5 Online Tools That Every Social Media Strategist Needs to Use

A business owner is only as great as their tools. And the same goes for marketers. If you’re trying to enhance your digital marketing, then you can’t overlook the power of social media.

There are millions of people using Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. Millions of hours are spent daily watching online video, reading content and engaging.

With the right mix, you can create a social media presence that drives more likes, shares, comments, and clicks. One way to improve your social media marketing is to enhance your writing, editing, and automation.

So let’s get into the tools you should use to become a better social media strategist.

1.Dashboard & Management Tools

Once you get your hand on one of these management tools, you’ll never go back to tweeting your own tweets. And what’s great about these tools is you can use them on various platforms.

For instance, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and a host of others are compatible. You’re able to see all activity on one dashboard, including messages, feeds, comments, likes, shares and so on.

Then the scheduling of your future posts is a piece of cake. Some of the tools you should add to your arsenal include SocialBro and Hootsuite.

2. Twitter Social Tools

Now, there are some tools that specialize in specific social networks. In this case, it’s Twitter.

There are various software and services you can use, such as Followerwonk, Tweetcaster (for iOS and Android devices) and Tweetdeck.

Social Rank is also worthy of checking out, which helps you find the top 10 followers. This is based on key criteria, like most engaged, best followers and most valuable.

3. Facebook Social Tools

On the other hand, if you’re a Facebook pro, then there are tools for you as well. You can use these to capture insights and stats for your pages. And some even offer reports with a list of recommendations., like LikeAlyzer.

Some of the other Facebook tools out there include Fanpage Karma, Facebook Custom Audiences, and Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report.

4. Writing and Editing Tools for the Avid Poster

Your posts represent your brand. If they’re low-quality and have typos, then you’re making a bad impression. You can fix this by using writing and editing tools.

For instance, you can use the free online proofreading tools or those that help generate ideas, such as Portent.

Another is Easy Word Count, which is handy for ensuring you stick within the specific word counts of various social media platforms.

5. Analytics Tools for the Social Media Strategist

Knowing what your competitors are up to is key to gaining a competitive edge. With Rival IQ, you can keep track of their activity across all platforms, such as Twitter, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Buzz Sumo is another clever tool for tracking content and rankings on social networks. So if you’re at a loss for topic ideas, this is a tool to gauge ideas based on what’s trending.

Download Software Needed to Enhance Your Marketing

If you’re committed to making your marketing tasks as simple as possible, then you need the necessary tools. At Pligg, you can find various software to download for content and online marketing.

There’s also a host of guides you can find to help improve skills as a social media strategist. Stop by today to find tips and tools to enhance your digital marketing strategy.