algorithms.

These links are shorter, which means they’re also optimized for social media platforms that have character limits. They’re super easy to share, meaning there are going to be way more eyes on them.

4. Content Is Getting Denser

Let’s get real: you know a fluff piece when you see it, and it wastes everyone’s time.

From embarrassingly bad keyword stuffing to boring recycling of your own – or your competitor’s – content, poorly-written and uncreative content tells visitors that your site and business is just that: uncreative.

People are willing to read longer content, as long as it’s providing them with fresh, valuable, and interesting information.

Don’t be afraid to write longer posts, though we still recommend breaking them up with images and videos.

5. User Experience Optimization (UEO) Matters More Than Ever

The two most popular online activities are email and – you guessed it – conducting online searches.

But if your site is slow to load, difficult to navigate, or even unpleasant (or just boring!) to look at, people are going to spend less time on your site – if they bother to click on it at all.

Make sure your site is also mobile friendly, as more and more people are accessing business websites and of course, apps, from their phones these days.

Nobody wants to see a 404 error when they click on your site.

You’re Ready To Update Your SEO Strategy For 2017

Thanks to these 5 unbeatable search engine marketing tips, your website will soar in the rankings, your conversions will increase, and your business will grow.

Put them into practice today to start seeing the results you’ve always dreamed of.

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