5 Small Business Apps For Mac You Can’t Live Without

Running a successful business is partly what you know and partly what you have. So besides having the right knowledge, it’s about having the right tools.

You’ll quickly learn this to be true once you get your small business up and running. Trying to do everything on your own slows down productivity and growth. And by implementing the right tools, you can streamline tasks and free up time on your busy schedule.

Today, many of these tools are virtual, so they’re affordable and easy to get. Some are even free. If this sounds good to you, then you may find the following business apps for Mac to be of some use.

1. LibreOffice: The Microsoft Replacement

Let’s face it, some entrepreneurs are strapped for cash and can’t really dish out too much to set up their office tools. That’s what makes LibreOffice a godsend.

A lot of Mac users forgo Microsoft Office anyway, but some still like the features it contains. With this option, you get these features and at the cost of nothing. It’s a free app you can install onto your Mac computer.

It comes with spinoffs of Excel, Powerpoint, Word and includes its own programs, like Math, Base, Impress, Calc, Writer and Draw.

2. Google Docs: The Online Office

You’re constantly on the go, or maybe not. Either way, having Google Docs can work out well for your small business. For one, it can be installed on your computer, as well as your smartphone.

This application allows you to create, upload and download documents and files, as well as share them with colleagues. So if you have an important presentation coming up, everyone can work on it from wherever they are.

You can also grant access to edit the documents or only establish read-only access.

And if you’re really into setting up a virtual office, or even want an amenity-filled physical office, there are unique options available. You can have your pick of a small, medium or large office space at reasonable rates. Sounds interesting? Click for more.

3. Microsoft Office Online: For the Traditional Businesspeople

If you are an avid Microsoft Office user, you’ll find the online desktop app to be a great add-on. It’s a free app now, thanks to competition like G Suite.

It works just like the desktop program, but can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection. And unlike with Google’s version of office, there’s no need to convert your files before you’re able to access them.

4. 1Password: To Make Signing In Simple

Business owners and even consumers have many accounts and passwords. Keeping up with it all can be a headache and even a security risk (especially if you like to write down all your passwords).

So to get rid of this issue, you can use 1Password to combine all your accounts under one password. You can use this for your blog, insurance, bank accounts, utility accounts and the list goes on.

5. Hootsuite: For Managing All Your Social Profiles

Yes, social media is a big deal, especially for small business owners. After all, how will you maximize your visibility as an underdog?

If you’ve set up multiple social media accounts, you can combine them all under Hootsuite and access them all at once. And what’s even better is that you can schedule your posts in advance, so you don’t waste time posting daily.

Try these Business Apps for Mac

These are just some of the many business apps for Mac that can improve your productivity. The idea is to find programs you can use to connect with your workers and streamline your efforts.

If you need more tips and advice on enhancing your business workflow, you can check out Pligg. We offer a variety of articles on many different topics, including business and finance.

So stop by today to learn new and unique ways to reduce overhead and maximize productivity.