5 Surefire Ways to Rapidly Sell Your House

When it comes to selling your home, the first ten days are the most important. The longer that your home sits on the market, the less likely it is that it will sell without you having to drop your asking price.

The longer a home sits unsold, the more likely buyers are to wonder why it’s not selling. They will think there is something wrong with it that’s driving other buyers away.

That is why it’s so important to sell your home quickly. These tips will make sure you sell your home lightning fast!

1. Store that Clutter!

Buyers are way more likely to be interested in an uncluttered home. Shelves and tables overflowing with clutter make the rooms in your home feel smaller.

This also goes for extra furniture. While you may get good use out of the extra seating and end tables in your living room, too much furniture makes rooms feel cramped.

Consider putting some of your extra things into storage while you are showing your home.

2. Clean Homes Sell Faster

Your home should be spotless for every showing. Dirty floors or a moldy shower can actually lower the price that buyers are willing for your home.

A messy or dirty environment puts buyers in a bad mood and makes them think more negatively about your home.

3. Stage Your Home Inside and Out

Once you’ve tidied and cleaned, it’s time to stage your home.

Staging basically gives your home a makeover. You need to redecorate in a way that is appealing to buyers.

This can include repainting rooms in more neutral tones. You can buy cheap decorations such as flowers, fruit, and decorative soaps and towels for the bathrooms.

Staging your home’s outside is also important. Planters with bright flowers, a well-mown lawn, and good outdoor lighting all make your home look great. Some quick landscaping can make potential buyers feel more positive about your home before they even open the front door.

4. Have an Open Schedule

The more opportunity for people to come see your home, the more likely it will be sold.

You should try to have a very flexible, open viewing schedule. Weekends are absolutely key. It’s when most people will want to view homes, so make sure you are completely available.

It may be frustrating to have to organize your schedule around viewings but remember: if you sell your home fast, it won’t be a problem for long.

5. Price Your Home Competitively

You might be wondering, “What’s the most important tip to sell my house now?”

Competitive pricing.

Pricing a house too high will turn off many potential buyers. If they think it is out of their budget range, they won’t bother coming for a viewing.

A house with an attractive price, on the other hand, brings in more viewings. And when you’ve used the above tips to stage your house, buyers who have fallen in love with your home will submit competing offers.

Find an agent who can market a competitive price without dropping too low. You still want to sell your home for as much as possible!

Bringing It All Together

These five tips are key to selling your home fast. An open viewing schedule and competitive pricing will entice buyers. Clearing clutter, cleanliness, and a well-staged home will make them fall in love.

With the right agent and the right attitude, you can start getting ready to sell your home fast, today!